Early morning had come. See that window, the sunshine hit the window. Andy was still fall in sleep on his bed.He turn over and lift his arms to hold on Jason. But Jason's gone! Hands on his bed and Andy's woke up. He's sit up and look where Jason is. Jason came up to the door. Brought two mugs of tea. He was still naked. Without his Jean on.

'I thought you might need tea.'

Smile to Andy then smile back and kissed.

'Wake too long?'

Jason asked.

'Not that long. I though you gone home.'

Jason touch Andy's chin.

'I wouldn't go home without goodbye. If I do, I may break your heart.'

Andy come off his bed and walk to the window. Andy look the window.It's sunny morning. He's just wonder if they got enough time to the lake for bath before Andy's parent came home. Then Jason walk to Andy.Jason look over Andy's shoulder. Jason's both arms round Andy's tummy.

Andy said 'It's beautiful morning. We still have time to the lake for bath. What do you think?'

Jason smile then said 'As longer it's not raining but what about the phone called from your parent?'

'It's too early for the phone. We could go now.'

Jason's smile.

'We could go now before the rain come down again.'

Andy turn round. You could see Andy's bottom near the window. Arm over Jason's shoulder and kissed.'

'Come on, mate. It's time for bath in the lake.'

Soft smile each other. Walk the stair to the kitchen. Naked. Jean on and the shoes on. They are not wear T-shirt. Walk off to the lake. Jason took the towel. Just one large towel. The time must before 8am or after 8 in the morning. It's chilled. I don't think it was. There's a tree by the lake the other days.Just before the rain start. Remember that? Anyway they are back again. Andy and Jason have arrive to the tree where they have sex. Andy look up to the sky. It was perfect day and no cloud or maybe few. Andy take his shoes off. He's never put his sock on. Nor Jason, too. Andy feel the grass's wet but he don't care.Jason start smooth on Andy's back. Andy shut his eyes and feel Jason's hands warm. Kissed on Andy's shoulder. Jason unbutton Andy's Jean and pull the zip down. Slowly. Jason's hand went in and feel Andy's penis.But his penis is grow. That is Jason's hand warm. Jason pull Andy's penis out of Jean. Smooth and gentle. Andy's mouth open gasper for breath. Andy push his Jean down. Andy turn round and kissed Jason. While Andy's still kissed, he's push Jason's button and pulled the zip down. Andy kneel down and pull Jason's penis. Andy licking top penis of Jason then the penis inside Andy's mouth. Andy lead back slowly. Tongue licking the top penis and licking round then the penis back in Andy's mouth. Jason starter gasper for his breath. Andy grab and put the Jean down. Andy stand up.Take Jason's hands. They are both in the lake without the Jean and kissed. Jason squeeze Andy's bottom and Jason finger push squeeze through Andy's g-spot. If they had there Jean on in the lake, they would get wet through. They will catch the cold or maybe they would. Jason lay on the rock. Hands apart. Andy kneel and touch Jason's bottom. Andy's tongue licking the g-spot. Jason feel the tongue of Andy. Jason shut his eyes and gasp. He feel wet tongue. Andy put the condom on his penis and went in g-spot. Slowly. Jason feel the penis inside. Andy lay on Jason's back and grab holder while push his penis in and out. Few minutes later, Andy stop and take Jason's hands. Climb on the rock and walk to the tree where they have sex. It's maybe the spot area for sex or the sun. It was beautiful morning. Andy laid down on the large towel by the tree.Then Jason's Feet apart and kneel down. Andy hold his penis.Jason's g-spot land on top penis and smooth down. Jason hands grab Andy's hands together. Jason feel inside while Andy push his penis inside the g-spot smooth down and up and down. Going for while but they are not rush. Are they rush? No, I don't think so.The weather is warm up. The temperance is risen. It still no raining. You can hear the noise from the lake. Perfect day. Jason stand up, rub his penis and hard he could. He's feel it's coming from Jason's penis and sudden the shoot out of his cock. Land on Andy's tummy and chest. He gasp for breather. Jason smile at Andy.

'We had fantastic time and great sex. We could do more sex next time in weekend.'

Andy said 'Next week?'

Jason's just thinking for Andy in good time. Andy's rub his penis and smile.

'Let me deal with my dad about the weekend and the camper.'

Then Andy still rub his penis then sudden shoot out of his cock.

'That was a great sex.'

He gasp for breath while he's spoke to Jason. Then kissed together. Andy lay down on the towel then Jason on top of him. Andy rub gently on Jason's back and smooth down to Jason's bottom. Just squeeze softly. Remember the shoot out of Jason's penis and land on Andy's chest.Well, Jason's chest against on Andy's chest while they kissed. Jason sit up and catch his breath.

'We still had time to bath.'

Big smile each other. Jason stand up and hold out his hands to Andy. Andy grab Jason's hand to pull up to stand. Walk together back to the lake. Jason went down the step and holder Andy's hands while he step down to the lake. Andy's arm went over Jason's shoulder and kissed. Jason squeeze Andy's bottom. As soon they had done bath each other, they walk back to the tree. Dry up.Grab the Jean on. Jason rub Andy's back.

'OK. Andy?'

Andy smile.

'Yeah, I feel great and best time we had. Great sex.'

Still smile each other. They didn't put the shoes on. Andy hold out his hands and Jason take Andy's hands together and walk back to the farm. Just relax.

'Don't forget called your mate. The camp.'

Andy reminder Jason.

I won't forget that.'

Jason holder Andy's hand and kiss. Jason put his arm over Andy's shoulder and Andy's arm behind Jason back. Head together.Side by side. As soon they got back in the farm, Andy heard the phone's ringer. Andy went rush in the kitchen and grab the phone.

'Hello, dad? I'm not in the bed. We have been working in the early.'

Andy lie his dad. Andy's dad had no idea what no idea what Andy up to.Jason heard Andy saying on the phone.

'Jason is still here. We done feed the sheep and the chicken. Nothing gone happen.'

Andy turn round and look at Jason while Andy's talking on the phone. Jason walk to Andy and kneel down.Jason pull the zip down and pull Andy's penis but his penis is grow large. Jason feel Andy's penis is warm. Jason licking the top penis. Andy shut his eyes and lift his chin up. Andy still feel Jason's tongue. Penis went inside Jason's mouth. Andy start gasper. I don't think Andy listen his dad speaker.

'Andy, are you there?'

Andy rush back to the phone.

'Sorry, dad. I'm just making some toasts.' Andy lied again. Look down Jason's eyes while Jason lick Andy's penis.

'Anyway, we are about have some breakfast. Few more jobs to catch up.'

Andy's smile to Jason. Andy went on saying.

'O.K. dad, see you afternoon. Mum O.k? See you then.'

Jason smile to Andy. Jason stand up and went behind Andy's back. He left Andy's zip open. You can see Andy's penis out of zip open. Jason both hands smooth and feel Andy's rip. Jason's rub Andy's tummy and smooth Andy's penis. Andy put the phone down. Andy shut his eye and feel Jason's hands on Andy's penis. Andy unbutton and push his Jean down then Andy unbutton Jason's Jean. Andy kneel down and look Jason's penis. Jason hug Andy.Jason's chin over Andy's shoulder.

'I heard that. You naughty boy.'

Andy lift his chin and shut his eyes. Cheek to cheek. Andy turn round and face to face together.

'Let make a quick one more time before your parent home.' Andy's smile. Andy's arm went over Jason's shoulder. Andy walk backward slowly. Take Jason's hand. Jason walk forward slowly to the fireplace. Andy sit upright and lie down on the rug then Jason land on Andy's chest by the fireplace. Jason take Andy's hands. Both hands together against on the rug. Squeeze hands gently..Lip to lip gently, kiss on Andy's chin, neck then the chest. Jason sit upright on Andy. Jason's bottom smooth up and down on Andy's penis. Slowly. Holder both hands on Andy's hands. Lead down and kiss then upright again. Keep Jason's smooth on Andy's penis. Jason lift his chin up and open his mouth to gasp for breath.He can feel Andy's penis grow large. Jason lead down on Andy's chest and kiss.Jason turn Andy over.Andy sit on his knee and his hands on the rug. Jason put his hands push open Andy's bottom. The tongue lick the g-spot of Andy. Andy shut his eyes and open his mouth for gasp. He can feel Jason's tongue inside. Then Jason's push his finger inside. Andy open his mouth for gasp. Andy feel two fingers inside the g-spot.

'Oh yes, yes.'

Andy was saying while he's gasp for breath. Jason's put the condom on his penis then push in Andy's g-spot. Andy feel the penis inside. Andy's mouth open and gasp for breath. Jason push in and pull out and again, again. It's warm up while Jason's push in. Jason's getting sweater but he tried. He won't give up. Jason stop for seconds and he turn Andy over on the rug. Back to the g-spot of Andy. Push in again, again and again. Both Andy's legs against on Jason's chest. Jason's pushing harder as he could. Jason's still sweater. Jason smile Andy while Jason kept push his penis inside g-spot of Andy. They must look out Andy's parent come home. Andy's eyes are shut and gasper while his mouth's open.

'Yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep going fella. I can feel inside. We have great time. Do we?'

Andy's smile to Jason. Then Jason said 'Yeah, we great time.'

Andy rub his penis while Jason's kept pushing. Jason is getting hard work for sex. Jason's gasp for breath but he's love doing this. Andy's feel his penis coming. Then shoot out of his penis. Land on Andy's tummy.

Andy said 'Oh yeah, yeah. I feel wonderful.'

Jason's still push and stop, remove his condom and rub his penis. Rub fast as he could. Jason sit up on his knee in front of Andy's g-spot. Jason's feel inside the penis is coming out and shoot. Land on Andy's tummy. Kiss each other. Andy's reminder Jason.

'Don't forget called your mate. The camper.'

Jason's smile. ' I won't forget that and some more fun in the camp.

Andy smile back. ' I like that.'

They were tired and fall in sleep. The car arrive. It was Andy's parent!!! You can hear the car's coming up. Jason hear it. Andy hear it, too. 'They are here!!'

Andy said.They were shock.Jason rush to the window.

'It was your parent. Where my Jean!!'

Andy found it and threw to Jason. Jason rush to the stair and put his Jean on and shoes. But where his t-shirt?. Andy was hurry put his Jean, shoes and his t-shirt. Andy see through the window. His mum's coming up to the step near the door. Andy's put his t-shirt on. The parent's coming near the door.What about the rubbish of condom? Andy turn round to the sink and start the dishes.

'Oh, there you are, Andy. I wonder where you are.' Mum surprise Andy.

'Hi, mum. You got back early.'

Mum said 'The traffics wasn't too bad. Anyway, where's Jason?'

Jason was sitting on the stair and put his shoes on then he's heard Andy called.

'Jason, Jason.'

Jason's shout.'I'm coming down.I just pop up for toilet.'

Dad came inside . 'There you are.It's everything all right?'

Andy's answer his dad.'Everything's great and good care.'

Later in the afternoon, Jason was about go home. Before he's go, Jason said ' I feed the chicken and the weather is getting warmer at the moment. I see you in the morning.'

Dad said ' You better go. You need a good shower as soon you get home.'

Jason smile to Andy and Andy smile back.

'See, Andy.'

Andy's rush to Jason. Andy's reminder Jason. They were round the corner and kiss again. They can't stop kiss. They have great time and great sex. Andy's looking Jason's eyes. They were very big lucky for trouble if they cause by Andy's parent and they will be shock.They never know their son Andy was gay. And Jason will get the sack if they found out.

Andy's dad called out. 'Andy, Andy.'

Andy heard it, stop kiss and he call back.

'Coming Dad. I have a word about the camper in the morning.'

Jason touch Andy's cheek. Dad's call again.

'Andy, are you coming?'

Andy call back again. 'Yes, I'm coming.'

Before Andy walk back, Jason grab Andy's hands and rush kiss to Jason. A quick one.

'Don't forget the camp.'

Jason's reminder to Andy. Andy's rush off.

'I heard you call.' Andy said.

'What kept you?' Dad's ask Andy. Andy's smile little.



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