'Plenty time. All day. Do we need towel?'

'Just one big towel.'

Still smile and naken.

'Just two of us. And a soap?'

Andy's reminder Jason. Some job to do catch up. Andy's asked.

' Do you want a good rub by the lake for bath?'

Jason was thinking the jobs come first then have a bath. They still have time to the lake. They can't wait. Andy and Jason's face together and kissed each other. Naken in the kitchen while still kissed.Andy's both hands smoothly on Jason's back then his bum. Finger push through Jason's g-spot. Like penis went through.

'Let do the jobs first then to the lake for bath.'

Jason's smile then he's spoke softly.

'Yes, let do that.'

After few jobs. Both got jean on and shoes but no t-shirt and no underpant!! Andy and Jason are sweaty. See Jason, his chest been dripping down his tummy. Andy see Jason's body had perfect shape and more muscle.

'Are we nearly done? Any more jobs to do?'

Jason's wonder.


He's spoke softly and smile then he's said 'We're nearly done but more job to do? No,not at the moment. Mug of tea or pop down to the lake?'

Andy's asked.

'Lake first then mug of teas.'

As soon they arrive to the lake.You can hear the noise from the lake and the bird's sound. Look at the sky of blue. Maybe some bit of cloud. It was perfect.No traffics, no plane. NO-one doing the fishing rod. They found the spot area near the tree for relax.Jason's put the big towel near the tree. Andy hadn't forgot the soap. Holder the tree's branch while Andy's taking the shoes off and look up to the sky. It was beautiful day and sunny. Jason behind Andy. Kissed on the shoulder. Hands smooth across the tummy of Andy. Head lead back slowly on Jason's right shoulder. Andy smooth and gently on Jason's arm and kissed Andy. Andy's feets stand on the grass. It was not damp. Maybe a bit wet.Unbutton the jean and pull the zip down slowly.Andy turn round and face Jason. Andy both hand touch and smoothly Jason's cheek but not very smooth.

'You havn't shave yet.'

Then Jason said ' I don't care,mate. I don't care if it's rough.You want me go back to the house and get shave before I get back.'

' No,Jason. It's look perfect.

Andy's smile. Jason went on 'It's pity,I havn't brought the shave with me. You got the soap with you?'

Andy lift his arm and holder the soap. Jason both hands behind Andy's back and smooth down on Andy's bum. Squeeze and gently. Push Andy's jean down. Andy take his jean off. Andy right thumps push the button of Jason's jean. Pull the zip down. Andy knee down . Hands went in between the zip and pull the penis out.See Jason's penis grew larger. Licking the top penis. Like lick the ice cream. Still holder the penis then penis went in Andy's mouth. Suck in . Penis's came out of Andy's mouth and suck in again. While Andy still licking, Jason lift his chin and shut his eyes. He can feel Andy's tongue wet. Then look down Andy. Jason's said 'Are we going to the lake for bath?'

Jason's smile a little then Andy's said 'We still had time and stay all afternoon by the lake before my parent back from London.Can you bath me then I do your.'

Jason spoke soft answer.

'Yes,let do that.'

Jason watch Andy. Look his body. Andy rub his body slowly while he's look Jason. They can't stop looking each other. Andy look inside behind the waterfall was look like cave but dark. You can hear the noise from the waterfall inside the cave. Jason still holder the soap. Andy took the soap and rub Jason's back.Rub and gently. Smooth all over the body and down to the legs.And the penis,too. Andy wasdoing rush? No,he's slowly and take time. What;s the hurry? There's no hurry and no rush!! Then Jason his turn to Andy. You can see the soap been so much used on Jason and Andy. While Andy's holder the soap,Andy's arm went over Jason and kissed. Andy's drop the soap behind Jason. Slasph and flow away in the lake or hit the bottom of the lake. They walk to the waterfall and under the waterfall to wash the soap all over the body. Jason lay down and Andy lay on Jason and kiss on Jason's lip. Andy kissed slowly from Jason's lip.neck,chest and to the penis of Jason. Andy lift the penis. Hold the penis and lick like ice cream. Slowly. Licking the top penis and down to g-spot. Andy's tongue pushing inside between the legs. Licking further inside. Jason can feel the tongue of Andy. He wasn't rush. And back to the penis again like ice cream.

'Let go to the tree by the lake and get dry up.'

Jason was thinking then Andy's said 'Yeah.'

Andy stand up and holder Jason's hands. To help him up. Still holder their hands and walk through the waterfall. Swim cross the lake. Jason climb up on the rock and still holder Andy's hands. They are both dripping on the grass. Face to face. Jason's hand smooth Andy's face then face closer and kiss gently. The sunny is still very bright but there's cloud in the sky. Brezze windy. Andy walk to the tree. Lift the towel and put it by the tree. As soon the towel put down, Andy sit down while holder Jason's hands. Andy laid down slowly then Jason's feets a part. One foot by the side and the other foots on the other side then kneel down. Jason's bow slowly and kissed Andy. Andy's hands rub and squeeze gently on Jason's bottom. The middle finger went push through in the g-spot. Jason feel the finger inside the g-spot. He's lift his his head up and gasp while Jason's eyes shut. Then head to face Andy. Kissed on Andy's chest and down to tummy then the penis. But the rain's starter.Just more drop on Jason's back. Jason head lift up and look to the sky. More cloudy mean more rain.

' I hate the raining.'

But raining came down and it's heavy raining. They got the jean on and run back without shoes on. They didn't have time to put on. It was bitter disappointed because the rain. Still running all the way back to the farm. Back in the house but they are wet and the jean are wet through.too. Andy put a couple logs in the fireplace. Andy stand before the fireplace. Unbutton his jean. Jean was wet through and Jason's jean,too. Andystand naken before the fireplace. He's feel warm by the fireplace. Jason's hands touch gently and rub on Andy's back. Andy's hands rest on the mantelpiece and hold still. Andy's shut his eyes again. Kissed on Andy's neck. Andy turn round and face Jason. Nose rud together and smile little. It was perfect afternoon. Relax by by the tree but the rain's start. It was a real blow chance and disppointed. They would spend more time in the afternoon by the lake. Anyway back in the house.

'One more night before your parent back tomorrow.'

Jason's reminder Andy.

' Tomorrow morning before they get back, we have great sex.'

Jason holder the condom. Andy take the condom and knee down. Holder the penis and Andy's mouth open. Penis stuck in the mouth smooth forward and backward. Just a while then Andy put the condom on Jason's penis. Andy turn round and face the fireplace. Both hands on the mantelpiece and hold still. Hand tight grip. Feets a part wider. Feel the penis coming inside g-spot of Andy. Adny's breath gasp while he feel Jason's penis. Both hands on Andy's shoulder. Andy shut his eyes and mouth open gasp.

'Ohhhhh, oh yes.'

Jason's push hard as he could. Andy still holder on the mantelpiece while Jason keep push harder. Andy feel wonderful. Jason feel Andy's body is warm. Jason is stop andy turn round.Kissed each other. Andy sit down on the rug near the fireplace then Jason knee down. See Andy laid flat on the rug. Jasonfel Andy's body still warm and dry.Jason rub the body as gently. Look Andy's penis and stuck in his mouth and feel wet from inside the mouth. Andy still gasper. Jason put the condom on Andy's penis. Pent in Jason's g-spot. Hands together.Fall over. You could hear the breather gasper. Later in the evening, Andy and Jason were fast asleep together and hugger. The time is somewhere between 6 and 7 pm. That time's gone quick. Maybe they wore out after they had sexafter they had sex make tired? Andy still fall in sleep by the fireplace but where's Jason? Jason's walk from the kicthen but he was naken. Well,who care? He's brought two mug of teas but he's walk back for the biscuit. Andy got the mug of teas. Jason bring the cushion and put it behind Andy's back. Andy look the clock.

' It's that time near seven o'clock?

' Yeah, it was. Time gone quick. Raining still pour down.'

You can see the rain on the window.

' Hey,relax. Andy. Your parent won't be back til tomorrow.'

Andy is being comfort by Jason. I don't think Andy is worried.

' How about some food to eat? Feel hunger?

Andy's asked.He is relaxed and disppointed? No.

' Let go get some.'

Jason can't wait. Jason stand up to the kitchen. Andy's follow him. Both are still naken. You can see their bottom while walk to the fridge, Jason pulled the handle on the door of the fridge. Wide open and some load of foods. Cheese,some box with the label. Over twenty of them.

'Chicken be cook. Sandwich with chicken?'

Jason's asking. Andy's feel Jason's bottom and smile to Jason.

' Yeah,why not.'

As soon settle down,they were eater by the table.Jason sitting on the wooden chair by the place but Andy's sit on Jason while they eat. Face to face.Jason eater the chicken sandwich.

' Want some bite?'

Andy about to.

' Watch me finger or I give you red bottom.'

Andy had bite Jason's sandwich.

' Did I bite your finger?'

Andy was eater while he's talking.

' No, you didn't. A bite close.'

Smile and laughter each other. After they had some sandwich, face to face together. Rub their forehead. Bitter disappointed did not stay long by the lake because the heavy rain. What's a great blow for them. Andy stand up. Take Jason's hand and walk to the fireplace. Andy's sit up on the rug near the fieplace. Look up to Jason and still holder the hands of Andy's hands. Sit down next to Andy. A bit closer. Jason smooth Andy's cheek. Jason lead fordward slowly and kissed Andy. Andy's both hand holder Jason's head while they kissed together.Andy laid down on the rug and look Jason's face. Jason laid on Andy. Jason 's feel Andy's body warm by the fireplace. It's last night before Andy's parent came home.

' We have more then 12 hours before your parent headed home.'

Jason's reminder Andy. Andy's smile and look at Jason. As he went on.

' Can we go back to the lake?. It's could our last chacne before the rain's again.'

Andy was thinking for second or two. Jason said 2

' You thinking we can't making it.'

It's not Jason though then Andy's said ' I was thinking my car's broke down. Just few more joto catch up then we go to the lake. As longer it's not raining. That mean we could have more time.'

Jason's smile.

' I like that.'

Andy's laugh and so Jason. Night's came.They are still relaxed by the fireplace. You could hear the raining on the window.Andy's sit up again the armchair. Jason lead on Andy. Just relax. Andy don't want the phone called from his dad.Nor Jason,too. They want peace and more relax.I wa thinking Andy and Jason relax by the tree near the lake. With the blanket on to keep warm. Without the blanket on, they will get chilled and catch the cold. Some small fire to keep warm. But it's still raining. Oh, well. Anyway, back to Andy and Jason. Jason's look the fire. Andy look Jason. Andy's holder Jason's tummy. He's feel Jason's tummy warm. Jason look up to Andy.

' Fancy mug of teas?'

Jason is just asked.

' I don't mind need one.'

Jason's walk to the kitchen without his jean on and Andy follow Jason. You can see Andy's bottom. Jason switch the kettle on and open the cupboard for the mug. Andy touch Jason's shoulder.Rub gently and kiss Jason's neck.Andy's hand smooth down on Jason's backfrom the top to the bottom. Jason's legs apart and his hands again the cupborad next to the sink while Andy keep kissed on Jason's neck. Jason feel wonderful. Andy knee down and touch Jason's bottom. Andy's start licking. Andy's put his hands on one bum and the other hands on the other bum of Jason. Just push wider open. Andy's tongue licking g-spot. Tongue went inside the g-spot. Jason can feel the tongue. Jason shut his eyes and gasp for breath. Andy stand on his feets then Jason turn rush round and kissed Andy. The kettle's just click.Jason said ' We can't stop doing this. Can we?'

Andy'd gasp then said ' No,we can't stop doing this. Maybe we had great sexin good time. We can't give up.'

Jason turn round and start making some teas. While Jason making some teas,Andy hug Jason and chin over Jason's shoulder. Then Jason's said

' One more night and more kissed.'

After the teas made, walk back to the fireplace. Fire was very low.

' Do you feel cold?'

Andy asked.

' I don't feel cold. I put more log in. If that not enough then I sit on you.'

Andy's smile.

' Oh, I like that.'

Jason's look Andy's penis. It was small.

'Your penis gone cold. You want me warm up your penis?'

Then Andy's said ' After we had a mug of teas.'

Jason put the teas down on the table, next to the armchair. Andy sitting on the armchair. Jason knee down.Holder the small penis but the penis start grow.Penis went in Jason's mouth and it's grow bigger.Andy feel wet tongue of Jason. Looking Andy's penis grow big.Jason rub Andy's cock.Jason put the condom on Andy's cock. Before Jason sit down on Andy's cock, Jason put a couple log to the fireplace.The room was warm up. Jason sit on Andy's penis and penis suck in g-spot. Jason's feel the cock inside g-spot.Andy lead back on the armchair. Eyes shut and gasper for breath.

' Just relax.'

Andy was relax. ' I was wonder your parent plan away in weekend?'

Jason's wonder.

I don't know. I wish I know.If they had no plan then we could go.'

Jason's asking.

' When would they be?'

Andy answerbut he's not sure.

' Couple weeks or very soon.I wish I knew. I think this weekend. Maybe.'

Head together. Andy cuddle jason's body. Andy feel Jason's body warm and solf skin.Then he went on 'I could askmy dad when they get back.'

Jason was thinking in his mind.'

' We could go to camp. How about that?'

Andy was a mile away while he was thinking.

Andy, Andy. Are you there?'

Andy's wake.' Sorry,I was mile away. What did you said?'

Jason repeat the question.

'We could go to camp. How about that?'

Andy smile.

' That sound great but I don't have tent.'

That was a bit disappointed for Andy.Jason was comfort to Andy.

I got my tent. Up to four fellas.'

Andy wonder or thinking.

' Do you know other fellas?coming to the camp?'

Just asked.

'You know the other night for drink?'

Andy can remember. Well as lease,he can remember.

'Yes. Will they come?'

Then Jason said 'No.I didn't asking them. I just though if they want to.'

Andy's cuddle again.

' Why don't you called them?'

Jason's smile to Andy.

' Yes,I will.'

I was wonder the raining stop? Too late to go back to the lake.The grass's too wet by the lake.As lease they are still in the house to dry and keep warm. Jason's wonder Andy's thinking.

' What were you thinking while I asked you about the camp?

In his Andy's mind. Andy and his mate Jason to have sex outside the tent. Near the fire. Naken.Then Andy said ' I was thinking just you and me have sex outside the tent, near the fire. To keep warm. Do you know what I mean?' Jason can see his picture in his head.

' Yeah,I know what you mean.'

They are looking the fire but theyare mile away.Jason smooth Andy's arm. Jason's stand up and hold his hands to Andy. Andy's together Jason hands.Andy stand up. Looking the eyes each other. Andy smooth Jason;s cheek.

' Something matter?'

Andy's asking. Jasonspoke soft.

' No.There's nothing matter. Let go upstair and on your bed.'

Andy's smile.Andy soft talk back.

' Our last night. Maybe we take the shower by the lake.'

They walk to the door to enter the stair to bedroom. Only few step. Jason turn round and start kissed. Jason's sitting on the stair and laid back. Andy still kissing then down Jason's chest.Slowly coming down. There is no rush. Are they? No,I wouldn't think so. Andy kissing the small cock but the cock is grew bigger. It's grew big cock and Andy licking the top. The large cock went in Andy's mouth. Jason's penis nearly down in Andy's throat. Tongue wet the penis of Jason. You can see that. Jason's gasp of breath.Jason shut his eyes and he went saying 'Aargg,Aargg.'

You can hear his breather gasp. Andy can hear his gasper. He's stand up and his hands to Jason. Jasonis take his hands.Andy went up to the bedroom and still holder Jason's hands. Andy walk to his bedand turn round. Kissing again and touch Jason's bottom. Squeeze as hard. Andy sit up on his bed and arm apart.Jason knee down and lick the top penis.Then the cock went in Jason's mouth. Andy's start gasping. The curtain was left open. The rain is still going on. Jason kissing Andy's Chest then on the tummy. Jason stand up in front of Andy. Andy's licking the penis. Andy's middle finger and push throughin Jason's g-spot. Jason's mouth open gasper for breath. Eyes shut and lift his chin up. Jason's holder Andy's shoulder. Andy open his draw cupboardby his bed. Andy pick his condom and tear by his teeths. Before the condom on, Andylicking the penis then the condom on. Jason's penis grew large. Andy stand up. Kissed Jason and turn round to face his bed. Jason land on Andy.Penis went in Andy's g-spot. Andy's eyes shut and mouth open.


He's keep mouth open gasper.

'YEAH,YEAH.come on.'

Jason start kissed over Andy's shoulder. Jason stand up and Andyturn over. Look at Jason, he was out of breath.

' Give up?'

Andy's just asked.

' No I don't think.'

Jason won't give up. Jason's smile while he's look Andy. Andy laid down and Jason land on Andy. Peniswent in g-spot, again. Mouth open again and gasper for breath. They look very tired and wore out. They very both sweaty. You can see them. Jason stand upand take the condom off. He rubbed his penis as hard, he could. Then he feel is coming but not long. And sudden, the shooter out of his penis and land on Andy's tummy. Then Andy's turn. Rubbed his penis. Andy shut his eyes and gasper his breath. It was a bit longer then Jason help rub Andy's penis. Andy keep gasper. Gasper. Gasper then the shoot coming out of Andy's penis. Shoot out like the foundation. Andy's start his breather.

' That was great sex,we had.'

Andy's still catch his breather. Smile each other then kissed on the bed. Andy's head down slowly and land softy on the pillow. Jason's still kissed Andy. You can see Jason's back and his bum. Jason's kissed down on Andy's neck.Given a few kissed but they were too tired. They have been sex so long and fall in sleep. You can see them sleep on Andy's bed and naken without cover.



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