Howdy y'all... Gosh now I sound like a retarded cowboy... No worries, let's just start over.

Hi I'm Keegan...

Noooooo don't say "hellooo Keegan"!!! Great, now everyone thinks I'm an alcoholic. Awesome way to start a story huh? With an AA meeting.

Why can't I get this right???

Okay, okay let's just keep it simple. My name is Keegan Bryson but everyone usually calls me Keegs.

Yeah this is your typical love story. Not one of those stories where you'll have to book a session with your chiropractor in-between chapters, because you won't be doing that much cringing. I have to admit though, there are some cheesy moments. What are romantic stories without them, right?

First things first... Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Everyone always tells me I take a lot after my mother, believe me I hear that a lot!!!

I have darkish brown hair (a "zac" cut but with a little more length) with bright blue eyes and a caramel complexion. I always have a bit of hair on my face, I think it makes me look a bit more masculine and mature.

These days I get a lot of compliments of how "full" and "ample" my lips are. I used to get teased a lot when I was growing up though, but now it's like a blessing.

It's weird how people go from doing everything not to be different and fitting in with everyone else, to doing everything to be different and unique in a later stage of life... Guess I had a head start.

I was always very inquisitive from a very young age but I was never interested in acquiring knowledge by reading books. I wanted to experience everything firsthand.

I remember growing up, I would always go around the neighbourhood asking the neighbours these random questions and I would get so excited sharing the "inside stories" with my parents at the dinner table. I was wildly happy growing up.

What's that? Am I into sports?

Well...Is drinking a sport??...I'm just kidding. I'm more of a spectator when it comes to sport. I mean sweating for someone else's enjoyment makes absolutely no sense in my mind. Did I really just lie? Okay, so I totally suck at sports. It's just something I'm not interested in.

I'm not a jock and I'm not quite a nerd... I'm more of a" socialite" at school, you know, the one who always knows about the social events first... The outgoing type. I think it's because I've never been scared to say what's on my mind and my constant need to have fun.

I'm also not a big fan of working out but I don't hate it either. Don't get me wrong, I have a great physique, I'm just not "men's health cover" material... Let's just say I'm not a poster boy for "".

If you were wondering... I'm not into the body builder type of guys. Okay, okay a buff guy can be hot but I actually want to be in the bed TOO when we cuddle.

Very BIG guys just don't tickle my taste buds. I'd go as far as Jared Padelecki and no further. I mean, who wants to have sex with a couch right? (Just saying)

Moving on... I just turned eighteen and I live in South Africa. I'm moving from Pretoria back to Cape town to live with my dad.

"It'll give you time to reconnect with him", my mom said.

"Bring on the tequila baby", was the only way my brain could respond.

So here I am, moving from my perfect life to "let's screw Keeganville", population... me.

My mom and dad divorced when I was fifteen. It was a mutual decision, so no bad blood... Well at least not between my parents anyway. I told my parents two years ago that I'm gay.

To tell you the truth I actually can't blame them or should I say him for being pissed. I didn't go for the usual "mom, dad I'm gay" approach. Nooo, Keegan had to go new school on their asses but that's a story for another chapter though.

Yeah I was a rebellious sixteen year-old. The rebellion actually started when I was thirteen. I developed a very defiant relationship with my dad. When he told me to do something, I would do the complete opposite.

It wasn't always like that though. My dad and I were inseparable when I was little... Partners in crime... Keegan and Clyde... Proof that things can go from great to crappy really fast.

My mom didn't seem to mind me being gay (we actually became closer) but I could see the disappointment in my dad's eyes. I guess no dad wants to hear his only son is cheering for the other team (get it?? cheering... because I don't like sports... oh never mind). So I haven't seen much of him in the last two years or so and now I'm gonna stay with him, his new wife and her two sons.... Yay me!!! Oh yeah, he remarried last year. Apart from one very short meeting, I don't actually know her.

Yip you guessed it... Keegan didn't go to daddy's wedding because he and daddy had a huge tiff before the wedding. I feel kinda bad about it though but I'll make it up to him at his next one.

Pfff... I guess the man or woman who first said, "You only get married once", must be kicking his/her own ass right about now...

So here I am... Standing in Cape Town International Airport, waiting for "complicated" to begin...



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