My name is Tim and I've been volunteering at the local soup kitchen twice a week for about 6 months.   Following my horrible divorce I found volunteering and helping others and great way to give back to my community for those in need.   Plus it gave me a chance to meet new people and socialize.   Its always busy here at the soup kitchen and the group of volunteers are very caring and wonderful to work with.   The divorce was incredibly difficult and I found myself becoming a recluse and I would hole myself up in my tiny apartment for weeks.   Feeling sorry for myself was a rotten way to live.    A couple of friends suggested that I give volunteering a try and hopefully bring me out of my depression and start living again.    

They were right, I wasn't living and just going thru the motions day by day, week by week.   Its been 3 years since my wife left me for another man.   She was particularly nasty and poisoned my kids about how bad I was as a father.   I was shocked how mean and nasty she became.   And to make it worse I haven't seen or been involved in my kids lives since the divorce.    Both of them are now in their 20's and I miss them terribly.   The divorce was one thing and to be honest I don't miss her at all.   It was a welcomed relief when the divorce was final.   But to lose my kids was and still is devastating.   How can a mother do this to her kids?  That is a question that I ask myself everyday.  I tried not to be angry with her and that fucking bitch took everything from me including our home and I'm stuck in this little apartment.    I've tried to reach out to my kids but my phone calls are never answered and I dread every holiday and birthday.    The after affects of the divorce were very lonely to say the least.  

It's the Memorial Day holiday and I took off on Friday and decided I would put in some extra time at the soup kitchen.   As usual the place was teeming with volunteers preparing and taking in all the donated food to feed those in need today.    The Soup Kitchen is a happy place.   Everyone is happy to be there and we enjoy making new friends.    Maggie the director approached me and asked if it was ok if she teemed me up with a new volunteer.   I think you and David would be great working together since both of you are divorced she said.   I smiled at Maggie and told it it would be a pleasure.   Great she replied,   I'll introduce you to David when he arrives in a few minutes.    By the way Maggie said, take it easy on him.  He's been thru a horrible divorce and he's quite depressed.   He's a great guy but he's painfully shy.  Thanks Maggie,  I think I can handle him.   Maggie smiled and walked away to take care of other matters.      

About 15 minutes later Maggie came over to where I was working with David and introduced us.   After Maggie left us I asked David if he had every volunteered anywhere and he quietly shook his head no and he said he had never been to a soup kitchen before.   I smiled at him and said you are going to enjoy it.    David I'm guessing is about 6' with medium length dark wavy hair, and a medium build and a dark complexion suggesting he could be Italian or black Irish.     He sure doesn't say much I thought to myself.   David and I were in charge of serving the food so I showed him what to do to prepare the line of food.   David looked nervous which is to be expected.   We set up the line and the cooks brought out all the food that was donated to the Soup Kitchen.  It smelled wonderful as all of it was homemade.   David looked at all the food and commented that he couldn't believe people took the time to make all this food.    Yea I replied it is quite remarkable if you think about it.   David smiled at me and there was something about his smile that startled me.    Can't figure that one out.  

Soon everyone began arriving and the line was out the door today.   It was a warm day and there were a couple of hundred people waiting to eat.   David seemed to pick up how to serve our guests however he wasn't smiling much.   I leaned over and ask him if he was ok.   I'm sorry he whispered back to me, I'm a little nervous.   Don't be I replied.  You are doing a great job, except you need to smile more and loosen up.   David looked at me and smiled.   See, there ya go I grinned.   You may be the only smile these people get all day I added.  

Feeding all these people takes about a little over an hour but we did it.   Its amazing how food and a smile can make someone's day.   Something we take for granted.    After the meal was served it was time to clean up.   I tried to talk to David while we worked but geez this guy really doesn't talk much so I left him alone for a while.     Soon the dining area was cleaned an mopped and the chairs stacked in place.   Our job was done for the day.  

David was heading towards the door to leave,   Hey David I said,  how about grabbing some lunch with me down the street?   I'm starved.   David looked at me,  I'm sorry Tim,  I'm not really good company these days.   But thanks.    Oh come on bud, you can't be that bad.   Plus I know you must be hungry.   Yea I am hungry he replied.    So what do you say?   Well ok Tim replied.   Great, lets go.  

Tim sure seems like a nice guy I thought to myself as we walked to the diner.   He's very friendly and there is something that I really like about him.   Geez he's really tall and he looks good with his light brown hair with a touch of blond and rust running thru it.    I could tell he keeps active because he seems to be in great shape.   Why do I find myself looking at him?

So how did you like working at the Soup Kitchen I asked David.   David replied that he enjoyed it and would come back if I wanted him to.   Of course I want you to come back I replied.   I could tell David has been terribly hurt.  It showed on his face.   I'm glad Maggie teamed us up together.    Seems like you and I have a bit in common being we are both divorced.    David looked away and I sensed that he was upset at what I had said.   After a few moments I asked him if he was ok and he just dryly replied that he didn't want to talk about his divorce if I didn't mind.    No I don't mind and I apologize if I upset you.    No I'm not upset with you David replied.   I'm just not ready to talk about it to a stranger.   Its ok David, but it might help to talk about it with someone that understands, but only when you are ready.   David stared at me with sad eyes.  

We enjoyed our lunch and walked back to the parking lot.   We shook hands and I stated that I hoped I'd see him again at the Soup Kitchen.   David smiled a bit and said he would be back.   We both drove off and I went back to my apartment.   I decided to give my kids a call again as I usually do.   And again no response which made me sad.    So I thought I would take a walk thru the park since it was such a nice day.   That always cheered me up.   I changed my clothes and headed to the park where I spent a few hours enjoying the outdoors.    While I was at the park I found myself thinking a lot about David.  There was something about him that I liked.  

Over the next few weeks the weather became warmer and down right hot and humid.   It seemed unusually hot for this time of year.   David continued to show up twice a week at the Soup Kitchen and each time we went out for lunch afterwards.   He was beginning to smile much more and he started opening up to me.   We were becoming good friends.   A couple of times we met at the park and enjoyed getting to know each other and having some fun.    One ungodly hot and humid day before the July 4th holiday I was late getting to the Soup Kitchen for my shift.    David rushed up to me and hugged me.   Omg Tim I didn't think you were going to make it today he said as he hugged me.    I was stunned.  Here was Tim, the incredibly shy man hugging me.   Hugging him back I asked, Why, would you miss me? I said jokingly.    Shyly David replied, Yea I guess I would miss you.    Well just so you know David, I would have called or texted you if I couldn't make it.   And FYI I'd miss you too buddy. 

 David smiled as he continued to set up the dining room.   As for me, I was still in a bit of a shock.  David had never had hugged me before.   When I had tried to give him a friendly hug one time he stiffened and pulled away and I never did that again.    He sure has come around since we first met at the Soup Kitchen.    Its great having a friend to hang out with.   But at times David did slip back into a depression and it pained me to see him go thru that.   But I understood.  

It was the July 4th holiday and the Soup Kitchen planned a special meal for our guests.  We decorated the dining area in festive patriotic decorations and it looked great.   David and I arrived early to help and had a good time working together as usual.   For some reason David was in a really good mood.   He was evening laughing and cracking jokes with me while we worked.   He sure has come a long way since we first met.   During the meal I was busy making sure the guests were having a good time and playing around with the kids.   The place was alive and the music was playing.    

Afterwards David had volunteered us to stay and clean up the Soup Kitchen which needed a good cleaning.   It took us about two hours to clean up but we did it.    I was sitting on one of the tables waiting for David to come out of the kitchen.   Hey Tim, he said as he sat up against the table.   Do you have any plans this evening?   Nah I was just gonna head home and watch some TV,  I'm a bit tired.    Tim put his hand on my shoulder,   Why don't you come over to my place and hang out with me.   I'll order a pizza and we can watch some TV, or a movie and relax.   Hey that sounds like a great idea.   I'll need to run home and take a shower.    Oh I have a six pack of Boston Lager in the fridge.   I'll bring it over for us.    Great, here's my address.    I'll see you in a couple of hours.   We locked up the Soup Kitchen and we both drove off.    

As I was driving home, I smiled thinking about David.   I had never been to his place and for him to invite me over was awesome.   It sure will be nice to hang out with him.   We had become really good friends.   I've never felt this way about a guy before.    I really liked hanging with him and always looked forward to seeing him.   This is strange I thought to myself as I pulled up to my apartment.

I hopped out of my Jeep and threw my clothes in the hamper and got in the shower.    The warm water felt good on my sweaty dirty skin.   I let the water pour over me as I soaped myself up and then washed my hair.   After I dried off I looked in the mirror and decided I better shave since I hadn't in a couple of days.    After I shaved I put on a gray T shirt and shorts and grabbed the beer and drove over to David's house.

Since I had never been to his house I didn't know what to expect.  He never told me about his place.   When I pulled up I was amazed.   The house was a huge old brick home on a tree lined street.   The yard was neatly kept.    I rang the door bell and shortly David opened the door.    He was dressed in white T shirt and dark blue shorts and his hair was still wet from his shower.    He looked fresh and smelled incredible as he welcomed me into his home.   Come on in he said.    Wow your home is beautiful I replied.    I like all the dark wood work I commented and its a huge place for one person.  Yea it is a great home and yes it huge.    At least I didn't lose it in the divorce he replied.    Here let me take the beer and keep it cold he said as he took the six pack from me.   I followed him into the kitchen while he put the beer in the fridge.    I couldn't help but notice how he looked in his shorts and t shirt.  Something stirred in me.  

I'm sorry but my AC quit working so its kinda warm in here he said.     I guess with this heat wave it was too much for the system.   But with the windows open and the ceiling fans its not too bad.   I hope you are comfortable.    I'm fine I replied.   Still amazed at how beautiful his old house was.    Come on I'll give you a tour of the house so you know where everything is.   He showed me the downstairs and explained all the work he had done to it.    The kitchen was very large and done in black and white.    Then he showed me the dining room which was also very large with a huge dining room table and furniture to match.   We then went into the living room which was huge but still very inviting and cozy.    There was an over sized purple sofa which was extra long and deep.  It looked very comfortable.  Plus there was a nice big flat screen TV.    He showed me the rest of the house upstairs, the bathroom was very impressive with large walk in glass enclosed shower, and an old claw foot tub.   It was like the perfect bathroom.   All done in stone.    I could tell David was quite proud of the bathroom and he should be.  

There were 5 bedrooms and all but his were shut off as they weren't being used.  The master bedroom looked comfortable with a queen size bed and lots of windows, hard wood floors and natural tones.    

After the tour of the house the pizza arrived.   We sat at the kitchen table and we each attacked the pizza.   We were so hungry we just finished it off in minutes it seemed.    The cold beer felt good going down.   We talked and had a good time.    While we were cleaning up I thanked him for inviting me over.   Well I'm glad you are here he replied.   It gets lonely being here all by myself and you are a great friend.   I hope you feel at home and you are welcome in my home anytime.   I looked at him and  smiled.    Thanks I  appreciate that David.  

Come on Tim, lets relax and watched some TV.   I grabbed a couple of beers and followed him into the living room.   Hey you take the sofa and I'll take the chair.    So I sat down on the sofa and immediately relaxed.   It was so comfortable that I could have drifted off in a nap.    Ugh I apologize that the AC isn't working he said,   feel free to get comfortable as he unzipped his shorts and dropped them on the floor.   I looked at him surprised.   Geez Tim he laughed.  Its just us, go ahead and take off your shorts.   You will be more comfortable.   David was standing there in his T shirt and knit boxers.   I never really noticed how hairy his legs were until now. I also noticed a big bulge in his boxers.   Why would I care?   David sat down in his chair and I took off my shorts and laid them on the floor beside the sofa.

I have to admit it was more comfortable with my shorts off.   David turned on the TV and we watched a couple of programs.    I had stretched out on the sofa, feeling very relaxed from the pizza and beer.   It was great just hanging out with David.    I could tell he wasn't very comfortable in the chair as he kept rutching around.    A few minutes later he stood up and came over and sat on the edge of the sofa.   Hey Tim, do you mind if I share the sofa with you?   I need to stretch out and that chair is not comfortable.    Sure I replied nervously.    I was laying against the back of the sofa and there was plenty of room for him.    He laid down next to me and got comfortable as he stretched out his body along mine.   For some reason I let my arm fall over his mid section and pulled him to me.  David put his hand tightly over mine.   Ok this is kinda strange for me to be doing this.    I've never done anything like this with a man before.    But I moved myself a bit to get comfortable.   We both shared one of the big pillows and my head was in the crook of his neck.    God he feels so good next to me.  

The two of us just laid on the sofa watching TV and must have fallen asleep.   David must have turned off the TV.   It was dark in the room except for the warm glow of a lamp across the room.   There was a nice breeze coming in thru the window which felt nice.    David was sleeping peacefully still with his hand on mine.  Our legs were intertwined.   My legs were lightly tanned with some hair and his were hairy with a dark tan.   I did find out that he was of black Irish decent.    Gently I hugged him tighter to my body and fell asleep with my face in his hair.    

Glancing at my watched I realized it was almost midnight and I had to get home to bed.   I pulled my hand from his and rubbed his chest a little to wake him.   He groaned a bit as I laughed.   Hey buddy, its almost midnight.   I need to get going home to bed.  David woke up and smiled as he turned over.   Ugh seems like we fell asleep he said as he sat up.   Yea we did,   I guess we were more tired than we thought.    David leaned himself back against my legs.   I can't believe how late it is he replied and yawned.    Tim, why don't you just stay here instead of driving home.    I've got plenty of room.   I looked at David.   Are you sure its ok I replied?   He gave me a look,  Of course its ok if you stay here.    Get up and I'll get you a tooth brush and anything else you need.    I stood up and we headed upstairs to the bathroom.  He gave me a tooth brush and tooth paste along with a wash cloth and towel.   We both brushed our teeth and got ready for bed.    David walked into his room and took off his T shirt which revealed a nice hairy chest.   He flipped the switch to the ceiling fan and opened the windows.  

So I stood in the doorway with a look of wonder.   Umm so where am I sleeping I asked.   David looked at me and said just sleep in my bed.    Its too hot to cool off the other bedrooms.  Plus this bed is really comfortable.    I stared at him for a moment and then I walked over to the bed and took off my T shirt.   We both climbed into bed next to each other and laid there while we laughed.   Geez Tim I never thought I'd have a guy sleeping in my bed.  And dude I never thought I'd be in bed with a man either.   We laughed and talked for a while.    Soon we quieted down and I turned over on my side away from David and he did the same.     The air was humid and warm but the breeze was flowing in thru the windows as I started to drift off to sleep.   But David was moving around quite a bit and I could tell he was having trouble falling asleep.    I heard him quietly swear under his breath so  I rolled over and and put my arm around him and pulled him close to me.   I'm sorry Tim he whispered.   The night is always difficult for me.   My mind starts wondering and I can't fall asleep.   Shhhh shhhh I whispered back as I rubbed his belly and nuzzled his neck.    Its ok and I understand, but I'm here so everything is ok.    After a few minutes David settled down and we fell asleep.   But my mind was going a mile a minute.   Here I am in bed with David, in our underwear and I'm holding him.   I'm holding him close as if he was a lover.   Whats happening to me I thought.   I've never done this before but it feels natural.    But soon I fell asleep with David in my arms next to me.   I could smell his cologne mixed with his natural scent.  The hair on his chest and belly was moist from the humidity as I continued to rub up and down his torso until I knew he was asleep.    This is so strange,  I like feeling my body against his.   I hope we will be ok in the morning.   Hopefully we won't be embarrassed and surely hope our friendship isn't ruined.   Finally I allowed my mind to relax and I fell into a deep sleep with David.  

Some time during the night I must have rolled on to my back which is how I normally sleep and David was half on top of me.  Most of his body was between my legs and the upper part was on the pillow next to me.  I stirred awake as the sun was starting to come thru the glass windows and across the room.   I look down at his body on top of me and started lightly running my fingers thru his hair and down his back.   As I stared up at the ceiling I continued to run my fingers thru his dark wavy hair,  it was soft but manly.  He shifted his body closer on me as my fingers slid down his back.   Looking down at him I noticed that his boxers were down past his lightly hairy butt.   My fingers rubbed lightly over his rear and tickled the hair which sent a shiver up his body.    Soon he was awake when he whispered that he liked what I was doing to him.    So I continued lightly running my fingers up and down his body, down his back and slightly thru his butt crack.   He smiled when I did that to him.    

Hey Tim, he whispered, I'm glad you are here.   Yea I can tell you are I replied with a snicker.   What you mean you can tell he replied.  Trust me I can tell you are glad I'm here as I made my hard cock press against him.    Oh shit , he yelled as he jumped out of bed and put his hand over his morning wood.    Omg I'm so embarrassed he yelled as he ran out of the bedroom and into the bathroom.  I started laughing, I couldn't help it.   Even I had a good morning boner going on.   So I got out of bed and opened the bathroom door laughing.   David had his back towards me and I knew he was embarrassed.   I walked up behind him and hugged him to me.  Still laughing, its ok David.   It happens.   Here you can feel I have a boner too.   David pulled away from me with a look in his eyes.   Tim um I'm not sure whats happening between us but I'm not sure, oh fuck I don't know what to think he stammered as I started to take a piss.   I turned to look at him.   Look we are friends I replied as I finished my morning piss.    Shaking off the last couple of drops of pee from my dick.    We fell asleep together and nothing happened I continued as we walked back to the bedroom.    Come on David, lets get back in bed and relax.    He just looked at me for a moment and then relented and got back in bed but he wouldn't come near me.   So i rolled over on top of him and took his face in my hands.    Look at me David.    We are friends I said again,   You, you are my best friend I said looking him deeply in his dark eyes.   There is nothing I wouldn't do for you and I've got your back and I'm always in your corner.   For the first time David wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight against him.   Your my best friend too Tim.   I know I am I replied, and I don't take that for granted.  Its no accident that we met a few months ago.    Your a good guy Tim, he said as he ran his fingers thru my short hair.  

So mister are you hungry David asked?   I looked up at him, Yea I'm getting really hungry.   Ok how about you go take a shower and I'll start breakfast.   Mmmm now that sounds like a plan.   Then suddenly as I was easing up off of David, I think he kissed my forehead.    I look at him, umm did you just kiss me I asked,   Umm yea I guess I did.     Smiling I replied,  Ok I was just wondering,as I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom,    By the way I yelled down the hallway.    Forget making breakfast here,  its too hot.    I'm taking you out for breakfast.    Yea it is hot today David replied.    Do you mind if I shave while you are taking a shower?   Why would I mind?   I don't know, just thought I'd ask.    Of course I don't mind if you don't mind seeing my bare ass while I shower.   We both laughed as I got in the shower and David started shaving.  

God I don't know whats happening between us.   But I can't help but look at David while he's shaving while in the shower.   His dark tanned skin with his hairy chest.   I don't know its like its doing something to me.   Damn I'm getting a hard on looking at him.    Oh crap I hope he doesn't see me as I turned my body away so he couldn't see me. Now what do I do I thought to myself,  I'm completely boned up and I'm almost done with my shower.   I can't let him see me this way.

Ha, I knew I caught Tim looking at me from the shower,  every once in a while I catch him looking at me.   And not in a normal way.   But I have to admit I look at him the same way.    Tim is a couple of inches taller than me, with lighter skin and light covering of brown hair on his chest.    He's got the greenest eyes of anyone I've ever know and they are piercing.   While I'm shaving I'm also thinking about how he held me last night in my bed.   Is that normal?   How would I know, that was the first time I ever had a man in my bed.    Who cares I thought to myself.    He's my best friend and he can hold me anytime he wants.   Actually I really like it I thought to myself.     Just then I heard Tim turn off the shower and stepped out and wrapped himself around me while I finished shaving.    Hey do you have a towel wrapped around you I asked.   Nope I'm bare naked Tim replied with a  laugh as he kissed me on the back of my neck and then left to get dressed.   Omg Tim, just kissed me on the neck, at least I think he did.  Damn I'm sure he did.   What the heck is happening between us?  Are we attracted to each other physically?   Are we gay?   My heart started pounding as I stepped into the shower and turned on the water.    I'm not sure whats happening but for some reason I'm not stopping it.  

After breakfast Tim went back to his place to do some laundry.   Gosh its really hot and humid today plus its a holiday weekend.    Maybe we could go up  and spend a day at the lake where its cooler.   I thought about it for a few minutes and then decided to grab a few things and drive over to Tim's.   I hope he's done with his laundry.     So I got into my car and drove over to Tim's and rang the door bell.   Hey buddy Tim exclaimed when he opened the door.    Didn't expect to see you so soon.    Sorry to just drop in on you but I was hoping you might like to get out of this heat and go up to the lake for the day and cool off.   Are you done with your laundry?   Tim sheepishly looked at me,  Umm nooo not really he laughed.  I didn't even start it yet.  Laundry and I do not get along very well.   We both laughed.   So why don't you pack up your laundry,  get your swim suit and some things for the weekend  and lets go.   Why do I need some things for the weekend David he replied.    Well I was hoping you would  come over and spend the weekend with me.    David was looking down,   Hey you ok bud, Tim asked.   Yea I'm ok.    Its just that I don't really like being alone and I umm umm, miss you when we aren't together.    

Tim looked at David and smiled.   I know what you mean.   I miss you too.   In fact I was just getting ready to text you when you showed up here.    You were?   Yea,  I was gonna text you that I was on my way back over to your place....for the weekend.    Guess we were thinking the same thing.    Kinda seems that way David replied.    Here help me get this stuff in the bag so we can go.    

By the way Tim,  can I ask you a question?   Sure you know you can, anything just ask.    So when I was shaving,  David stammered.   Did you, ummm.   Yea David I kissed you.   Can I ask you why you kissed me?    Tim just looked a David and didn't know how to reply.    Oh man can we just drop that subject?   I don't know why I did that.    Damn I think we just embarrassed each other.   Come on lets get out of here and up to the lake.   Tim!!! David said raising is voice.     David please don't push this,  this is all confusing to me and I know it is to you as well.    Please just leave it alone for now Tim pleaded.   Ok but I'm just worried that it might ruin our friendship thats all.     Tim stopped in his tracks, shocked at that suggestion.  He quickly turned around and went up to David and pulled him into a tight hug.   Listen David,   You and I have been thru hell.   There is nothing that would or could ruin our friendship.   You mean so much to me, so keep that in mind ok?    David didn't say anything because he felt he'd already said to much.  Tim had never raised is voice to me, David thought to himself and Tim realized that he had kind of yelled at David.  But it wasn't meant to be mean.  More of getting his feelings and point across.    

Look David, Tim said as he roughed up David's hair.    I'm sorry I raised my voice to you, but trust me I wasn't upset at you.    I just wanted to make sure you understand how much you mean to me.   Thats all.    David looked at Tim right in the eye.    What?  Tim asked smiling.   Nothing David replied.   Maybe I don't know how much I mean to you.    Tim put his arm around David's shoulder,  you will know my friend he said as he kissed him again.  You will I'm promise.  Come on this is getting to mushy for the both of us.....lets go to the lake and have some fun.   We deserve it Tim shouted.   They both laughed and took off for the lake.  

So we took off for the lake in David's car.   The trip was about an hour or so.  We chatted the entire way to the lake.   When we arrived at the lake we noticed that there was only a few people there which was great because we thought it would be crowded.    We got our gear out of the trunk and headed to the beach area.   Fortunately we had the entire lake to ourselves.   Everyone else had left, probably because it was so stinking hot and humid.   That didn't bother us because the lake water was cool and refreshing.    Both of us had worn our swim trunks so the first thing we did was head to the water and dove in.   Ugh this lake is freezing Tim said when he came up for air.   Yea it is cold I replied.    But it sure felt good.   We swam together for a few minutes and then Tim started coming after me and tried to pick me up and throw me into the water.   However he underestimated my strength and I ended up tossing him over my head.   That started a big ruckus in the water and finally he was able to get a hold of me and threw me head first.   He was quite proud of himself.   When I came up I was laughing and so was Tim.   We both were having a great time.    Its great to be able to laugh again.   Finally life was getting back to normal.  And I was feeling really good.  

We stood in the water shivering from the coldness.   Tim put his arms around my neck and wrapped his body around mine.   It was was such an awkward moment for both of us as we stared into each other eyes and not saying anything.   Finally Tim broke the silence.   So umm think we can talk a little bit he asked.   Sure whats up I replied.    I don't know but something really strange is happening between us.   Yea I agree there is I replied.   Tim looked around the lake looking for something to say.    You know you and I are really good friends.  Best friends to be exact.   But its more than that don't you think?  I rested my forehead on his shoulder.   I have to admit that it is more than just best friends.    I don't know about you but I've never felt this way before about anyone.   Its like I don't want to be with out you I replied.   Tim softly laughed.   Yea when I'm at home I'm wishing I'm with you.   Hell I never missed my wife like this when we weren't at home.   Me neither I replied.   So what do you think it is Tim asked.   Heck if I know I replied.  

While we were standing in the water waist deep, I felt David pull me closer with his arms around my waist.   His hands were rubbing up and down my back slowly and one hand had slipped inside my swim trunk and was feeling my ass.   I looked at David and he realized what he was doing and stopped.

Omg Tim, I'm sorry.   I didn't know what I was doing, but it felt so natural.    Oh David, Tim laughed.   Its ok.  Its not the first time you've touched me there.   I gotta admit I like when you touch me.   I pulled David close to me again and held his body tightly against mine.   My cock was rock hard and I don't know why but it gets that way when he touches me.   I purposely made my cock thump against his body and he jumped.    What the hell are you doing he yelled.    Beats me but that seems to happen when I'm holding you.   Does that bother you?   David sighed and said No it doesn't bother me but its just so strange.  

We got out of the water and laid out on our towels in the shade and fell asleep for a couple of hours.   Nothing more was said but I know we were both thinking thru some things.    Geez I love when David touches me and holds me I thought.   Are we gay or something?  What the heck is happening between us.   I think about him all the time I thought to myself.   I never thought about being with a man before but when I met David it was different.   He's certainly all man.   God, he has an incredible body.   He's a couple of inches shorter than me but he's more muscular.  And with that dark tan and his hairy chest and belly.   And those dark eyes.  Damn he's so handsome and sexy.   At least he is to me.  

I was laying on my stomach napping but I was thinking about Tim and what he had said.   I feel the same about him.   When I'm at work I think about him all the time and can't wait to get home to see him.   Heck when I was married I couldn't wait to get away from my wife and her nagging.   It got to the point that I dreaded going home but it was my duty.   The only saving grace were my three kids which made it all worth it.   Since the divorce 5 years ago I haven't seen or heard from them which hurts me terribly.   But that horrible ex wife of mine poisoned their minds and told them horrible things about me that weren't true.    I just wish they would return my call and talk to me.  

Damn I looked over at David and I thought I heard him crying or something.   I listened but didn't hear anything.    So I put my hand on his back.  Hey are you ok I asked.   David turned over on his back and rubbed his eyes.   Yea I'm ok, guess I had a moment of feeling sorry for myself.   I just miss my kids so much and it just hits me all of the sudden.   Man I'm real sorry you have to go thru that.   Its awful what she did to you.  Not only did she cheat on you but she lied to your kids and kept them from you.   I know how you feel.    Maybe we should make more of an effort to get our kids to talk to us I said.    Tim, I call them every week, sometimes twice.   I send them cards all the time and never forget their birthdays or Christmas.   Who knows what that bitch has said to them.    Hey, its possible that they aren't getting those cards and gifts you send I replied.    Do you think she would actually do that David asked.   I just shook my head.  What do you think?   Its sure seems that way.    

Tim, when was the last time you saw your kids David asked.   Its been 3 years and not a word from them.   What gets me is that my kids are older than yours and they know better.   At least I think they should.     We both just sat on the sand staring out at the lake.   Lost in our thoughts of our kids.    

Come on Tim, David said as he stood up.   Its getting late and the mosquitoes are going crazy.    Tim stood up as well and brushed the sand off his legs.   Hey buddy,  lets don't let things get us down.   Eventually it will all work out and the truth will come out.   Just wait and see Tim said.   Yea I sure hope so David replied.  

We headed back to the car and drove home to David's house.   Both of us were tired but relaxed and just enjoyed spending the day together.    It was around 830pm when we got home and we unloaded the car.   David made some supper while I put our things away.   We didn't talk much during supper.  Seemed like we were both lost in our own worlds but glad the other was there.  

David headed upstairs to take and shower and afterwards I took mine as well.   Aww the warm water felt good against my skin as I leaned against the shower wall.   I heard David downstairs watching TV.  I turned off the water and dried off and decided to lay down in David's bed.   I was more tired than I thought.   Heck I didn't even bother putting on my boxers to sleep in since I don't usually wear anything to sleep in at home.    

Hmm David thought.   Tim is out of the shower but he didn't come downstairs.   I looked at my watch and it was getting late so I turned off the TV and lights and went upstairs to my room.    Whoa Tim is laying on my bed completely naked.   I had to laugh.  He's feeling quite at home.    So I took off my shirt and got into bed.   Tim turned his head and looked at me.    So your gonna sleep in the nude I asked.   Oh shit Tim replied.  I'm sorry about that bud.   I just laughed.  Its ok if you want to sleep naked, because I do all the time.   Me too Tim replied.  But I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable.   Well I said as it pulled off my boxers, if you are ok with it so am I.  Plus its to hot to wear clothes.   There we were.  Two men in bed naked.  We both laughed about it and got comfortable.  

A couple of hours later I noticed that Tim was tossing in bed.   Hey are you ok I asked.   Tim sat up in bed and he looked irritated.   I'm sorry David, I can't do this he said as he got out of bed.   I can't sleep in bed with you anymore.  He walked out of my bedroom and went down stairs.   I just sat there stunned.   What happened I thought to myself.   I grabbed my boxers and went downstairs and found Tim laying on the sofa.   I walked over to him and sat down on the sofa.   So whats wrong Tim?  What happpened?   Did I do something wrong.   Tim just looked away.   No you didn't do anything wrong.   Its me he replied quietly.    I can't sleep with you and have these, these feelings.   I looked at Tim and I could tell he was in pain about something.   Tim I said as I put my hand on his chest.   Tell me what you are feeling.   David, I can't tell you, I'm afraid if I do you will hate me.    Tim, I won't hate you.  That will never happen.  You are my best friend.  

We sat there for a few minutes not saying anything.   Maybe you need some time to think I said as I stood up and started towards the kitchen for a drink of water.    Tim got up and followed David into the kitchen.   David,   he said as he grabbed his arm.  Wait.   I'm sorry.   Damn I'm about to burst.   Its just that I um.   Forget it, never mind.    Lets just go back to bed.  I poured us both a glass of water and we both went upstairs to bed.    

Both of us were just laying there not saying anything.   Then Tim moved over close to me and started rubbing my chest and playing with the hair on my chest and caressing me.  His touch was different than it had been before.   Not only was he playing with my hair but he was touching my body and sending shivers all through my body.   Suddenly he began kissing my neck as his hand went down further until he touched my pubic bush.   He had never dared do that before and I have to be honest I liked it.    His hand stopped and stayed tangled in my bushy hair.   He laid his head on my chest and soon we both fell asleep.   I ran my hands up and down his back reaching the top of his butt.  And soon I fell asleep as well.   We both were exhausted and needed to sleep.    Our bodies were moist from the warm humid air and the breeze from the ceiling fan lulled us to sleep.

Man we must have been really tired last night Tim thought as he started to wake up.   Wow its almost 8am.   David is still asleep.   He looks so peaceful and I hate to wake him up.   So I just laid there running my finger thru his wavy hair.   I love looking at his body which by the way is completely naked.   I smiled when I saw his cock get hard.   Damn that boy has a big cock I thought to myself.   I let my fingers lightly run up and down his body.   He likes that I grinned.  And so do I.   He began to move a little when I touched the top of his thigh and tickled him.   But he seemed to go back to sleep.   So I laid back down and put my fingers in his moist dark bush.   Soon David turned on his side and put his arm over my waist and touched my butt and pulled me closer.   God he smelled so good.   The mix of his cologne and his sweat just made my dick hard.   Damn I could kiss him but I dared not.   Who knows how he would react.    I just laid there enjoying being next to him, feeling his body against mine.  

Ugh I had to take a piss, so I quietly got up and went into the bathroom and took a piss.   Awww it felt so good to relieve myself.   Afterwards I looked at myself in the mirror.    I realized at that moment that I loved David.  Not only as an incredible friend, but it was more.  I hung my head and washed my hands.   When I looked up in the mirror I knew that I loved him.  I was in love with a man.   No, I was in love with David.   There I admitted it.   I'm in love with him.   Now what do I, I asked myself.   Now what?  What if I tell him and he rejects me?   But what if he doesn't.   What if what if.   Ugh I'm so confused.    

I heard David in the kitchen making coffee as I went downstairs.   Oh man he looks so good as I quietly watched him and he not knowing I was.    Something came over me as I walked up behind him and hugged him.    David I said as I hugged him.   I can't hold back any longer as I looked in his eyes.    I was breathing heavily, scared half to death.    David looked startled.   Tim,,.he started, whats.....I had to kiss him and I did.   I took his face in my hands and kissed him.   I couldn't help it.   I had to or I would burst.   I pulled him tight against my body and kissed him.   Forcing his mouth open and tasted him.   God he tasted so good.    Tim?   I didn't give him a chance to say anything else as I kissed him again.  And this time he kissed me back.  

David,  I umm as I stammered.   I love you.  I'm in love with you I whispered while I hugged him.   I love you so much and I know you feel the same way about me.   Thats what I've been trying to say to you for quite a while.    I'm sorry but I couldn't hold it in any longer.    If you don't feel the same about me I understand, but I had to tell you.  

David, started to laugh a bit.   Whats so funny I asked.   I don't know Tim,  Its just a reaction.   Are you upset or repulsed by me?  Upset or repulsed because you are in love with me?  Heck no because I'm in love with you too.   I've been wracking my brain for weeks, trying to figure out what was going on between us.   And last night I figured it out.   So you love me Tim asked.  Yea I love you very much David replied.   God I never thought in a million years I would be in love with a man.   Tim laughed neither did I.   But I am and I"m in love with you.   I guess I knew the first time I saw you but didn't know what was happening.   Are you serious David asked.   Thats incredible because when I met you at the soup kitchen something stirred in me that never happened before.   I was scared to death.    

We took our coffee back upstairs and climbed into bed.   We were both still exhausted, not physically but emotionally drained.   We fell asleep again in each other arms, only this time it was different.   We could feel each others cock pressing hard against the other.   Even the way we held and touched each other was different.   It was intoxicating and but both of us had no idea what to do next.   That certainly is a crazy predicament for two guys to be in.    

To be continued..............



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