Day 3 Continued: The Flight

C took his boy for a change of clothes. If they were going to travel

together he had a specific idea in mind and for that the kid needed

different clothes. Once they got into James' room C turned the young man


C said, 'Let's see what we're going to do with you. You are a fucking

mess.' The kid was covered in sweat from head to foot and he reeked of

spunk and sex and the locker-room. James' platinum mane was damp and

clinging to his head. Several curls were hanging down and stuck to his

forehead. His chest was a wet mass of gold and silver swirls. And the boy

stunk. C wanted to eat him with a spoon. Instead he decided to change the

boy's nipple rings. The ones he was wearing (captive rings) were the size

of quarters with 1/4 inch gold balls hanging off the bottom. (In James'

perception the rings were many times larger than they actually were. The

concept of body dismorphia was well known to the Organization centuries

before the birth of modern psychology. Some of the principles used in

subject conditioning and training for the Organization had been developed in

Egypt, Middle Kingdom, a couple millennia before the birth of Christ. So in

the candidate's mind the rings were much larger, much heavier and far less

attractive than they actually were. James' tongue piercing was pretty much

the same, and he could speak quite competently if only he was given the

freedom to do so.)

So C opened the boy's top drawer and took out two smaller captive rings (the

size of dimes). He carefully took hold of his charge's right nipple and

slowly began the process of removing its adornment. Meanwhile James was

using every ounce of his control to keep from dancing from one foot to the

other. His cock was in danger of exploding and it kept bouncing and

spooging wildly. C realized all this and delighted in prolonging the boy's

agony of pleasure. As C turned and slid the ring around in it's hole James

was quietly moaning and praying for all he was worth that he wouldn't shoot

all over his master's shirt. Once C had removed the right look he moved

onto the left, and James wanted with all his heart and soul to purse his

lips and give his master a kiss before he exploded; but he knew better and

he stood there and trembled. C could see the sweat forming on the kid's

upper lip. He realized he'd tortured the kid long enough so he moved more

swiftly. Once he'd removed both large pieces he diddled with the boy's

nipples some more trying and testing and threading the new, smaller rings

into the nipple holes. It took some doing to find each hole and thread the

leading edge of the loop through it. James began a kind of high pitched

humming without even realizing he was doing it. His entire brain was

focused on the tip of his boynip and the head of his extremely erect

kidpecker. C had redressed the boy in his kilt before they left the

training room and James felt his warm spunk bubbling out his pisslips and

leaking down his shaft, soaking into the material of his kilt which was

already heavy from all the sexual etceteras the evening had provided.

Finally both rings had been replaced and C let go of James' nipple. For a

moment the boy wanted to place C's hands back on his boypecs because they

felt cold and lacking now that his touch was absent.

C gave James a hearty slap on the ass and said, 'You stink boy. I'm going

to give you two... no better make that five minutes to get into your shower

and put yourself back in good order. No time for fancy ablutions, just a

quick soaping and a quick rinse. Got that boy?'

Jame responded gleefully, 'Yessir, master, sir.' and he almost skipped out

of the room and into the john.

Once he was out of the shower and toweled dry C sorted out a change of

clothes for him. The pussyboy was at a loss. He had been handed a pair of

boxer shorts and chinos, as well as grey wool socks, his loafers, and a

long-sleeved Cornell sweatshirt. The cunthole hadn't worn underwear in many

months..he hadn't worn regular man-pants...he hadn't been dressed except in

true pussyslut style. He was confused. Had he done something wrong? Why

didn't his master want his boycunt pussyhole at the ready? Was his master

telling him he didn't want to fuck his boy anymore? Cunningham started to

choke up.

C said, 'Don't worry boy. These clothes please me. I want you to wear them

because I like them... I like the way you look in them.'

In that moment the boy felt his heart grow and he heaved a sigh of great



The Flight

The interior of the private jet was expansive. The room dividers had been

removed so it was now one large compartment. There was a sitting area with

several overstuffed chairs around a central round table. On the other side

of the aisle was a large tan suede sofa that could be made into a king sized

bed by pulling on the top layer of cushions. At the end of the compartment

was a wide screen TV.

Two flight attendants doted on C. They did everything possible to make

Control One, their absolute commander, comfortable. They got him seated in

one of the chairs, brought him a snifter of his favorite brandy, and asked

if he wanted anything, anything at all. C waved them away, and they made

themselves scarce in the back compartment of the plane. As C relaxed with

his drink, Cunningham at his feet, the pilot and copilot boarded the plane.

Of course they made every attempt to impress their boss with their absolute

devotion and total regard. C let them know he wanted privacy in order to

think and they went about their business.

Once the jet was in the air C looked down at his pussyboy, curled up at his

feet, waiting adoringly for any request from his master. The boy looked a

little strange dressed up like he was on his way to college. C was having

mixed feelings about what he was contemplating. He reached down and took

the pussyslave's arm; he lifted him into the chair opposite C's.

C gave his candidate a stern look and said, 'James, hear my words. I am

speaking directly to your subconscious mind; directly to the controlling

mechanism in your brain. Boy, I am about to release you from primary

control. It's time for you to begin the process of conscious bonding;

bonding as the man James Cunningham. This is going to be the first time in

fifteen months that you will not be bound by your training and my control.

I am about to free you from your conditioning for a short while. Boy, I

want to fuck you. I've fucked you many times as my boy, my pussyslave, but

now it's time for the man in you to begin his journey; his journey back to

conscious control; back to his life; back to his manhood. James, I am

speaking directly to your subconscious mind, but you understand me on many

levels; you understand that you are ready; ready to begin the conscious part

of this learning process. So James, I am about to free you from all

restraint. I know that you are terrified James. I know how scary it is to

have to take back your whole mind, your awareness; to be responsible for

yourself. Don't be frightened; I am here for you and whether or not you

realize it, you have been given enormous command over your physical body and

your psyche. You've been trained for fifteen months how to manage every

muscle in your body; how to direct your thoughts; focus your consciousness.

James soon you will be able to accept the mantle of great power, but we will

speak more about that later. For now all you need to know is that I am

about to release you and that your subconscious mind will know exactly how

long to continue this freedom and exactly when to return your mind to its

training and control. Don't be scared James.....because your mind is now

free!' and C snapped his fingers.

James Cunningham had been sitting and listening for all he was worth. When

C snapped his fingers there was no change for a moment and then the young

man's eyes seemed to refocus and dart from one point of attention to

another, coming to rest on C's face. James Cunningham stared at C for a

minute, then his eyes moved across the controller's face and in the next

second James was up and attacking C for all he was worth. The young man was

all fists and elbows as he lunged across the table onto his master causing

them both to land on the floor and roll around like two wrestlers locked in

combat...but in another moment the boy was crushing his master's lips to his

in a violent impatient demanding kiss. Meanwhile his head was swimming.

What the fuck was going on? Why the hell was he kissing this man? Why was

he kissing any man? James was straight; the gayest thing he'd ever done was

to jerk off in a room with five or six other boys at sleep-away camp when he

was twelve. As quickly as his mind posed the questions, the answers came.

He was a candidate. He was on a road, a course that would lead to his

becoming everything his potential would allow..but why was he lusting over

this... very handsome, strong, beautiful man? He searched inside his mind

for some kind of trickery, post hypnotic suggestions, drug induced thought;

and although he discovered literally thousands of very strong post hypnotic

suggestions he knew instinctively he held the control; it was all up to

him... he also realized this whole deal was an all or nothing proposition...

Take it or leave it... Everything or nothing. It was true that he could not

pick and choose which suggestions to follow; he had to accept them all or

leave the Organization. As he was passionately sucking C's mouth James

realized the strength of his feelings for this man. He wanted this guy..

his body.. his mind. He wanted him, but there was more; his feelings were

by no means simple. The bond he felt, his connection to C was so strong

that it scared him. He realized he would do anything for this man, to have

him, to be his... but Jesus; that seemed so damn gay. James was

concentrating so hard that his head began to hurt. Searching his psyche he

found his attraction to women still in tact, still strong, but what he felt

for C was completely different. He wanted more than anything, for C to want

him back; he knew he would be happy if C felt for him even a fraction of

what James held for this man... his man. And suddenly he didn't care if it

seemed gay. he couldn't have cared less. So he continued to press his lips

to the lips of the man he loved with all his heart and soul.

Laughing, C pulled slightly away and said, 'Easy does it James we have a

couple hours.'

The boy nuzzled his man's neck and said, 'Please call me Jamie.'

C answered, 'You want me to call you Jamie?'

'Yes please, it's what my parents called me as a child and my high school

girlfriend started using the name and she was my first... lay.. so being

called 'Jamie' has always kind of turned me on. So David, please call me


C was startled that the boy had just called him by his given name, David.

Almost no one called him David any more..only his family and some of the

guys who were candidates with him ever got that familiar. C couldn't even

remember the last time someone had called him David in Jamie's presence.

Maybe it happened two or three times, but even so, the boy was in training,

totally under deep, deep hypnolock control. It took an act of enormous will

and great defiance for the kid to be able to pick up and hold onto his given

name. The boy's bond with his control was so strong that his subconscious

had taken hold of and held onto a piece of information that would normally

never, ever make it through the kind of absolute mind control and constant

debriefings candidate's are given. Cunningham had a very strong connection

to his controller, strong enough to disobey his training.

By this time Jamie was sucking on C's neck and grinding his hips on C's leg.

C half dragged the boy over to the couch which they quickly converted into a

bed and in another second they were once again wrestling and rolling, this

time with a decidedly hot vibe replacing the aggression. The pair indulged

in a long slow sucking kiss, their tongues searching and exploring each

other's mouths. C pulled the boy's sweatshirt off while Jamie kicked off

his shoes and shucked his chinos and boxers with one motion. When he was

naked he pushed his master-man back down onto the bed.

Jamie said, 'Please David, let me make love to you. Let me show you all

I've learned.'

So C laid back and let the boy go to town. Jamie removed the man's shoes

and nuzzled his warm slightly damp wool sock covered feet with his face.

The boy inhaled deeply, feeling totally overwhelmed by the sexual cloud

surrounding him. He wanted to linger for hours over every single action,

and each little gesture was a sex act in and of itself. He slowly uncovered

the left foot and took three toes into his mouth. He sucked and licked and

traced every line with his tongue. He played and lapped and attended to

each toe, then licked and rubbed his face over the sole of C's foot; then he

removed the right sock and got to savor every part over again. Jamie could

have stayed and worshiped those feet for the rest of the night but his cock

was screaming for attention so he moved on. He moved up to C's torso and

asked with his eyes for permission to remove the man's shirt (he'd already

shed his jacket in the move off the floor). C gave the boy a broad smile

and Jamie's fingers flew to the tie; he pulled at the collar, got his

fingers under the material and tugged apart the tie, pulling one end through

the knot, finally throwing the dark silk cravat across the room. Jamie

sighed when he opened C's top shirt button and saw the first bit of brown

chest hair. He wanted to walk barefoot through that field of dark swirling

strands. In fact C had a hairy chest but not all dense and woodsy; his

chest had the dancing underbrush round and round his nipples and up under

his Adam's apple but just below his pecs the hair abruptly narrowed into a

single row of curls that traveled down his chest and disappeared under his

belt. Jamie pushed his head into the open shirt and under David's arm. He

put his tongue back into service licking and sucking on that pit hair. Here

the growth was dense and there was a strong masculine scent made of pure

male, testosterone generated, hard-on inducing musk. For a moment Jamie

thought he might swoon from his unabated sexual pique. When he'd thoroughly

pushed and prodded and licked and sucked both of C's pits Jamie went to work

on his nipples. Over many months the candidate had been trained in the ways

of loving men. He knew twenty different ways to nibble on every part of the

male anatomy from the glans, to the perineum, to the anal sphincter, to the

earlobe to the bellybutton, but Jamie had special ability when it came to

nipple work. He licked and sucked and nibbled and chewed and tongue-sucked

and tongue-suck-nibbled each nub till it was fully engorged and totally

stimulated. The boy had a reputation; on more than one occasion Jamie had

used his special ability to super-sexually overcharge a restrained pussyboy

to the point where he shot his load..all from Jamie's tit work. By this

point C was moaning softly, a testament to the kid's skill. C had thousands

of hours of sexual experience with the best of the best from all over the

world. His control was almost absolute, but he was moaning because James

Cunningham was showing just how devoted he was to his controller.

Jamie was growing impatient; he wanted that big dick shoved up his butt,

fucking him to kingdom come. When he had licked and caressed every hair on

C's chest he went for his crotch. With animal abandon he tore at David's

belt pulling it out and throwing it across the room. Both men were

beginning to succumb to the enormous sexual energy they were generating;

they were headed toward that mindless, animalistic fuck-state that is

without control, without boundaries, without thought. C's zipper gave way

to Jamie's efforts and a second later his pants and boxers were halfway

across the room hanging from one of the overhead compartments. Jamie was

momentarily transfixed by what he found. David was sporting a large Prince

Albert. It was as big around as a silver dollar and Jame studied it

intently. He gently touched it and traced the silver circle with his finger

and then he just had to tongue it. Jamie loved the way it sprouted from

between C's pisslips, out his pisshole, and then curved under and seemed to

plunge through his shaft. Jamie spent several seconds toying with this

accoutrement, this fascinating new toy and he knew instantly that he wanted

David's cock to shove the thing up his ass. He could feel his hole

vibrating in anticipation. After giving it one last tongue lashing he tore

off David's shirt and both men were naked, sexual nerve ends. Jamie

devoured David's prick and immediately deep-throated it, PA and all. It

felt kind of neat. He forced his esophageal muscles to swallow and swallow

and swallow on David's prick; he knew it would feel like he was jerking off

C's cock with his throat. Jamie had learned well how to hold his breath;

how to maintain a dick down his throat cutting off his air till just before

he would pass out. Then he would back off a bit and catch some air. When

he came off C's cock it was coated with a thick layer of Jamie's saliva;

strands of which still hung between C's prick and Jamie's mouth; then the

boy was back on his controller's prong, sucking and licking and swallowing.

He paid special attention to using the barbell that pierced his tongue.

Jamie's tongue was very muscular from months of training. He could push it

through a man's anal ring and tongue fuck his ass with ease. With the ball

attached to his tongue he could provide an added sensation; there was his

strong velvet tongue AND the second feeling of that hard round marble

popping back and forth past a man's anus, or into his pisshole, or all over

his glans, or under his shaft as he sucked cock. Meanwhile he was tracing

all around David's rosy pucker with his index finger. When the time was

right Jamie pushed his middle finger deep into C's ass. At first he moved

it around searching, searching, searching for the man's prostate. When he

found it David began a leisurely massage of his man's love nut.

Every time C tried to sit up and take part in this man to man action Jamie

would continue whatever he was doing, but still manage to put his hand on

David's chest and push him back down onto the bed.

C smiled, 'You're really getting off on this man to man parlance you've got

going. You're having a ball asserting yourself.'

As he continued to tongue C's cockhead Jamie said, 'Yeah sure, but in a few

minutes you'll be fucking my brains out. That is the plan, right?'

David smiled and settled back down. In a second James was up and flopped by

C's left side. He was staring intently at the brand on C's upper bicep. It

was a large triangular burn scar with the symbols for man and infinity

floating in the center. Everyone who made it to senior controller had a

similar mark of supremacy which served as evidence to the world that its

bearer was a member of the largest most powerful society on earth. James

traced it first with his index finger and then he bathed it with his tongue.

He said, 'Please David may I see the other one too?' So David rolled onto

his left side facing James and lifted his right arm. On the inside of his

right bicep was the circular tattoo, an ancient Aramaic symbol of leadership

and under it were three chevrons. That mark indicated that C was one of

three people who headed the Organization; he had an equal who controlled the

Eastern Hemisphere and over them both, the sovereign master who was the

Organization's absolute leader, Pax, whose word was law, who governed by

command, who led by example, who was so loved and honored by those he ruled

that they would have gladly died for him.

James caressed the tattoo with his cheek, all the while staring deeply into

his lover's eyes...and then he was back on C's lips; pushing him onto his

back; sucking his mouth; and stabbing his abdomen with his hard as marble,

volatile as TNT cock-prick-lovestick.

David would no longer be denied some role in their activity; he rose onto

his knees, grabbed Jame, pulled him up and fell on top of him. He looked

down into Jamie's eyes for a few seconds, fixing the young man's face in his

mind forever. Then he playfully bobbed his head up and down giving Jamie a

series of fast hot kisses; after five or six he lowered himself onto Jame's

body and began the kiss to end all kisses. As he pressed his lips to

Jamie's he undulated and rubbed his whole body all over the boy's. He

stopped using his arms and legs to hold up some of his weight; now he let

his body kiss and caress Jamie's and he used his hands to touch and explore

whatever parts of Jamie's they could reach. David's tongue pressed and

prodded the young man's lips and teeth and pallet as the two did some fancy

tongue wrestling. In a few minutes both men were lost in the heat, their

bodies feeling the upper limits of what could be felt. Jamie's cock, wedged

between the men began to fire volley after volley of jism up between their

chests. The slimy boyseed gave their bodies further lubrication and it took

an effort on David's part not to slide off. It caught him by surprise when

his own prick began to shoot between them, but he couldn't have cared less.

Both men intended to come till they ran dry.

Jamie tonguing C's ear said, 'Please, I can't stand it. You've got to fuck

me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me real hard. Plant that ring going through your

dick so far up my ass that I will feel it in my throat.'

David didn't have to be asked twice; he slid off Jamie, flipped the boy's

legs up and impaled him on his rock hard eleven inch manpleaser all the way

to his pelvic bone. And Jamie for his part wiggled involuntarily as David's

PA slid up his insides; it felt like David's cock was fucking his spinal

cord. C was firmly lodged in Jame's love canal and he began a hard fuck,

pounding the boy for all he was worth. As testament to Jamie's delight his

eyes rolled back in his head and he began to shake his head from side to

side vigorously. David pulled Jamie's ass higher so that he could fuck him

while he rested on his knees; that allowed him to run his hands up and down

the insides of Jamie's thighs. All the golden hair covering the young man's

legs was wet and matted and dark and slick and the slip slide of David's

hands made Jamie shiver and shake.

'Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!' Jamie was yelling at the top of his

lungs. Sure there were other people on the plane. Sure they could hear

what he was saying and they knew he was getting the shit fucked out of him.

And Jamie loved it. He wanted the whole world to hear him yell, 'Fuck me!

Fuck me! Fuck me!' He wanted all his friends to hear him yelling, 'Fuck

me! Fuck me! Fuck me!' He wanted to call his parents on the phone so they

could hear him calling out, 'Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!' He was jubilant,

and he cried out, 'Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!' Then he shot another load

of spunk all over his chest. A drop of his cum was hanging from David's

beard so Jamie let go of the back of his knees and lifted up his head to lap

at David's goatee. As he got close David intercepted his lips and gave him

a hard sucking kiss, all the while ramming his ass. The compartment was

filled with the sound of the bed bouncing up and down and the slapping noise

of David's ball sac hitting Jamie's ass. In the middle of the sucking kiss

Jamie could feel David coating his intestines with a load of pure

controlsperm. David never missing a beat stopped fucking Jamie long enough

to change positions; David supine, Jamie riding his cock for dear life; and

if it was possible Jamie was fucking himself even harder on C's giant

phallus. Both men were now covered in sweat, their chests streaked with

both their cum and still the young man screamed, 'Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck

me! 'Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!

Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!

After several minutes Jamie collapsed onto David's body and the two rolled

around for a while, David's prick always firmly wedged in Jamie's butthole,

and each of the men had another crashing orgasm.


C must have dozed off for a minute because when he opened his eyes Jamie was

no longer beside him on the bed; instead the boy was kneeling next to him on

the floor in perfect pussyboy position. Jamie was gone; cuntboy was back.

C said, 'Boy, why don't you scamper up to the cockpit and see if you can

help the pilots relax. They worked hard all day and I had to call them away

from their homes and their warm beds to come out her and fly us to

California. So you go up there and show them your appreciation.'

The boy started to get up off the floor and reached for his pants at the

same time.

C said, 'Whoa there!!! What the fuck do you think you're doing? Have you

lost your mind boy?'

The cunttoy said, 'No sir master, I am sorry I thought you wanted me to wear

these clothes sir, master.'

'Boy, you're a pussyslave, a cuntbox, a whoreboy; you have no need for

clothes and I don't want to see you on your feet walking around unless you

have your master's hand on your neck. You know that. Jesus, for every step

forward you take two steps back boy. You are such a huge disappointment to

me. And where's that cute little lisp? I want that lisp back.'

And the boy began to weep, 'Oh thir, mathter, thir I am tho thorry.

Pleathh. mathter.. pleath forgiff me. I am tho thorry.' And the tears fell

and the boy's shoulders began to tremble.

C said, 'Enough of your sniveling. I don't want to hear any more of it.

You think you can cry your way out of any situation. Any time you're in

trouble you turn on the waterworks. Well shithead, I don't care. It's not

going to work this time. I want you on your hands and knees. I want you to

get into that cockpit and properly thank those men in there flying this

plane. Now MOVE!!'

C thought for a moment and added, 'You may lose the lisp if it really

bothers you.. but only for the moment.'

The pussyboy dropped the chinos, sobbing to himself, got onto his hands and

knees and crawled to the cockpit.

C wanted to call him back. He wanted to free James from all his

conditioning, permanently, but he was senior control and he knew better.

The inside of his mouth was raw from biting down on his cheek every time he

had to demean this quite wonderful man, but in his heart C knew what must be

done for what was to come. He knew the magnificent person that James was

growing into. C could imagine James graduating from candidacy and becoming

a senior control; in his mind's eye C saw himself giving James his first

Unit to lead, then his first state assignment and so on till James was ready

to have C's job as Control One. That's what David saw when he looked at

this beautiful young Adonis... but in the far recesses of the man David's

mind there was a tiny piece that wanted James all for himself. There was a

small part of, C the man... the man David.. and in that part was a growing

love for this young man... So David closed his eyes and put ideas of love

out of his head; he swallowed his true feelings and continued James'

training. It is what James wanted.


Into The COCKpit

James crawled to the door of the cockpit, reached up and knocked rather

hesitantly, not knowing what to expect. The co-pilot opened the door and

almost fell over the prostrate boy.

The co-pilot, Steve, 5'10', wavy sandy colored hair over his collar, broad

shoulders, rather thin waist, cute, 26 years old, looking down said, 'And

what can I do for you?'

James peered up at the somewhat younger man and said, 'Sir, my master wishes

me to express his appreciation for your work sir. I have been trained to

please sir, to help you relax. I am yours to command.'

The co-pilot turned back toward the cockpit and said, 'Hey Will, Control

sent us this boy to relax show his thanks. What do I do? What do I

say? I've never done this before.'

Will, the pilot, 35, jet black hair cut short, 5'11', with muscles to spare

answered, 'Don't be an idiot, tell the boy to come forward and get both your

asses up here.'

Steve, feeling awkward as hell, kind of petted James on the head and said,

'Come on boy, follow me.' Then he turned back towards the pilot and said,

'Was that OK? What do I call him?'

Will said, 'Haven't you had any training at all? He's not your dog.. unless

you want him to be. I know you didn't come up through candidacy, but wasn't

there some kind of indoctrination for new employees when you were hired?'

Steve replied, 'They hired me away from the Agency while I was still

stationed in Germany. They were desperate for commercial pilots so they

hired me and pushed me straight through. Sure I know all about the

Organization, the management, the hierarchy, candidacy, and they let me know

that if I broke the confidentiality agreement they would have my ass, but

I'm just the hired help. I guess they figured I'd learn along the way.'

Will answered, 'OK, then here's lesson one; that guy on his hands and knees

is a pussyboy; a cunthole and a mouth. He's in training. Someday he'll be

hot shit, but for now he's lower than camel snot. He's yours to command..

That's what he expects. That's what he understands.'

Steve interjected, 'Yeah that's what he just said..'

Will shot back, 'Shut the fuck up and listen. That boy down there on the

floor has been in training for months. He's like a red hot sex machine. He

has knowledge of the body and sexual skills that you cannot imagine. That

pussyslave can coax an orgasm out of a corpse. He can suck and fuck all day

and all night without stopping. He can come nine or ten times in a row

without an intermission. He's ready to blow twenty-four/seven, and that's

just the tip of the iceberg. Control sent him to us as a kind of thank-you

for having to work this 36 hour shift and let me just say, it's a hell of a

thank you, but you're about to figure that out for yourself. Now Steve, sit

down over there in that swivel chair and let this pussy on wheels do his

thing for you..Oh yeah, and try not to come too quickly or all at once.

You're going to want to enjoy every nut-busting second. Try to relax and

control yourself because if you play your cards right that fucktoy there can

get you to come maybe three or four times in the next thirty or forty


By this time Steve's dick was straining to break through his white pilot

pants and he was beginning to leak precum. Will's description really had

him going. Besides he hadn't had a day off in over a week which meant he

hadn't seen his girlfriend in that long and the only sex he'd had was a

couple quick jerk-offs in the airport john. At the same time he was a

little self conscious. The guys had been on duty for 36 hours. There had

been a run back and forth to Rio de Janeiro, and a trip to Washington with

layovers in between. Steve had been at it all that time without benefit of

a bath or shower and he knew he was rank. During their four hour layover in

Rio, temperature 97 degrees, humidity 99%; he and Will had gotten together

with some other guys and played a game of pickup basketball. Steve realized

he was still wearing that same sweaty jock strap. They had miscalculated

their amount of down time and wound up having to make a run for the airport

from the basketball court. There had been no time to clean up. The guys

had thrown their dirty gym shorts into their bags and put their pilot

uniforms over their sweaty jocks.

Steve said, 'Ya know Will I'm kind of... well smelly. I'm still wearing my

sweaty jock strap and my pits are reeking.'

Will said, 'Don't worry these boy love that stuff... the sweatier the


Steve shot back, 'Get outta town! No shit? You're not kidding?'

Will looked across at his co-pilot, 'Jesus Christ, are you retarded? Do I

have to keep repeating everything I say before you believe me?'

Steve said, 'OK, OK dude, don't get your panties in a bunch.'

'Very original.' Will responded.

Steve looked down at the kneeling boytoy; he felt very embarrassed; he'd

never had any real man to man action. He averted his eyes and said, 'OK

buddy, how's about a little action?...... maybe a hummer?'

Will chuckled, 'He doesn't know what the fuck you're talking about. You

have to look right at him so he knows you're addressing him. His brain has

been taught to ignore everything we're saying. He will only hear the words

you direct right at him. Watch! Listen! And Learn!'

Will stretched out his arm and flicked James' ear, 'Hey cuntface, pay

attention. This man here needs bathing. Get busy!! Start with his pits.'

James didn't have to be told twice. He gently began to unbutton Steve's

shirt and pull it out of his pants.

Steve said, 'Oh man, this is a gas.. I do not believe this... Christ, Will

he's got his tongue way up in my hairy stinky armpit and Oh God he's

wiggling it around....Jesus, Will he's so wet and...' Steve involuntarily

shivered and got the chills.

'Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, Will he's moping out my pit with his tongue and

he's kind of sucking and liking and tonguing every individual little..bunch

of hairs...Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, Will he's doing my pit so damn well...

and it's so fucking hot. I'm so fucking hot. Jesus, Will, I could blow my

load right now.'

At first Will wanted to tell Steve to shut up, but his total excitement and

play by play description had started to warm Will up too. So he let Steve


'Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, Will he's on my nipple man...he's on my nipple and

he's kind of nibbling... and licking.. and sucking.. and Oh man, Oh man, Oh

man, this guy is chewing on my nipple!'

James was using all his skill to make the copilot happy. He discovered a

patch of straight brown hair between Steve's pecs and he decided to work on

it. The smell was intoxicating. The co-pilot reeked of gym sweat, and

animal androgenic secretions, and pheromones, and it was getting to James,

who naturally was hard as a rock and beginning to leak boyjuice.

'Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, Will he's kind of latched onto the hair on my chest

and he's pulling it with his lips... and licking it... and like he's rolling

it on his tongue and tonguing it into curls. Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, Will

this is so fucking hot.. Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, now he's got my other

nipple man. He's chewing on my nip... and sucking... and chewing.. Oh man,

Oh man, Oh man.'

Steve's control evaporated; he couldn't hold back another second; he pushed

James' head away and grabbed at his belt. As quickly as he could, he got

his pants open and pulled his pulsing prick out the side of his jock strap.

James didn't wait for instructions; he dove for Steve's 9' erection, deep

throated it, and pushed his nose into Steve's bush.



James felt Steve's cock jettison gob after gob of fresh mancream directly

into his gullet. James swallowed a couple times for good measure and backed

off the co-pilot's dick.

'Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, did you see that Will? Did you see what

this guy did? I mean he took my cock all the way down his throat.. all the

way down and then and then Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, Will, this guy was like

rubbing my dick head with his throat. How, how, how, how the fuck did he do

that? Will how did he do that?'

Will laughing, said, 'I told you he was well trained. He knows more about

the male anatomy than most doctors AND he knows sex stuff that isn't written

in any books. If you operate him properly he can do a lot more.'

Steve's face got serious, 'Are you shitting me? If I 'operate' him?'

Will shot back, 'You heard what I said. Now dick-slap him a few times to

say thank-you, give him a little abuse to make him feel well-used, and get

him back to work cleaning you off.'

Steve answered, 'Oh man, Oh man, Oh man, I am gonna love this fucking job.

No wonder no one ever quits this company.'

Steve turned his attention back to the pussyboy. He took his flagging prick

in hand and slapped it back and forth across James' face, leaving a trail of

cum on the boy's cheeks and nose. He looked down at James and said, 'OK

ah.. fuck...fucker.. go back to ahh.. work.'

James returned to Steve's right nipple and started to gnaw on it. He lapped

at it; he chewed it; he nibbled on it. Then he went under Steve's shirt to

clean his right pit.

Steve began again, 'Will, he's doing my other pit man. He's licking and

sucking out my other pit. Jesus, that feels so damn good.'

When James had finished with Steve's chest and pits and belly he put his

hands on Steve's open pants at the waist and looked into his eyes.

Steve said, 'Will, why's he looking at me like that?'

Shaking his head Will said, 'He is waiting, asking if it's OK to pull your

pants down. Remember dipshit, your wish is his command. You have to direct

him and give him permission all along the way. He's a perfectly trained

pussyboy. He is punished for even the smallest infraction, so give him a

break and guide him along.. and stop being such a dink.'

Steve looked at James staring up at him and he melted into James' beautiful

puppydog expression, 'Sure, go ahead.. You can... No.No. I know that's

wrong.. so... lemme think...OK.uhh fuckbrain... take my pants off and make

it quick!'

James' face brightened up, 'Yessir, master sir.' and he pulled Steve's pants

down to his ankles.

Steve continued, 'Boy, take my pants all the way off and fold them neatly

for me.'

James followed Steve's instructions to the letter depositing the folded

pants on the co-pilot's other chair. Steve sat there in his shoes and

socks, shirt open, prick out the side of his sweaty jock; breathing deeply.

He was wondering what to do next. He said, 'OK cunt...ah. dickface, why

don't you clean up my jock.. Yeah that's it. Why don't you put my dick back

inside my jock and get to work cleaning up my sweaty, smelly, dirty jock


James wemt back to Steve's crotch and began to lick and suck on his sweaty

jock strap. The thing was really old, frayed at the edges, gray and dingy,

with lots of old and new urine stains spotting it. James quickly got the

strap saturated with his spit. Now the job was to suck it as dry as

possible. Meanwhile Steve's cock was doing the Mexican Hat dance from all

the attention his jock was getting.

'Jesus Will this fucking stud is sucking on my dirty jock strap. Man I wish

I had a video camera so I could get this all on film. I'd sure love to show

that cunt Cindy what real dick worship is all about. I'm lucky if she rubs

my cock with her hand. She's given me head exactly once and that was

because she dinged my Mustang. Dumb bitch can't drive for shit. Oh man.

Oh man. Oh man. Will this dude is tickling my hairy hole with his finger as

he's sucking my jock. Christ, that's hot. Oh yeah dude, keep that up, keep

tickling my asshole.'

Will shook his head, 'He won't know you're talking to him if you call him

'man' or 'dude.' He's a cuntslave, a dickwhore; his comprehension is

limited; so speak directly to him and call him by one of those names so he

clearly knows you're talking to him. Ya know Steve, sometimes I wonder how

you ever made it through school.'

'Stop being such a prick Will. How's about cutting me a little slack? I'm

new here and... Oh man. Oh man. Oh man he's got his tongue on my hole,

right on my asshole. Will, it's right on my asshole, not next to it... my crack, his tongue is on my hole... And holy shit that feels

sooooooo good. MMMMMM.... MMMM .. ...UUMMMMM. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man that

is so good. Hey Will did you go through this training? That's not an

offensive question is it man? I'm not being a jerk or anything. You can

tell me to fuck off if you want to. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man Oh man. Will

this guy has a ball on his tongue and he's rubbing the damn thing all around

my asshole. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man and now he's pushing it into my hole.

Jesus Will he's tongue fucking my hole.' And Steve slid forward in his

chair to further accommodate James' hungry mouth.

Will spoke softly, 'I started candidacy but I screwed up... left half way

through... I just couldn't do it.. didn't have the will.'

Steve said, 'Hey man I can understand that. You'd have to hold a gun to my

head to get me to kiss another dude. I mean, I've got nothing against

queers. It's just that I'm not one. Nope! I could never imagine doing any

of that kinda stuff.'

Will laughed, 'I kinda, sorta find that hard to believe as I sit here

watching you get your ass reamed by another guy's tongue.'

Steve noticeably stiffened, 'Hey man.. wait just a minute. I am not a

faggot. I'm no queer. If some guy wants to clean out my asshole then I say

a tongue's a tongue and go to it, but you don't see me down there kissing on

him or touching his dick.. nothing like that. I'm not gay.'

Will shot back, 'Hey Steve, listen to me, and hear what I'm saying. Do not

let these men hear you throwing around words like faggot and queer like

you're saying nigger or kike. They will put you down. And I mean they can

clean your clock and take your life using only their thumbs. No shit Steve.

These guys aren't gay, not the way you think. Their way of life is male to

male bonding. Strong bonding; like nothing you've ever known. They fuck

women. Hell, most of the middle level controllers are married with kids,

but they are all loyal, bonded, man to man to the Organization. And let me

tell you. If you're ever in a fight or some life-threatening situation

you'd better pray one of these MEN are close at hand. I've seen that guy

back there, C, take out a bar full of sailors and longshoremen...BY HIMSELF.

I'm telling you, the guys who invented the martial arts were part of the

early Organization, the ninjas and knights of Nippon made up the far eastern

sector. They can pat you on the back and rupture your spleen without you

ever feeling a thing. That's not bullshit. I swear every word I'm telling

you is the truth. I'd love to go back and finish my training. I didn't

leave because I had trouble being one of these pussyboys. I left because I

couldn't hack the strength of will necessary to surrender myself to another

person. I was too weak.'

Steve relaxed some, 'Will I'm sorry if I offended you. It's just the way I

was raised... being gay was like being in league with the devil. I mean till

I was eighteen I'd never met anyone who was gay. Oh Jesus Will, this guy is

doing things to my asshole.. I've never felt anything like this... Oh Christ

he's got a finger in me. I don't know if I like that.. I'm not sure... Oh

Jesus that feels soooooooooo damn good. Oh shit that feels good. Will he

keeps popping that stud on his tongue back and forth past that ring of

muscle in my asshole. Jesus that's hot. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man he's got

his finger on my prostate.... Holy fuck that feels good. He's rubbing me

and tickling my hole and Oh shit... Oh shit.. Oh shit.. Oh shit.. I'm

cummmmminnnnnng again..aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh'

As Steve's dick began to shoot James took his tongue out of the co-pilot's

ass, but kept his finger on the man's love nut, and without removing Steve's

cock from the jock James simply applied his mouth firmly over Steve's

prickhead and sucked for all he was worth. The pressure of James' lips and

the air friction against the jock's lycra-spandex material raised the

temperature in the boy's mouth enough to make it feel quite hot. The result

of all these activities acting in concert was that Steve's prostate

continued to convulse over and over and over and over and over.

Steve said, 'Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. I can't stop coming. Will I can't

stop coming. Oh shit that's starting to hurt. Christ. OH SHIT.. OH SHIT.




SSOOOOOOO GOOOOOOODDD WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!' and finally after almost twenty

shots Steve's cock stopped firing.

James slowed his activity a bit and went back to licking Steve's jock strap.

Steve, totally exhausted, said, 'Christ Will this guy is like the Energizer

Bunny. He just keeps on going and going. I think I see what you mean by

strength of will power.'

Will answered, ' you don't. Strength of will has very little to do

with giving the best blow job in the world. It has more to do with the

single minded determination of that man down there on his knees. Let me

just say that that pussyboy would stay down their pleasing you till the cows

come home. He will stay there, giving you pleasure, as his master

commanded, for as long as it takes; until he is told to stop. That part is

strength of will and do you know why he does that? You probably think it's

because he's a cock hungry faggot, but you cannot imagine how wrong you are.

It has nothing to do with his sexuality. I'd bet you a hundred bucks that

he's straight. But in any event he does it because he is single minded in

following the orders of the man who directs his life, who manages his

education, who controls his existence. A man he loves and admires and wants

to be like... And dammit I wish to hell I could go back and finish what I


Steve was still a bit puzzled, 'You think this guy licking my jock strap is

straight? Well I guess anything is possible. But Will I don't understand

why anyone would do degraded..every day... get pissed on by

everyone...constantly..have to suck other dudes' dicks.. let them fuck you.

No man, I don't get it.'

Will shook his head again, 'Look at his life Steve. No, really, look at his

life. He doesn't have to worry about anything..not a thing. His every need

is taken care of. food.. shelter.. clothing-yeah, yeah, yeah, but you know

what I mean. He doesn't have to concern himself with the daily problems of

life. He doesn't have to make a single decision. He is told what to do,

how to do it, and when. His controller takes responsibility for his every

need, makes all his decisions, cares for him. While he gets to be an open,

active, sexual nerve end. His every waking moment is spent with a hard-on.

You think that's some kind of trick? Viagra or shit like that? No way.

These cuntboys are excited all the time; ALL THE TIME. They are turned on

and ready to shoot practically 24-7. Steve, think about that... really

think about it. These pussyboys live as sexual animals while someone else

pays the piper. They worry about nothing except where their next orgasm is

coming from and how to make their masters proud; that above everything

because a boy's master is his all, his life, his god on earth. Masters may

seem to have the life of Riley, but they live for their boys, their charges;

they mold them; they shape them; they teach them; they make them into great

men. You think that's easy? The whole deal is very complicated. C says

they break them down to build them up and that's just what they do

here...And it's remarkable. The men who graduate from this place, well

Steve they run the world... the whole fucking world.'

'Oh man. Oh man. Oh man Will this guy's got me hard again. What did you

say? I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention. Jesus Will he's got me hard.

Hey Will can I fuck him? What do I do? Is it OK? Can I fuck him Will?'

Will laughed, 'Of course you can fuck him. Why not sit up and let him ride

your dick. Try it. It really feels great.'

Steve said, 'Jesus this dude is unbelievable. Christ Will I want to take

him home. Can I get me one of these guys?'

Will responded, 'Golly gee Steve someone might think your gay.'

Steve looked over at the pilot, 'Fuck you Will. OK pussyboy take off my

shirt; then get rid of that jock and hop on my dick. You've got me all hard

and hot and I want your ass. Oh yeah, if you want to you should probably

spit on my cock a bit to get it wet, or this might hurt.'

James quite gleefully slid Steve's wet jock strap past his big fuzzy thighs

and down and off his feet; after which he helped Steve out of his sweat

soaked shirt. Then he mouthed up some saliva which he carefully dribbled

off his lips onto Steve's very hard, prick head. As the globs of spittle

began to leak down the shaft James rose off the floor, turned around and

impaled himself on Steve's cock. In a second Steve's cock was totally

buried in James' ass. Just as James was beginning to enjoy the tickling

sensation Steve's pubes were having on James' ass cheeks Steve said, 'No

man, I don't like this position. I'm staring at your back. No, look

there's no arms on this chair so why don't you turn around and ride my dick

that way. Then I can see your face enjoying every minute.

James lifted himself off the co-pilot's lap turned around, facing him, and

squatted back down onto the man's ample cock. James's very hard boyprick

was poking Steve in between his pecs where there was that mass of soft dark

hair. It felt good to both of them. Steve looked down and saw the pussyboy

coating his chest hair with loads of prefuck that was burping out of James'


James saw what Steve saw and turned bright red, 'I'm very sorry master, sir.

I'm a piggyboy cuntbox who cannot control himself. Please don't be angry

with me. I promise to clean my mess.'

Steve felt so sorry for the guy, 'Look dude, it's perfectly OK.. Hey man

we're guys and ....' Then it struck him. He wasn't talking to another guy.

This wasn't a normal conversation. He adjusted his lexicon.

'That's OK cumboy. I won't get too mad. Now ride that cock for all you're

worth..ah. cunt!'

So James rode Steve's dick like he was doing dressage for the horsy set. He

lifted himself as high as he could, which left a good two inches of dick

still wedged in his boycunt, and then he brought himself back down. He

flexed and relaxed his pussy muscles as he had been trained. He massaged

Steve's prick with his boypussy for all he was worth.

Steve called out, 'Oh man. Oh man. Oh man! Will, Will this dude can grab

my dick with his asshole. No shit Will. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Will,

dude you've got to try this kid out. He is special. This kid has a magic

ass.. Jesus and a magic mouth. Christ Will this kid should be in Ripley's

Believe It Or Not. He should be in the Guinness Book of Records.. Fuck, he

should be on the FBI's ten most wanted list. What this guy can do with his

body should be against the law. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man.

Oh man. Will he keeps grabbing my dick with his ass and then rubbing it

like crazy... all the way up and then all the way down... Oh man. Oh man.

Oh man! I think I died and went to heaven.

Steve felt hotter than he'd ever felt in his life. He'd never come this

hard, or this many times in short succession, in his life. He'd never felt

this hard or horny or good. The pleasure spot near the tip of his cock felt

like it was beginning to glow red hot. It felt so good it was edging into

painful. Steve began to pull and tug on James' nipple rings, then he

started licking the boy's chest, but it wasn't enough, so he wrapped his

arms around James and held him tightly as he continued to rise and sit, rise

and sit on Steve's cock, but it still wasn't enough. Steve felt like he was

going to explode, he was drenched with hot sweat from head to toe. He

violently kicked off his shoes. He felt like he had to be naked... totally

naked. he rubbed his feet against one another hard... very hard. and curled

his toes... and used his right big toe to get his left sock off. Then he

repeated the procedure and got rid of the right sock. He was finally

totally naked, but it still wasn't enough. He began to flail his arms and

bounce on his ass and slam his feet on the floor.. but it wasn't enough...

Finally he grabbed James' head and mashed their faces together. James was

having trouble balancing, bobbing up and down, and allowing Steve free

access to his mouth... But he tried his very best.

Steve was in outer space, all nerves pounding, sucking James' mouth. Steve

forced his tongue into the pussyboy's mouth and lapped at his pallet. He

licked out James' mouth and swallowed his spit. He continued to ram his

tongue into James' throat; then he removed his tongue from the boy's mouth

and began to lick his face all over. James was quite wet, hair all stringy,

hanging down, dripping sweat into his eyes so Steve licked and slurped it up

like he was dying of thirst. Steve tongued James' face and as he felt

himself about to powershoot he once again applied his lips to those of this

magnificent cuntwhore pussyslave. He gave James a long, deep, wet, warm,

kiss as he shot and shot and shot and shot and shot and shot into the boy's

very talented ass.

Steve looked over at Will, while James continued to gently massage his prick

with his anal ring. Steve looked puzzled, 'Hey Will, how do I thank this

dude. Ya know how crazy this is? This guy is right in front of me riding

my cock and he's tuned out of any conversation I have with you. This is

fucking weird man. Anyway, what do I do now?'

Will answered, 'You could let him come.'

Steve said, 'Oh Jesus man of course he can come. Hey man, go ahead and


It took a second before James realized that he had just been given

permission to orgasm. He looked down at Steve and as he shot his load

straight up hitting his own chin he said, 'Thank you master, sir.'

Steve stared blankly, 'Will, did you see that. Fuck man I said he could

come and he just came. He didn't even touch his cock. He just came like a

fucking squirt gun. Did you see that Will.'

Will smiled, 'Of course he came; he's been trained. How many time do I have

to tell you; these guys are sex machines.'

Steve said, 'Do you think he could do it again? What if I told him he could

come again? Could he do it?'

'Of course he could. He could probably come two or three more times, till

he was shooting air.'

Steve sort of tapped James on the shoulder, 'Listen guy, I want you to come


James said, 'Yessir, master,' and another volley of boycream spurted out of

his dick. This time it covered Steve's sweaty chest.'

Steve said, 'Man Will, did you see that? He just bing-bang-boom came again.

This guy is amazing. What exactly do you have to do in order to sign up for

this program?'

Will chuckled, 'You don't sign up Steve. They come to you. It's a very

involved process, besides I thought all this 'gay' stuff' repulsed you?'

Now Steve was laughing, 'I guess it kind of grows on you.' He looked up at

James' smiling face, 'And you boy, how about you get off my dick and clean

up your mess.'

James said, 'Yessir, master,' lifted himself off Steve's flagging erection

and went to work tonguing and sucking and scooping the jism off Steve's

chest and lap.

Will said, 'My turn cuntboy. Get over here. I have to piss like a


Steve said, 'Oh Jesus, that's gross! Are you gonna piss on him Will?'

Will answered, 'Watch and learn. Boy, get over here! I need to empty my

bladder, so I need your thirsty lips.'

Steve cried, 'Shit no. You're not going to piss in his mouth are you?'

Will said, 'Shut the fuck up or I'll piss on you, you dumb fuck.'

James crawled over to the Pilot's chair and began to open his pants. Seeing

that Will was going to be busy, Steve, still naked, went back to the

co-pilot's chair and took the controls.

James gingerly unzipped Will's fly and rather involuntarily drew back a few


Will said, 'Smell familiar? During my Washington layover I hooked up with

one of the chicks from The Society. A real class act.... So boy, can you

smell that exquisite Society pussy?'

(NOTE: 'The Society' is a group, similar in type to the Organization, only

for women. The two companies were on more than cordial terms and there

were, through the years, many informal candidate exchange programs.

However, the two agencies were totally separate and distinct. Sexual

congress between groups was permitted because 'The Society' adhered to the

same ultra-stringent health screening procedures. In the last fifty years

there had not been a single STD transferred within or between the two

groups.. not even a cold sore.)

The acrid combination of scents filled James' nose and for a second he

flashed on the image of a beautiful woman... he thought he might have know

her but..

'BOY!! What's the holdup? I need to piss. Get those lips around my hose.

It's watering time!'

James barely had his mouth closed around Will's cock when the flood gates

opened and the strong current issued forth. '..GGGGUUUURRGGG! ' James

gagged, and for a moment he actually blushed, embarrassed by his momentary

lack of perfect control. Then he began to swallow for all he was worth.. A

minute later James started to wonder just how large the pilot's bladder was.

He became progressively more aware of just how full his stomach was.. then

he began to worry.. he felt a growing discomfort in his abdomen...his gut

was full. full of cum and sweat and spit and now piss.. and now he became

conscious of just how full his own bladder was.

Will said, 'That's it boy, take every drop.. suck. suck. swallow. swallow...

very good. There's a lot in there, isn't there? Sorry boy, but it's been a

long flight. You just keep drinking.'

All the while Steve was watching the scene with growing interest.. and his

cock was growing too.

Finally the torrent of piss came to a stop and James went to work cleaning

Will's cock, then onto his pussy coated pubes.

Will said, 'Oh yeah, that's it boy, get me all hot. I want that ass of

yours, so get me all hard and wet. Yeah, that's it lubricate my joint for

me... and don't forget my balls... Oh yes, that's it get my hairy ball sac.

Yes, yes, yes, tickle my hole boy, tickle my hole, that's it, now deeper,

get way in there... push that stud on your tongue way up my hole.. that's it

boy, you're halfway to my tonsils, don't you dare stop now.' and the pilot

threw his head back and closed his eyes and slid his ass way out so James

could have easier access.

James' bladder was beginning to send SOS signals to his brain, but there was

no answer. His brain was doing what it had been trained to do; to attend to

the orders of a superior; that was all that mattered.. nothing else.

A couple minutes passed and Will couldn't take any more stimulation so he

rose from his chair and took James' by his curly locks and unceremoniously

bent him over the radar screen. A couple seconds later Will was pressing

his hard prick home into the boy's pretty, warm, tight pussyhole.

Will groaned, 'Oh boy, what a pussy you have. It's like pushing my cock

into warm vanilla pudding, so soft, and inviting... OK boy hold on for the

ride of your life.'

And Will began to thrust his cock into James' hole. Every time he's go

balls deep then pull out till his glans popped out the boy's anal ring then

back in till his sac slapped James on the ass. Back and forth Will deep

fucked the boy for many minutes. Will whooped and hollered. He rode the

boy like a bucking bronco and James did his best to supply a good ride. He

pushed his ass back to meet every one of Will's thrusts, and then he rise up

on his toes and squat so that Will could get all the way into his cuntbox.

James was hard and hot and had to piss something awful. At least his

growing need and his strong arousal was making it more difficult to

accidentally piss himself, but his bladder was near capacity and this

thunder-fuck was only making it worse.

After maybe ten minutes James' could tell Will was getting close. He was

breathing harder and James could feel his hard cock swelling and throbbing

in his boypussy. James used his sphincter muscles to squeeze Will's prick

and that did the trick. It sent Will home; he yahooed a couple times and

pulled out of James' love canal, grabbed the boy by his platinum curls and

brought his face up to the head of his prick which he held in his other


Will said, 'Open wide boy.'

As James complied Will's cock exploded. Gob after gob after rope after

stream of supercharged prickcream shot into James' waiting mouth. The boy

stuck his tongue out to catch every drop. Will's prick shot at least eight

or nine times before the stream of cockspit slowed down and turned into a

dribble, bubbling out of Will's pisshole.

Will looked at James, 'Enjoy yourself boy!'

So James brought his nose closer to Will's leaking prick and rubbed it all

over his face. James took Will's cock out of the pilot's hand and into his

own so that he could wipe it all over his face and hair. When it had

stopped issuing seed, James eagerly popped it into his mouth for a good

rinsing. All the while, from the minute Will's cock began to erupt James

had never taken his eyes away from Will's stare. The boy always gave that

kind of full eye contact as his way of showing total surrender and complete

fidelity to his master of the moment.

Looking down at the boy, Will felt a strong stab of tender emotion. Jesus,

he felt himself longing for the young man at his feet, this wonderful, quite

beautiful, graceful soul, so full of... what?.... peace..

Will pulled James to his feet and used his tongue to clean the boy's face of

his manspunk. When he finished he gave the boy a long, slow, deep kiss, and

he put his arms around James and held on for dear life. For his part James

was puzzled by this odd behavior; as far as he was concerned he had done his

job, as he had been taught.

As this scene was unfolding the door to the cockpit opened and C entered the


C said, 'How are you gentlemen doing?'

Both the pilot and copilot were caught by surprise and both felt more than a

little embarrassed. Steve turned red as a beet. He was mortified to be

found sitting in his co-pilot's chair, naked, with a great big hard dick.

Will was chagrinned for having been found drooling over a pussyboy.

C ignored the discomfort, 'Has my boy expressed how grateful I am for all

that you have done?'

Both men answered as one, 'Oh yes, Yessir.'

C said, 'I'm glad. Are you both..ah.. finished with this pussyboy?'

And when both pilot and copilot said yes, C led James away by the neck.

As they left the cockpit C turned to James, 'I'd imagine you need a trip to

the head. Am I correct?'

James beamed in the light of the sun. His master, this fantastic creature,

as if by telepathy, as if he was omnipotent, knew that his boy needed him.

James, his eyes filling with tears, said, 'Yes master, sir.'

So C took the boy, his boy, into the small lav and stood behind him at the

toilet. As James prepared to piss C reached around the boy and played with

his nipple rings; then he began to nibble at James' neck. Naturally the boy

began to writhe... and moan.. and his rigid prick got twice at hard and

began to bounce.. and of course James couldn't pee.

As they stood there C's hands began to explore James' body. He grazed his

fingers over the golden hair on the boy's chest and diddled with his

beautifully defined abs. James was going nuts. He really had to pee, but

he didn't want this attention from his master to end, not now, not ever. He

wanted to turn around and give C a big wet kiss and plead with him for a

good fuck, but he was terrified that if he said anything at all this joy

might end. So James stood there, aroused to the limit, his bladder yelling

for some relief, while C continued to send him towards the pearly gates.

Minutes passed and James was moaning and groaning and his very hard cock was

drip, drip, dripping prefuck into the toilet. James, minutes ago, had

thrown his head back to rest on C's shoulder, so now C began to lick and

nibble on the boy's neck and ear, and nuzzle his silver-gold tresses. James

was quite literally going out of his mind. He wanted to cum. He wanted to

piss. He didn't want to ask for either in fear that C would stop what he

was doing. James' turmoil kept getting more and more complicated and more

and more urgent.

C moved his right hand down to James' groin and tickled the boy's

supersensitive balls. James sac tightened to the limit pushing his ball

tightly into the base of his boycock. C used his left hand to rub Jame's

bubble butt and traced the boy's ass crack with his index finger. James got

goose flesh head to toe and shuddered.

'Master, I am so sorry sir, but I'm afraid that I am going to come. I am so

sorry sir. Please tell me what you wish of me sir.'

C said, 'As you please boy... you please.'

So James said to himself, 'what the fuck,' turned around put his arms around

his master and tenderly kissed his velvet lips. James took his right arm

from around his master, reached between his own legs and as painful as it

was he forced his boycock toward the floor so that as he shot he avoided C's

beautiful suit and instead fired over and over onto his own feet.

The pair kissed for many minutes and when C finally moved away. All James

wanted to do was to grab his controller and beg to keep going, to stay

there, in that airplane john, together, holding each other, for ever and

ever and ever.

C turned to the boy as he opened the door back into the cabin proper, 'Hurry

up boy, we have things to attend to. So piss, then use one of those towel

sets to clean yourself up; then put on the clothes I gave you. There's a

lot to do.'

C's mind was full of details, so many details, things to fix, people to

call, strings to pull. He had a meeting scheduled with this punk reporter.

What the reporter didn't know was that the Organization ran his rag of a

scandal sheet. The publisher was a senior control, the editor's nephew was

currently in training and so on and so on.

C picked up three manila folders. The first was labeled Kenneth

Fitzpatrick, family, education, birth through high school; the second,

Kenneth Fitzpatrick, the years since high school; and the third was Kenneth

Fitzpatrick, health, tests and records, sexual history. C had some reading

to do.

The pilot came over the intercom, 'Sir, we should be arriving in Los Angeles

in about an hour.'

C pressed a button and asked for some Champaign, orange juice, and cracked


When James was in reasonable order, hair combed, eyes bright, he left the

john and began to dress. He put on the boxers, the khaki pants, his sweat

shirt, socks and shoes, and by rote, without thinking, he reached around to

be sure his boypussy was available for his master; then he smiled. He

quietly returned to his master and sat at C's feet. Without being told

James removed C's shoes and began to rub C's warm, wool socked feet. C, for

his part, read the files and fed his boy pieces of crab meat and gave him

alternate sips of OJ and Champaign. They made quite a handsome couple.

As the doors to the jet opened the sun was rising on a beautiful California




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