Day 3 Continued: The Movie

In another part of the same room Jeff, the junior controller, was in his own

predicament. When they stripped him and put him on the table it was

discovered that he was 'concealing' a rather large butt plug. Many

questions followed and the masters finally got him to admit that he was

currently living with a mid-level controller from another unit. This was

'frowned on' by the Organization... It was a definite breach of protocol.

Jeff was barely out of his candidacy and the next step in his education was

to choose, through an elaborate guidance and counseling program, what he

wanted to do with the rest of his life. The young man had graduated 'magna

cum' from Brown with a degree in Sociology (minor in Psych) and had vague

plans of becoming a roadie for his favorite punk rock band when members of

his family and 'friends' prevailed on the Organization to induct him. Once

his candidacy was official it had been decided that the boy would be pointed

in the direction of a control position, but only if that's what he chose

once his training was completed. Now, while he was still a pup, he was

already shacked up with a controller. The Organization had hundreds of

years of experience with such matters and in 99% of the situations these

types of liaisons had negative outcomes. Usually the senior control would

push the junior into the role as personal slave; a fine outcome if it was

chosen by the young man freely, once his program was complete and he had the

information and experience to know what he wanted from life. In general

junior controllers became senior controllers, and then most left the

Organization to pursue some life's dream or occupation. Their sexuality and

living arrangement were of no concern to the Organization, but most

graduates didn't sign up for a life of servitude after the amazing wealth of

choice of careers the Organization offered them. (Jeff had expressed an

interest in staying with the Organization and working in their Human

Resources Department. Now that was in question.)

Once junior controllers became full controllers they were told in no

uncertain terms that the Organization would look quite disparagingly on

their 'victimizing' their underlings. If they wanted an assignment as a

senior control-master with responsibility over candidates they could take

the training and be accredited by the usual route.

There was a full controller going about his normal day's work with no idea

the amount of trouble he was in.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jeff was making his movie, 'Jeffery Learns to

Communicate' He was still sobbing and had already failed twice at giving a

good and thorough description of being completely humiliated while several

of the pussyboys abused his battered body. By this time his body was

shining from its sweat cover. Jeff had a fuzzy chest, a fairly bushy bush,

hairy legs, and a very hairy butt and butt hole; his chest hair was clotted

with boyspunk and all of his body hair was matted with funky locker-room

sweat. Boys being boys they were all perspiring liberally, and they were

all pretty musky. Master Simon had just sent for the hair removal gear. He

had decided that Jeff was still having trouble following directions because

he thought himself better than the cuntboys. He told the junior controller

that it would be necessary to denude him of his body hair to 'bring him down

a peg.' Jeff was close to hysteria.

The red-headed pussyboy brought over a cart covered with 'waxing'

paraphernalia. Jeff's eyes grew to the size of saucers when he realized

what he was in store for.

Master Simon said, 'OK boys, now pay attention. I want you to do a perfect

job of clearing off all this yucky, sweaty, curly, insubordinate boy-fur.

So watch what I am doing and then it will be your turn to do the same. PAY

ATTENTION!! Or you will be next on the table. Now each of you boys, grab a

towel and get this insubordinate cumdump dried off.'

The three pussyboys doing the work quickly toweled Jeffery dry of the cum

and sweat and funk. They lifted his legs and even got the bottoms of his

feet; then they unceremoniously flipped him over and got his back and ass

crack etc, then they tossed him onto his back again. Master Simon grabbed a

pair of electric clippers and went to Jeff's bushy bush. Jeff stiffened and

Master Simon gave him a hard slap across the face.

'Listen to me dickbreath, you move again and Jeffery becomes Janey. You got

me boy?' and Simon slapped him again.'

Jeff cried, 'sob.sob.sob.. Yessir, Master, sir.'

Simon trimmed Jeff's bush; then his pits, leaving plenty of hair for the wax

to adhere to so that it would work properly.

Master Simon took a flat wooden stick the size and shape of a small paint

scrapper; he stuck it into a pot of hot waxing goop and scooped out a large

glob. Then he spread it across Jeff's very bushy bush. It took three

dollops of the hot green thick syrup to thoroughly cover Jeff's bush. Then

Master Simon applied the strip of heavy canvas-like cloth over the wax and

pressed it down, making good contact with the green stuff.

Master Simon said, 'Now watch me carefully..otherwise this could really

hurt. You need to pull in short, hard, fast jerks...Watch.'

And Simon grabbed the canvas strip by the leading edge and gave a very hard

yank. Jeff sat bolt upright and shrieked at the top of his lungs.


Simon answered, 'Boys hold Jeff down.' Then he looked Jeff in the eye,

'Take it like a man you cuntbrain. Do C proud. Right now you are an

embarrassment to us all.'

The words struck Jeff like a shiv in the gut. He wanted to be a man. He

wanted to make C happy. He wanted that more than anything. He loved C with

all his heart and soul. If the truth be told he was only shacking up with

his controller to take his mind off how much he wanted to be with C, but

then everyone wanted C; everyone loved and respected C. Jeff did his best

to hold his body rigid. The dark haired pussyboy who'd fucked him a few

minutes earlier held down his right shoulder while a very cute brunette with

green eyes held Jeff's left shoulder. Jeff could feel them holding him down

hard, but he also sensed the tenderness in their touch, and when he looked

into the brunette's eyes he saw tears. There was sweet, sweet empathy


Simon tore the rest of the strip off in one very hard jerk; Jeff UMMMPHHHed

but otherwise remained quiet; he shook from head to toe and tears streamed

down from his soft crystal clear blue eyes. And now there was a smooth

hairless stripe above his still hard cock.

Simon looked at the pussyboys, 'Now it's your turn. You three pussies are

to finish the job. I'm going to give you five minutes...and that's it. In

five minutes I want this boy's body as smooth and hairless as a baby's

bottom. If you don't finish in five minutes... if I find a single hair..

even some stubble. THEN YOU THREE ARE NEXT!! Do you understand?'

Each boy nodded, 'Yes sir!!'

Simon patted Jeff's head, 'You cumdumps shouldn't have to hold him down

anymore. I think he's going to try his best to help you... and even if he

doesn't, you have five minutes to clear this underbrush. NOW MOVE!!'

The pussyboys holding Jeff down let him go and joined the redhead at the

waxing cart. They knew there was a big job to do and that they had very

little time. So they moved quickly grabbing the wooden spatulas and digging

into the jars of hot goop. Each cuntboy took a different spot. The redhead

went for Jeff's left leg. The brunette decided to finish the pubic region,

which had a lot of hair left; and the dark haired boy attacked Jeff's

impressive chest. They spread lots of wax, applied strips, patted them down

and began the arduous job of pulling out all that hair.

Jeff went nuts. Having three pussyboys tearing off his body hair was hell.

It felt like they were using knives and blowtorches on him. In less than a

minute he was screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming. His eyes

rolled back and his muscles began to seize with every yank and jerk.


But no one was listening. Each of the cuntlad's was picturing himself on

that table and that incentive had them working on autopilot... spreading the

liquid hell and applying the strips and pulling them off.

Two minutes and Jeff was completely out of breath. He was trying to breath

in slow gulps, but every time he tried to inhale a strip would deliver a

jolt of agony that froze his chest muscles and prevented the air from

entering. Jeff was light headed and praying that he would pass out.. but

every time he felt close to unconsciousness another jerk and the torturous

pain brought him back to full consciousness.

Three minutes and two boys were at his pits spreading the offensive goop up

and down his pits and arms. Jesus Christ they were even waxing his arms.

Shit fuck piss.




At four minutes the boys flipped Jeff onto his belly. Fuck this guy had a

lot of hair. The boys even had to do parts of the backs of Jeff's legs..

the guy was hairy. In spite of that Jeff's back was perfect, beautifully V

shaped, well defined, muscular, and hairless. His ass was another subject.

They gooped up his butt cheeks, applied the canvas and tore off Jeff's butt

hair. Then the redhead pulled apart Jeff's asscheeks to reveal his pretty

pink pucker surrounded by swirls and curls of dark hair.. OUCH!

It felt quite good, very erotic, as the boys applied the hot green glop to

Jeff's crack .. The first yank sent Jeff into orbit. He screamed and hit

his head into the table as hard as he could. It didn't work. He failed to

knock himself out, and the pain in his ass was still a hundred times worse

than what he'd done to his noggin. Jeff raised his hands to his head and

grabbed his hair and pulled and screamed and screamed and screamed...and he


The brunette looked at the clock. They weren't finished and there was

almost no time left. The brunette used his hips to force his way between

the two other boys and get to the target.

The brunette grabbed one of the pots of hot wax and yelled to the other two

boys, 'Hold him apart.. all the way apart.' The two boys held Jeff's cheeks

wide apart as the brunette poured the contents of the pot into Jeff's butt,

filling it. He dropped the pot onto the cart and grabbed a handful of

canvas strips and mashed them into Jeff's soft butt, onto the mass of glop

covered hair. There was no time left. He grabbed the strips with both

hands and with all his strength he tore them off.

Jeff got his wish... he passed out. As he lay there Master Simon had the

boys apply liberal amounts of soothing white lotion to Jeff's extremely red

hairless body. Simon approached the 'sleeping' Jeff and pulled his butt

cheeks apart for inspection. He looked closely and felt the area with two

fingers for any hint of hair or stubble.. he found none. He gave a once

over to the backs of Jeff's legs and then had the pussyboys turn Jeff onto

his back.

As Master Simon moved away from the table he said, 'Jake would you please

inspect his torso while Master Tony looks over his legs?'

So Masters Jake and Tony put aside their video gear and moved in for a

hands-on check. Jeff's body was smooth as silk and almost as shiny. His

rather flushed body was quite beautiful, as well developed as Jeff

maintained himself he looked all soft and cushy laying there. Both masters

would have loved to throw a good fuck into the boy but there were more

pressing matters at hand.

While the inspection progressed the tension in the air was palpable. The

pussyboys were quite terrified that a hair would be found... and sure enough

a moment later Master Tony was shaking his head.

He said, 'No, no, no, no.. this won't do. Sorry, Simon but he's got one,

two, three, four, BIG HUGE CURLY HAIRS on the big toe of his left foot!'

The cuntboys were trembling as it was determined that the redheaded cumdump

had been responsible for the oversight.

Simon bellowed, 'BOY, TAKE CARE OF THAT HAIR!'

The redhead moved toward a pot of hot wax, but as he reached for a spatula

Master Simon kicked the cart across the room where it collided with the

wall, and tipped over making quite a mess. That caught the attention of the

six or seven other masters and their pussyslaves in various other parts of

the room. A couple of them stopped what they were doing, grabbed their

cuntboxes by the back of their necks and came closer to the movie set.

Master Simon, still yelling, said, 'Use your teeth you bungling, fucking

cocksucking, idiot... use your teeth.'

As the quaking redhead was pulling out the offending hairs, with his teeth,

Master Simone spoke into his ear, 'Master Tony is going to come for you

first thing in the morning. He will take you to the punishment room; where

we will decide whether to remove every single hair on your body, or allow

you to keep your pretty red ponytail.. '

Simon looked the redheaded cuntboy over, felt his legs, and petted his chest

and pubes, 'Looks like it will be an easy job. We won't even have to use

clippers or wax. I bet we can pluck you hairless with a couple pairs of


The redheaded cuntbox began to retch, and since he was finished pulling and

EATING the hair from Jeff's big toe; he threw himself at Master Simon's


'Pleeeeze master sir...Pleeeeze don't make me bald. Beat me master, flog my

worthless, useless ass all day, but pleeeze don't take the hair from my

head, sir.'

What the redheaded pussyslave knew was that pussyboys with bald heads were

the lowest of the low. It was a sign of their failure to please, their

uselessness, and worst of all, a bald head meant that the cuntboy had

disappointed his master, had embarrassed his master, had let his master

down. That thought filled the redhead's mind and made him feel desolate.

'Pleeeeze master, beat me, beat me, beat me!'

After a minute of silence, full of the redhead's sobs, Simon grabbed the

brunette boycunt by his neck and said to him, 'Get me a placard!' Then he

let him go.

As the brunette turned to leave Simon bellowed, 'ON YOUR KNEES SHITHEAD!!'

The brunette 'hit the dirt' and crawled across the room to a large cabinet.

He reached up and opened the double door. It was filled with paddles,

whips, dildoes, and lots more equipment. The brunette took one of the large

placards and a black marker to write with. He hesitated for a moment;

decided better safe than sorry; and took three other markers of different

colors. He was trying with all his might to follow this direction

perfectly. He took hold of the placard with his teeth, shoved a marker into

each side of his over-stuffed mouth, held onto the other two, and crawled

back to Master Simon.

Master Simon took the placard and using the black marker he wrote, 'I HAVE

DISAPPOINTED MY MASTER' under that he wrote, 'ASK ME HOW.' Simon took the

red marker and outlined the words to add emphasis. Then he pulled the

redhead to his feet and hung the sign around his neck. 'Read those words

boy, nice and loud, read those words'

Retching and sobbing and shaking the redheaded pussyboy read the words

loudly, 'I... sob... sob.. I.. sob... have.. sob.sob. disappointed my.. sob.

sob.master..sob..sob AAAAAAAASSSK MMMMMMMMMEEEEE HOOOOWWW...sob... sob.'

With that Master Simon clapped his hand, 'OK boys, we have a movie to make.

Let's get to it!'

Jeff woke up with Master Simon lightly slapping his face. 'There now that

wasn't so bad now was it?'

Jeff croaked, 'Not too bad sir.' and he tried to smile.

Simon began, 'OK Jeff, we are going to make this movie and we're going to

make it right this time. Now Jeff, Master Jake and Master Tony are going to

be doing the video work. Jake is going to focus his camera on you and I

want you to talk right into that camera and do just what C told you. We're

going to throw out that initial footage of you getting fucked and sucked and

man-handled because it was lousy. You stuttered and stammered and got all

tongue tied. So that stuff's out. From here on you're going to look right

into Master Jake's camera and describe every detail of what's being done to

you and why and how it makes you feel. While you're talking to Master Jake'

s camera, Master Tony is going to tape the cuntboys as they diddle with you

like the pussy you are and make you into a better communicator; so you don't

have to worry about that camera, but just in case you want to see what

Master Tony is taping well, we've go that monitor up there hanging from the

ceiling. See that TV up there Jeff? Yes, that's it. Give us a nice big

smile and wave.. Good boy, that's the stuff I want.

So as you can tell I'm going to be directing this epic adventure of your

continuing education. Now let me see..humm.. I have a good idea. We need

you to tell that camera who is doing what to you.. so it will be easier if

you have names for each of these fuckholes who are going to be working on

you. So let's see here..'

With that Master Simon grabbed the still crying redheaded pussyslave by the

back of his neck and pulled his up toward the head of the table where Jeff

could get a good look at him; and Simon said, 'OK Jeff, you see this

redheaded disappointment here; we're going to call him 'Jism.' Got that

Jeff? This asswipe with the red hair is 'Jism.' Do you understand?'

Jeff squeaked, 'Yes sir he's Jism.'

Simon answered, 'Very good.' Then he pushed the redheaded pussyslave away

and pulled the brunette closer.

'This cumdump here with the brown hair... We're going to call him 'Spooge;'

repeat that.'

And Jeff said, 'He's Spooge sir.'

'Very good Jeff; we are really making progress. I can feel it in my bones.

And last we have this guy with the black hair. See him Jeff? He is 'Spunk;

' can you remember that?'

Once again Jeff said, 'Yessir, the dark haired boy is 'Spunk,' sir.'

Simon took each of the three pussyboys and aimed their faces, one at a time,

at Jake and Tony's cameras; then he had them re-introduce themselves.

Master Simon was nothing if not thorough.

Simon smiled broadly, 'Very well, then let's get started. First I need you

Jism to take off your placard it's only going to get in your way. This

doesn't mean it's gone for good; only that wearing it makes you even more of

a fuck-up, useless piece of donkey shit. So for now put it over there...

OK now Jism I want you to scamper over there behind the bar, to the door of

the prep room. I need you to go into the prep room and fetch me the big

play cart; the one with all the wires and electrical gear. Now scoot along

and get it.. and make it fast or you'll be wearing that placard again.'

So the redheaded pussyslave, dubbed 'Jism' ran to do his master's bidding,

and indeed he found a large metal cart with three shelves full of

transformers and wires and electrodes and voltmeters and electrical tape and

glass dildoes with metal electrodes and cock rings with wires and some

really unusual items that scared the shit out of poor Jism as he carefully

wheeled the cart back to the 'movie set.'

Jeff who had been getting progressively more nervous as the minutes passed

saw the cart coming toward him and wanted to crawl under the table. As much

as he wanted to be a man, to behave like a man, he found himself sniveling.

Jesus Christ, he had tried to deliver a lousy message and now he was about

to be fucked and electrocuted. Then it hit him like a ton of TNT; HE HAD

VOLUNTEERED TO DELIVER THE MESSAGE TO C. God knows he had a crush on the

guy since he first met him months ago when he was a fledgling candidate. He

had only been around the senior Control maybe two or three times, but that

was enough, that and all the things and stories that everyone passed along.

Every man and boy in the place had a story with C as the primary star.

Stories where C had saved the day; stories of how strong C was; stories of

how romantic C was; stories of C's strange and wonderful sexual powers; lots

and lots of stories about this myth of a man. So when the call came in;

that there was trouble in California and they needed C to ride out on his

white horse to save the day; Jeff had jumped at the chance to be the

messenger that got to relay the details to the Master Control. The only

reason he got so tongue tied was that from the minute he found himself in C'

s presence he found it very difficult to think. He became acutely aware of

how jealous he was of the pussyboy sucking the great man's cock. He wanted

to suck that big, juicy, mandick. He wanted to be licking his balls and

tonguing his chest. And on top of all that when he had the chance to

actually suck that masterful manfucker he had tried to remain cool and act

aloof AND as a result he never got to really enjoy the opportunity. So he

fucked everything up. He was so damn pissed; so damn angry at himself. And

now they were going to fry him for his inadequacy.

Master Simon began to direct several activities at once. He had Spooge and

Spunk attach electrical clips to each of Jeffery's nipples; he had Jism use

a contact glue to stick a third electrode on Jeff's penile 'hot spot,' on

his shaft just under his glans. Once those were in place more clips were

connected to Jeff's scrotum.

Master Simon said, 'There now we're ready for phase one. Jism, I need you

to set each of those five dials to number 1.'

As Jism carried out the order Jeff felt the electricity begin to flow

through the surface of his chest and groin.

Master Simon took Jeff's head and pointed it toward Jake's camera, 'Remember

Jeff we need you to keep a running account of exactly what is happening to

you and how you are feeling. Make C proud.'

Jeff looked into the lens and began, 'Oh Jesus, it feeeeeels sooooooo

fucking good, like there's a thousand little men or mice nibbling at my

skin, all over my chest and cock and balls.. Oh... Oh.. Oh.. Oh.. and it

sort of vibrates at the same time... and it's so fucking hot and man oh man

would I like it if someone would PLEASE FUCK ME!!'

Simon shot back, 'Not yet Jeff, but I must say that was a pretty good

account. You are learning. OK, Jism let's turn those babies up to number


As Jism adjusted the dials Jeffery began to arch his back and thrust his

very stiff prick into the air. Simultaneously he began to moan from the

core of his body.. low. guttural moans. The guy was soon covered with a

thin layer of sweat and goose flesh everywhere. He said, 'Oh fuck, Oh fuck,

Oh fuck. It feels like my skin is bubbling, it's umm... ummm. Oh god. Oh

god. Oh god. ... like I'm made of soda pop and I'm effervescing all over,

like there's bubbles rising to the surface and they're popping all over and

it's Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. sooooooo damn good. Could someone please

fuck me? Sir would you fuck me or maybe Jism or Spooge or Spunk... Please

Master Simon could someone please fuck me? Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh

god. Oh god. Oh god. I'm going crazy. It feels too fucking good. My

skin is exploding in a thousand different places at once.'

Simon laughed, 'I knew you were going to enjoy this. See Jeff.. and you

were so scared. You boys.. go ahead touch him.. you can feel some of what

he's feeling... Go ahead touch him with your cheek or your tongue. See what

I mean.'

So Spooge and Spunk, rather hesitantly at first, touched the sides of their

faces to Jeff's chest and Jism who was more adventurous stuck out his tongue

and started touching it to different parts of Jeff's giant erection. By

this time Jeff was so turned on that his balls had all but disappeared into

his cock shaft. His scrotum was so tight it was deeply ridged with wavy

lines and the young man was oozing precum all over his rigid six pack. The

three pussyboys loved the tingling electrical sensations they were feeling.

Spooge and Spunk started pressing their faces to Jeff's chest harder and

harder and rubbing their cheeks to the newly hairless, very smooth, sweaty

surface. Jism was drooling and licking and sucking all over Jeff's dick and

balls. They were all making purring noises.. all except Jeff who was

becoming progressively more and more anxious for release.

'Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Please. Pleeeze for Christ's sake pleeeeze

someone fuck me or pleeeeeez master let me come. Oh... Oh.. Oh.. Oh. I have

to come. Fuck me.. Fuck me... Fuck me.... Pleeeeeeze.'

Master Simon called to Jism, 'OK boy we're ready to go to number 3 on the

Hit Parade; so move it now.'

As Jism began to turn up the dials, Jeff's eye opened wide and he began to


PLEEEEEEZE STOP!' And he began to wildly shake his head back and forth,


scream his body shot totally rigid and his cock began to fire like a machine

gun. As he was staring right at his own prick, volley after volley of

thick, heavy, syrupy boycream shot hit him right in the face. Jake and Tony

got it all on tape.

Simon smiled broadly, 'We're off to a good start. Jism turn down the

machines we're ready for phase two.' He looked at Jeff; the boy's face was

totally covered in manjam. It was even dripping from the sweaty hair stuck

to Jeff's forehead. Jeff looked stunned and stared blankly at Simon.

Simon had Spooge and Spunk take the clips off Jeff's nipples. Then he moved

to the electrical cart and began to rearrange various items. Once again he

started giving out rapid fire instructions. The pussyboys buzzed and worked

over Jeff's body, attaching this wire here and moving that clip there while

Jeff relaxed back onto the table completely exhausted. For the first time

in an hour his cock began to deflate. He had no idea what Simon had in

store for him.

Simon picked up a sound. It was a solid stainless rod, about a foot long,

as big around as a soda straw with a small steel ball at one end and a wire

lead coming out of the other. He showed it to Jeff and the others and said,

'Can you guess what this is Jeff? I call it a fucker-fucker and it's going

to make you a very happy man.'

Jeff wasn't at all sure he would agree. He looked at the shiny shaft and

tried to imagine what it was for. He thought and he thought and then it hit

him like a ten ton locomotive. They were going to shove that thing up his

dick. Holy fuck they were going to fuck his fucker. Jeff's whole body

stiffened... except for his dick.. his dick looked like it was trying hard

to recede back into Jeff's tight body.

Master Simon said, 'Have no fear Jeff, this is gonna be fun.'

With that he grabbed the redhead, Jism, and put the sound into his hand.

'Pay attention cumdump. You have to do this right. Now follow along as I

guide your hand. See that puddle of boyjuice in his belly button? We're

going to scoop some out like this... onto the rod... yes, like that, and now

we're going to take hold of Jeff's prick head.. yes, like that.. and I want

you to guide the sound in... that's it slowly, slowly, slowly.. it's not

easy, but just keep pushing.. there that's it.. Keep pushing it till we

begin to feel strong resistance.push.keep pushing..go on.go on.keep it

moving...keep going..come on PUSH.keep it gong... there, there see how we

seem to be at a dead end..Feel it boy; feel it. there see we've hit the

muscle ring that keeps his urethra closed. we relax this muscle when we

piss... but now it's closed. so we're going to stop here.'

Jeff's body was completely rigid and he was grabbing the edge of the table

so hard that both his hands were pure white and bloodless... like his face.

When the sound was being shoved down Jeff's urethra he began to gurgle and

moan. Strangely enough so did all three pussyboys. It would seem they were

all putting themselves into Jeff's shoes.. or into his dick in this case.

Master Simon had stopped Jism's hand once the sound was in Jeff's dick about

nine inches. He said, 'Just let it rest there for a moment. Now Spunk and

Spooge, I don't want you boys to feel left out so I want you to begin to

make Jeffery feel good. You know what I mean. I want you to call up your

training and make our Jeff here feel really, really sexy. Now, get to


And Spunk and Spooge fell on Jeff. They lapped at his nipples and licked

his chest and ran their hands through his hair and toyed with his earlobes

and on and on.

Simon turned to Jism, 'OK cuntface get on that cock. I want you to nibble

on Jeff's flange and tongue his balls and get him real, real, real hard.

For the next several minutes the three pussyslaves worked with all their

hearts to make Jeff the happiest man on earth. Of course Jeff was scared to

death. He had that pole stuck way deep into his cock and he didn't know

what was going to happen.

Simon gave Jeff a light slap on the cheek and said, 'You're forgetting

something Jeff and I know you know what it is. So, GET TO WORK.'

Jeff found Master Jake's lens and spoke into the camera, 'There's a. um ah..

sorry master but what is that thing in my cock?'

Simon shook his head, 'You're supposed to be PAYING ATTENTION Jeff. You can

call it whatever you like. It's technically called a 'sound.' START


Jeff blushed bright red and continued, 'There's a sound in my dick and it

feels like my dick is really, really full and kind of stretched out. It

really hurt when they stuck it in, but now it just feels full... but now

Jism and Spooge and Spunk are trying to get me hot, but I'm just scared and

I don't feel very sexy..'

At that point Master Simon handed Jism a large Pyrex glass dildoe. It was

huge and unusual; there were three silver electrodes embedded into its

smooth mushroom head and coming out the handle end were more wire leads.

Simon went to work connecting all the leads to their contacts on the various

transformers and meters; then he began to adjust various dials. He took

some electrolytic lube and applied it to the dildoes head. Then he

whispered something into Jism's ear and the boy went to work guiding the

glass prick into Jeff's asshole.

Jism said, 'How far master?'

Simon turned to look at him, 'Keep pushing till I tell you when. And Jeff I

don't hear you COMMUNICATING!!'

So Jeff, who was babbling into the camera, raised his voice and tried to

make better sense, 'Well... well.. I'm umm, err, still not feeling very

sexy. Spooge and Spunk are tickling my tits and biting my neck and rubbing

my abs and it feels real good.. just not very sexy... and Jism is pushing a

big glass prick up my ass and Oh... Oh.. Oh.. Oh.. OOOOWWW... Jesus that's a

big cock and it kind of hurts and WAIT..WAIT.. WAIT.. Oh. Oh... Oh.. Oh..'s Soooo big. and now it's buzzing and I can feel the electricity and

it's doesn't feel very good... no.. no. no it doesn't feel very good

WAIT..WAIT.. WAIT It feels like you're electrocuting my insides. No...

No... No..No. like you're frying my asshole.. WAIT.. WAIT.. WAIT..Oh... Oh..

Oh.. Oh..'

And Jism kept advancing the glass cock, and said, 'How far Master?......'


So Jism kept pushing and Jeff kept yelling and then in one split second Jeff

's prick, sound and all, shot out and up like an arrow and the head of his

prick turned a bright red and began to expand. and the sound and the lead

attached to its end began to droop and flop and fall and rise and flop and

rise and drop and rise and flop all over.

Simon smiled and said, 'By George I think you found his prostate.'

And Jeff's whole body relaxed into the table and his dick began pulsing so

hard that he could have beat a drum with it.. BOOM.BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. And

Jeff shivered and shook and he smiled and grinned from ear to ear and he

closed his eyes and moaned like an old whore.

Simon said to Jism, 'Now start a rhythm with the dildoe; and you other boys

keep up that stimulation. I want Jeff to have something to TALK ABOUT!!'

Once more Jeff got to work; he looked into the camera with drunk, heavy eyes

and said, 'Oh my god... Oh my god... Oh my god... I feel so damn good.

There's this thing in my cock and my cock feels stuffed and hard and Oh my

god... Oh my god... Oh my god... I want to come but I think that if I come

my dick will explode because there's no where for the cum to go and Oh my

god... Oh my god... Oh my god...I feel so damn good and Jism is fucking my

asshole and every time that glass prick hits my joy buzzer I feel like I'm

going to come and I don't care if my dick explodes because Oh my god... Oh

my god... Oh my god... I feel so damn good.'

Simon took the wire lead from the end of the sound and connected it to a

small remote control. Then he handed the remote to Jeff and said, 'Jeff, DO

NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON YET. First you must listen to me. This remote is my

own invention. When you press that button you are going to send a jolt of

energy to your whole sexual system, especially your prostate. Now your

prostate is already being stimulated by the glass dildoe so when you hit

that button.. well you're going to blow your prostate's mind.. I mean it's

going to be the most stimulation you can imagine. When you hit that button

it's going to feel like God is touching your love nut. When you push that

button you are going to feel unimaginable ecstasy. Pleasure you've never

felt before, but remember that you are here to learn to communicate so must

stay here and describe exactly what you are feeling.. every word. Before

you give yourself the best cum of your life I want you tell me what you're

going to do?'

Between moans and groans Jeff looked Master Simon in the eyes and said,

'Master Simon, Oh... Oh.. Oh.. Oh..when I push the button Oh my god... Oh my

god... Oh my god... I will do my best to Oh... Oh.. Oh.. Oh..stay in the

moment and tell you everything that I am feeling, Oh my god... Oh my god...

Oh my god... every experience as it happens.

Simon answered, 'UNDERSTAND ME JEFFERY. You don't want to disappoint me.

So when you hit that button I expect you to COMMUNICATE.'

Jeff hesitated, 'Master Simon.. sir? Oh my god... Oh my god... Oh my god...

When I hit that button Oh... Oh.. Oh.. Oh..where's my jiz going to go?'

Simon smiled, 'Worried your balls will explode? Well son, that's a risk you

're going to have to take.'

Jeff's hand was trembling as he held onto the remote. He raised his head

slightly and found himself staring directly at his jumping, flopping cock.

All the while Jism was power fucking him with the glass monster and Spunk

and Spooge were sucking and rubbing and licking his chest and prick.

Jeff looked into the camera, 'I'm going to count to three. Oh my god... Oh

my god... Oh my god...' But before he could count at all Jism hit his

prostate hard and almost by reflex Jeff squeezed the button.

In that nanosecond LIGHTNING STRUCK JEFF IN HIS CROTCH. His arms and legs

shot straight out and his body jumped two feet into the air. His cock

expanded down its entire length and the head of his prick doubled in size

and looked like it had been turned to purple stone. Jeff screamed at the

top of his lungs and kept screaming.


Till his lungs ran out of air and his body landed back on the table with a

decided THUMP!!

Try as they might Jake and Tony had trouble taping the event. Jeff's leap

into space had startled them all and they had jumped back by reflex.

Meanwhile Jeff was still cumming and cumming and cumming and cumming and

cumming and cumming.

Minutes later when Jeff's eyes began to focus again AND the realization hit

him like a truck that he'd totally lost it; that he'd gone to nirvana, to

heaven, to the garden of Eden, and in that second he also realized that

there was no way anyone could have 'stayed in the moment'... No how.. No

way... Not possible.

Thick white cream was oozing out of Jeff's pisshole all around the sound

sticking out, and his cock was still hard as a rock. He saw Simon out of

the corner of his eye..laughing hysterically.

It was five minutes before Jeff found his voice, 'Sorry Master Simon, I

could kind of tell you how it felt... I guess.. maybe..'

Simon said, 'Forget it kid. We're not going to tell C about my little

experiment. I only threw it in for good measure. Besides you did a pretty

good job right until you hit that button.'

Then Simon turned to Jism and the boys. He said, 'OK, Spooge I want you to

take that sound out of Jeff's cock, but easy does it. He's not going to

have any control for a while so bear that in mind and be prepared for a

large eruption.'

The tall brunette took hold of the sound sticking out of Jeff's stiff prick

and he slid it out and out and out. Jeff went all rigid again. His dick

was super-super sensitive after that, the largest orgasm of his life. The

second the sound cleared Jeff's pisshole all hell broke loose. There was a

large backlog of dicksauce waiting to exit; on top of that Jeff's urethral

muscle was totally zapped and it would be a while before he could control

his bladder; so there was a bladder full of piss getting ready to erupt.

All three cuntboys jumped into action. Spooge managed to get his mouth over

the head of Jeff's dick as the juice began to spurt like a water cannon.

There was too much for one mouth so all three boys were slurping and sucking

and trying their best to control the flood. And the gusher just kept on

gushing and gushing and gushing.. and the boys just kept on sucking. There

was sperm and piss dripping from Jism's nose and chin. Spunk's hair was

soaked with cum because of his position under Spooge's mouth. After a few

seconds they began to laugh as they worked sucking and licking up the mess.

Meanwhile Jeff's eyes had rolled back into his head and he was dreaming of


It took the boys several minutes to clean up Jeff's mess and then each

other. Then Simon began to rearrange the cart again. He said, 'We have

some time left and we need an ending for this video, so I think we all

deserve a little R&R.'

Simon moved to the table and turned Jeff onto his side. He used his hands

to explore Jeff's back. Simon, a neuro-urologist, had been working in the

field for ten years and knew every inch of the human nervous system. In

addition, he'd studied acupuncture acupressure and the ancient mystical arts

in the Far East. The human body was his instrument and he could play it

like a virtuoso. He kneaded the flesh and tapped and probed till he found

the exact spots on Jeff's back to apply the electrodes. Then he put Jeff on

his back and placed a large induction coil around the base of his cock and

balls. He took all the leads and connected them to the various equipment.

'Jeff, you're in for another treat.'

Jeff opened his eyes and smiled, 'I don't know..if... I don't know. I'm not

sure if.... I. OK'

As Simon fiddled with the dials Jeff's cock once again inflated to a full

erection, and a few drops of urine dribbled out his pisshole and down his

shaft. A few more turns of the dials and Jeff was moaning again. He arched

his back and began to stab at the air with his hard dick, 'Oh Jesus, Oh

Christ, someone please fuck me.. someone please fuck my asshole.. Oh... Oh..

Oh.. Oh.. Please fuck my ass.'

Simon pointed to Jism, 'OK shithead, before you put your placard back on you

have my permission to fuck Jeffery and yes you can even cum.'

The redheaded pussyboy blushed a bright red; his cock got even harder than

it had been all evening; he moved between Jeff's legs and pushed his nine

inch dick all the way in to his neatly trimmed red bush (soon to be

removed).. but he wasn't thinking about that. It had been two days since

his master had let him cum and he was a very hungry candidate. He wanted to

take his time and enjoy Jeff's very juicy pussyhole, but as he thrust he

cock in and out it felt sooooo damn good; and so warm, and so tight..

surprisingly tight. Master Simon adjusted one of the dials and now Jism

felt his cock become electrified.. especially right in the very tip of his

pisshole. He said, 'oooouuuu... ooooooooouuuuu' and as a second jolt went

right through him to his own pussyhole he went over the edge and came so

hard that it hurt.

Jeff was calling out, 'Yes...Yesssss..Yesssss.. Fuck me.. Fuck me... Fuck

me.. Fuck me harder.. Fuck me harder... Fuck me harder..'

As Jism moved away from Jeff's asshole Jeff cried out, 'Oh... Oh.. Oh.. Oh..

No... No... No..No. Don't stop. Fuck me.. Fuck me... Fuck me'

Then it was Spooge's turn. The large, well built, young man stepped between

Jeff's legs, grabbed him by his sweaty ankles and plunged his boyprick into

the waiting hole.

Jeff cried, 'Oh my god... Oh my god... Oh my god... Yes... Yesssss...

Yesss.Fuck me.. Fuck me... Fuck me.'

As Spooge fucked Jeff he brought the boy's right foot to his lips and began

to chew on Jeff's toes. He sucked and licked and tongued them; then he

switched to Jeff's other foot and he kissed all up and down the boy's instep

and probed between his toes with his hot wet tongue. Once again Simon

turned a dial and a jolt of energy shot a strong blast of electric fire

through the brunette's loins and he came and came and came and came.

Spunk was next at bat, and as he took his position Simon encouraged the

other pussyboys to join in. He wanted to give the video a happy and

energetic ending. So all three pussyboys licked and sucked each other as

Spunk power fucked Jeff. Spooge sucked Jeff's cock. He got a mouthful of

warm, sweet boypiss and swallowed it greedily. Jism went to the head of the

table and gave Jeff a long probing, sucking kiss. All the while they

kissed, the two used their hands to grab and pull on each other's hair.

They held each other by their locks and continued that kiss for a very long

time. Simon let this fuck run its course. The boys had worked hard and

preformed well and their masters were more than satisfied by the results.

When all three pussyboys had finished their cum it was the masters' turn to

try out the equipment. Jake and Tony had seen Simon in action before, but

the induction ring and modified TENS unit were new so they wanted the

experience. Jake came twice, Tony three times.. and Simon... well Simon had

come a few times in his pants. So while Jism and Spooge and Spunk cleaned

his pants Simon fucked Jeff... and then he fucked Jism... and then he fucked

Spooge... and yup, then he fucked Spunk.

Finally Simon called, 'Cut.. That's a wrap!' and the evening was over.



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