"Where is he?", I kept thinking to myself.

Reconnect my ass!! I bet he didn't show up late for his wedding...

Just take a deep breath and relax.

Oh, who am I kidding?How could I relax at a time like this? I'm stuck at an airport waiting for my homophobic dad to pick me up. It's not like I'm at a Day Spa.

I miss my old life already. I don't have to be psychic to see that my life is totally gonna suck this year. I mean, a new school, new siblings and a new "mom". Basically a whole new life but without the hope of it actually working out. A freshly squeezed glass of "I want to go home", anyone?

At least I still have my sense of humour. God, I hope I don't lose that amongst these people.

They say that by changing nothing, nothing changes and he who rejects change is the architect of decay. But why would you want to change something perfect? Not that my life is perfect... It's just perfect to me.

I was just about to call him when I received a text saying:

"Sorry bud, got held up in a meeting. On my way."

I was shocked to say the least!!! Seriously? My dad is TEXTING me? When did this happen? I thought he was born BC (Before Computers) or something and now this? There might actually be hope... For him at least.

It's happening!!! I'm going depro!!! Depression meaning: Anger without enthusiasm. I need some Vodka in my Coco Pops!!! Pronto!!!


I waited for what seemed like forever and four days but in reality, according to my phone, I just passed the fifteen minute mark. Here comes the over analysing part...

I mean, what do I do when I see him? Do I hug him? Did he even forgive me for missing his big day? Is he coming alone?

Oh God, what if he is coming alone and we have nothing to talk about on the way home? I hate those awkward silent situations... Why am I this nervous?

I can honestly say I've never felt so nervous in my whole life.

Dude, stop stressing, you're just waiting for your dad. It's not like you're having sex for the first time or anything.

Oh I forgot that little detail, did I?

Well, I'm still a V-boy. No, I'm not starring in a new X-men movie. I'm still a virgin.

The short version:

I dated this guy for six months but we never had sex. He said he wanted everything to be absolutely perfect and both of us to be ready. He moved so we broke up.

Okay, so my life has been a little PG thirteen. Is that really such a bad thing? It not like I haven't....

"Hello Son", I heard a voice say bringing me back to reality.

I got so lost in my train of thoughts that I didn't even notice my dad standing right in front of me. Wow he looks really good. My dad always looks good, it's just that... he looks... happy.

"Hey dad", was all I could come up with.

My dad has very dark brown hair with piercing blue eyes. He loves working out, so naturally he's in good shape.

He attained a lot at a very young age. He owns his own oil company and is very illustrious among the businessmen of Cape town.

Looking very handsome in his stylish attire and with a huge smile plastered on his face, he pulled me in for the warmest embrace I've had in years. For the first time in the last two years I realised how much I've actually missed my dad.

"I'm so sorry son... about everything. I've missed you so much", he said softly into my ear.

"I'm sorry too", I whispered back.

To some sayings like: "distance makes the heart grow fonder" or "time changes everything", might be accompanied by the word "cliche", but it's an amazing feeling to see that these things can actually be true.

It's weird how love never seem to fade between family. You could go all "Cloudy with a Chance of Rebellion" on them and they would still love you. Okay, maybe not always right away, but let's not ruin the moment.

I was so caught up in the hug that I didn't even realize her standing behind him.

After breaking the embrace I saw her whole profile. She is a very beautiful woman in a pretty kinda way (if that makes any sense). She has shoulder-length curly brown hair and light brown eyes (almost amber looking).

She has this warm and friendly aura to her,you know, the kind that just invites you in for milk and cookies. She was also very quaint in a matter of speaking. Her outfit looked so simple yet so professional at the same time.

If there were to ever be a "real housewives of Cape Town", she would totally make the cut... Minus the superficial BS and plastic surgery gone wild.

I must have been staring at her for a while because she started to look a bit uncomfortable.

"Son you remember Kate", my dad said in a "dude-stop-staring-you're-freaking-her-out" kinda way.

"Yeah I do, sorry I kinda zoned out for a moment there. It's very nice to see you again", I said with a smile.

"No it's okay and it's nice to see you too", she said returning a smile.

"Well let's get you home. I'm sure you've had enough of this airport for one day ", he said while picking up some of my luggage.

"Tell me about it", I said picking up the rest.

While we were walking to the car I kept thinking: "Score!!! No awkward twosome's on today's schedule."

My dad was quite gabby the whole way home. He asked me about how school was, the previous year and if I was looking forward to going to school in the Mother City.

The best thing about my dad is that he's a very good listener and he's not the didactic type, making it very easy to talk to him. Just not about the whole gay thing.

It went silent for a few minutes and I just had to find out ...

"So let's get serious for a moment dad", I said trying to keep a straight face, "when did you start texting?"

I could hear him chuckle a little.

"Well", he said, "Kate's son, James, has been tutoring me on the subject of communication skills."

He did not just try to make "teaching an old dog how to use a cell phone" sound intelligent.

"Poor guy", I said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Hey, I'm a good student".

Let's agree to disagree.

"Not when it comes to teaching you the art of technology dad. It's kinda like talking to brick wall, no offence."

"I resent that!"

"Just keeping it real dad... Just keeping it real."

It was early evening when we finally arrived home and I was relieved to find that kate's sons were away for a few days because I seriously had enough of well... just about everything today.

"So where should I put my stuff?", I asked my dad when we finally got my luggage in the house.

"In you're old room son."

"Oh I though that ... uh never mind."

"You do remember the way to your room, don't you?"

"Why don't you remind me by using those excellent communication skills of yours", I said with a devilish smirk.

"Oh, how I've missed your sarcasm."

"I love you too dad. I'm kinda tired, so I'm gonna call it a night. Goodnight dad."

"Sweet dreams son."

I was just about to head upstairs when my dad suddenly stopped me.

"Keegan, I'm really glad you're here."

"Happy to be here dad."

After giving him a warm smile, I set off to locate my sleeping station...



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