Day 5 - Part 1: Roberto and Rick

In the Organization's suite at the posh Los Angeles hotel, Roberto paced

back and forth while his charge, the Latino boy singer, knelt naked on the

floor, wondering why his master seemed so distraught.

It was terribly strange for Roberto to be nervous. He'd spent forty years

developing his suave sophistication. At 6'2' tall, 160 lbs, with wavy black

hair, deep brown eyes, bronze skin and a square jaw he was truly a G Q kind

of guy. In street lingo he was built like a brick shithouse.. and he knew

it. He'd breezed through candidacy thirteen years ago, dazzling his masters

with his beauty; proved himself a gifted human resources exec interacting

smoothly with senior controllers while he was still a junior. His career to

date had him on the fast track to leadership. Then he asked for a more

challenging assignment; to master a candidate with a 'public' life, a young

Latin singing star, and 'Rick' entered the picture.

Roberto knew from day one that he was intensely attracted to the

twenty-eight year old boy, but he thought he could handle it; keep it in

check; not let his personal feelings get in the way. Complications ensued;

the kid was equally drawn to his controller, and it was more than the usual

candidate 'transference.' Rick began to fall for Roberto the first time they

met, days before any of his hypnotic training began. In a matter of weeks

lust gave way to love and the pair were hopelessly entangled.

All the responsibility for this mess was going to fall on the Roberto's

shoulders. He was the seasoned control master, well aware, from the start

that he should notify his superiors; tell someone that he had been

compromised. The boy would have been assigned a new controller and his

training would have continued. But Roberto choked; he let his feelings

cloud his judgment and he tried to act as both the kid's supreme overlord

AND his lover... an untenable dichotomy, especially from the beginning of

the boy's candidacy. Roberto was making love to his charge, frequently

releasing him from his hypnotic state in order to screw each other

senseless. Now it was the boy's training that was hopelessly fucked! He'd

need a complete evaluation and would probably have to re start his candidacy

from beginning. under a new mentor. A problem this severe had never

occurred. Till now they'd been detected early and corrected.

Roberto worried about his future in the Organization, but he was scared

shitless of being permanently separated from Rick... the boy he loved with

all his heart and soul. C had it in his discretion and power to send them

to opposite ends of the earth. Roberto had been weaned on warm

Mediterranean breezes; now he imagined the freezing winds blowing through

him at his new posting in Siberia. That was his nightmare; BUT C could make

it real with the stroke of a pen. Roberto knew how much Rick wanted to be

part of the Organization, how happy he was to be a candidate. He also knew

C was capable of erasing this love affair from Rick's brain, making it all a

distant echo. Roberto was well aware what C could do, but he had no idea

what in fact he would do.

The knock at the door almost sent Roberto into cardiac arrest. He jumped a

foot, then ran to answer. It was his very good friend John, the doctor who

had gone through candidacy with him.

John, looking dapper as hell, entered, 'Hey Rob, how goes it?'

Roberto was tight as a drum, 'Oh Christ John, I've really messed up this

time. C's got to be pretty angry. I've done everything wrong, gotten

personally involved with my candidate, acted like an idiot and I may have

compromised the Organization. Can you tell me anything? You know C a lot

better than I do. How mad is he? What do you think he's going to do?'

John forced a smile, '.. um, you sure did screw the pooch man. Why the fuck

didn't you tell someone, me for instance, you had a problem? When we spoke

two weeks ago you said you had everything handled... You didn't have things

'handled;' you just kept fucking around till you got caught. And holy shit,

Rob, you got caught by a goddamned reporter.. a reporter. You can bet your

ass C is going to be pissed. He has to fly out here and straighten out YOUR

mess. If I were you I'd be practicing my supplication... ..... on my


Roberto asked the more pressing question, 'Johnny, do you think.. would he..

Will C separate us, me and Rick, forever? What can I do?. What should I

do?.. Oh Christ, Johnny, I love this kid. If C says we can't ever see each

other again, it will kill me. Oh God Johnny... will he? Tell me what you


John shook his head, 'Jesus Rob, you've got more important issues to worry

about. You don't seem to realize that you screwed up that boy's, YOUR BOY'

S, candidacy. It sounds like you're only thinking about yourself. YOU

messed up, but your boy is going to pay for it. What about him?'

Roberto stared at the floor, 'You're wrong John, I'm thinking about him too.

He feels the same way. He doesn't know anything about this problem... doesn

't know about the photograph.. or that C is coming. I made sure the boy has

no idea there's a problem that could separate us forever. I don't know what

he's going to do. He says he loves me as much as I love him.'

As John was about to answer there was movement at the door, and a moment

later C entered the room followed by Scott and James.

Once in the room, James was quickly out of his clothes and on his knees

beside the chair his master had indicated with a nod. C went to the bar,

took a deep breath, got a glass of cold water with a twist, walked over to

the chair, and sat down. He raised his hand and James immediately removed

his shoes and began to massage his feet.

As the other men found places to sit C said, 'Roberto collect your boy and

come over here where we can talk.'

Roberto moved to the loveseat across from C and motioned for Rick to come

with him. Roberto sat; Rick knelt at his feet with the parachute harness he

was so 'attached to' dangling from his balls

C had Roberto put his boy into a hypnotically receptive state so that he

could hear and understand everything he was about to hear. Then C began,

'Roberto, you've made a substantial error and you should have known better.

This affair with your charge began the day he was first assigned. I can't

tell you how disappointed I am in your unprofessional behavior. You've done

yourself, this boy, and the Organization a titanic disservice.

Here's what's going to happen. The candidate, Rick, will immediately be

assigned a new control master. He's going to have to drop out of the public

eye for perhaps two months, for reassessment and training. We will do our

best to correct your mistake. I will see that the boy gets the necessary

guidance and instruction he'll need to make junior control successfully. He

will be made whole.

Roberto, I have transferred you to our office in Naples for the next year.

During that time you will have NO contact with THIS candidate, nor any other

candidates nor anything to do with the training program; NEXT you will be

assigned a staff psychiatrist for a complete psych evaluation and whatever

counseling he deems appropriate; NEXT should you wish to master in the

future I will require that you repeat the entire training course. Roberto,

if you complete the next year without incident; if you do not try to contact

Rick for that entire year; if our counseling staff give you a clean psych

report; if Rick satisfies his candidacy; then if, at that time, you BOTH

wish to see each other; I, we, the Organization will not interfere. Is that

all clear Roberto?'

With tears clouding his eyes and a lump rising in his throat, Roberto leapt

from his seat, pulled C out of his chair, and gave him a crushing hug,

'Thank you C. God, I don't know what to say... Thank you!. Thank you!..

Thank you!'

C returned the hug, perhaps not so enthusiastically, as both pussyboys

watched in stunned amazement at their masters' unusual display. James had

been programmed to ignore most controller interaction, but this was so

strange and unexpected that part of his mind had gone on alert, in case his

master was in some sort of danger.. and another part of James felt a pang of

jealousy seeing another man display such affection to his.. to David.

When the two men parted C thought for a moment. He had one more detail to

consider, one last matter to settle. He walked over to the 'Hollywood

handsome,' honey skinned crooner kneeling next to the love seat. He put his

hand under Rick's chin and brought the boy's eyes in line with his own.

When he let go a second later the candidate's head remained frozen in place,

his gaze locked into C's. C tapped the boy's forehead with his index finger

and said, 'Deeper... and deeper.. and deeper.'

The young man's whole body relaxed... but his eyes never moved a millimeter

from C's, or blinked.

C continued, 'Boy, I am speaking directly to your unconscious. I want only

the absolute truth. Nothing else. How do you feel about your master,


Without a moment's hesitation he responded, 'Sir, I love him with my whole


C responded, 'Has he given you any suggestions.. any suggestions at all that

might have influenced your feelings?'


C thought for a second, 'Have you ever felt this way about any other man or



C responded, 'Do you give yourself freely to him?'

'YES SIR'... then the hint of a smile and, '.. as he gives himself freely to


C finished, 'That's quite enough Boy. You may now return to your relaxed

state.'.. and he snapped his fingers.

C turned to Roberto with a benevolent smile, 'Look... um. Roberto.. I'm

going to break protocol and give you and your Boy... some time to say

goodbye.. Use the suite at the end of the hall. You won't be disturbed for

the next.. couple hours. Someone will call you when the cars arrive to take

you each to your next assignment. Throw a bathrobe on the kid, and get the

hell out of here.'

For the second time in five minutes Roberto had C in a bear hug. He

understood why everyone who knew C loved him so completely. C was truly a

man's man, who understood human weakness and love, and knew that when men's

hearts overruled their heads it wasn't necessary to respond with draconian

measures; that forgiveness could be the forge that wrought a sinner to a

saint.. and C was not a hypocrite. In the back of his mind were all his

misgivings about James. How could he come down on Roberto with both feet

when he had the same feelings boiling in his own belly? C was hoping the

benevolent forces in the universe were looking down to guide him in making

his own arduous decision... to love James.. or not.. to give in. or to deny

his feelings and himself. C felt almost as lost as Roberto.

Meanwhile Roberto raced to one of the suite's bathrooms and grabbed a folded

terry robe; he flew out, picked Rick off the floor, threw the robe over the

boy's shoulders, hustled him out the door and down the hall. Even before

the automatic door to C's suite closed they all heard the door at the other

end of the hall slam with great force. The lovers were no doubt saying


Scott looked at his brother, 'Oh my god, you old softie you. I wouldn't

have believed it if I hadn't seen it.'

C wasn't amused, 'Shut the hell up. What did you think I was going to do...

send him into exile somewhere... cut off his balls.. Under the circumstances

I did what was reasonable.'

John interjected, 'C, I have to say that I expected you to get angry, blow

up, do some yelling. I was surprised by your restraint.. You do have a

pretty famous temper.'

C answered, 'Don't you think Roberto has been screaming at himself. I'd bet

his conscience had been driving him crazy. There's nothing I could have

said that would have been worse than what he's been saying to himself.

Getting angry or making a lot of noise wouldn't have been productive. As it

is they're going to be separated for a year. If they really do love each

other that's going to be punishment enough...... And what the fuck was that

crack about my 'famous temper?'

John tried to back peddle, 'Nothing. I shouldn't have said that..'

Before he could finish Scott added, 'Get out of town David, I've seen you

take a guy's head off at the neck for pissing you off.'

C's temper was in fact rising, 'ONLY when it's USEFUL. I'll scream and yell

if it serves a purpose. I'm happy to drop the hammer if the situation calls

for it.. to correct a candidate... to put a junior control in place.. to

make absolutely certain that EVERYONE in the room understands just how

serious I am... THEN I'll let loose, but what horrible offense did Roberto

commit? He fell in love for Christ's sake. I'll be fucked before I use

automatic weapons on a guy for losing his head after losing his heart...

besides, I can fix this with a few hours of my time. Sure that boy, Rick,

is going to have to repeat a big chunk of his candidacy, but that's not

going to harm him in the long run.. and it's just possible he found

something almost as valuable.

Scott was taken aback, 'Holy shit brother, I think you're becoming.... a


C raised an eyebrow and wore the hint of a smile, 'I'd like to think I've

always been a romantic. Sometimes you people forget I'm as human as the

rest of you... a virtually infallible human.. but human nevertheless. The

only problem here is dealing with this punk reporter... and boys, that's

going to be a breeze... That's going to be a picnic.. That's going to be


Scott took the bait, 'OK brother, fill us in. What have you got planned for

this poor sap coming here to blackmail you? Jesus, David, what are you

going to do to this kid?'

Now it was C's turn to be annoying, 'You'll just have to wait and see. He's

not due for a few hours. So relax; get a drink; grab a section of the

newspaper; take a shower; or, if you like, my pussyboy will give you the

best massage, blow job, or fuck you've ever had soon as I'm done with

him.' C returned to his chair and his foot rub.

James was in his glory. He loved the warm slightly damp feel of C's big

wonderful wool socked feet; he loved everything about the man he faithfully

served. In truth he wished he could take the socks off and slobber all over

his master's naked toes... James' hard dick throbbed and pounded against his

well defined abs. C reached down and patted the boy's platinum curls.

James got the chills head to toe, and had to use all his control to keep

from having a very unfortunate accident.. coming without permission would

have cost him dearly


Roberto pulled Rick down the hall and into the vacant suite. He had the boy

out of his hypnotic state and the robe before the door closed. The Latin

singer at six feet, was two inches shorter than his ex-controller. Both men

had olive skin, black hair and brown eyes; the boy (28) had a smooth, well

toned, muscular body with long hairy legs, big loose balls and an uncut

seven inch reamer, while his mentor (40) had a fuzzy chest, with slightly

larger sculpted muscles, long hairy legs, and an eight inch cut boy-tamer.

As Roberto hustled Rick into the bedroom and over to the bed the boy stopped

in his tracks and faced his former master, 'Rob, I want it all... and I want

it hard.. and I want it mean. Please, if you love me you'll dial it up as

far as you can go. I need to remember this fuck for a whole year. be..


Roberto looked into the boy's eyes, 'You're sure you want it that way?

Rick fired back, '.baby, if you love me, HARDER AND MEANER.'

Roberto answered, 'We don't have much to work with here but I'll do my

best... cumbreath.'.. and he savagely slapped the kid across the face.'

Rick grabbed his reddening cheek, winked at Roberto, and whispered, '.more

baby, lots more.'

Roberto took Rick by his shoulders and threw him onto the bed. While Rick

laid there watching, Roberto removed his suit coat and slowly snaked the tie

out of his collar. He threw the coat onto a chair nearby, and tossed the

tie onto the bed. He stepped out of his Gucci loafers, climbed onto the

bed, and positioned his knees on either side of the boy's chest presenting

him with his crotch. 'Kiss my big hard cock you worthless cunt.'

As the boy nuzzled and kissed the front of his master's pants Roberto

grabbed him by the hair and pushed his hot mouth more forcefully into his

groin. He tightened his grip, pulling Rick's hair harder and harder. 'Do a

better job you brain-dead faggot. The only thing you pussyboys are good for

is a long hard fuck.'

With his engorged cock threatening to tear through his trousers Roberto

pulled the boy's head away from his cock, 'NOW LOOK AT ME shithead, and

convince me not to beat you senseless.'

Rick looked up into his lover's angry eyes and said, 'Oh master sir, if only

you won't beat me sir I will do anything you wish. I will suck your dick.

I will bathe your balls with my mouth. I will clean your body from your

toes to your armpits with my lips and tongue. I will rim you sir for as

long as it pleases you. Sir, if only you won't beat me, I will do anything

sir, anything you wish... Just name it sir.'

Roberto hardened his face, 'Then suffer for me boy.. suffer for me.'

Roberto moved off Rick's chest, and went to the end of the bed. He took

hold of the kid's ankles and in one quick move he flipped him over onto his

stomach. 'Give me your fucking hands dickbreath!'

As Rick complied Roberto jumped back onto the bed, grabbed his tie and used

it to bind the boy's wrists tightly. Kneeling there looking down at this

rare specimen of masculine beauty Roberto was filled with lust. He took

hold of Rick's bound hands and wrenched his arms up further and further till

the boy's shoulders were straining and shaking; then Roberto raised his free

left hand and began to deliver one blistering slap after another to the boy'

s unprotected, perfectly smooth, bubble butt.



After the tenth blow he let go of Rick's hands and took hold of his head,

again using a handful of the kid's black curls as a handle..; he yanked it

up to look into his charge's eyes. Sure enough they were filled with tears.

The boy broke and began to sob.

'Your tears don't impress me cumdump. They only make me more angry. Learn

to take it like a man instead of the big pussygirl you are. Now roll over

and get ready to tongue your master's balls.' Roberto climbed off the bed.

Rick struggled and turned over. It was obvious from his bouncing prick,

covered in prejizz that, in spite of the tears, the boy was hotter than a

pistol and ready for more.

Roberto barked, 'Get off the fucking bed you lazy cunt.. down on the floor,

on your knees in front of me. Get my pants off prickface, and be quick or

there'll be ten more whacks, and this time they'll blister.'

Rick was young, in perfect form, and strong as a stallion. He maneuvered

his body up and off the bed, fell to his knees and crawled to the front of

his master's pants. As a well trained pussyboy his mouth, after months of

practice, was talented at opening belts, undoing buttons, and unzipping

zippers. In less than a minute Roberto's pants fluttered down to his ankles

and his student was deftly sliding his jock strap off his very stiff prick..

careful not to so much as graze it with the elastic waistband (a punishable

offense for candidates).. and guiding it very slowly down his legs to join

the pants. As Roberto unbuttoned his shirt his face remained stone. grim..

stern. He raised his left foot allowing the boy to completely remove the

pants and jock from that side.. then followed suit with the right.

'I should make you fold them neatly and place them on a chair, but I haven't

the time... However, I will remember and hold it against you if you give me

reason.' Roberto took the items and tossed them onto the chair. He gave

his pussyslave a 'look,' and Rick immediately went to work.

The candidate used his lips and tongue to tease his master's balls; next

Rick lowered his whole torso and repositioned his head so that his master's

nuts rested on the boy's brow; then he angled his face up so that he could

reach Roberto's asshole with the very tip of his tongue, and he tickled and

teased and pushed and lapped at his ex-controller's pucker; then he pulled

back and licked and sucked on his perineum. Meanwhile Roberto's pulsing

prick dripped and drooled his own load of precum all over the boy's jet

black locks.

'Get on my cock cuntface, we haven't got all fucking day... You're pissing

me off!'

Rick quickly pulled himself out from under Robert's balls and swallowed his

eight hard inches in one big gulp. It caught the controller at bit off

guard and he found himself rising up onto his toes from the wild thrill it

sent up his spine.

Roberto raised his left foot and put it into the leather loop under Rick's

special harness and applied some force. (The 'ball punisher' had been

altered so that instead of having the usual metal ring for attaching weights

there was a leather stirrup.. for Roberto's foot) And as Roberto added more

and more of his weight to Rick's balls the kid moaned the deepest, sweetest

moan his master had every heard.. the sound of divine painful pleasure.

Rick swallowed and sucked; he drooled all over Roberto's dick and slowly

licked it dry; he put his lips around it and used his tongue to trace every

vein and ridge; he nibbled all around the flange, then down and under and

along the shaft till he got to the root where he applied several wet sloppy

kisses; he soaked Roberto's bush with his saliva and dried is with his lips

and hot breath; he fucked his master's piss hole with the very tip of his


And when Roberto could not bear another second he once more used the boy's

hair to pick him up off the floor and roughly drag him, crawling on his

knees, back to the bed... where he pulled him to his feet and heaved him

onto the matress. Without saying a word Roberto wrestled the boy onto his

stomach so that he could untie his hands; then he grabbed his arm and

forcefully turned him onto his back.

'HANDS!!! NOW!!!'

Rick's hands shot out in front of him. Roberto tied his wrist tightly.


Rick folded his legs onto his chest and struggled to get his bound hands

over his feet and behind his knees. It was a Herculean task; Roberto had

bound the kid's wrists together half way to his elbows; the boy had to bend

and twist and flex till he was covered in a sweaty took a while,

but the boy was agile and he finally succeeded. Rick laid there, on his

back, bound hands behind his knees; holding his hairy muscled legs up in the

air over his head; leaving his ass, still bright red from the spanking,

completely vulnerable to his master.

Roberto wasted no time; he dropped his shirt on the floor and took off his

socks. A moment later he was looking down into his boy's eyes, 'Convince me

not to fuck you dry.'

'Oh my god, master, please don't fuck my ass without some lube. Oh master,

I am begging you not to rape my hole with your giant dick.. I'm pleading

sir, imploring you to use some grease, a drop of oil. you will kill me sir

with that enormous prick.. it will tear me apart... leave my hole scarred

and bleeding. PLEEEEEZE MASTER! PLEEEEZE DON'T HURT ME!...... For the love

of heaven sir, don't rip me open; don't split my asshole... Pleeeze sir,

pleeeeeeze! Sir, I will do anything you wish, say anything you ask,

anything sir, ANYTHING! Please master won't you let me lick and suck your

cock sir. Won't you please let me wet your dick with my spit sir? You

always know what is best sir. You are my leader, my supreme authority, my

god sir. I kneel at your feet, you are my lord. I do your bidding without

question. For that master, all I pray is that you spit on my worthless

hole. Please sir some of your precious saliva.. just a drop sir is all I


Roberto smiled a wicked smile as he stuffed both his socks into his stunning

boy's mouth; all the while Rick moaned and groaned and begged for mercy with

his eyes as they filled with tears. Roberto got the belt off the robe and

tied it around the boy's head to keep the socks jammed in. 'Listen

jizzbreath I've been wearing those socks for almost two days. They need a

good wash. SO GET BUSY. GO ON NOW DO IT. MOVE YOUR JAW. Work up a

mouthful of juice. Get them good and wet. THEN MUNCH ON THEM SHITHEAD,

till they taste good and clean. If I notice you stop chewing on those socks

while I'm fucking your brains out, I swear I'll beat your ass black and


As Rick vigorously shook his head yes he began to fill his mouth with spit

and chew on Roberto's socks. He always obeyed.. without question.. He

always obeyed.

Roberto sat on the boy's right and while he watched him play washing machine

Roberto began to pinch his nipple and lightly finger his anal ring. Rick's

hard dick bounced up and down burping up a drop of crystal clear goo. Then

he leaned down and licked the boy's tit. Rick closed his eyes and moaned.

Roberto nibbled Rick's nipple and tweaked the dark curls around his asshole.

Rick got chills head to feet over head. Roberto bit down on the nub and

plunged his unlubed finger into the kid's hole. Rick's eye's shot open and


Roberto wasn't dissuaded. He chewed on Rick's tender nip harder and harder

till he tasted a drop of salty blood. After a minute the nipple was reddish

purple, twice its normal size, and very erect. Roberto removed his mouth,

grabbed the swollen boytit between his thumb and index finger, pinched hard

and pulled with force. At the same time he replaced one finger with two and

continued finger-raping his ass. Rick rocked back and forth; in this

position there was nothing he could do. but get pinched and dry fucked.

Roberto let go of the nipple and used the same two fingers to hold Rick's

nose closed; at roughly the same time he replaced two fingers with three and

continued to fuck the kid's asshole with greater intensity, making sure to

pound the boy's prostate with every thrust.

Rick's mind was running wild darting between the pain in his ass and his

growing need for oxygen. Roberto just smiled.

When Rick's face was good and purple and his ass was good and sore Roberto

pulled both hands away; he immediately grabbed Rick's throbbing prick with

and seized his balls. He firmly pistoned the kid's cock and squeezed his


After a couple minutes of this brutal hand-cranking Rick arched his back and

came so hard his first volley went over his head and hit the wall above the

headboard.. and he shot... and shot... and shot..and shot.

When Rick's dick stopped firing and he began to relax Roberto jammed the

same three fingers up his ass and began more vigorously jacking the kid's

easing tool. Rick groaned. His cock was supersensitive and his master's

forceful fisting was decidedly painful. at first. Roberto's fingers were

pushing and squeezing Rick's cum gland and it was beginning to produce a

reaction; the young man's nipples rose to stony points and his balls began

to rumble. Jesus Christ, as uncomfortable as the activity was Rick felt his

lust begin to return.. another minute and his prick began to drool...

Roberto pumped harder... faster.. and he added more pressure to the kid's

jizz generator... another minute and Rick began to feel that old familiar

need.. rising and edging him on.. He started to moan... and wiggle around on

the bed. He felt his body flush and the sweat began to erupt out of his

forehead...the jet curls covering his head became wet and heavy... even his

legs glistened with moisture.

Minutes passed... Roberto never waived. He kept at it. harder... stronger..

harder... stronger... He was ruthless... unrelenting.. The boy's head was

drenched and his eyes were wild. Rick was consumed with the desire to cum.

and it went on and on. Roberto's jacking hand was a blur of rapid action...

precum was flipping and flying off the swollen head of Rick's turgid prick.

Without realizing it the boy began to grunt; his chest started to heave;

with every breath he rocked back and forth, further and further, till he

actually began touching the headboard with his toes, and pounding his head

into the bed. He was biting down on his sock gag with all his might, his

jaw trembling; grunting, and growling, 'RRRRRUMMMM! RRRRUMMMM! RRRRUMMMM!


Rick's eye's closed tight, rolled up in his head, and the lids began to

flutter madly. Roberto saw that and pulled his fingers out of the boy's

hungry hole. While he continued to fist Rick's dick he used his free hand

to slap the young man's ass as hard as he could. SLLLAAAPPP! SLLLAAAPPP!

SLLLAAAPPP! SLLLAAAPPP! SLLLAAAPPP! And the welt after welt rose up; each

a perfect handprint; till it was overlaid by the next. SLLLAAAPPP!


Rick thought he might lose his mind in the fog of deranged sensation, but

sure enough as Roberto delivered the sixth WALLOP Rick's cock exploded. The

jizz, more watery this time, shot out like a stream of glassy piss and hit

Rick full force between the eyes. It sprayed all over his face. It painted

his forehead and saturated his lips. It dripped off his cheeks and leaked

into his ears. It rolled down his chin and filled the hollow in his throat.

It was a wondrous sight to behold.

Roberto pounced on the boy, licking and sucking his face clean; he quickly

untied Rick's wrists which freed his arms and legs; then he tore off the gag

and pulled the sodden socks from his mouth. A moment later he was on top of

his wonderful, beautiful Adonis devouring his mouth in a hot sucking kiss

while he ground his steely rod into Rick's stomach. The boy was in his

glory; he was in his lover's embrace; it was Eden.

It was Rick's turn to act. He arched his back, and let gravity and the sweat

between them take their course. Gradually Roberto's body slid down further

and further; so while the master was consumed with sucking his mouth dry the

boy thrust his pelvis up, and viola, the master's cock was between the boy's

legs. Roberto's dick sent his head an urgent message to WAKE UP! The

overheated controller kept his lips on the boy's as he bent his knees; Rick

pulled his legs up and Roberto plunged his solid marble phallus into the kid

's ass. There was no lube and it was a tight fit... neither man cared..

Roberto didn't stop till his balls slapped Rick's butt and his cock was

buried to the root. He remained there for a minute while he finished

exploring the boy's mouth with his tongue, then he lifted himself off Rick's

chest and looked him in the eye.

As they stared into each other's souls Roberto pulled his hard dick all the

way out and then quickly impaled the boy with one deft motion. Rick went

wild and bucked so hard he almost threw his master off the bed. From there

on it was a power fuck. Roberto was merciless. He balled the kid as hard

and fast as he could. He huffed and puffed and growled and snorted. He

became a bronco madly, wildly, galloping home. Roberto fucked like a man

trying to save his soul, trying to make a statement, trying to express his

affection, his devotion, his remorse, and his total frustration. Without

realizing it he began to cry. His tears rained down on Rick who found

himself as involved, and as moved, so he cried too.

The men were racing toward an emotional conclusion. Both gave way to

instinct and the sense of urgency and fright and flight that's planted in

our genetic code. They sobbed and throbbed and fucked like feral beasts...

and the sobs became cries of lust and desire and need.. and the cries became

shrieks.. and each man felt his blood boiling and his balls churning as his

scrotum tightened up around the root of his prick and pressed the sperm and

cream cocktail into the vas and pumped it up the tubes that brought it to

their pulsing pounding prostates where it joined with more fluid and the

momentum grew and grew with the pressure in their balls and the urges in the

pits of their stomachs. Roberto threw his head back while Rick arched his

body and thrust his pelvis up to meet his lover's stroke and they opened

their mouths and yelled for the world to hear that they were



And gob after glob after rope after stream after volley of cum jizz fetch

lather cream custard ball-juice shot and shot and shot. Roberto delivered

his load deep into his boy's guts; Rick's spurted up between them. AGAIN

and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. Till both me were utterly

spent, and Roberto dropped into the waiting arms of his lover.

For the next thirty minutes the hot sweaty steamy sloppy soggy couple held

each other tightly and slipped and slid all over; each covering the other's

body with warm wet kisses.. until the miserable, lousy, rotten, unjust,

unfair, unreasonable, phone rang.


Back in C's suite Dr. John excused himself and headed for the john and a

long hot bath. Scott smiled at his brother and crooked his head toward

James, 'While we're waiting for this Fitzpatrick guy to show up how's about

showing me what's so special about this boy.'

C looked into his candidate's eyes as the boy was vigorously rubbing the

soles of C's feet, 'Boy you may stop the massage.' James very gently set

his master's feet on the floor and waited for instruction.

Keeping his eyes locked with the boy's C said, 'James go to depth and bring

up all your observational ability.... NOW!' and he snapped his fingers. He

waited a beat and said, 'Are you there boy?'

James' eyes were glassy and he appeared to be far away. The voice that

echoed from his throat had a strong, steady, solid tone. It was no longer

the fearful, tentative pitch of a candidate. He responded, 'Almost sir.'

C answered, 'Well, get there boy. Stop dilly-dallying.'

James responded, 'Yes sir, I am there.'

C winked at Scott, 'James, excluding our party, how many people did you see

from the time we walked through the front doors of this hotel to the time we

reached the door to this suite.'

James didn't hesitate, 'Sixty-four.'

C said, 'James, don't you mean sixty-five?'

James replied, 'No sir, respectfully, I remained four steps to your right

and as such, I didn't see the man behind the reception area who went to

fetch your messages. I did hear him sir. Would you like me to include all

the people I heard as well?'

C was pleased, 'That won't be necessary, but tell me about those you saw,

give me a breakdown by age in ten year intervals.'

James was ready, 'None below ten, six between ten and twenty, thirteen

between twenty-one and thirty, sixteen between thirty-one and forty,

fourteen between forty-one and fifty, eleven between fifty-one and sixty,

three between sixty-one and seventy, one between seventy-one and eighty, and

none above eighty.'

C raised an eyebrow, 'I'd make one exception. There were ten between

fifty-one and sixty, and four between sixty-one and seventy. I believe you

under-aged the woman we passed in the gift shop by at least two years. That

was a wig Boy.. a good facsimile, but nevertheless a wig, and the strands of

hair sticking out here and there were pure white.'

James slowly nodded, 'Naturally I would defer to your judgment sir. I

noticed the wig sir, but missed the white hair. Sorry sir. Thank you sir.'

C moved ahead, 'Of those sixty-four people, how many were suspicious?

Describe them and tell me why.'

James knew this one, 'Three sir. A six foot man, around fifty, in a navy

pinstriped suit and dark glasses, standing in the lobby next to the mirrored

pillar, was wearing a gun in a shoulder holster. Another man, one or two

inches shorter than the first, around thirty-five and dressed as a bellhop

was loitering by the magazine stand. His facial expressions and demeanor

were odd; he was holding a newspaper, but instead of reading it he was

watching the activity at the front desk. And finally, the tall woman,

perhaps thirty-four, in the burgundy business suit standing behind us on the

elevator had a listening device in her left ear.'

C looked over at Scott, 'He's absolutely correct. There were three. Two of

them work for us and one is probably hotel security.'

Scott was thunderstruck, 'Christ he's good. I was never THAT observant, not

as a candidate, and certainly not when I was attending to my controller. Do

you have to program him before hand?'

C was very proud of his prodigy, 'No, he's just that gifted.'

Scott was excited, 'More David, show me something else.'

C went on, 'James, what mistake did I make on the limousine ride to the


James didn't falter, 'You disingenuously referred to the young man rescued

in Mexico as Tommy.'

C pushed him, 'Explain..'

James continued, 'You knew his name was Timmy, but chose to make the


C prodded, 'Why..'

James proceeded, 'I believe you did it to put your brother at ease; to show

him you were fallible; that even you make mistakes.'

Scott couldn't contain himself, 'James, how did you know that? You weren't

in Mexico. How did you know what my brother was doing?'

James had the hint of a self-satisfied smile, 'Oh sir, by his tone. the

inflection in his voice. I know my master's voice, its quality, every

variation in sound. I live by his words.. they nourish me.. and I lov...'

C interrupted, 'That's quite enough James.'

If he'd been give the chance James would have happily professed his love for

C's voice, his love for everything about his controller, everything about

Control One, about David. He didn't just live by C's voice and attend to

it; the fact was he worshiped it.

James added, 'Should I go on sir with the other mistakes?'

C inquired, 'what other mistakes?'

James got a little bold, 'Well sir, although your tie was meticulously

knotted, the top button on your silk dress shirt was open.'

C's eyes narrowed, 'Now Boy, you're being presumptuous. That's more a

matter of style, of comfort than an actual mistake. Remember what I've told

you; don't get carried away with your abilities, and always keep your ego in

check. You, my Boy, have a strong tendency to show off. Now then, did I

make any other ACTUAL mistakes?'

James sounded a little sheepish, 'Well sir, does the use of uncommon

contractions and colloquialisms that break the rules of grammar count as a


C was ready to take off his belt and tan James' ass, 'You know quite well

they don't. You're intentionally being pedantic and I don't like it one


James lowered his head, 'I do beg your pardon sir. I'm still learning..and

I'm very stupid.. thick as a post sir, and dumb as an ox... but sir.. I do

want to impress you.. I very much want to astonish you.. Oh master.. sir. it

's all for you. I do it all for you sir.'

C tried to tone down his annoyance, 'Alright James, but I expect you to use

your good judgment in these things. If I wanted every petty faux pas and

tiny syntactical oddity I'd specifically ask you for them. They do not

count as mistakes. In the future be sagacious.. more analytical..determine

what's important.'

Scott was thoroughly impressed, 'Jesus David, this kid is going to make one

hell of a leader. I can only imagine what he'll be able to do when he's

fully integrated, when he's totally conscious and can use all his abilities

in concert.. ....David, you do realize he has the hots for you... He's got

it bad.. my god he fawns all over you.. above and beyond any candidate to

controller relationship I've ever seen.. And if you ask me I'd say..

C interrupted, 'But I didn't ask you.'

Scott was not deterred, 'See here David, what's good for the goose.... You

march into my life whenever you please. You give me advice. Hell, you tell

me what to do. It's your turn to listen. So shut the fuck up. This kid

loves you. He really loves you. What are you going to do about that? It's

not gonna go away. He'll be junior control soon. What will you do then?'

For perhaps the first time in his life Scott saw his brother at a loss for

words. Holy shit C had a problem for which he didn't know the answer. This

was big.. it was HUGE.

C spoke slowly considering his words, 'Sailor-boy, I haven't a clue. What's

worse I'm not certain how I feel. This boy has a powerful effect on me....

And we must end this conversation NOW. I don't know what I'm going to do.

I will deal with it. When the time comes, if it presents a problem, I'll

figure it out...... I hope.'

C turned to his candidate, 'James I want you to block what Scott and I just

said from your conscious memory. THAT IS AN ORDER.. AN ORDER FROM YOUR


James pulled himself perfectly erect, 'CRYSTAL CLEAR SIR. IT'S BEEN PUT


Scott smiled at his brother, 'David, that bridge you're going to cross when

you get to it.. it's getting closer every day.. One more thing and then I'll

shut up.'

C returned, 'As if that were possible.'

Scott loudly cleared his throat, 'ONE MORE THING.. Love would do YOU a hell

of a lot of good... And David, you'd be great at it... And I think... no.. I


C was firm, 'ENOUGH!!'

He made one error, a miscalculation; he didn't have James block what Scott

had just said. It resonated in the young man's mind. Over the next hours

it ricocheted back and forth from his unconscious to his conscious and back


Scott skated past the issue, 'So David, what other feats of wonder can the

magic Mr. Cunningham perform?'

C looked down at James' perfect body and gave the boy a series of hand

signals. The candidate rose gracefully to his feet, turned toward Scott,

lowered his head slightly, and let his arms rest gently at his sides. The

boy's six foot two inch body was dazzling, from his platinum blond curls; to

his carved musculature; to his flawless tan skin; to his perfect stance; to

his beautiful, almost always erect cut eight inch prick; even the yellow

hair that peppered his chest and legs, and grew thick and curly in his groin

looked like spun gold.

C said, 'It will begin in his feet.'

As Scott watched the boy's feet he began to see the small muscles in his

toes begin to grow larger and more defined. It gradually moved to the

larger muscles in his foot then up past his ankles to Jame's calf muscles,

the tibialis, the soleus, and the gastronemius, each in turn flexed and

stood out. Every sinew, tendon, ligament, line and fold appeared in turn

almost on their own accord. The trend moved up his legs to his hamstrings,

quads. and abductors. When the gradual 'flesh quake' reached his groin the

boy's scrotum contracted pulling his large balls up closer to the root of

his dick; then his cock stretched; it got thicker, more engorged, the veins

swelled, the color deepened and it lengthened by perhaps another inch till

it covered his bellybutton. And it continued; in back the kid's glutes,

erectors and lats turned from flesh to stone; in front his six pack abs

'popped' in perfect order from bottom to top; to Jame's internal and

external obliques, every curve defined, every line and groove distinct and

clear. As the wave of perfection flowed upward the transformation it

produced remained frozen in its wake; like some god carved out of marble.

As if that wasn't remarkable enough as the muscles of James' abdomen

hardened and grew so did the muscles at the same level in the boy's hands

and forearms; up to his pecs, and across to his biceps and triceps, and up

to his delts and traps. Scott's mouth dropped open. He'd never, ever seen

anything like it, this model of absolute control. When James raised his

head his body looked like something they'd use in medical school; the

apotheosis of flawlessness; utter precision. It filled C with enormous

pride; his boy was truly remarkable.

While Scott watched in awe James raised his perfectly flexed arms till they

were parallel with the floor and gradually, inch by inch his legs parted and

moved out to the sides.. James' body sank down closer and closer to the

floor in the most exquisite split. A minute later the boy's balls touched

the carpet and he once again bowed his head.

Scott started to say something, but C shook his head; the boy wasn't


In a deep commanding voice C said, 'Boy! Give me a controlled cum.'

Scott watched James, who raised his head and gazed dead ahead into nothing,

his mind focused internally. Scott noticed the boy's balls pull up closer

to the base of his dick, which in turn pushed/pulled itself down.. Christ,

it looked like James' prick was 'cocking itself' like a shotgun. A moment

later the boy's dick lurched straight up.. It began to move like a piston..

down... then up.. then down... then up.. James' hard cock was jacking itself

off, WITHOUT BEING TOUCHED! . All the while James held his perfect split,

arms and legs parallel to the floor.. A thin layer of sweat covered his

body, adding a sheen and further outlining his magnificent musculature. The

mind-boggling pumping continued for about a minute. Then James took a deep

breath and his petrified prong began to fire. The way the kid shot his load

was another world wonder, each volley was poetry in motion; his incarnate

dick delivered a gob of jizz each time it pistoned up. It fired like a

gun... or perhaps more like a pea shooter. Each dollop, looking like a

flawless pearl, same texture, same color, shot straight up about three feet

into the air. As it descended James brought his right arm in like the ideal

catcher's mitt and intercepted it.. splat!.... one pearl.. retract then

fire..two pearls... down and up.. three pearls.. retract then fire... four

pearls.. down and up.. five pearls. The last milky pearl formed at the very

top of James' rifle barrel over his pisshole. James' climax had climaxed.

The boy brought his hand to his lips, focused his gaze directly into Scott's

eyes and ever so slowly, ever so sensually licked his palm clean. When he

finished he swooped his hand down and used his index finger to collect that

last pearl. He brought it to his mouth and gradually applied it to his

lips, till they looked moist and ready. Scott almost came in his pants.

C said, 'Continue.'

James returned his arm to its former position, parallel to the floor and

held the split for a few more seconds; then he gracefully lowered his torso

to the carpet, brought his legs together behind him, and pulled his arms to

his sides. As he lay perfectly straight on his stomach his whole body began

to curve itself into arc. It was truly something to behold. His head and

feet rose further and further off the floor as if James was bending his body

back into a circle. The human frame isn't designed to bend that way;

ordinarily it's not that flexible. When it looked like James was about to

break in two, he began to rock back and forth. At first the rocking was

slow and gentle, but as he increased the rhythm and intensity, more and more

of his body would touch the floor with each forward/backward roll. In a

minute James was rocking forward all the way to his forehead and back all

the way to his toes. And then it happened. In one superb, breathtaking

motion the boy was UP, in a perfect shoulder stand, hands glued to his

sides, body perfectly perpendicular to the floor, and all movement stopped.

James held the pose to a count of five, and in one more spectacular show of

control and agility, using his arms out for balance and the muscles in his

neck and shoulders for strength, the boy 'bounced' into a head stand.. AND

once there, he brought his hands back to his sides for sheer precision.

As James stayed fixed, straight up and down like an arrow, his eyes caught C

's and told the story.. They said, 'All for you sir; it's all for you.'

C held his breath... He felt his heart rising in his throat, and realized

that he loved this boy; that he loved James.

With equal poise and accuracy James brought his body down, crawled to his

master and knelt at his feet.

Scott looked at C, 'Can I ask him a question?'

C said, 'Sure, he's able to hear you.'

Scott had to know, 'James, I went through candidacy and I was never able to

do what you just did. How the hell did you learn that? Who taught you

those amazing maneuvers?'

James was perplexed; the answer was so foolishly obvious he thought Scott

might be playing some trick or being sarcastic. The boy carefully

responded, '... sir?.... why my master of course. He's spent weeks and

months teaching this stupid, worthless pussyboy how to be less awkward and

clumsy. I only hope that someday I will understand and learn. As hopeless

and thick and dim-witted as I am, my master never gives up. He is the most

patient teacher on earth.'

Scott looked at his brother, 'You taught him how to do that?'

Without saying anything C rose from his chair, stepped two feet forward,

unbuttoned his suit coat, and hiked his pant legs up a few inches. Then he

raised his arms till they were parallel to the floor and just as gracefully

as his candidate he lowered himself in the same remarkable split. What's

more Scott could clearly see his brother's eleven inch erection as it pushed

its way up till C's gold PA and three inches of his prick sprouted straight

up past his belt and the waistband of his trousers. (C, however, chose not

to come.) What Scott couldn't see was that on the other side of C's clothes

his musculature matched James' line for line, curve for curve, and

definition for definition. The boy had indeed learned from THE master.

Scott shook his head, 'Jesus, you guys are waaaaaay too serious. You must

spend all your free time in the gym. No wonder you don't play musical

instruments or have pets. You're too busy obsessing.'

As C rose from the floor and went back to his chair; he shot James another

hand signal. The boy immediately stretched out onto his belly and slowly

began to crawl toward Scott, always keeping his body, arms and legs close to

the floor. He inched across the carpet like a crab staring up deeply into

Scott's eyes.

Scott looked at C, 'Now what's he doing?'

C smiled, 'Why don't you just shut the fuck up and enjoy his routine. He's

doing it for you.'

Scott shook his head, 'Bullshit, everything this kid does, he does for you.'

C put his finger to his lips, 'He's doing this for you... With my

permission, but I assure you it's his choice.'

Scott's face glowed beet red, his embarrassment growing by the second, as

James continued to undulate his stunning naked body closer and closer..

always keeping his eyes glued to Scott's. What Scott couldn't deny was the

lust and heat rising in his loins. He felt his dick pound and his balls

vibrate as James got nearer and nearer. When the boy reached Scott's shoes

he untied them with his teeth and keeping his torso pressed to the rug he

removed them, one at a time; then his socks; then he began to bathe Scott's

toes with his tongue. James snaked his long thick wet licker around and

around and between Scott's toes; then the boy began to nibble and suck each

toe in turn. Scott closed his eyes; his cock jumped and started to drool;

the rumbling in his balls got stronger; and he began to hum.

After several minutes of lascivious foot play Scott opened his eyes and

found James staring up at him. He smiled down at the boy lapping at his

ankle and James said, 'Master it would be a pleasure to serve as your

pussyboy; to have you fuck my worthless asscunt; anything to please you


Scott looked to C for guidance. C responded, 'You heard the boy. He'll be

crushed if you deny him. He'll feel like an utter failure.'

Scott blustered, 'This is all your doing. You love to meddle in my life.'

C returned the sentiment, 'Remember what I told you as your superior. You

need to heal your body sexually. Take that boy, who will probably be your

boss someday, and make him happy by fucking him senseless. The next time

you see him, HE could be giving YOU orders.'

That made Scott smile, 'Ya know David, sometimes I forget that once upon a

time you were a candidate just like this boy down here on his belly...

asking to be fucked. But you just reminded me.'

C smiled a knowing smile, 'We all start out crawling on our bellies.

Remembering that keeps us humble. Of course I was a candidate. I only hope

I made my master as proud as this cunthole, cumdump makes me. Now go fuck


Scott got up from the chair, took James by the arm and pulled him into one

of the adjoining bedrooms.



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