Looking Jason's body still sweaty. Any walk back to the kitchen to do the dishes. Andy looked through the window while doing the dishes. See Jason sweaty. Looking the body. Dripping down from Jason's body. Nearly done. Won't be long. He leave the dishes to dry. He still looking Jason while he's doing the stack of hay. Still sweater Andy grab the towel, dry his hands. Andy feel his cock while he's looking Jason. Andy walk to the door. Before he went outside, he called the dog.

'Ben, Ben.'

Dog runinng long and Andy fellow Ben. Andy walk relax. He can't wait to meet Jason. Jason is still working to move the stack of hay and he's still sweaty. Runinng down Jason's body. The old builder used to be the family's home. Andy's dad can remember that when he was a child. See Jason doing hard work. Andy walk to the gate and still watched Jason doing his job.Jason see Andy's standing by the gate. Looking each other and smile. Jason lift the stack of hay and walk in. Andy walk through the gate, lift one stack and walk in. I wonder how heavy is it? The stack of hay. Andy walk through the door and put the stack down and look Jason's standing by the stair. Andy just stand still then Andy walk toward to Jason. Slowly. Andy's touch Jason's chest and smooth down. He's feel wet. Face slowly together and kiss's gently. Jason take Andy's right hands and walk on the stair. After they reach the top of stair,Andy was standing on the top stair and look Jason's walking to the conner. Jason walk alone. No rush. Andy's watch him. Jason turn round and face Andy. Jason taake his shoes and sock off. They look each other. The eyes. Jason push his button and pull the zip down. He's push his jean down and holder his jean and threw on the floor. Jason's put his left hands on the wall but Jason hadn't got underpant on!! Cool.That wasn't dream. He was relax. Naken. See his penis's growing a large. Waiting. Andy walk slowly to Jason. Andy take his t-shirt off and drop on the floor. Andy's hand went behind Jason's head. Smooth his hair. Kiss again. Jason put his both hands on Andy's bottom. Feeling Andy's bottom. While Jason still kissed Andy, Jason push the button of Andy's jean and and pull the zip down. Hand inside the underpant and feel the penis of Andy. Jason's hands is warm because he's workingwith the gloves on. Andy take his shoe off and his socks off. Push his jean down and his underpant. Jason kissed Andy's chest and kneel down, both knee. Start licking the penis like ice cream. Jasonrud his penis. Andy feeling Jason's tongue, wet tongue. Andy look down on Jason while licking the penis. Jason look up to Andy. Little smile, just grin. Andy rub Jason's head and smooth down to Jason's cheek. The left side and the other hands smooth the other side of Jason's face. Little smile each other. Jason stand on his feets. Kissed each other. Andy's kneel down. Touch Jason's penis and licking, smooth down and up and down and up. Andy's both hands squeeze Jason's bottom. gently. Keep squeeze again. Andy stop kissed and walk cross the floor. Before he went to the other side of the wall, Andy turn round and lift his right arm. Hold his hands to Jason. Jason hold his left hands. Hands together. Walk cross the wooded floor. Headed to the conner. Stack of hay had be loose and spread on the floor. Andy's back landed on the hay before Jason land on Andy. Kissed on Andy's face, down his neck, chest,tummy, backon his penis. Jason sit up and look Andy. Both hands smooth it down and up. Gently touch. Feel Andy's tummy feel warm. Jason lift Andy both legs. Smooth it down from the ankles to the bottom. Jason's tongue start licking Andy's g-spot. On tip of Jason's tongue push through Andy's bottom. Jason rub his penis. Licking again. Andy can't stop smile while Jason keep licking the penis like ice cream. Jason look Andy and smile. He keep rubber Andy's penis. Can you feel what it's like? I can tell. Jason kissed Andy while he rubber the penis. He's keep licking again. Jason stand up on his feets and walk to his jean. Andy is seem a bit of shock. It's all over for Andy? No, that's all over. Jason find a condom in his jean and get it out. Andy take the small packet and openit up. Andy's used his teeths and tear it open.One more to lick Jason's penis then Andy put the condom on Jason's penis. He lift Andy's both legs and against Jason's shoulder. Andy's being relax and smile to Jason. Jason's smile back. The penis went in Andy's g-spot and slowly. He pull out and push his penis push in again. Warm up and speed up. Andy can feel Jason's penis inside bottom of Andy. Feel the penis with the condom on, bit cold. Andy's said 'I feel your penis is getting cold.'

'Maybe I speed up to make it's warm.'

Jason put his right hands rud it and go back to Andy's g-spot. The penis inside Andy and he said.

'How that?'

Jason's smile to Andy.

'Oh,yes. That was wonderful. Come on. Yes, yessss. OH YESSSSSSS.'

And he's still smile. Jason is still keep pushed. Andy can feel the penis inside and Andy's grab the hay on the floor and squeeze. Jason push harder while his penis going inside. Jason was sweaty. Andy won't keep still but didn't matter. Jason stop and stand up. Grab Andy's left hands. Help him up and Andy said

'What's up?'

Jason said 'Nothing.'

See Jason is getting sweaty. Kissed together again. Andy turn round and face the wall. Andy's both hands on the wall and his legs wide a part. Jason is not the policeman and arrest Andy? No,he's not. Jason's penis back to Andy's g-spot. Jason push harder and more sweater. Andy's rub his penis to grow larger. They still love doing this but can they give up? No,I don't think so. Jason stop for moment and lay down on the hay where they have sex early. See Jason was still sweater. Andy's standing in front of Jason and walk to Jason's jean. It's not all over yet. Any condom left? They still have time. Andy's look in Jason's jean and found a condom. Give to Jason. Jason take the condom and tear like Andy did. Jason lick the top penis and look up Andy. He's smile to Jason. Wide open lick the cock, all the way in and out but slowy like ice cream. Jason can't stop it. He keep licking and he look Andy smile. Jasonstop and smile while he look. He put the condom on Andy's penis and push all the way in. Jason lick the penis one more time and laid down. Turn over.The legs wider a part. Andy's knee down and Andy licking his finger or two and went push inside the g-spot. Andy hold his penis on Jason's bottom. Then penis went in Jason's g-spot.Andy's push his penis in Jason's g-spot. Jason can feel Andy's penis inside.

'Oh'yes, yess,YESSS.OH,OH YESSSS. You can Do better then that?'

Then Andy said 'Better then that?'

Andy's push harder.


Andy was sweaty just like Jason. Jason sit up and take the condom and rub harder. Jason can feel it's coming from his penis.He's sweaty. Rub again and again then sudden the shoot's come out of of his Jason. Jason's gasp and mouth open.'Argg,argg.'

Look Andy's face. Jason is gasp for breath. Andy's gasper while he rub his cock.Rub harder,harder then Andy stand up and legs a part.Take the condom off.Rub,rub harder.Andy feel it's feel coming and shoot out of his penis and splash on Jason's tummy or face. Jason close his eyes and mouth open before Andy's shoot come out.

Jason said 'That was the best sex we had.'

Jason looking Andy's eyes then Jason went on

'That was hot sex. Wasn't it?'

Andy said ' Yes,it was.'

Still smile each,kissed and sweater.

Andy stand on his feets. Naken. 'Come on mate. We still got job to do.'

Andy mention about work then Jason said

I wish your parent go away few days more instead of tomorrow. It's give me more time have sex and fun.'

Andy move closer to Jason's face.

'Yes,I wish they were.We have to wait in the morning.'

Looking their eyes each other.

'I was thinking going to the lake where we could have a bath. No need to bring the soap and need a towel by the tree? Just relax and cool down. Would you like that or are you worry about that?'

Andy's smile and said

'No,I'm not worried about that. Let do that in the afternoon after work before the sun come down.'

Still smile each other. Andy had second though.

'What about tomorrow morning before my parent's back from London.'

Andy was just thinking.

'Mum leaveplenty food for us. We could eat by the fireplace and naken?'

Jason's smile. Jason said 'let get the job done before we take the shower. Why don't you help me clean in the shower? Rub my back? Can you do that?'

Andy's smile and stand on his feets. 'Yes,I do that.' Kissed each other.

'Not a lot job to do. Dad hadn't done feed the sheep. He hadn't got much time this morning.' Then Jason said 'I give you hands.'

Jason put his jean on and his shoe on without sock. Andy's nearly ready but this time,he wasn't wear his underpant!! He put his underpant in his pocket. And his t-shirt was over his shoulder. Just cool down. They both still sweaty. Andy Said 'It's still very hot.' Jason's smile and said ' We are very hot but that was the best time we had sex and fun.'

Andy answer back. 'Yes,that was the time.' Hugger together and kissed.'

Andy's smile and look Jason's eyes.

'And fun. Let get the job done. After that, we take the shower.Plenty tower and soap.Give good rub your back and you do mine. Relax by the fireplace. Maybe have sex again on the rug. Would you like that?'

Jason said ' I would like that.'

Head together again and smile and kiss.

' Come Jason, let get the job done before my parent come home.'

They walk together down the stair and holder hands together.They have feed the sheep and move the last lots the stack of hays. Job is done.

Jason said 'That done now.'

'Yes,it's all done.'

They can't stop smile each other. Jason come closer to Andy and feel Andy's bottom and squeeze then Jason said 'Right,shower next.'

Andy's smile again. Hands together and walk to the house. Jason's right arm over Andy's shoulder. Walk slower to the house. No rush. As soon they came in the kitchen, Andy's remove his t-shirt where he left on his shoulder and leave on the table and take Jason's hands. Andy holder Jason's hands and walk to the bottom of the stair til they stop. Only few steps.Andy's kiss to Jason. Jason both hands on Andy's Cheek. Andy both hands smooth down on Jason's back and hands went in Jason's bum and jean. Middle finger reach g-spot. Touch Jason's bottom and squeeze again. Jason start unbutton Andy's jean and pullthe zip down. Feeling Andy's penis. Penis grew large. Push the jean down and Jason knee down. Lick the penis. Penis went in Jason's mouth. Andy shut his eyes and lift his chin. Feeling his penis inside Jason's mouth. Andy open his mouth to breathes. Andy land on the stair and take the shoes off. Jason's pull Andy's jean. Andy sit up and push Jason's button and pull the zip. Hand went in and pull Jason's penis. Start licking the top penis's head then Jason's penis went right in. Jasonopen his mouthto breathes like Andy. Andy stand up. Jason take his shoes off and push his jean down. Andy hold his hands out. Jason take Andy's hands and walk to the bathroom for shower. Andy switches the shower on. The steamy coming out of hot water and built up like sauna. Andy went in then Jason. Jason knee down and lick it the penis of Andy. They have been in the shower long while. About an hour or more!!! I think. Any hot water left? At early evening,they come down with the towel on. Just towel and nothing else to wear. They walk to the fridge. Open the Fridge and found some wine. There's a load of foods. Some of them in plastic box and some of them in clear bags. Most of them with label. Jason look over Andy's shoulder. Arm round Andy's tummy. Kiss Andy's neck.

'Are we eat this lot?'

Then Andy said 'No but I'm thinking ice cream. Is too much?'

Looking the eyes each other. Still smile. Jason said 'You get the ice cream and i get the spoon.'

He got the spoon and the glass. Andy bring the ice cream with the wine. As soon sit on the rug by the fireplace, Jason loose the towel. You can see he's naken and so Andy did. Who care? As longer Andy's parent away in London. Andy pull the lid and spoon in. Jason open the bottle and pour in the glass. Andy lift the spoon and Jason's mouth open. Spoon went in and mouth close. Andy pull the spoon genty. Jason's nose rub Andy's nose.

'That was beautiful ice cream.'

Andy give another spoonfulto Jason's mouth. Still naken together by the fireplace. Jason kissing on Andy's neck and feeling Andy's tummy.His tummy was warm. Andy sit and his back relax against the armchair near the fireplace. More ice cream. Jason start licking it by his tongue.From the top of the penis then lick down. Andy can feel Jason's tongue was cold. It was the ice cream. Andy can feel Jason's tongue while licking smooth and gentle. Andy's mouth's gap open and breathe. Eyes close while he still feeling the tongue of Jason. He feel wonderful. Can you feel like inside your head when someone had the ice cream inside the mouth and licking your penis? Feel the tongue cold. I can feeling,too. I think. Feel sexly? And it's great. Back in the story. Jason stand up, walk to the stair where he's left his jean. Andy wonder what's Jason doing? All over and walk out?

'Jason, what is it. Something wrong?'

'No, nothing wrong. I got more condom.

Andy's smile. Jason tear by his teeths and take out of the packet. Jason knee down and put on Andy's penis. Lick down again. Jason stand up and feets apart.left foot by Andy side then right foot on the other side. Jason bend his knees. Andy hold his penis then g-spot coming down.Penis went inside the g-spot. Jason's hand holder Andy's hands while Jason's bottomcome down when Andy's penis inside Jason's g-spot. Holder hands together and stop fall over. Jason take his time. Jason push up slowly and down and up. Andy's feel his penis inside Jason's g-spot. Jason feel Andy's penis inside. Jason shut his eyes and mouth open.

'Oh,yes.Yes YESSSS.I can feel your penis's moving. It's grow larger dick. Oh,yes,yes.'

Jason start moving up and down. A bit faster.

'That was great sex.'

Jasonstand up and knee down front of Andy. Jason take the condom off but Andy took it off. Jason rub his cock and shoot out of cock. Splash on Andy's face. Andy's finger wipe off his face. Finger went in Andy's mouth and lick. Andy tear the packet of condom.By his teeths. Andy start licking Jason's penis. Slowly like ice cream.Wet tip tongue lick the top penis of Jason then Andy put the condom on Jason's penis. They smile each other and kissed. They can't stop falling in love. Face close together while still smile each other.Their nose and forehead. Jason's penis went inside Andy's g-spot. You can see Jason's bottom. The fireplace is very hot. You can feel the heat from the fireplace. They are still there while they have sex near the fireplace instead on the bed.Who care? Next Morning, the fireplace is cool down. You can feel Andy's warm and Jason while they sleep and hugger together through the night. Andy's behind Jason on the rug. Andy wake up and look the clock on the wall. Nearly 7 a.m. He back to sleep for one more hour. Andy's woke up about 10 mintues later. He couldn't get some sleep. He get up and rub his eyes. Andy's wonder what time his parent come home? In the evening? Look through the window. THe sunshire. Bright morning. Will they get in time to have sex by the lake before the parent come home? Andy walk back to Jason and sit up.Jason woke up and look Andy eyes.

'Morning,Andy. Are you sleep well?'

Jason look Andy eyes are sad something? No, I don't think so. Andy turn slowly and face Jason.Andy touch Jason's chin.

Smile and said 'Yes, I am sleep well. We had a wonderful day.'

Jason's smile.'Yes, we had wonderful day and great sex. Fantastic.'

'Tea, mate?' Andy asked.

'Yes,I think I need one. Will your parent ring you before they came home?'

Jason rub Andy's tummy and hugger together and keep warm.

'Yes, they will let me know but I wish they stay longer. We still have more time by the lake.'

Still smile each other. Andy stand up,walk to the kitchen. Jason see Andy's bottom.See some bum? I have seen in the sport club. So what? He's the kettle on the cooker and light the gas. Andy's still wonder if his parent came home tomorrow instead of today.He walkto the window. Bright morning. Jason walk to Andy and went behind Andy to face the window. Jason's hand rub down smoothly on Andy's back. Andy's chin up and shut his eyes. Jason kiss on the right shoulder of Andy. Both hands rub gently on the shoulder and smooth down on the front tummy. Hugger together.

'Maybe we go down to the lake, later before your parent came home. Not too soon, I hope.'

Andy rub Jason's arms. Kettle went whistle. Jason turn off the cooker.

'I make the teas.'

Jason offer help for Andy. Andy was still happy and grid smile to Jason. Andy walk back to the fireplace. Jason brought the teas and the biscults.

'We had fantastic time and great sex.'

Jason's reminder. Nearly quarter to nine. Andy and Jason sleep together by the fireplace. Then sudden, the phone's rang. Andy run to the phone. Andy's tired while speak to the phone.

'Andy,are you up?'

'Yes, dad. I am up. what time will you be back?

Andy's wonder his parent stay longer til tomorrow. Then dad said

'Not til tomorrow. I had two tickets to see 'Les Miserable'. We walk round shopping in London but your mum's looking the other theatre 'Les Miserable'. She want to see that showand we pop over for any ticket left. We got it. She had good time and she enjoy that The Phantom of Opera. Anyway, It's everything ok?'

Andy answer back. 'Yes. Everything ok. I done feed the sheep.'

Andy smile to Jason. Dad apology to Andy while he spoke on the phone.

'I'm sorry for today. I thought you let you know.'

Jason had no idea why Andy's smile.Jason still waiting to go to the lake before the parent home today. How much time have they got? Jason knew there's a lot of job to do in the farm. Bitter disppointed. He was look forward if he had a chance.

'Dad. THere is no need sorry for me. Jason is still here. We are doing fine. Nothing going happen.'

Dad had no idea what Andy up to. And his mum. Look and smile at Jason. This is what they are waiting for. Jason wonder what Andy mean? Good news or bad news? Jason's smile to Andy while he's on the phone. Jason get off the carpet and walk to Andy. Jason touch the back of Andy. Smooth near the bottom and up to the shoulder. Gently and rub on Andy's shoulder. Andy lift his and shut his eyes. Kissed on shoulder. Both hands of Jason, rub the cock and rub again. Smoothly rounds on Andy's tummy. they are still in love. Andy still eyes his eyes and holder the phone. As he went on.

'He will give hands to the jobs. You have good time tonight and see you tomorrow.'

Andy can't wait and Jason can't wait either. Then dad spoke few more before the phone down.

'We be back in the afternoon, tomorrow.

Andy few more words before the phone down.

'Ok. Dad. See you tomorrow.'

Put the phone down. Jason smile then asked.

'How much time have we got?'

Jason's forehead against Andy forehead.

'Plenty time. All day.Do we need towel? Jason's answer back to Andy.

'Just one big towel.'

Still smile and naken.



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