Day 5 - Part 2: Scott and James

After several minutes of lascivious foot play Scott opened his eyes and

found James staring up at him. He smiled down at the boy lapping at his

ankle and James said, 'Master it would be a pleasure to serve as your

pussyboy; to have you fuck my worthless asscunt; anything to please you


Scott looked to C for guidance. C responded, 'You heard the boy. He'll be

crushed if you deny him. He'll feel like an utter failure.'

Scott blustered, 'This is all your doing. You love to meddle in my life.'

C returned the sentiment, 'Remember what I told you as your superior. You

need to heal your body sexually. Take that boy, who will probably be your

boss someday, and make him happy by fucking him senseless. The next time

you see him, HE could be giving YOU orders.'

That made Scott smile, 'Ya know David, sometimes I forget that once upon a

time you were a candidate just like this boy down here on his belly...

asking to be fucked. But you just reminded me.'

C smiled a knowing smile, 'We all start out crawling on our bellies.

Remembering that keeps us humble. Of course I was a candidate. I only hope

I made my master as proud as this cunthole, cumdump makes me. Now go fuck


Scott got up from the chair, took James by the arm and pulled him into one

of the adjoining bedrooms.


James knelt by the bed and waited for his master's instructions.

Poor Scott was more than a little nervous. After Mexico there were months

of surgery and rehab to heal his body and repair his badly damaged cock. It

had been almost a year since he'd had sex and the fact was he had no idea if

his 'equipment' would perform properly. On the other hand James had been

able to suck two good loads out of his balls in the limo... that was

encouraging. Scott needed to take hold of himself. For heaven's sake he'd

been fucking like a mad man for decades; he'd plugged dozens of great

looking guys and nailed his share of candidates along the way. He knew he'd

be OK if he could just get the ball rolling. He walked over, sat on the bed

and looked at James.

'Boy can you release yourself from hypnotic control? Have you reached that

level yet?'

James was puzzled, 'No sir. Only my master has that power.'

It had been several years since Scott had any involvement in candidate

training. He tried to remember what he'd learned, but his memory was foggy.

Scott felt tight, all wound up. He wanted to talk to James the person, not

the pussyboy. Right now Scott needed a friend; someone he could really speak

to... open up with. James could be that perfect person, almost a stranger,

someone who would absolutely keep his confidence, a man Scott could trust,

and it didn't hurt that James was extremely masculine and very handsome...

or that he was making Scott sweat.

'Do you have to call me master?'

James felt rather uncomfortable, 'What else would I call you sir?'

'Can't you just call me Scott?'

James wondered if this was a test, 'No sir, I could never be that

disrespectful. Have I offended you master? I am very stupid sir, have I

said something wrong?'

'Christ no boy, you haven't done anything wrong. Can't you take off some of

your hypnotic restraint? I know that eventually you'll be able to lift

yourself out of trance.'

James tried to think around the barriers of hypnotic restraint, 'Sir, if you

wish I could shift my perception to the 'observer level.' Then I will be

consciously aware of everything going on. Certain limits are relaxed in

that state.'

'Good Boy, do that, do that now.'

James blinked a few times, 'It's accomplished sir.'

'So what's different?'

James considered the question and his answer, 'Well sir, I guess you could

say that more of my mind is here.. more of my senses acting together. In

this state I have full use of logic, intelligence, and my ability to analyze

what's going on around me. At this level I can hear all the conversations

around me, understand them, and integrate them into my reality.'

'And what's still constrained?'

James almost laughed, 'Oh sir, a lot's missing... most of my long term

memory, my history. But sir, except for the things my master has ordered me

to lock away, I can tell you with some accuracy everything that's transpired

from the day my candidacy began, but nothing before that.'

'Do you know who you are?'

James wasn't certain he understood the question, 'I'm a cuntboy sir. I live

to serve my master.. I worship my master. I am a candidate in the

Organization. If I ever complete my training I'll become a junior

controller.. but I don't think that's ever going to happen.'

'Why not?'

James' voice dropped and he lowered his eyes, 'I keep disappointing my

master. I try my best, but there's a stubborn, strong willed part to my

personality and I can't seem to will it away or break it. It's a terrible

weakness... my greatest flaw. My master has tried many things and it hurts

me deeply that I can't seem to accomplish this for him. Sir, I would do

anything for my master. I pray that someday I can present him with this

success, as my special gift to him. I am consumed with my inadequacy. I

cannot bear to frustrate my master, and yet, it's all I seem to do.'

'James, that's not true, your master is quite proud of you. He speaks very

highly of you.'

James was incredulous, 'I think you are mistaken sir. You must be thinking

of some other candidate, a different cuntboy. I bring my master nothing but


'You just answered to your name. Is it OK for me to call you James?'

James was a bit startled, 'No one ever calls me that name... James.. it

sounds so odd. And yet, I hear it echo in my head from long ago. So sir,

if it pleases you to call me James... I will assume it's allowed.'

'Isn't there some way you can call me Scott?'

James got very nervous, 'Sir, it would be a breech of protocol. I could

force myself sir, to please you sir, but it would make me very embarrassed

and ashamed. It would be like compelling me to blaspheme, to be

intentionally disrespectful. It's done sometimes in training when a

candidate is made to bring about his own castigation. One master will order

me to disobey another so that I will intentionally bring down my own

punishment. It is done to teach us humility. If it's your wish sir,

naturally I will obey.'


James could sense the sadness in Scott and a certain reticence to begin any

sexual activity. James was not the least reserved about sex, so he got up,

climbed on the bed, got behind Scott, and began to massage his shoulders,

'Does this please you sir?'

'Yes James, that feels great.'

James stopped for a moment; helped Scott out of his jacket; folded it

neatly; and set it aside. As he continued to rub Scott's upper arms James

leaned in and began to nibble on Scott's neck. A couple minutes later while

James kissed, bit, and licked Scott's ear he opened his tie and slowly slid

it out of his collar. When James had kissed down to Scott's shoulders he

reached around; gradually unbuttoned his shirt; and snaked his hand inside

to lightly graze the sandy hair on Scott's chest. James' stiff prick

bounced against his stomach and thumped Scott's back like a big bass drum..

boom, boom, boom.

James had never gotten sexually involved as an 'observer,' and he felt like

he was seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling, and even tasting things for the

first time. Unbeknown to him other changes were taking place in his psyche;

dominoes were falling; doors were opening; walls were tumbling down.

Scott's heart began to pound, his pits got damp, and his jock got way too

small to contain his energetic fat, hard cock. James continued to focus on

Scott's neck and ears and chin and shoulders and chest.. and then using both

hands he began to finger and tease Scott's rubbery erect nipples... The

controller's troubles seemed to float away. Scott was a believer; this kid

could do EVERYTHING; he was gifted at every fucking thing. The boy was a

marvel... No, more like a wizard, a skillful magician.. there was no doubt

he had a magic tongue and magic fingers... in addition to his magic body and

his magic cock. Scott relaxed into James' expert arms.

James slid Scott's shirt out of his pants and tossed it away; he moved to

the side, gently pushed Scott back on the bed, undid his belt, opened his

zipper, and as Scott raised his hips James pulled off his trousers. Without

thinking James hopped off the bed and went to work attending to Scott's

clothing. He arranged the pants and jacket on a wooden hanger, the shirt

and tie on another, and hung them both in the closet.

When James returned to the bed, Scott, still in his jock was propped up on

his elbow, 'You didn't have to do that. Look James, I know I'm a controller

and you're a candidate. That was fine for the blow job in the car, but just

now I need a friend.. I'm feeling pretty weird.. awkward.. You probably can'

t understand any of this.. but if you're here to please my brother; if you'

re here on David's orders; if you're looking to be slavepussy for my cock;

well then, I'd rather we just take a nap together. I don't want to fuck a

cuntboy........... Jesus James, I really need a friend. Do you comprehend

anything I've said.... what I mean?'

James felt disoriented, 'You are his brother... You're my master.. you're

David's brother... It just fell into place... the relationship. WOW, you're

David's brother.'

Now Scott was puzzled, 'Yes, I'm David's brother. You know that. You've

known that all day... and even before this. I've seen you previously; at

the beginning of your candidacy. Maybe you don't remember.'

James smiled, 'Of course I remember; I could give you the date and time I

first laid eyes on you. That's not it Scott. It just made sense.

Everything fell into place. It's like seeing things properly for the very

first time. Jesus Christ, you're Scott; you're David's brother.'

Scott wondered what was happening, 'Um James, I don't want to alarm you but

you're calling me Scott.'

James was startled, 'Oh shit! Hey, I'm really sorry about that. I should

be calling you sir.. it feels so damned strange.. everything feels so

weird... like I just woke up after a very long sleep.. no, more like a very

long coma... and I know I should be frightened.. I should be terrified..

but.. but.. it's kind of exciting.. Man O Man is my dick ever hard.. I think

I'd shoot if I sneezed.. Damn!! I feel gooood.' James reached out his arms

and stretched, 'Jeeeze, I just remembered, David fucked me blind on the

flight out here. Your brother is one hell of a great fuck. Ooops! I know I

shouldn't have said that.'

Scott started to laugh, 'David, my brother David, is a great lay? I mean I

love him and admire him and I'd do absolutely anything FOR him, but trying

to imagine him as a great lover... How the hell do you get the stick out of

his ass?'

James started to laugh, and then stopped, 'Oh man Scott, you are so wrong.

David is the sweetest, kindest, most gentle man I've ever known, inside or

outside the Organization. He's also the smartest, strongest, wisest, and

most loyal person. If you don't know that then you don't know your brother

very well.'

Scott has been sarcastic, and he knew it. 'No James, you're right. I just

like to ride his ass about being so reserved and 'presentable' all the time.

When he was younger he used to cut loose.. get into trouble... break the his twenties he was wild... really wild. He's changed since he

took on all this responsibility.'

James understood more and more, 'You have no idea how hard he works. I get

to see parts of him that no one else sees. When I'm his cuntboy, sitting at

his feet, I see and hear everything that goes on, the pressure he's under.

Scott he takes on everyone's problems as his own. He worries night and day

about every person in his command. He carries around the weight of the

world, and Scott in 16 months I've never once heard him complain, or ask for

a single thing for himself.. not a single thing. Jesus, he'd kill me if he

heard me talking. Most of this, this information, is supposed to be locked

away in my subconscious.'

Scott asked, 'What the fuck is going on with you James.. your language, your

speech patterns, they're all different. What happened?'

James thought for a second, 'Hmmm I think something you said together with

something I did released me from hypnotic control. Hmmm I'm trying to dig

around in my consciousness to see what's there and what's missing.. From

what I can tell most of the constraints are gone. There are definitely some

things missing, things David ordered me to lock away, but everything else..

yes, pretty much everything else is there. Did you know I went to

Cornell?.... majored in drama. And I've been engaged, TO A GIRL! Actually

before I started my candidacy I was a raving heterosexual. I had noting

against men. They were OK, but I had plans for marriage and a family.

Looking back now, I realize I was pretty lost. My life was going nowhere

fast. I think that's why I took the leap and agreed to enter candidacy.

Fuck, if I had known what was involved I would never... NEVER have agreed to

any of it.'

Scott interjected, 'That's probably true for everyone in our little club.

None of us would have enlisted if they told us the hell we were about to

endure, but James, it's worth every blowjob and nasty fuck; .. even the

bondage and horrible discipline. This is the best group of men in the

universe. I'd do it all again. Hell, if they said it was necessary I'd

begin as a day one candidate tomorrow to keep my place here.'

James was just as eager, 'You don't have to sell me. I'm still just a pussy

on legs, but I know how valuable this training is. Besides there are larger

issues.. other reasons.'

Scott grinned, 'Yes, I know, you love my brother. That's one secret you can

't seem to keep. My god James, you fawn all over him. It's very cute, and

kind of funny.'

James turned beet red, 'Oh shit, is it that obvious. I'm always trying to

please him and god knows I'd do absolutely anything he asked, but does it

seem different from the way the other boys treat their masters?......... Oh

hell, how obvious is it?'

Scott didn't want to humiliate the guy, 'It's not tooooo bad. It's just

that you say how much you love his voice, and his face, and everything he

says, and how it kills you to disappoint him.'

James shook his head, 'I know, I know, it seems like I'm always failing him.

He must think I'm a big pain in the ass. I guess he'll be glad when and if

I ever make it to junior controller.'

Scott narrowed his eyes, 'Now I think you're being disingenuous. I think

you're doing some fishing of your own. You're around him ALL THE TIME. You

must have some sense of how he feels about you.'

James sat on the edge of the bed, 'Unfortunately, that's one of the areas in

my mind that's blocked. David's put some things under lock and key in my

brain. That includes anything he says about me in my presence. I do

remember YOU telling HIM that love would do him good and that you believed

he loved 'this kid.' I was the 'kid' wasn't I?'

Scott turned toward the younger man, 'Yup, you're the kid in question. So

how do you feel about that?'

James didn't have to think, 'I love him. It's as simple as that. If he

doesn't feel the same it will hurt like hell. I guess I'd have to live with

it; I just don't know how. Scott over all these months my respect and

admiration for David has grown; so has my affection, till he fills my

thoughts. Even when I'm under tight control I'm obsessed with pleasing him.

I'm not sure how people on the 'outside' fall in love. When I look back at

my affection for my girlfriend I realize it was nothing, not an atom of what

I feel for David. If it's possible I want to spend my life in his service.

The idea of being with him, sleeping in the same bed is like a pipe dream..

utterly impossible. Scott, I'd settle for whatever crumbs I could get.. I'

ll do anything I can just to be around him. Hell, if he won't love me back

I'll get the job as his personal assistant or his valet or his driver or his

secretary. Frankly, I don't care, but I need to be around him. And that's

how I feel about your brother. It's so fucking cool that you're his


Scott found himself wanting to make James feel better. Suddenly his own

problems seemed smaller, more manageable. He reached over and put his hand

on James' warm shoulder. James tilted his head to the side and rested it on

Scott's hand.

'Hey Scott, you've got troubles of your own. I know the basic facts about

Mexico. I flew down with David, but he refused to take me along on the

raid...too dangerous.. They called him from Juarez the night you were

kidnapped. He was on the jet twenty minutes after he hung up the phone.

Besides barking out orders he didn't say five words all the way there. I

honestly think I know him better than anyone, and I have never seen him

frightened.. never. but that night.. I've never seen him more concerned. It

scared the piss out of me.. seeing Control One troubled.. that just doesn't

happen. Scott, he nearly lost his mind looking for you. It took about 20

hours to travel there and get a fix on your location; then another 4 hours

to plan the attack; 8 hours to complete the raid; and almost 18 hours to

evacuate and get everyone where they belonged. Scott he got that first

emergency call at the end of a hard 16 hour day. All in all he was awake,

alert, and managing every detail for almost three days. When we got back he

had a full day's work waiting and no one else who could do it... Scott, I

have never heard him complain, or even say that he was exhausted. It's easy

to see why everyone who knows him loves him. You should hear what they say

when he's not around. Not only do they all adore working for him, shit they

all lust after his ass.... is it any wonder that I love him too; that I want

to belong to him any way that he'll have me?

Scott laughed, 'Don't get the wrong idea, I love him too. He's my favorite

brother and I have a whole bunch to choose from. I just like to ride his

ass about being 'management' you know, 'the man.' And I never get to see

him anymore. It seems like my family has been blown to the four corners of

the earth. And then there's Jack....'

James turned to face Scott, 'I am sorry. I'm going on about David when he's

right in the next room' and James shivered head to foot, 'ooooh sorry about

that, the thought that David is on the other side of that wall took my

breath away for a second. Scott I think that David is right; that you

should go and see your.. friend... lover.. sorry, what do you call him?'

Scott raised his eyebrows and frowned, 'I call him 'missing.' It's hard for

me to understand James. They mistreated Jack; they raped him; but they kept

him high and completely out of it. They beat the snot out of me; raped me

with everything in the room; drugged me with hormones, hallucinogens, toxins

and irritants; tortured me non stop for more than forty-eight hours

straight, and I was ready to dance as soon as I got out of the hospital. It

's over now.. all that horrible stuff.. If I can get over it, I don't

understand why Jack can't.. especially because I love him and I'm here for

him.. and Christ knows I want him.. And James... It feels reeeelly odd

sitting here, talking to you about this; when we're naked.'

James got up, waved Scott over, pulled down the bedclothes, and motioned for

Scott to climb under. A minute later the pair were under the sheets propped

up on pillows, 'Is that better?'

Scott nodded, 'Much. James, am I being an insensitive asshole? You can

tell me. Is there something I'm not seeing? Is there a reason it was so

much harder for Jack than for me?'

James considered his answer, 'I don't think you're being insensitive, but

you need to put yourself in Jack's shoes. You're the... um. alpha male. the

top dog. He's the... 'giving' partner.. more submissive. He thinks he got

you tortured. He believes it's his fault. I heard what you told David..

that Jack remembers you begging to take his place, to be tortured instead of

him. Scott he feels responsible for what happened to you. He didn't get

the short end of the stick, and his suffering wasn't worse than yours, but

he probably wishes it had been. He saw how much more they hurt you. He got

narcotics and relaxants while they made you feel every punch and kick. I'd

bet he wishes they'd hurt him more and you less. If anything he thinks they

pampered him and then forced him to watch what his easy treatment was

costing you. Think about it. They made him feel like shit. They made him

feel good at your expense. It's got to be eating him alive.'

Scott finally got it, 'Well kid, I guess you can add yet another skill to

your list. You're a fucking psychology wiz along with everything else. Do

you know how smart you are?'

James blushed crimson, 'It has nothing to do with intelligence. Scott, all

I had to do was substitute David and me for you and Jack. It would kill me

to see someone hurting David. Then to think it was my fault. And on top of

all that, to have them drug me so that I felt hot, horny and euphoric while

it was happening. I'd wind up thinking I could never look David in the eye

again. It's actually pretty simple. In that situation I'd much rather be

the one getting hurt. Any two people who loved each other would feel that


Scott lowered his head, 'Christ, I am stupid... And insensitive. Why didn't

I see it? Jack did get the rotten end of the deal. It's easy for me to

feel good because I survived all that miserable shit, and Jack wasn't badly

hurt. I'm ashamed to say that while I was in the hospital I felt like Jack'

s hero for surviving and shielding him. It turns out I'm even more

responsible for his pain. You know how this all started? It was my fault

that rotten prick, Fat Sam, came after us. He was pissed off because I

messed with his slave business. Sam swore he'd get even. If it hadn't been

for me Jack would never have been kidnapped in the first place. They

grabbed him because they knew he mattered to me.'

James answered, 'I only know bits and pieces. David told the story once, in

a lecture to junior controllers; about a rescue mission you put together to

save some young guys being held against their will by that man, Fat Sam. He

told them how heroic you guys were. He said controllers should aspire to

the same qualities as that group.... your group. He said you showed unusual

bravery against the odds and that your only incentive was helping those

kidnapped young men and their families.'

Scott wondered, 'I don't suppose he mentioned that he had to bail out our


James was not surprised, 'David wouldn't do that. It's not his style.'

Scott felt much better, 'Well James, you've help immensely. I know what I

have to do. I'm going to board my dogs for a few more days, pack my bags

again, and head for a certain clinic in the Alps. Jack doesn't realize it

yet, but he's coming home with me.. even if I have to hog tie him and carry

him here kicking and screaming.'

James grinned, 'I'm so happy I could help.'

Scott had some things to say, 'Look James, I probably should keep my mouth

shut. I know that's what David would say, but kid, I think you're the best

thing that could possibly happen for him. You could make my brother a very

happy man. James, I've seen the way he looks at you; how he watches you and

how much you excite him. I've never seen him like that before. So kid, my

advice to you is; don't take no for an answer. My big brother will do

whatever he thinks is best for YOU. If he gets it into his head that you'd

be better off without him, or that he might block your progress, or in any

way impede your ambitions, he'll remove himself from the picture AND he'll

say whatever he must to convince you to go away. If you really love him you

're going to have to stand your ground. Control One is the original Alpha

male, but he doesn't always know what's in his own personal best interests.

He'll opt for your future every time.'

James felt the lump rising in his throat, 'And you really think he's capable

of loving me; that I could be... enough.. sufficient for him. to meet his


Scott got serious, 'Awww c'mon boy. The two of you are a perfect fit. He

likes looking out for you and you seem to enjoy taking care of him. God

knows he needs someone to think about him for a change. On top of all that

you seem perfectly matched in intellect, physical strength, agility, and

temperament. You couldn't have been better matched by all of IBM's

computers. And now I need to say thanks for the advice...'

As Scott took hold of the covers and began to get up James smiled broadly

and put his hand on top of Scott's, 'Where the fuck do you think you're

going.. uh 'sailor-boy' is it?'

Scott furrowed his brow, 'What do...'

Before he could say more James moved out from under the covers and straddled

Scott's legs. He looked down into Scott's eyes, 'I seem to remember your

boss giving us a couple orders. If I don't do what my master commands he'll

whip my ass till I can't sit down. Now can't you think of a more productive

way to use this solid, well trained ass?' and James took Scott's right hand

and brought it down firmly on his left glute.

Scott was shocked, 'Look you don't have to do this. I won't say a word. It

's not necessary. You've done so much for me and I'm very grateful, but

James you love my brother...'

James put his finger to Scott's lips, 'It's because I love your brother that

I WANT to do this. Hell, if I hadn't seen David first, and you didn't have

Jack... well, you never know. Now I'd just as soon you stopped talking.

Your stiff prick is rubbing up against my balls and it's driving me crazy.

We can talk more.... after... if you have any strength left..'

Scott took Jame's finger away from his mouth, 'I see you and David have

something else in common; you both suffer from delusions of grandeur. Kid,

let's see if your ass can deliver what you lips promise.'

In one swift move Scott slid his legs from under James, brought them around,

came up on his knees, leaned forward, and pushed till he was looking down at

James lying on his back. Scott brought his lips down slowly. The first

kiss was soft and hot. They kept their mouths closed and moved around a

bit. Scott pulled away for a moment and came back for the full monty. He

was hungry; it seemed like he hadn't eaten in eleven months; like he was

starving; and James mouth was just the sustenance he was looking for. Scott

was ravenous; he used his tongue to plumb the depths of James' mouth, his

throat; as if he were searching for his soul. Suddenly James caught the

hunger and they were trading spit and lips and tongues and the very oxygen

they needed to survive. And the kiss went on. James straightened his legs

and kicked the sheets from between them. And the kiss got more urgent, more

passionate. Both men began to perspire and their cocks slipped and slid

along side each other. James reached up and took hold of Scott's brown hair

with both hands; he wanted to pull him closer, deeper. And the kiss became

more fierce. Scott brought his hands up to pet James' platinum curls, but

found himself holding the young man's head for leverage, to keep from flying

away. James felt dizzy and heavy like he was sinking into soft warm mud.

Scott felt wild and light as a feather. And the one crushed the other's

face to his own and their breathing became long gasps peppered with soft

moans. Their lips were locked, glued together; their mouths always moving

but never separating.

Scott felt his need rising... James felt his balls vibrating.. boiling. and

the kiss maintained a kind of wild inertia. Neither man felt able to

stop... to end it.. To break this kiss would be sacrilege, a sin against god

and man, so it went on. The breath they passed back and forth got hotter

and hotter... There was danger they could burn their tongues.. that their

mouths could ignite... that both men could burst into flame.. And the danger

grew with every second... but the kiss went on.. They were having trouble

breathing... their bodies began to slip and slide more as the sweat between

them lubricated their hot skin.. so much sweat.. it leaked out of Scott's

pits and drained down his arms.. it soaked James' head and dripped off his

balls.. their turgid pricks continued to beat and pulse and swell.. and the

kiss went on.. they moaned; they growled; they made noises neither man


James arched his back; the groan rose from the pit of his stomach and echoed

inside Scott's mouth; and his cock began to jettison a long thick rope of

white creamy jizz between their sopping chests. Scott's cock, along side

James', felt the boy's spasms, signaled Scott's spinal cord, and followed

suit with several volleys of translucent milky ballbutter. And still the

kiss continued... five, ten, twenty seconds later, when their minds came out

of the heavens the two men gently slowly relaxed and the kiss gradually

became two smiles.

A moment later Scott rolled onto his side next to James. They were drenched

and out of breath. Scott reached over and began to finger paint James'

chest with the two huge loads of cum that covered it. 'Well kid that was a

hell of a kiss.'

James smiled, 'How long did you say it's been since you had sex?'

Scott absentmindedly took a finger full of the spooge and brought it to his

lips. After he'd sucked it clean he said, 'Too long James, waaaaaay too


James rolled onto his elbow, 'So who's supposed to fuck whom?'

Scott furrowed his brow, 'I guess I figured that since you were a candidate

you'd be a bottom.'

James answered, 'All candidates are bottoms; that's part of the deal. Shit,

David was a candidate, do you think of him as a bottom?'

Scott grinned, 'My brother David, Control One, a bottom..' and both men

began to laugh. Their laughter grew until they were both crying and holding

their sides. They couldn't stop.

Scott tried to keep a straight face, 'No really, I suppose David could be a

bot..' and he started to convulse again.'

James stopped laughing first, 'Christ, if I get David to keep me around I'll

be taking it up the ass for the rest of my life.'

Scott looked him in the eye, 'You don't know kid. It must be difficult for

David to have to be the alpha dog of the alpha dogs twenty-four-seven. You

never know. Besides you're assuming that you're going to have some kind of

exclusive relationship. I don't think David will ever stop mastering. You

realize better than anyone; he's the best. Any candidate lucky enough to

have him as their controller is going to get a hell of a training.'

James shook his head, 'You're right. Besides I think I'd like to be a

control master someday. Do you think a relationship like that could work?'

Scott thought for a minute, 'James I don't know anyone in the Organization

who has a 'normal' relationship. There are lots of pairings, but some guys

are only together for a month here and there. As much as I love Jack, the

way I see it we'd be lucky to spend one week a month in the same bed. I

still think we could be a hell of a couple; just as committed as any married

couple and probably a lot more happy. I'll tell you this; every man in the

Organization, even the ones in their seventies and eighties, and there are a

few eighty-something's still working full time, every one has a very active

sex life. You can take that to the bank. This company keeps tabs on its

own; they make sure we all stay healthy and you know how important they

think sex is to health. I've been getting grief from every controller above

me for months. They all keep telling me to get back in the saddle OR to get

some sex therapy. You heard what my brother told me in the car... fuck, he

ordered me.'

James looked into Scott's eyes, 'And we'd better follow C's orders. Besides

he will debrief me in a day or two and everything; all of this will come

spilling out. That's the biggest problem with candidacy; we rat ourselves

out. I don't have to worry about my behavior; that someone might see me

doing something wrong, disobeying an order, being disrespectful, jerking

off, having a wet dream, goofing around in the gym, spitting on the

goddamned sidewalk; nope I don't have to worry about someone else because

every three or four days David puts me under and I tell him everything,

every single move I've made. I even go to great lengths to point out my

infractions; it's part of the process. And Scott, after my next debriefing,

when I tell David about all of this, I'll be lucky if he doesn't beat my ass

clean off my body. He is going to be soooo pissed. I think I've broken

just about every rule that exists. But, what can you do? Now let's shut up

and fuck.'

This time Scott took the lead. He flipped over and dove for James' mouth.

He parted the younger man's lips with his tongue and fucked his throat.

Scott felt hot and ready. James had managed to hit all the right buttons

and Scott was raring to go. For his part James was more than happy to

oblige. The kiss didn't last too long; Scott wanted more; he wanted to

light a fire under James' balls; give the kid a hell of a fuck; so he went

for Jame's nipples. While he pinched and twisted one he licked and nipped

at the other. James felt his own passion growing and arched his back to

push his tit further into Scott's face. Scott alternated back and forth,

from right nipple to left, pinching and biting till James was making all the

noises Scott was waiting to hear. He stuck his tongue all the way out and

began to paint James' belly with wet slimy spit; he got the boy's stomach

saturated with slick ooze and used it to lube his hands as he slid them

around James' midsection grabbing handfuls of the boy's flesh and sinew and

squeezing. A minute later Scott was soaking James' beautiful blond bush.

He firmly pressed his mouth into the boy's groin, sucking and then blowing

his hot, hot breath against James' sensitive skin. Scott backed off a few

inches and went for the kid's balls. Using his fingers Scott stuffed both

balls and most of the scrotum into his mouth; then he tongued them up and

down back and forth. He let one nut pop out from between his lips while he

carefully used his teeth to tease and threaten the other. Scott stuck his

tongue out and traced James' midline up the back of his sack onto his

perineum and then Scott was probing James' asshole. He could barely reach

it so he savagely grabbed the backs of James' knees and flipped the kid up

almost onto his shoulders. And there it was; that rosy ring of fire, smooth

and hairless. He didn't wait for requests or instructions he plunged his

tongue past the gate and James let out and noisy Yelp! of surprise.. and

then a loooooong low groan of sheer plea

Five sensual, sexual, gradual minutes later James' southern gate was nice

and sloppy wet; his dick was threatening to explode, and his face was on

fire. Scott dropped the young man's legs. He looked James in the eye

dropped his head ten degrees and swung it side to side. James got the

message and shot his legs apart. Scott climbed between them and grabbed

James' knees like the handles of a wheel barrow. He smiled down at the

gorgeous blond god and just as he was ready to rut, the light struck his

wounded prick and Scott felt a sudden wave of panic... James read it in his

eyes.. it was obvious he was having some kind of episode, perhaps a


James had to think fast. What should he do? End the tryst and offer

comfort? Push ahead and hope for the best? James did his best to analyze

his observations; a miscalculation would wound Scott further. James applied

everything C had taught him. Suddenly it seemed clear.

James pulled his legs out of Scott's grip and sat up. He took the dazed

controller by the shoulders and softly laid him down. When Scott was

settled on his back James moved close by his side; he looked down into Scott

's eyes and slowly brought his mouth down till the two were gently kissing.

As James massaged Scott's lips with his own he used his palm to graze the

hair on Scott's chest. James never penetrated the controller's mouth

instead he applied dozens of soft kisses to his face while he continued to

pet his body. This went on for several minutes till Scott seemed 'back'

inside his skin; till he returned James' gaze and smiled. As soon as James

saw 'life' he picked up his movements. He continued gentle as a pup all

over Scott's warm fuzzy body, till the supine man began to gently moan.

When James saw Scott's dick bouncing on his belly he felt terribly relieved.

This just might work. James straddled Scott's torso careful not to place

his full weight on the guy's chest. He did however, make sure to tickle

Scott's stomach with his ball sack, and he made a point of moving his warm

dangling balls all over and around the area. James slid both his hands up

and down the sides of Scott's chest, then brought them up to pet and caress

his pecs. As he shifted to lightly massage Scott's shoulders James leaned

in for another warm kiss. This time he moved his tongue back and forth over

the controller's lips, then gradually between them. As they continued to

kiss James rubbed the underside of Scott's arms; then moved his hands up

till they were touching, petting, and fingering the brown curls that swirled

around in Scott's armpits.

>From time to time James lowered his ass to caress Scott's pulsing rod with

his ball sack James felt the moisture accumulating on the controller's prick

head and dripping into his bellybutton. After moving his tongue side to

side along Scott's gums and teeth James met him chin to chin and pushing

down a bit he further opened the man's mouth. It was time to lick and

search the controller's hot wet oral cavity. Scott began to groan from the

pit of his stomach and rock side to side, so James braced himself on his

hands and laid his body down on top of Scott's. Their dicks were sliding

next to each other again.

James knew the situation called for more than simple frottage. Scott needed

an experience. James knew what he was going to do. It was a calculated

risk BUT this was David's brother, and a pretty terrific guy to boot. James

gently ended the kiss, caressed Scott's lips with his own back and forth,

back and forth then he slid down and knelt between Scott's legs. James

reached over and grabbed a pillow. He lifted Scott's legs and put them on

his shoulders; he leaned forward elevating Scott enough to push the pillow

under his ass. James spit into his palm and applied it to his stiff prick.

He drew more saliva into his mouth and carefully let it drip down directly

onto his slimy prong. He drooled into his hand, turned it ninety degrees

and wiped it liberally up and down Scott's crack. James took his time

toying with the hole, touching it, teasing it, tickling it. He fingered the

brown curls that surrounded it. He traced over it side to side, up and

down, then round and round. Scott's rosy ring pulsed and winked. The

intense excitement was having an effect. At the 'other end' Scott was

moaning from his guts and feeling an intense need to come.

James gingerly pushed his index finger past the opening. It offered little

resistance. Two fingers was a tougher sell. James had to finesse the

entrance with patience. Eventually it surrendered and Scott whispered,

'James, I've never been more ready. If you keep playing with me I'm going

to cum. I'd rather shoot with you inside me.'

James brought his torso down till he was pressing on Scott. He positioned

his prick so that the mighty Cyclops was staring into a dark damp cave.

James began to gently push as he licked and sucked around Scott's neck. Ten

seconds later James' knob popped effortless through the rubbery ring, and

the fuck was underway. Scott arched his back. James responded by lifting

his stomach off Scott's overheated cock.. it was too early to cum. James

pulled his dick head out of Scott's hole and pushed it back in, then out; in

and out, in and out, in and out; till Scott's muscular gate was literally

kissing James' glans; till there was no real point of breach, only a pushing

and stretching, more like deep kissing than penetration. Next James slid

his prick all the way home in one long sweet move. Scott felt his core fill

with James' flesh. It was as though the young man's cock belonged there, had

been missing, and was back home. When James pulled back Scott found himself

feeling empty; he reached up, put his hands on James' sides and forcefully

pulled him back, pulled his cock back inside. A rhythm developed, James

withdrew and Scott tugged him back in, out and in, give and take, back and

forth. And the passion grew along with the need. Scott felt warm and

comfortable with James' dick rammed up his ass. It felt sooooo intensely

good, and any time bad thoughts or evil memories tried to interfere Scott

looked up into James' perfect face and saw him looking down with the

kindest, warmest eyes Scott had ever seen; there was nothing but good in

those eyes.

And for the first time in a long time Scott felt safe, comfortable and

protected. This young Adonis above him, over him, sheltering him.. and the

heat in Scott's balls burst into flame. On the next in-stroke Scott reached

around James' back and pulled him down onto his chest; he lifted his head

and as Scott gave his grateful lips to his platinum rescuer his dick fired a

one gun salute; he came and he came and he came and he came. James pressed

his mouth to Scott's and, holding his body in place, he let his cock shoot

wildly into Scott's gut again and again and again and again.

One minute they were gulping for air; sweaty, and hot, and happy and the

next James felt Scott's body begin to heave. He lifted himself and realized

the controller was sobbing.

James started to withdraw his spent prick, but Scott grabbed his waist and

said, 'No, please stay inside me. It feels good.' and he lost it again and


'Scott, please tell me what's wrong. You're scaring me. Are you all


It took him a few seconds to answer, 'No, not really... but I need to tell

you how much that meant. You are a hell of a guy James. I don't know how

the hell you did that.. put me at ease.. calmed me down... Christ, you

fucked me and I loved it.. It actually made me feel better..'

James eased his body down onto Scotts and turned his head so it rested on

Scott's shoulder. 'Then why are you crying?'

Scott tried to smile, 'Oh James, I don't know exactly. I'm scared, worried,

grateful, happy.. before Mexico I hadn't bottomed since candidacy. I've

always been an alpha guy; it's one of my greatest weaknesses. My time as a

pussyboy really went against the grain; my resistance to transition came

from that stubborn need to dominate...'

James had to interject, 'You think I enjoy getting fucked by ever cock that

swings through the door? If someone had told me two years ago I'd be taking

it in the ass on a daily basis, I'd have put them into the hospital. But

Scott, I realize now, that's what makes it such a terrific gift. When I

give myself to David, I'm presenting his something I do not like offering to

ANYONE.. but, I love giving it to David. It's not a sacrifice with him; it'

s a great pleasure. In any other 'free will' situation I'd be the one


Scott smiled, 'Yes, I'm a witness.'

And they both laughed.

'But Scott, I'd give it to you... if you want... my gift to you. maybe as

your brother in law.'

Scott stopped laughing, 'God James, that's what's got me so damned scared.

Since Mexico. the torture.. the rapes. I don't think I...'

James reached up and put his fingers over Scott's mouth, 'Don't say it

Scott. You don't realize it but you're giving yourself a conscious

suggestion. The more you say what you're thinking the more it will become a

self fulfilling prophecy.'

Scott turned his head away, 'You saw what happened. I choked. I...'

Again James stopped him, 'Scott, I can fix all that. I can fix it in a few

minutes if you'll let me help. David has taught me control over my body and

dominion over my life. You're so close to him I'm not sure you realize who

his is; what he can do. Scott, he's a wizard, he's Merlin in an Armani suit;

and he's my teacher. I'll never be half the man David is, but I'd like to

spend the rest of my life trying.'

'James, you're too hard on yourself. I've seen what you can do, and it's

fucking amazing. You really think you can help me?'

James placed his hand on Scott's neck and felt around; he put each finger on

a different point and applied varying amount of pressure.

Scott said, 'Is there any..'

James snapped, 'SLEEP!' And Scott was gone.. under... in full trance.

James pushed himself up; withdrew his still firm dick from Scott's tight

warm asshole; and settled next to the 'tranced' subject.

'Scott, I know you can hear me. I want you to imagine you're on an

elevator....' Five minutes later Scott was at depth. James regressed him

five years, ten years, fifteen years; back, before Mexico, before his

candidacy, back to his happy, secure, carefree, self-assured twenties.

Scott was strong, tall, lean, hungry and feeling no pain.

So James set the scene. Scott was in his favorite dance club. He'd just

been cruised by a younger, 6'2', platinum blond, with a tight body. Problem

was the kid was arrogant and quite conceited; he was definitely jockeying

for top dog. Scott decided to change all that; take the kid home and teach

him the joys of cock riding. Scott had the edge, the kid was overeager and

green as grass; chances were the younger man hadn't ever tried bottoming.

Now they were naked in Scott's bed. James snapped his fingers. Scott sat

bolt upright, blinked a couple times and looked at him.

'So what's your name BOY?'

James smiled, 'Umm my names Jimmy.'

'Well Jimmy, why don't you come and suck on my dick.'

James' eyes sparkled, 'Mister, I don't suck, I get sucked.'

Scott put his arm around James' neck and yanked his head down into his

groin. James offered a couple seconds resistance and then went to work. He

deep throated Scott's scarred prick. It was hot and full and every bit as

hard as it had ever been. And Scott felt soooooooo GOO OOD! James whined

a bit for effect. He made some effort to pull his head away, but Scott took

hold of his platinum curls and firmly held him there. James sucked and

slurped and really, really Hoovered that swollen prong.

'Oh yes Jimmy, you're doing reeeeel good. That's it boy, suck it all the

way down.. way into your throat.. Oh yeah, now swallow and swallow on my

deck head so it feels like I'm fucking your throat.. Jimmy, I'm gonna teach

you to love sucking dick. turn you into my own little cocksucking whore...

make you hungry for the taste of pricks and balls and cum. Shit boy, twenty

minutes from now you're gonna be begging to nurse on my cock all over


With his other hand Scott reached down and roughly jerked James' bouncing

tool. The boy whined some more, but converted the plaintive noise into one

of growing pleasure; his breath whooshing in and out of his nose. Scott

pulled the boy's head away and then returned it... away and returned it...

away... till James whined for him to put it back. Scott finally relaxed his

grip and the kid held fast using his own hands to grab Scott's hairy thighs

for leverage. Finally Scott slid down so he could join in the activity and

suck James' throbbing cock. They slurped and sucked for several minutes.

James got creative and tickled Scott's balls while he tongued his dick.

Scott lifted James' leg and tossed it over his own shoulder. While he

continued to mouth the boy's thick prick he began to rub around the muscular

pucker. James purred and moaned without any thought. It really felt good.

Scott released Jame's cock and worked his tongue under the kid's balls. He

tongued James' lateral line all the way down to his smooth pink asshole and

then he went wild, rimming that pucker and poking it with his finger. When

James' tried the same thing Scott reached down, grabbed James' hair and put

him back to work on his cock and balls. He wanted 'Jimmy' to know that his

ass was off limits. James was more than a little pleased, and naturally


However, Jimmy didn't like it, groaned.. then raised his head. '.um, Mister,

ain't no way you're gonna fuck my ass. Play all ya want, but..'

Scott shot back, 'Shut the fuck up and get on my balls or I'll put you over

my knee and spank you like the snotty punk you are.' James smiled, Jimmy

grumbled, but they both obliged. James, the consummate professional, knew

exactly where to lick, push, tweak, and tickle. It wasn't long till

thoughts of fucking the kid senseless filled Scott's mind. He pulled his

balls out of James' mouth, forcefully turned the younger man around, and

threw his legs over his shoulders.

Jimmy was quick to take offense, 'No way man.. keep your fuckin' prick away

from my asshole.'

Scott smiled a very knowing smile, 'Jimmy, I'm not going to fuck you unless

you beg me. You're gonna have to beg me like the whore you are.. and boy, we

both know you're just a horny slut.'

Jimmy answered, 'Mister, you should jerk off 'cause ain't no way you're

screwing me, ain't no way I'd beg you for shit.'

Scott went to work. He pulled James' butt higher and higher till he could

have total access to the boy's hole.. And he began to lick and suck and

graze it. After a minute the boy was moaning. Scott tongue fucked the

pucker, then quickly replaced his tongue with his finger. He pushed and

prodded till he found Jimmy's prostate. He knew just what to do. Meanwhile

both James and Jimmy were having the time of their lives. James was

especially savoring the fruits of his efforts, watching Scott reclaim his

natural masculinity.

Scott replaced one finger with two and madly worked the kid's prostate.

Jimmy didn't complain; he groaned and began to writhe. Scott reached around

with his other hand and fingered James' cock and balls. It was pushing the

boy's limits.

After several minutes of intense activity Jimmy was half out of his mind

with lust and desire. He was arching his back, writhing and bouncing all

over the bed. Finally, when he couldn't take another second, Jimmy spoke,

'Umm.. OK mister.. I guess you can put your dick in me if you really want


Scott increased his efforts, 'No way kid. I've decided NOT to fuck you. I

don't feel like it any more.' He let go of Jimmy's dick, and focused all

his efforts on his turgid, pulsing cum gland.

James thrust his hips up as far as they could go, relaxed for a second; then

repeated the action, faster and faster, up and down, up and down, up and

down, insanely fucking the air, but he got no relief. The need in his belly

and balls grew and grew and grew, 'Come on mister.. you win. I'm ready.. it'

s OK. honest. You can fuck me.'

Scott added another finger and squeezed harder. James' cock was drooling

like a leaky faucet. The prejizz ran down his belly and between his pecs.

When he arched his back the crystal goo dripped from the tip of his prick

directly onto his lips and chin.

Jimmy was getting desperate, 'C'mon mister. I said it... You win. I want you

to fuck me. Fuck me now! Don't be an asshole. FUCK ME!'

Scott looked up, 'Beg me.. nicely.. politely. convince me of your sincerity.

BEG ME BOY, BEG ME!.. like the whore you are. like a big pussy!'

Jimmy surrendered, 'Aw mister please fuck me.. please, pleeeeeze.

PLEEEEEEEZE FUCK ME...Mister.. Sir....'

Scott grinned, 'MORE!..... ask me sweetly, like a hot, horny, slut.'

Jimmy batted his eyes, 'Mister, I would appreciate it a lot if you could

please fuck my ass. I am greatly sorry if I was a snotty prick before. I'm

a whore, mister. a horny slut. WHATEVER YOU SAY!! I'M BEGGING YOU MISTER!

Please, please, please, please, please fuck me with your big cock..... SIR'

Scott pulled his fingers out of the boy's ass, 'That's better. Now boy, I'm

gonna fuck you like the punk you are.' He lowered Jimmy's hips and without

any finesse at all he plowed the entire length of his dick straight in.

Scott's balls slapped Jimmy's ass and both men moaned. They were both

breathing hard; they were drenched, bathed in sweat. Hot salty perspiration

was dripping, trickling, and pooling everywhere. The room filled with the

heady smell of men and come and wild animal sex.

Scott began to pile drive James' ass. The younger man closed his eyes and

swung his head back and forth. The fuck was transporting them both deeper

and deeper into the dark humid regions of the jungle. The rhythm increased

till Scott was pounding Jimmy FULL FORCE; the sound of his sweaty balls

slapping the boy's wet slippery ass echoed in the room once, then twice,

then three times a second.

Scott said, 'Boy, kiss me.. Rise up and give me your lips.'

Without thinking Jimmy said, 'I don't kiss dudes.'

Scott barked, 'WRONG ANSWER!' and stopped dead. 'You've got two seconds to

kiss me and thank me for the best fuck you've ever had, or I'm going to get

off the bed and toss your ass out of here.'

Inside James was yelling, 'Yes! Yes! Yes!'

Jimmy simply threw his arms around Scott's neck and offered the soggy

chested conqueror his thick, moist lips. James opened his mouth wide to

give Scott full access and total dominion over the kiss and anything else he

might demand or desire. Scott staked his claim with his tongue and reamed

Jimmy's face. As Scott dominated every inch of the boy's body he slammed

his prick home again and again and again.

Scott held his position as he shot his load deep inside of James, who

returned the action volley for volley, glob for glob, streamer for streamer,

and pearl for pearl.

When both their pricks were spent and Scott seemed ready to relax James took

his hand; carefully placed his fingers along the controller's neck; and

applied some pressure. Scott softly crumbled onto James' chest and James sp

oke. 'Scott, when I let go you're going to come back to this place and this

time. You will remember everything; every word, every move, every feeling.

You're going to recall how hard your cock was; and it was hard as cement, as

full and thick and firm as it EVER was, as full and thick and firm as it

every was. hard as stone Scott, it was hard as stone. You'll remember it

all and realize that nothing's changed; nothing's changed; nothings changed.

You're the strong, virile man you've always been; the strong virile man you'

ve always been; the strong virile man; strong man; strong man; strong man.

REMEMBER!' And James took his fingers away.

Scott's eyes fluttered, then opened, 'Jesus Christ, that was fucking wild.'

He pushed himself up with his arms; gently got off of James, rolled onto his

side; and propped himself up on his elbow.

'James.. or should I call you Jimmy? What can I say? I wish there was some

cool way to show you how grateful I am.'

James pointed to Scott's prick. It was still solid granite, 'That my

friend, is all the thanks I need.'

Scott thought of something, 'It's not exactly a 'thank you,' but James; I'm

going to be rooting for you and my brother. I will do everything I can to

encourage him to follow his heart. I want you to be together; to make each

other happy.'

James said, 'I appreciate that. I do have question.'

Scott answered, 'Ask, what is it you want to know?'

James had noticed something, 'I was just wondering. You're a senior control

and you don't have the scar.. the Organization icon on your arm.'

Scott laughed, 'Oh that. First, don't ever let them hear you refer to it as

a scar or a brand.. they're very sensitive. It's the Organization icon.'

James chimed in 'Oh sorry, I know the drill. It's the icon, burned into

you, till it's an indelible part of your body, your heart, and your soul.

It is permanent, and can never be removed.'

Scott continued, 'That's right, but you're used to seeing my brother and his

Control buddies. They all had the icon seared onto their left biceps. very

ostentatious. It's fine for the guys who spend all their time around

Organization men, but for the rest of us, it would be a pain in the ass

every time we used a public gym, went into a locker room, or onto a beach.

Everybody would want to see it, touch it, and know what it means. So I had

mine placed on the inside of my left thigh. That way only the guys I want

to impress get to see it. Here look for yourself.' Scott bent back his left

leg, grabbed his ankle, and exposed the inside surface of his thigh.

James bent over for a closer inspection. He had to move Scott's balls out

of the way to get a good look, which caused the controller's dick to jump

and stiffen a bit more. And there it was; a three inch triangle with the

symbols for man and infinity in the center. James saw how intricate the

design really was. Each point of the triangle was an individual V-shaped

burn that abutted the others; the symbol for man had three separate pieces;

and infinity was actually two loops joined together.

James sat back and finished the company creed, '.. and even though you smell

your flesh burning all you feel is pride.. because there is no pain once you

know control.. So Scott who did yours?'

Scott remembered like it was yesterday, 'Pax applied my icon, freehand, with

a set of small irons. It took almost an hour and was probably the happiest

day of my life.'

James was impressed beyond words. It was very unusual for the head of the

Organization to affix the icon. It was an enormous honor given to only a

handful of super achieving senior controllers, and meant that Scott had

distinguished himself above and beyond the call of duty.

James had a thought in mind, 'Scott there is something.'

Scott was eager, 'Name it. Whatever it is, it's yours.'

James said, 'I want you to show me what you're going to do the next time you

and Jack are alone together... Act it out with me... here... now.. your

love.. how much you've missed him... that you cannot; will not live without

him. That's what I want.'

Scott was a little dazed, 'You want me to pretend you're Jack and have sex


James explained, 'Not just sex Scott; I want you to make love to me as

yourself, the person you are now.. healed. And I want you to imagine I'm


Scott's respect for James kept growing. The kid had been operating at full

throttle all morning, always at his master's beck and call. He'd given a

flawless performance of gymnastic agility and super sexual control; after

which he'd acted out his crawling seduction ritual, and since they'd come

into the bedroom he'd done the lion's share of physical exertion. James

should have been exhausted and sexually spent. Instead he wanted to do

more; to help Scott further; to insure his sexual healing.

Scott did a little reconnoiter; he'd come twice in the limo and twice in the

bedroom. (Thank you James times four.) He wondered if he'd be able to cum

a fifth time in less than four hours. He decided: what the fuck, it was

worth a shot.

Scott said, 'After everything we've shared today I'll do whatever you ask.'

James smiled, 'Now that you're back to your old self, I want you to fuck me

with wild abandon. Show me how it will be when you're back with Jack..

passionate Scott.. hungry.. full of feeling.. and need.'

Scott replied, 'But James, what's in it for you?'

James got very serious, 'While you're making love to Jack through me I'll be

making love to David through you. I'll be your Jack; you'll be my David.'

Scott nodded, 'Man O man, that's a tall order, but I'll sure as shit try. I

'll try my best.'

James lowered his eyes and whispered, 'But Scott, don't talk, show me all of

it with your body. Tell me with your cock, your cock, your cock. Show me

with your cock.'

And that's exactly what he did. It took the better part of an hour. The

love, the sex, the passion were intense. The fervor smoldered and ignited;

the heat threatened to roast them both alive... and it grew and grew.. till

they felt the flames lapping at their balls.

Their bodies slid one across the other; their flesh pressed; their muscles

flexed; and their skin touched and rubbed and generated a sexual static

electrical charge that drove them on.

They necked and sucked and kissed; then they fucked like animals, wild

rutting beasts. They stopped and climbed into the shower. While the hot

water battered their bodies Scott pushed James up against the wall and

penetrated him with so much force that he almost drove them both through the

ceramic wall. As much as Scott battered James' hot ass, James assaulted

Scott by grabbing fistfuls of his fleshy sinew and holding on.

They didn't bother toweling dry as they left the shower stall; their

excitement was too heated, too intense. They found themselves at the

window; James sitting on the sill, holding onto Scott's thick muscular neck

for dear life, while the controller fucked him hard against the glass.

Pounding. Pounding. Pounding. Pounding.

On top of the coffee table James' ass kept sliding north then south to meet

the slam-bang of Scott's hard cock reaming, pile-driving his pulsing hole.

James bit Scott's lip drawing blood and a cry of joy-pain-pleasure. Their

mouths locked in a sealed kiss and Scott's exhaled breath became James'

inhaled air. And they never missed a beat; cock thrusts, balls slap ass;

cock withdraws; prostate quivers; cock thrusts, balls slap ass; cock

withdraws; prostate quivers; cock thrusts, balls slap ass; cock withdraws;

prostate quivers..

James felt his head slamming into the wall inside the closet, his legs

wrapped around Scott's beefy, sweaty, hairy hips, while Scott drove his

prick home, over, and over, and over, and over; their eyes locked, frozen in

a stare. Neither man had any idea how they got there. By now they were one

giant powerful fucking machine; so they fucked and they fucked and they

fucked and they fucked.

A moment later they were rolling on the carpet; every revolution push-pulled

Scott's cock into-out-of the younger man's hole, into-out-of, into-out-of,

into-out-of. They roared and snorted and growled, and rolled and rolled and

rolled. When Scott was on top he threw back his head and howled; when James

was on top he threw back his head and howled; when Scott was on top he threw

back his head and howled; when James was on top he threw back his head and


James standing, Scott standing; they fucked. Scott sitting, James

straddling; they fucked. James in front, Scott behind; they fucked. James

bending, Scott crouching; they fucked. James on top, James on the bottom;

they fucked. Scott bucking and vaulting, James biting and sucking; they


Then they were on the bed; under the covers, face to face, front to back,

groin to groin, crotch to butt, around and around and around; they fucked

and fucked and fucked.

Each licked and sucked and kissed every inch of the other's face and chest

and neck; they fucked and fucked and fucked.

James came once, twice, three more times between the bed and the closet and

the roll on the floor.

At first Scott had been concerned about how often he'd come, squirted,

ejaculated, shot his load. It proved foolish. He came once in the shower,

again in the closet and finally as the insane coupling, the wild ride, the

hurricane/ tornado/ tsunami/ tidal wave/ volcano/ earthquake moved toward

calmer ardor they blew one more batch of ball sauce at the same time, in

perfect harmony, exactly together in the very last moment; as they melted

into one soft gentle angel's kiss.

The two shared more in those few hours together than many valiant lovers

share in a lifetime. They traded their most intimate secrets and exposed

their gravest doubts and fears. And as odd as it may seem, although they

didn't become lifetime lovers, it was as if they had. They were

inextricably joined for life by a bond as strong as any ever was between two


Scott spoke first, 'So were you able to close your eyes and imagine I was


James looked into the distance, 'Scott, when we came into this room and I...

woke up; well, I was myself, here with you, and it was pretty great, but

before today.. It was always David. Even before he let me remember his face

or his voice; it was his smell, his skin, his cock. The day after I was

inducted, David did my first debriefing and I felt a huge pull. I was

incredibly drawn to him. By the time I was assigned to David, to be his

boy, I knew that I was bonded to him; that I loved him. So, how'd you do?

Were you able to see me as Jack?'

Scott smiled, 'Maybe a little, but I kept coming back to this room and you.

You're one hot kid; you nearly drove me out of my mind. At least I'm ready

for Jack now. I know what I'm going to say, and I won't take no for an

answer. I think we'll be OK. Do me a favor and don't tell my brother how

little faith I had in our methods. it was my depression talking not me.'

James turned toward the controller, 'Scott, I have to tell your brother

everything. There's no way around it. In a day or two, at my regular

debriefing, he'll ask me for a self-report and I'll tell him every tiny

detail my mind deems important. I couldn't block it if I tried. but don't

worry, David will understand.. your part. I'm in for a hell of a dressing

down and punishment. I don't think anyone's ever screwed up this bad. I've

broken lots of rules and every one is a major infraction.'

Scott reached over and rubbed James' chest, 'I promise to talk with my

brother. Did you see the way he handled Roberto; how genial he was; how

forgiving. James he has a lot more feeling for you than Roberto. I think

he'll understand.'

James shook his head, 'It would be different if I were a controller, but

Scott I know the rule book backwards and forwards; my violations are pretty

serious. David's going to have to make an example of me. Otherwise it will

look like he's showing favoritism. I'm in for the mother of all sanctions.

He might even throw my ass out. It's my own fault. It's all my fault.'

Scott was getting annoyed, 'Why is it you have such empathy for everyone but

yourself? Listen up. You leave it to me. If anyone can handle this

problem I can. Kid, you forget David's my big brother. I know how to

prevail on all his weaknesses. Besides, if he gives me too much shit, I'll

call our mom and tell on his ass. I want you to shut the fuck up and have

some faith. Let Scottie handle everything.'

Scott opened his arms and signaled with his flapping hands that he wanted

James to move closer. A minute later James' arms were wrapped around Scott

and he was resting his head on the older man's furry chest. Scott ran his

fingers through the boy's platinum curls with one hand and patted his back

with the other.

They stayed in each other's arms for several minutes. Scott dozed briefly

and when he awoke the man he knew as James had gone and left his alter ego,

the cuntboy, in his stead.

Scott realized the necessity and was grateful there hadn't been a sad,

tearful parting. Instead James had retreated and his magnificent boy had

come to take his place.

The candidate helped Scott dress. The pair looked as if they'd just

finished several triathlons, totally spent but glowing, warm and rosy.

When they were both in 'better' order and it was time to return to the

sitting room, James went down on all fours prepared to crawl into the room.

That's where Scott drew the line.

'Boy, I absolutely insist that you walk beside me. I promise you it is all

right. It is what I wish and I want you to understand that I'm doing it out

of gratitude for your service and NOT to embarrass you. Now walk beside me.

If it scares you, then hold my hand.'

And that's exactly what James did. He felt more than a little apprehensive,

a pussyboy walking on two legs into a room full of controllers. He'd be

lucky if he wasn't beaten bloody, but a senior control insisted and that

took precedence.

C was startled to see his boy walk into the room; then he noticed that Scott

was holding his hand. As soon as both men had entered C made a single rapid

hand gesture and James was kneeling at his side. The boy began to feel safe

once again, back under his one true master's aegis.

C spoke first, 'Scott I heard some very unusual sounds emanating from that

room. I would swear I heard my boy, this boy, talking and laughing, and

even crying out. Can you explain that? Does he need correction? What the

hell happened in there?'

Scott was absolutely firm, 'David I'm going to ask you a favor as your

brother. If you love me; if you have any affection for me at all; I want

you to indulge me in this matter. Please David, let the boy erase what

transpired between us in that room; let him put it out of his mind. Please

David, don't force him to reveal it.. even to you. I'm really begging you.'

C wasn't sure how to answer, 'Why Scott? What happened that he needs to


Scott wasn't deterred, 'Look David, don't make this difficult. Let's just

say that if he reveals what happened in there it would be horribly...

permanently. terribly embarrassing for ME. So that's why I'm asking.

Please let him forget what happened between us in that room. Will you do

that for me?'

C was in a quandary, 'It's not that simple. His brain isn't a hard drive

with a delete button. I can't make him forget anything. Some things,

important secrets and suggestions that are potentially damaging to him, I

can lock them away from his consciousness.. temporarily, but Scott, it's all

there, AND it all remains available to me. It has to be that way.'

Scott wouldn't budge, 'Then figure something out. I'm not taking no for an


C reached over and patted James on the head, 'Perhaps there is something...

James, look at me.'

The boy turned and stared into his master's eyes. The sound of his name put

him into a highly suggestible state. Anything C said now would have maximum


C began, 'James, I want you to focus on everything that just transpired

between you and Scott in the bedroom. Do you have it all in your mind?'

James said, 'Yes, master all of it.'

C continued, 'James, Scott has asked that you be allowed to put these

events, all the details, away from examination for a while. Your

programming won't allow you to forget it or to block it permanently, but if

you are agreeable you may store it away, even from me, your controller,

until after you are no longer a candidate. At that time you will be free to

expose the information, or if you like, you can keep it to yourself. Do you

understand? It is your choice boy. Tell me what you wish.'

James hesitated for a minute, 'Master, it disturbs me to keep things from

you. Will this further disappoint you with my behavior sir?'

Scott shook his head. This kid was so head over heels he wouldn't even

protect himself. He'd rather suffer the wrath of god than disappoint his


C moved ahead, 'James, it will not disappoint me. Scott would like you to

lock the information away. I want you to do what you think is best.'

James thought for a moment and responded, 'Master, as long as it will not

disappoint you or displease you, then I would like to block what happened

until my candidacy is completed. However master, if at any time you want me

to divulge the information you only have to ask.'

C concluded, 'Return to observer James, and get back to my feet.'

James was quick to act. At some point C had replaced his shoes so James had

the pleasure of starting one of his favorite activities from the very

beginning. He gently took hold of C's right foot and began to remove the

soft leather loafer.

As C settled back into his chair, Scott grabbed the newspaper, and Dr John

reentered the room looking relaxed and refreshed.

John looked around, 'I dozed off in the tub. I feel like I slept for days.

Did I miss anything?'

As Scott and C smiled at each other there was a knock at the door. John was

up so he answered it. Almost as soon as he turned the knob, four more

senior controllers piled into the room. C had been expecting them. He

turned slightly in his chair and said, 'Gentlemen come in please. I know

you all remember my brother Scott. Scott, these guys were part of the team

I brought to Mexico. You've met them before, over the years. Please guys

introduce yourselves.'

Scott did remember every face. He knew Joel and Simon by name and was

reintroduced to Cal and Tony. The men all took seats and began to talk.

Simon was curious, 'Well C, why did you call us here?'

C remained cryptic, 'You'll understand everything shortly. For now here's

what you need to know. I'm expecting the arrival of a young reporter,

Kenneth Fitzpatrick. He works for the Hollywood Sentinel, and a couple

weeks ago he took a picture of one of our seniors in a compromising position

with his candidate, a well know celebrity. This punk newspaper man is

trying to use this photograph as leverage for some kind of extortion. He'll

be here any minute and... let's just say that I'm ready for him.'

The other men smiled and were happy they weren't in the reporter's shoes.

Whatever C had planned for the punk wasn't going to be pleasant. It would

probably be instructive and educational for the young man... edifying, but

no doubt the kind of lesson that came at a high price... and a good deal of

punishment. They all wondered what C had in mind and how they'd be

involved. They knew it had to be an elaborate scheme because C had called

in the troops for its execution. They were certain there was a great

adventure brewing and knew that by the time it was finished they'd have

another fantastic 'C story' to carry home with them. A certain giddy

anticipation began to build in the room.

Twenty minutes later there was another knock at the door. This one was more

restrained, perhaps a little timid. C sent most of the men into one of the

anterooms and told them to watch by way of closed circuit television. He

had John and James remain behind. While C sat in his chair with James at

his feet, he asked John to answer the door. The trap was set.



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