Its Friday and I'm glad its the weekend David said under his breath as he was leaving work.   I can't wait for Tim to come over tonight.   Tonight we have a lot to celebrate I thought to myself as I drove home.  Maybe we can go out for dinner and come back and well get to know each other a bit more.   Of course the getting to know each other was something I had wanted to do for a long time if you know what I mean.   In case you don't know what I mean,  well I want to jump his bones and make him mine.    Ok David, I said to myself.  Don't get yourself all crazy and horny.    When I got home I decided we would go out for dinner at my favorite restaurant.   Tim and I rarely went out and just stayed home most of the time.   It seemed safer that way since neither one of us have ever been in a relationship with another man.   What would people think?   I don't know why I even care what people would think I thought to myself.   We are happy together and thats all that matters.

A few minutes later my phone beeped.   Hello?  Hey handsome how you doing Tim asked.   I'm doing just fine Tim.  Whats up?  Listen we have a problem at work and I need to stay later than usual to resolved the issue.  Ugh David sighed.   I'm sorry David but I really need to stay.    I know but I was hoping that we could go out to dinner and celebrate tonight.   Oh man, I am really sorry.   Can I make it up to you Tim begged.  Oh trust me you will be making it up to me big time I replied with a chuckle.   Umm I heard that little chuckle Tim replied.   Whats that all about.   Umm nothing I replied.  So are you mad at me Tim asked.   Come on Tim I think you know me better than that.   No I'm not mad at you.   I love you Tim.   I love you too David.   Very much.   I can't wait to see you tonight Tim said before hanging up.

Of all nights for there to be a problem at work and Tim has to work late.   Why tonight?  Oh well I need to think of something else to make this night really special.

Well first things first.  I need to get out of these clothes and take a shower.   Maybe then I'll be able to come up with an alternate plan.    After taking off my clothes I stepped into the shower and took my good ole time.   I love my shower and it felt so good and relaxing as the water poured over my body.   While I was soaping up my cock a thought came to mind.   Hmmm David will be tired when he gets here after a long day at work.   Maybe he would enjoy a nice massage.  Just the thought of massaging his naked body made my cock throb.   Damn I really need to jack off but I'm gonna hold off.  Who knows what may happen tonight I thought deviously.

Well if I'm going to give Tim and massage I'll need to get some really good massage oil.   I ran out to my car and drove over to the health food shop and bought some really nice smelling oil.   The clerk suggested that I warm it before using it to get the full affect.   That clerk sure did give me a look when I told him it had to the best and I think he got the idea.

Ahh I need to make sure I have enough lube I thought as I drove home.   Damn I can't keep my dick from getting hard.   I ran up to my bedroom and made sure I had lube.  Yea I have plenty since I haven't been with anyone for years.   Except for when I had to jack myself off or go crazy.    I sat the bottle of massage oil on my nightstand and left the lube in the drawer.

My phone buzzed that I had a text.   It was Tim saying that he was on his way.   Oh man he texted that he loves me.   That was the first time he ever did that.   That guy sure knows how to get to me I thought.  But just wait till he gets home and finds out what I have planned for the evening.

About 15 minutes later Tim walked in and he sure looked exhausted.    He fell into my arms and hugged me and I kissed him.   Man I sure am glad to see you David.    And I'm really sorry that I ruined the plans that you made.   Shhhh I replied.  You didn't ruin my plans.   In fact I've got something really special planned for us I said with a smirk.    Umm I see that look in your eyes, what you got planned Tim asked.   Well for starters are you hungry?   I can make you a quick dinner.   Nah we ordered some food at work since we stayed late.    Hmmm well then you need to go up and take a shower and get relaxed.   Tim just looked at me with a smile and went up and got in the shower.

I heard him turn off the shower.   Hey can you bring me a towel?   I walked in and leaned up against the vanity with a towel in my hand.    Tim grinned at me as he stepped out of the shower.   So do you think you could toss the towel to me?  Yea I guess I could but how bout you come and get it I replied playfully.   Tim walked over and I took the towel and began drying off his body.   Kissing him all over until he was dry.

When he was all dry I took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom and told him to lay down on the bed.   Tim kept looking at me with a smile.   Go on lay on your stomach I instructed.   Umm can you tell me whats up Tim asked.    Just relax.  You are gonna love what I have planned.   Do you trust me?   Of course I trust you completely he replied.

Damn I thought to myself looking at Tim laying on my bed naked.   He's got the perfect body and that ass of his is to die for.    I turned out the light and lit a couple of candles as Tim watch me take off my clothes.   I climbed on top of him and sat behind his firm butt and began to pour the warmed oil over his back.   Ahhh he groaned as I began massaging his shoulders.   That feels so good David.  You have no idea how good that feels and how much I really needed this.

Tim had no idea what I had planned but my cock sure was hard.  I continued massaging his back and digging into his muscles.   Tim groaned and soon he was very relaxed.   I had grabbed the lube and put some on my cock and let it lay in his lightly furry crack.   Then I poured some more oil on his butt and began massaging him.   Tim was in heaven as I massage him and let my fingers spread his cheeks apart.

He gasped when my fingers ran across his hole and massage him there.    Tim turned his head to see what I was doing.

God David looks so freaking hot sitting on my and massaging my body.  His hair was hanging down his face as he massage me.  I could feel his cock sliding back and forth with the motion of his body.

Omg Tim moaned as I slid a finger into him.  His head jerked up.   David, what are doing to me he groaned again.    Please David, I've never had anything like that done to me.   Shhhh I replied, just relax.  I inserted another finger and massaged his opening.   Tim was squirming and tightening up around my fingers.   Omg what are you gonna do to me he asked.     I leaned forward and whispered,  something I've wanted to do for a long time I replied.    I want to make love to you Tim.   Tim just looked at me with fear in his eyes.   Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you.   Just relaxed and enjoy it.

David, I've never done this before and I know its gonna hurt.   Yea it may hurt at first, but you need to relax and remember I love you.    I poured more lube on his hole and massaged it in there as much as I could.   By now Tim was moaning and starting to relax.     My cock was throbbing and I wanted him so badly.  My body was aching for him and I knew he wanted me as well.   He stopped fighting me and really began to relax.

I laid my body on his and kissed his neck while my cock began to find his entrance.    Tell me what you want I asked, I want to hear you say it I begged.   Tim spread his legs apart.   Oh god I want you, I want you inside of me.   And with that the head of my cock found his hole and I pushed in as much as he could take.   Tim raised his up on his elbows and threw his head back and I pushed further and further into him.   Oh fuck he screamed as my cock slid deep into him.   I wrapped my arms around him and held him still.    Hmmm Tim you feel so good.    I've been waiting to make love to you and now its happening.  He pushed back against me and moaned loudly.   Ugh I can feel every inch of your big dick inside of me I moaned.   Your hairy balls feel so good against me.

Slowly I began pulling out of him till the head of my cock was almost out and I slid back into his body.   Tim arched his back as I held on to him.  David, I never thought this would feel so good he cried.   Are you ok I asked.   Yes I'm fine he replied.   I took that as my cue to thrust deeper into him as my balls banged against him sending Tim into orbit.   God your cock is so big he screamed.   I love your cock in me,   I raised up off his body and took a hold of his hips and began thrusting deeper and deeper into him as I got into a fucking rhythm.   My balls were bouncing off him so hard it began to hurt but it felt so good.   Tim tightened up around my cock as I thrust into him.

Ah fuck I thought, this is incredible.  Making love to my man is insane.   I never knew it could be this good I thought as I slammed my cock into Tim.  Fuck oh fuck Tim.   I love you so much.

Are you gonna cum in me he asked.   Ugh mmmm yes I'm gonna cum in you.   I want to cum in you and make you mine I panted.    Just the thought of cumming in him made my cock even harder.   My balls began to tighten up as I could feel my orgasm about to explode.   Oh my god Tim,   I'm cumming,  fuck I'm cumming in you.   Fuucck I screamed as I pumped my thick hot cum into Tim.   I fucked him harder until I had emptied all my juice into him.

After I came in him and slowly pulled out of him and turned Tim over onto his back and took his throbbing cock in my mouth and began sucking his cock.  Damn this boy has a long cock I thought as I tasted him for the first time.   I plunged my middle finger into him as I sucked his cock.   Tim was bucking and thrusting in my mouth and down my throat.    I must have hit his gland and he hollered and shot my mouth full of his load.    I tried to swallow all of it, but he kept cumming and I kept pumping  him.   Tim grabbed my hair and forced his cock deeper into my throat and then let out a sigh as I drank the last of his cum.     I eased off his cock and licked up any spilled semen that had leaked out of my mouth.   Damn I love the taste of his cum I thought to myself.

Tim was still panting and breathing heavily from his orgasm, just laying there in a orgasmic daze stroking my wet hair.   Our bodies are soaked in sweat from our lovemaking.   Tim pushed me onto my back and laid his long body on top of mine and kissed me.   His tongue was gently exploring my mouth while we calmed down.  God I love you he whispered as he wrapped his arms around me and continued kissing me.   I hope you know how much I love you he continued.   His full weight was on me and I love how he feels on top of me.

Damn I never knew sex could be so good I replied.  That was incredible.   I'm sorry if I hurt you I continued.   Yea it did hurt a lot when you first put your cock in me but then it was all pleasure.   Every minute of it felt intense.   I can't believe you were in me like that Tim commented.  Your cock is so fucking thick and I loved how your big hairy balls bounced on me when you were in me.    Every time you thrust in me I thought I would pass out from how good it felt.

So, mister how did I feel to you when you were in me Tim asked.  Umm it felt warm being inside, very warm and wet and tight.   I couldn't get enough of you.  And when you squeezed my cock I couldn't hold out any longer.

This is incredible Tim remarked as he explored David's body.    Feeling his deflated cock and hairy balls.  I feel so free now.   I don't have to be afraid to touch you anywhere I want and any time I want.   I was always afraid that you might not want me to touch you.   Are you kidding me Tim?   I wanted you to touch me weeks ago but I was afraid you didn't want to.    We laughed and held each other thinking how lucky we were.

Tim got out of bed and pulled David up my his hand.   Come on lover boy we need to get cleaned up.  Go ahead and take a shower David replied.   Tim just looked at David and took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower.   This shower is big enough for the both of us Tim said.   Plus I want to explore your body while I soap you up.   Tim pulled David into the shower and gently pushed him against the wall and began soaping up his body.   Washing every inch of him.   He paid special attention to his cock which began to get hard.    Tim couldn't resist and knelt down and took his cock in his mouth and sucked on him for a while.  Pulling on David's balls caused him to groan as Tim fingered his dark hairy hole.   David turned around and let him play with his asshole.  Suddenly Tim spread his ass cheeks apart and stared at David's delicious hairy hole and began licking him up and down.   Omg Tim, David moaned.   I love what you are doing to me.   Tim buried his tongue into his hole, tasting him and smelling his manly scent.

Tim stood up and turned David around and kissed him.   I can't wait to be inside of you David.   I want to feel what its like to make love to you and cum in you like you did to me Tim continued as he washed David's body.    David turned around and began soaping up Tim's body.  Your cock is so long, I'm not sure I can take that in me David replied.   Oh don't worry buddy, you are gonna take it just like I took your big thick cock.   You won't have a choice Tim snickered.    Just make sure you go slow and easy David begged while he fondled Tim's cock.  That big head on your cock is gonna hurt when it pops into me.   Yea and your gonna love it Tim replied.  And you know I would never intentionally hurt you.   I love you David,  I love you so much.   David buried his face in Tim's chest and held him tightly as the water poured over both of their bodies.

Both guys dried off and put on the briefs.   Hey how about a beer Tim asked.   Now thats a great idea.   By the way I'm starving, think you could whip up something to eat?   I guess you worked up an appetite tonight David laughed.  Yea so did you Tim replied.

Whew I'm getting really sleepy Tim said as they went upstairs.  Your wore me out tonight stud.   David laughed.   Its been a great evening he continued as he took off his boxers and climbed into bed.   Tim pulled David next to him and laid his head on David's chest.   Mmmm I love falling asleep on your chest Tim said as his hands massaged David's balls.   David smiled as he felt Tim's warm hands massaging his balls and playing with his cock.   What an awesome sight to see his lover enjoying himself before going to sleep.   David closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep and Tim relaxed and dreamed of the evenings events and what might happen next.   He fell asleep with a grin on his face and kissed David's chest.

Early the next morning Tim stirred from his slumber and heard David's soft snoring.   David was flat on his back with his arms stretched out across the bed.   Now thats an open invitation Tim thought as he smiled at his lover's gorgeous hairy body.    Damn its hot this morning he thought as he noticed some sweat on David's chest and belly.     I stared at David's cock as it hung down between his legs.   Tim licked his lips, wanting to taste his cock again, but didn't think he should wake him up since he was sleeping so peacefully.    But lust got the best of him as he leaned down and took his cock into his mouth and enjoyed the taste of David's cock.    Oh my god he tastes so good with the saltiness of his sweat and the smell of his manly musk that he craved.  I eased my body on top of David's so my cock was on his chest below me.   I spread my legs apart so the first thing he saw when he woke up was my ass in his face.

My cock was growing hard and I could feel some precum forming as it oozed out of me onto David's chest.   David's cock began to come to life as I sucked him to a morning boner.  I took his now hard cock in my hand and began licking and stroking him tasting his pre cum.  My god I love the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth.  David began to moan as he woke up to Tim on top of him and sucking his cock.

David opened his eyes and saw Tim's butt inches from his face and spread open for him.  Damn this is a great way to wake up David laughed and then moaned as Tim began fingering his asshole.    Do you like what I'm doing to you Tim asked.  Omg what you are doing feels so hot he replied as he began licking Tim's ass crack.     Tim rolled over onto his side so they could each suck each others cock.   Both were moaning and groaning.  Oh fuck David said when Tim took his cock down his throat to his pubes and started to finger David's hole.   His middle finger was buried inside of him and all he could think about was fucking David this morning.   Tim pulled away from David and laid on his back.  Get on top of me and let me eat your ass Tim said.    David quickly did as he was asked and Tim's tongue dug deep into his hairy hole and David let out a howl.   Tim's tongue was buried deep within his hole as David forced himself down on Tim's face.   David began stroking his own cock, but Tim moved his hand away.   Don't stroke yourself he panted.    Not yet, don't cum.   Tim continued eating David's hole and opening him up thinking how he wanted to fuck David.   David took Tim's cock in his hand and spit on it to give some lubrication.   Tim thrust his cock thru his hand as he licked his hair.

Tim pushed David off of him and jabbed is long finger into David's hole without warning.  Yea I want you this morning he growled forcing David's legs apart as he continued to finger fuck him.   David was head down in the pillow, moaning.

Tim grabbed the bottle of lube and poured it on his cock and on to David's glistening wet ass crack.    Tim thrust in three finger which sent David's head up as he grimaced from the initial pain but then relaxed as Tim gently massage him.    With his fingers still inside of David, Tim leaned down and kissed him on the neck and whispered that he was going to fuck David.    David tried to pull away but Tim held on to him and forced David to lay down with his knees between his legs.    Tim's cock was throbbing and wanting to take that hairy ass.   Tim slid his cock around David's incredible hairy ass crack.

Without warning Tim's cock head was at David's hole and jabbed it in and held still while David cried out from the initial assault to his body.   Tim eased his throbbing cock deep into David without stopping until he could go no further.  Oh fuck Tim said, as he leaned down to kiss David.   I'm all the way inside of your warm ass.   Are you ok he asked David,   Yea umm fuck I'm ok he replied.  Tim began a fucking motion further going deeper into David, holding him tight as he pushed and thrust his cock into him.  Omg Tim, David screamed.  You feel so good in me.  Make me take you all the way.  Thats all Tim needed to hear as he gave him a hard thrust balls deep.    As Tim started fucking David harder he put his thumb into David's mouth for him to suck on.  Oh fuck Tim cried out.   The feeling of being deep inside of his lover and his thumb in his mouth was more than Tim could handle.   He began fucking him harder and harder.   David was pushing back wanting his cock in him.

Tim lifted David's legs onto his shoulders and bore down on him kissing David as he bent him in half as the sweat poured off his body, dripping on to David.   David wrapped his legs tightly around Tim as he was being fucked for the first time.   Fuck me Tim, fuck me harder.   Tim picked up his pace as he stared into David's eyes.    David was in another world as Tim screwed him good.  Tim's fuck became more intense as he felt his balls tighten up and his body began to tremble.   He shoved hard and thrust deeper into David.  Feeling his cum move up thru his body, he lost control and grabbed David's hair and tangled his fingers his long dark hair and pulled David up off the bed as he fucked him harder and harder.

Omg Tim screamed out as he gave a hard thrust and his balls emptied into David.   His cock pulsed wildly as it pumped its content into David, filling him with the biggest load he had every produced.   Tim let go of his hair and hugged David tightly to him as he finished pumping into him.    Tim laid down on his side with David,  keep your cock in me David begged,  I want to cum with your cock in me.   Tim began fucking him again as David stroked his cock, fuck this feels so good he said as he threw his head against Tim neck.   Fuck me harder David groaned as Tim shoved his cock into him.  Oh fuck David yelled out.   Tim could tell David was close to cumming so he reached down and took hold of David's balls and tugged at them gently and then pulled them down harder and pinched his nipple with his other hand.

David shot off his load all over his hairy belly and chest and some landed on Tim's face.  Fuck Tim, fuck my balls are going crazy he moaned as Tim let go of his balls.   David fell back on to Tim and let the cum run down all over him.    Tim rubbed the cum thru David's chest hair and wiped the cum off his face and forced his fingers into David's mouth.

Tim's body was still trembling and David was sweating profusely.    David was leaning back onto Tim's body, resting from being fuck hard and deep by Tim.  Tim, looking down at David's sweat and cum soaked chest.  God I love you Tim, whispered to David as he ran his hands all over his hairy chest and belly, burying his face in David's dark wavy hair.   You are so handsome and sexy he continued, taking some of his hair in his mouth.   I love your hairy body and the feel of you against my body Tim said as he felt David's body with his hand and ran his other hand thru his hair.

David just laid against Tim's body relaxing and enjoying the after glow of cumming harder than he ever had in his life.    I love the way you fucked me David said.  It felt amazing when you were thrusting deep into me and cumming in me.   Yea I love when you did the same to me Tim replied.   Your cock is so big and thick he said as he grabbed David's cock and fondled it.   And I love your big hairy balls and your thick bush.   Your smell is intoxicating and so manly when my face is down there.   I can't wait for you to fuck me again Tim grinned.   I want you every day.  

Come on you hairy stud we need to get a shower and clean up.  Yea I gotta take a wicked piss David replied.

So they went and got in the shower together.  Mmmm Tim moaned as David leaned his body around Tim.  Taking a shower with you is so nice he continued.  David agreed as he put his cock in Tim's ass crack.   Damn something feels really warm down there Tim said.   David laughed, thats because I 'm pissing on you he replied.  Omg Tim yelled as David was laughing.  Relax bud its just pee.  Yea and it feels so good Tim replied.  I always piss in  the shower David smiled.   Guess I need to do the same to you sometime.  David just smiled as he finished pissing.

Hey, where are my clothes Tim asked as his clothes were not in his over night bag.   Umm they are in our closet David replied.   Oh ok thanks.   Tim went into the closet where all his shirts and pants were hanging.   So where are my socks and underwear he asked.   They are in our dresser David replied.

Tim thought for a minute.  What do you mean our closet and our dresser?  David was sitting on the end of the bed.  Well don't you think its about time you moved in here David asked smiling.   You have been here every night for months and its kind of silly for you to pay rent in that apartment you hate.

So you want me to move in with you Tim questioned.  Yes I do David replied and the sooner the better.   Why don't we go over to your apartment and pack up all your personal things and just move in?  I do need to give a 30 days notice.   So give the notice and don't worry about it.  You don't have any furniture to move since its a furnished apartment.  You can be all moved in tonight.

Are you really sure about this Tim asked.  I'm not taking no for an answer David replied.  My home is paid for so there won't be any rent.   Tim looked at him.  Ok but I insist that I at least split the utilities etc with you.   I'm not worried about that but thats fine.  Also you need to get rid of that piece of junk car you have.   Its falling apart and you can well afford a new car.   Its time for you to have something nice for a change.

Yea I guess you are right Tim replied.  Wow falling in love with you is enough for me.  And moving in with you is icing on the cake.  Its time that we start living life to the fullest David replied,  both of us have been thru hell and we deserve it.  You got that right Tim agreed.

That afternoon they went over to Tim's apartment and packed things up and Tim moved into David's home.

Welcome to your new home David said.  I still can't believe this is happening Tim said with a smile.  You have made me very happy he continued.  You make me happy too David replied.

Now lets start looking for a new car for you David suggested.  Ugh Tim shrugged.  The thought of going and looking at cars makes me tired just thinking about it.   Oh come on it will be fun if we do it together.

I had taken Friday off from work to get a few things done around the house when my door bell rang.   God I am a mess David thought as he answered the door.

Umm I'm sorry I must have the wrong address the young man said as David opened the door.  David stared at the young man.  As he turned away to leave David stopped him.  Wait a minute,  are you TJ?  Tim's son?  The young man turned around.  Yes I am do you know him?  My god you are a spitten image of your father.   Come in come David pleaded.  Your Dad is at work and should be home in a couple of hours.  You are more than welcome to stay and wait for him.

TJ looked at David and smiled.   Thanks I really appreciate that he said as he entered into the house and looked around.

Are you hungry David asked TJ.   Yea I am  but I'm ok.   I'll make you something to eat, you look starved.  

David made lunch for TJ and sat down at the kitchen table with him.   I can't believe how much you look like your Dad.  Both of you are very handsome and you are even taller.  TJ grinned.  I wouldn't know since I haven't seen him in three years.   David looked at TJ.   Hey I know all about that and I'm sorry you haven't seen him.   I want you to know that he misses you very much.  And just so you know he calls and send you and your sister cards all the time.   TJ looked at David with a look.   He does?  Yes he does.   Usually every week and I know he calls you at least two or three times as week.  Do you get the cards, birthday gifts or Christmas gifts?  How about those phone calls David asked with a serious look.   Umm no we didn't, nothing.  We haven't heard from him since he left.

Look TJ,  it seems like your mother kept those cards and gifts from you and your sister and also never told you that he calls.   TJ hung his head.  Well I did find one card that he sent the other day.  I got home before my Mom and saw it and I opened it.  Thats how I found this place.   I showed my sister and she made a nasty comment.   I even told her that I thought Mom was keeping things from us.   All she ever did was tell us how awful a father he was and that he didn't love us.

TJ, that is just not true.  He does love you very much.  He talks about you and your sister all the time.  Look over into the living room and you will see pictures of you and your sister and him.  TJ, walked into the living and looked at the pictures and hung his head.   I knew she was lying to us, deep down I knew it he said as he looked at David.  Listen TJ, I know these things happen.   I haven't seen or heard from my kids either in five years and it hurts.   How many kids you have TJ asked.   I have two boys and a daughter David replied.  And I miss them very much.   My ex wife is telling them how I don't love them I'm sure.  But I keep hoping that one day they will find out the truth.

TJ looked at David.   That really sucks he said as he wiped his eyes.  I hope my sister will believe me when I tell her I found our Dad.  Hey its going to be ok TJ.   Your Dad is going to be so surprised and happy to see you.   I sure hope so TJ replied.  

Your Dad will be home in less than an hour.  I hope you stay for dinner.   Yea I would love to TJ replied.

So TJ, before you Dad gets home I want to talk to you about something very important.  TJ and I sat down at the kitchen table.   I'm guessing you are wondering why your Dad is living here? Well, um yea I did wonder TJ replied.   Look I'm going to be honest with you David said nervously.  Umm your Dad and I are best friends and well its more than best friends.  TJ looked at David.   So you and my Dad are partners?   Yea, David replied.   How do you feel about that David asked.

TJ looked him in the eye.   I have no problem with that.  I just want him to be happy.  David smiled.  He is happy and he will be even happier to see you.   You think so?  Oh I know so, you just want and see.

I'll text him to make sure he comes home right away.   David texted Tim to come home right after work.   Tim replied the text.   Ok but whats up?  Nothing, I just miss you and you get home quickly David replied.   Ok see you a about 20 minutes.   I love you David.    Ditto

Ok Tim is on his way home.   Are you ok TJ?  Yea I'm ok.  I'm excited and worried all at the same time.  Its going to be fine David assured.    Listen when I hear him pull in the drive way,   I'll meet him outside and tell him you are here so he's prepared.  Remember this has been really hard on him as well.  TJ agreed and he couldn't wait to see his Dad.  

Soon David heard Tim pull into the driveway and rushed out to greet him.  

Hey you, Tim said with a smile as he got out of his car.   David looked at him with a concerned look on his face.  Umm is something wrong Tim questioned.  Nothing is wrong Tim, but I need to talk to you before you go inside.  Okayyyy Tim said as he looked at David.   David took a deep breath.  Listen Tim I have something to talk to you about.   Yea I know but can we get inside, its kinda chilly out here.

Tim, umm your son is waiting for you David said.   TJ?  He's here?  Oh my god, David he yelled as he ran in the house.

TJ?  Omg TJ I can't believe you are here he cried as he grabbed his son and held him crying.  They were both crying.   My god you are taller than me and you have grown so much.   Tim, hugged and kissed TJ.   TJ was crying, Dad, I missed you so much and there is so much I want to talk to you about.  Same here son.  We have 3 years of catching up.   I kept hoping that one day I would get to see you again and your sister.   How is Laura?  She's fine Dad, but she is really is mad at you.  She believes everything Mom told her about you.  Yea I figured that.  

TJ and Tim sat on the sofa.   Ok TJ spill it.  How did you find where I live all of a sudden.   TJ, looked down.  Dad I always knew Mom was lying to us.  I had this gut feeling.   She told us over and over that you didn't love us and that you were a bad father.

The other day, I got home before Mom and saw a card in the mail from you so I opened it.  When Mom got home I was so excited I told her that you had finally sent us a card.   She got really angry and said all kinds of things.   Laura was really upset.   Especially when Mom's new husband suggested that she come clean and tell us that you have been sending us cards and gifts and all the phone calls for years but she kept them all from us.  

Your Mom is remarried?  Yea that guy she was with left her and she married Ed.   She is still pissed at him for what he said.   He's actually a nice guy.   Finally she fessed up and told us.   But man is she pissed at him.    I told her I was going to find you and she told me if I did she didn't want anything to do with me. Laura begged me not to find you because she didn't want me to leave.   But I told her I was leaving and that I would find out the truth.   Ed, told me I had to find you because you are my father and it wasn't right what Mom did.  

Did you really send us cards all the time and call us TJ asked with tears in his eyes.   Yes its true TJ, its all true.  I can't believe that bitch did that to us TJ muttered.   Yea I know TJ I don't understand either,  but she is still your mother and you shouldn't say things like that.  I know you are angry but that will only make things worse.  

David was listening to everything Tim and TJ were talking about as he prepared dinner.  

Hey guys,  dinner is ready.   I know you two must be starved.   Come on TJ we can keep talking during dinner.

So TJ I over heard you say that your not allowed at your mom's now is that correct?  Yea that's what she said and I believe her.    Do you have a place to stay?  No, but I was going to crash at a friend's place for a while.   No your not David replied.  You are staying here with your Dad.  Right where you belong.  TJ looked at his dad.  Its ok TJ,  David means what he says.  

TJ, looked at his Dad and David.   Thanks, but I don't want to be a burden to you and mess things up for you the two of you.   Tim looked at TJ.   What do you mean mess things up.   Umm Tim, I told him about the two of us.   Yea Dad don't worry its all cool with me.   David is really cool and I like him.   I'm really happy for you.   I can see you are very happy.

Tim looked at David and smiled.  Yes I am very happy.   And now I'm even more happy that you are here.   We gotta work on your sister though.  

I'll try and talk to her when I go back and get my things and make sure that Mom isn't home.   Ed is home earlier than she is so I'll text him tonight and tell him whats going on.   He will make sure that Laura is home and listens.   Hopefully she will believe me.  Me too Tim replied.  Me too.  

Tim and TJ talked for hours before it was time for bed.   TJ texted Ed and told him he was at his Dad's and that he was ok.  Ed replied that was great and that he would make sure that Laura was home well before their mother was.

Wow Tim said as he and David were laying in bed.   I can't believe this is happening he sighed.  TJ looks just like you David added.   Yea he always did, even when he was younger Tim smiled.   He's good boy.   Umm, he's not a boy anymore David replied.   Yes I know but he will always be my boy.   He's got big feet like you do David quipped.  Yea he sure does, probably bigger Tim replied.   David giggled.  I bet he's got a big you know what like you do he laughed as he grabbed Tim's cock.   Omg Tim laughed you are so bad.  Tim leaned back against David as David kissed him.  

Ugh tomorrow is gonna be really stressful when TJ tries to talk to Laura Tim sighed.   I hope everything goes well and she listens.  She always was a bit bull headed just like her mother.  

David, stroked his chest, I have a feeling she will listen to TJ and is sounds like your ex's husband has some sense about him.   Yea I didn't even know she was remarried Tim replied.  I'm not sure I want to meet him but he seems ok.  TJ said he was a nice guy which is good.   Its unusual for a new husband to stick up for his step kids and the ex husband.

The next morning at breakfast TJ got a text from Ed who said that Laura would be home at noon and that his Mom was working till  6pm.   TJ replied he would be there by 1pm to talk to Laura.  Ed replied that he would be there and would also help talking to Laura.

TJ left and to talk to Laura.   When he got there Ed and Laura were both there.

Hey Laura TJ said.   We need to talk about something really important.   Laura looked at TJ.   Ok whats up she replied.

Well I found Dad and I stayed there last night and I'm not going to live here anymore.  You know Mom threw me out when she found out that I was going to find him.  Laura looked away.  Yea I know and I feel terrible about that.   Listen Laura, you know I found that card from Dad.  And you know that Ed here told us that Dad has been sending us cards and gifts and has called us a couple of times a week for the last three years.  But Mom never told us or gave us those cards and gifts.  Ed nodded.  She kept us from him and she lied about him.  You know deep inside that he was a great Dad and loved us.

Laura began to sob.   Hey  I have to show you something Ed said as he brought out a box.   When your mother threw out the cards I took them out of the trash and kept them for you because I knew one day something like this would  happen.   I don't have all of them but only the ones since I married your Mom.   What she did was wrong and she knows how I feel about what she did.  

TJ and Laura looked at the box of cards.   Omg Laura said, I can't believe this.  What a fucking bitch she is Laura screamed and cried.   I know TJ said and agreed.   Dad really wants to see you.  Would you come with me and go to see him now?   Laura was still sobbing.  Yea she sobbed.   But I am so mad at her she continued.  How could she do this?  I don't know sis but we will confront her, but I guarantee it won't be easy.

Ed, interrupted.   Look I love your Mom but she has a lot to answer for and apologize for.  To the two of you and to your father.   I know he's a good man because the two of you are wonderful and you have never treated me badly.   Laura and TJ looked at Ed.   Thanks Ed, we appreciate that and we are so grateful for what you have done for us.   Just for the record Laura said,  we love you.  We couldn't ask for a better step dad.   I love you two as well.

Ok, you two need to get going.  Go see your Dad, Ed said.   Yea but what about Mom they asked.   Don't worry about her, I'll deal with her.

TJ and Laura left and soon their mom got home.

Hi honey Ed said as she walked in the door, seeing she was not happy with him.  Where are my kids she demanded.   Well um first of all you threw TJ out because he wanted to find Tim, his father.  And he did.  Did you notice he wasn't here all night?   Ugh I thought he stayed at a friends house.  No he found his father.   Where is Laura?   TJ was here and talked to her and they are on their way to their Dad's.  I suppose you encouraged them didn't you she snarled.   Yes I did.  You had no right lying to them about him and keeping all those cards and gifts and you know it.   Thats the worst thing a mother could do to her kids.   Oh and just so you know every time you threw those cards out I kept them and gave them to TJ and Laura.  So they have proof their Dad loves them and tried to keep in contact with them.   What the fuck did you do that for she screamed.   Because it was the right thing to do, Ed replied angrily.   You need to apologize to your kids and to Tim.   Thats the least you could do Ed said.  

She stormed off.   If you think I'm going to apologize you have another thought coming Ed.   If you don't you will lose your kids for good.  How could you hurt them like that?  They are wonderful kids and I feel really bad for them.   I should have called Tim myself a long time ago and told him what you have done.   Fuck you she screamed.   You are supposed to be on my side.  Your my husband.   I will never be on your side when you are hurting other people.   You need to think about what you have done to them.  And to Tim.   She slammed their bedroom door.

TJ and Laura pulled into the driveway.   Hey Tim, they are here.  Both of them he yelled happily.   Tim ran out the door and took Laura in his arms and hugged her.  Omg look at you baby.   You are beautiful.   Laura cried in her Dad's arms and hugged him.   I'm so sorry Daddy.   Shhh Tim soothed as he hugged her.   Its not your fault.

All three of them went inside to the living room.  

Umm Laura, before we catch up and talk I want to you to meet someone.   Tim introduced Laura to David.  I'm not sure if TJ told you about David and I but we are living together and we are partners.   Laura looked at her Dad and David.   So umm you mean you two are together like umm you are boyfriends?  Yes honey we are.   Laura just stared at the two of them.  I don't know what to say she said.  You don't look gay she said.   Tim, David and TJ started to laugh.   Laura,  TJ asked.   What are gay guys supposed to look like.   Laura was embarrassed, oh shut up TJ she said as she began to laugh.  I don't know, but I didn't know what to say.   Soon they were all laughing and David showed Laura around their house.

Listen you two.  You are both welcome here any time.  And if you ever need a place to stay just come.   TJ and Laura thanked David and hugged him.

Wow Dad she said.  I never in a million years ever thought you would have a boy friend.  Never.   Me neither Tim replied.  Yea especially such a handsome one she giggled.   Yes he is Tim laughed and David rolled his eyes.

Just then Laura's phone beeped.   Ugh its Mom she said.   Should I answer it?  Thats up to you TJ said.   Laura went into the kitchen and took the call.  Hi Mom,  Mom I can't believe what you did.  You lied to us.  Your freaking lied to us.  How could you?   TJ could hear their Mom screaming and took the phone from Laura and disconnected the call.   Why did you do that Laura asked angrily.   Because I can.  Thats the last time she is going to yell at you sis.   I've had enough of that. She's never going to do that to again if I can help it.   She looked at TJ.  I fucking hate her she said.  I just fucking hate her she cried.   How could she do that to us?  TJ hugged her.  Sis, I know you are angry and so am I.   I know you don't hate her, but you hate what she has done. And you have every right to be angry with her.  

Ugh I don't know what I'm going to do she said.  What do you mean TJ replied.   Well she threw you out just for finding Dad and I'm sure she won't want me there either.   I thought you and Ben were going to move in together during the holidays TJ asked.   Yea we are but I haven't told her yet, Laura replied.   Well now you don't have to TJ grinned.  You and Ben are great together and he loves you very much.   Yea I know she replied.  Oh I need to call him,  I want to tell him whats happening she said as he turned on her phone and went outside.

Where is Laura, Tim asked TJ.   Oh she went outside to call Ben.   Tim raised his eye brow.  So he's this Ben?  He's Laura's boyfriend for about 2 years now.  Oh Tim replied.   Looks like I've missed quite a bit.   Are they serious he asked.   Yea they are and they are planning on moving in together during the Christmas break.   Where are they going to live Tim asked.   I'm not sure,  you need to talk to them about that.  But Dad, Ben is a good guy and he treats her very well.   I'm sure he does and he better.   I'm concerned how she treats him Tim replied.  She's a lot like your mother.  Yes she is TJ replied, but remember you are her Dad so she has a lot of you in her.    Tim laughed, I guess you are right.  

Laura came back in and looked like she was feeling better.    So honey,  tell me about Ben!  So she began blabbing about Ben this and Ben that.   Tim was laughing at how she was talking about him.   And all about their plans to move in together.    TJ was helping David with dinner for everyone.

Hey David, TJ said.  Yea whats up TJ, David replied.   I just wanted to thank you for making my Dad happy.   Well we make each other happy David replied.   Your Dad is a wonderful man David continued.   Yes he is TJ replied, yes he is.   So you have three kids TJ said.  Yea I do.  Danny is my oldest and is 24 and just graduated from college I guess.   Then my daughter Jessy, well I have no idea what she is doing as well as my youngest Will.   I haven't seen or heard anything about them in 5 years.   So Will is my age TJ commented.  Well yea I guess he is.   I'm sorry you haven't heard from them in all these years.   That must be awful TJ said.    David looked away.   Oh man I'm sorry David, TJ said.  I didn't mean to upset you.   Its ok TJ I knew you meant well.   I just miss them so much and every day it gets harder to deal with.   If it wasn't for your Dad I don't know what I would be like now.  I'm glad you and Dad found each other TJ replied.   Me too David replied.   Sometime we will tell you and Laura how we met.   Oh cool, I can't wait to hear the story TJ said as he winked at David.  

Hey Dad,do you mind if Ben comes over to pick me up?  Of course its ok.  I'll be staying with Ben and discussing our plans.  We need to make some decisions because I'm not staying with Mom.   I just can't do it anymore.  Especially after what she has done to all of us.

Listen you two.  I know you are angry with your Mom.  But she is still your mother.  You both need to take some time and work thru this and eventually you are going to have to confront her.   But not when you are angry.   That will make things worse.   Give it some time and then confront her.   I have a feeling that Ed has had plenty to say to her so it won't come as any surprise when you do confront her.   Who knows just maybe she will see what she has done and will try to make it right.   As bull headed as she is, she does have a soft side when it comes to you.  But she sure does have a strange way of showing it Laura shot back.   Tim laughed.  Yes she does he agreed.

The rest of the evening everyone sat around the kitchen table talking and getting to know each other better.   Soon Ben arrived and Laura introduced him to her Dad.   Then Laura and Ben left.

Ben seems like a really nice guy Tim comments to David and TJ.   They both agreed and hoped they would spend more time with them in the future.  

The next day Laura and Ben showed up and said that things didn't go to well with their mother so Laura is moving in with Ben earlier than the planned.   Well it was only a few weeks earlier.   It was before Thanksgiving anyway.  Tim gave his blessing and told them both that they must always treat each other with respect and kindness, even when they had a disagreement.  

Thanksgiving was a few days away and Tim and David made plans for the holiday.  Laura and TJ were coming for Thanksgiving dinner along with Ben and his parents.  

Wow Tim thought.  My family is coming for Thanksgiving dinner.  The first time they spent the holiday together in three years.   Oh man, I feel so bad for David he thought.  Here I am I all excited about my family coming for Thanksgiving and David hasn't had any contact with his kids in five years.    Its so sad.   Hmmm  I need to talk to JT and Laura and see if we can come up with an idea to find his kids.    

Just then the David's phone beeped as it vibrated on the table.   Hey David,  your office is calling he said as he tossed his phone to him.

Ahh crap David growled as he put down his phone.  Whats up Tim asked.   I have to go into work tomorrow.   The boss has called a meeting.  On Saturday Tim replied.  Yea, I know David groaned.  I wanted to sleep in with you like we always do he frowned.   Its ok Tim said,  it must be important.    I'll have lunch ready when you get home and I'll start some of the house work and laundry.   Nah you don't have to David replied.   Just sleep in.   Hey if you gotta go to work then I can get some of this stuff done while you are gone.  Plus JT will probably sleep in anyway.  

Tim was actually glad that David was going into work.   That way he could think of a way to help find his kids.  Wouldn't it be great if they were here for Christmas as a surprise?  Hmmm he thought.  We gotta make this happen for David, for his kids, for all of them.  

To be continued........



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