It was about eight pm when I arrived at the club. God bless the guy who invented the GPS (not discriminating here, it really was a guy who invented it. I Googled it).

I wore some Levi jeans with a black T-shirt and a grey Cardigan. My hair was styled backwards in a big quiff, also known as the James Dean style.

There were a lot of people in the club. The place was pumping, music bumping and sooo many guys humping...

I went to the bar and ordered myself a drink. While I waited for my drink a guy approached me.

He was skinny but immaculately dressed. He had a really beautiful face; blonde hair with very big brown eyes.

"Hi I'm justin", he said extending his hand.

"Keegan", I said extending mine and shaking his (that sounds a bit dirty, doesn't it?).

He was kinda feminine to be honest and very exuberant.

"Nice to make your acquaintance."

"Nice to meet you too."

"I'm just gonna be frank here. I'm in desperate need of a great friend and you really look like one."

"I'm new here and I could use one too", I said with a warm smile.

When the barman finally returned with my drink we toasted to "new friendships".

"Spotted any talent tonight ?", he asked looking at the crowd and then at me.

"Easy there Gossip Girl", I said taking a sip of my fourth drink, "I'm only here for the "why-is-my-head-spinning?" liquid." I could hear him chuckle a bit.

"Well that guy over there has seriously been checking you out all night."

"You mean Buffy the skinny boy slayer over there? Not interested. Just look at him; surveying the prospects, hunting for a clean getaway. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with that but I'm not interested in being a one-night rental."

"Wait, so you don't like guys with some meat on the edges?"

That's what he got from all of that?

"I like them lean, not extreme."

"Well tell that to him coz he's totally coming over here."

"Wait... what? wh- wh- where are you going?", I asked trying to reach for his hand but it was too late.

"Hi", I heard him say, "I'm Dane."

Damn you mom for always teaching me not to be rude.

"I'm Keegan", I replied.

He was hot but way to big for me. Think Dwayne Johnson meets the younger version of Robert Downey Jr. but totally Micro-wavable (on steroids).

"Can I get you something to drink?", he asked biting his lower lip.

"Nope, I'm good thanks", I said trying my best to ignore him.

"I'm just gonna come out and say it... You are extremely sexy."

And so the compliments begin... I wonder how many compliments he thinks it's gonna take to get some action.

"Thanks", I said once again trying my best to ignore him.

"Keegan...uhm... I'm trying my best here to flirt with you."

"Yeah I know and I don't wanna sound rude but I'm really not interested."

"Wait... what?", he asked sounding a bit shocked.

Is this guy deaf or something??

"I said, you're not my type."

"Uhh... I'm everyone's type", he said obnoxiously .

Huge ego alert!!!!

"Just the fact that you think that, proves to me that you're not my type."

"What the hell is wrong with you? Here a hot guy comes over to you and tells you that you're sexy and you insult him?"

Damn he's not giving up...

"If I throw a stick, will you leave?"

"I'm just wasting my time. You know what? I have a lot of offers rolling in, naturally! I mean look at me."

Just when I thought he's ego couldn't get any bigger....

"Where's your L'Oréal contract? You are sooo worth it."

"I'm out of here", he said moving into the crowd.

"Good talk dude... good talk."

Dane.... The mentally insane. There is no place in my life for an ego his size. I seriously need some fresh air...


When I finally reached the door, I could feel the amazing cool breeze on my skin. There were some guys making out and others smoking. I decided to sit on the pavement for a while. I sat there for about fifteen minutes.

"Are you okay?", I heard an unfamiliar voice say.

When I looked up, I almost swallowed my own tongue. He was absolutely gorgeous and ruggedly handsome.

He had short jet-black hair, a very tanned complexion with deep dark eyes and a killer smile (with the cutest dimples forming in the corners of his mouth). He was very well built (not overly built though) and very well dressed. There's something wrong with that level of perfection, it should be banned.

He should call his first child temperature because he sure as hell is raising it...

Oh God, that was that was really bad huh? Moving to the "shame corner" gracefully.

"I'm perfect, thank you."

"Tell me about it", he said with a huge grin.

"Awwwww" was the only way my brain could respond.

"Mind if I join you?

Like he had to ask!!!!

"Sure", I said trying not to sound too eager.

"I'm Marc by the way", he said extending his hand, "with a C."


If this was a movie that Call me maybe song by Carly Rae Jepsen would totally be playing in the background (What?? It's catchy).

"Why are you sitting out here alone?"

"Uhhh... I just needed some fresh air. It became a little too crowded in there."

"Yeah it can be a bit overwhelming at times."

"Tell me about it."

We were quite for a few minutes but it wasn't awkward though, I was comfortable being in his presence.

Wow, did someone open a can of "screw-the-heat"??? He must have noticed me rubbing my arms desperately trying to get some warmth.

"Are you cold?", he asked with a serious look on his face.

"Just a little, nothing too serious."

"This might help a little", he said taking off his leather jacket.

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine."

"You are so stubborn, just say thank you and put on the damn jacket", he said with an oh-so-serious voice.

"Thank you", I said a bit surprised and putting on his jacket.

It went quite for a minute or two again when I broke the silence...

"I would actually kill for a coffee right now."

"What's stopping you?"

"It's just that I'm not completely sober and I'm kinda scared that I'm gonna wreck my dad's car."

"Well, as much as I would love to spend the night at a police station, being questioned about you killing someone for coffee... I'd rather not see someone as cute as you spend the night in jail."

Could he get any more sweeter? Dang! Where's a mistletoe when you need one?

"So how about we go get some coffee with my car?", he suggested.

"I have this strict policy of avoiding situations where I could get kidnapped and become some deranged person's happy meal, no offence."

"Do I look like serial killer to you?"

"The hot ones are always the kinkiest."

I heard him chuckle a bit. A sound I could get use to.

"So here's the proposal: I'm pretty sure there's maze somewhere in my car, so I'll give it to you just in case I get some serial killer tendencies", he said with a goofy smile.

"You are very persistent."

"When talking to a guy like you, naturally."

"So you're PRETTY sure you have maze in your car?", I said emphasising the pretty.

"Hey, I'm trying over here. You are one difficult person, you know that right?"

"Why be difficult, when with a bit of effort, you can be impossible?"

"Is that a yes?"

How could I refuse?

"Let me go tell someone. Just in case you're not who you appear to be", I said with wicked smile.

"I'll be waiting right here", he said with a satisfied look on his face.

I entered the club in search of Justin. He had his tongue down some random guy's throat.

"Hey bro, I'm leaving and I just wanted to say goodbye."

"Aww you're leaving so soon?"

"Yeah I'm kinda tired."

What was I supposed to say? Hey I'm going to coffee with a possible serial killer, who by the way is going to give me maze just in case he tries to kill me? That doesn't quite roll off the tongue in my opinion.

"Hey give me your number and I'll call you sometime."

Genius, why didn't I think of that? We exchanged phone numbers and said our goodbyes.

"Oh and this is very important. If you don't hear from me in a few days... His name is Mark and this is his jacket", I said pointing at the jacket.

"Thanks for that uhh... useful piece of information."

Smell that? That's sarcasm!

I just ignored his last statement and exited the club to find Mark still sitting on the pavement.

"A man of his word, I like."

"I aim to please", he said with a crooked smile.

"Which one is yours?", I asked entering the parking area.

"The Toyota FJ Cruiser over there."

"The big Hummer looking thingy?"

"That's the one", he said with a slight chuckle.

Well this wasn't quite how I anticipated this night going, that's for sure...



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