It had been a couple of months since my first taste of cock and cum at a rest stop on my way home from work. As I was ordered, I've gone back every other Wednesday night to service my two trucker "friends."  While I always enjoyed taking their loads, I wanted to explore more. Occasionally they would bring a friend who they made me suck, but that was still only three men that I had serviced. I wanted more, no, I had to service more. I wanted to taste more cum.

Back then I was 19, 510" and 160 pounds. My "friends" said that I was a sexy kid. I kept myself in good shape. In high school I wrestled and played baseball. I was defined but not a real muscled up guy. I stayed in shape by running and doing weights in my parents' garage. After finishing high school I started working at the mall to make some cash so I could go to the community college that coming Fall. While I saved most of my money, I did set aside for getting some new clothes (more on that later).

One day at work, the bathroom at the back of the store was closed for repairs which meant I would have to go use one of the bathrooms in the mall. I told my boss I was going to take a break and headed out of the store. The closest bathroom to the store was the one by the food court. As I got closer I could see that there were a lot of families with kids around the bathroom making it appear it was pretty crowded. Now even though I realized that I like cock, I'm pee shy so I decided to head for one of the other bathrooms. The next one was down a long corridor which has some other doors leading into mechanical rooms. Unless you worked in the mall you wouldn't know that this bathroom existed. The sign was missing from the door but I had used it before so I knew it was the Men's room. It was one of those johns that had a small anteroom so you had to go through two doors to get into the john. It had been a couple of months since I had used this particular john. It was a pretty standard bathroom. Three sinks by the door, three urinals and three stalls across from the urinals.

When I entered the john it was empty. I stepped up to the urinal farthest from the sinks and undid the buttons on my jeans, opening the fly. I pulled my cock out and was just getting ready to start when the door to the john opened. Glancing over I saw a manager from one of men's clothing stores. It was the store that had all the cute guys working there with all the pictures of shirtless guys everywhere around the store. I think his name was Jim and he was about 10 years older than me and a few inches taller. He was in great shape, he had to be to work at that store. He was wearing really tight jeans and a polo shirt that stretched across his chest. The cock hound that I was becoming, I couldn't help but glance at the bulge in his jeans which was very prominent. He glanced at me and said a friendly hello, stepped up to the urinal at the other end and started to open his jeans.

Even though I would have liked to check him out a bit more, I really and to pee and my shyness had kicked in. I decided I needed to go into a stall. Turning, shoving my cock back into my pants I headed for the third stall, taking another glance at Jim who was giving me a funny look. I went in the stall and shut the door, pulled out my cock and had a nice long piss. Just as I was finishing I noticed a hole in the stall wall like I had seen at the rest stop when I met my "friends." I had never noticed this before but I had only used the urinals when I came to the john.

Just then I heard the flush of the urinal and then water running at one of the sinks. I came out of the stall I was in and was surprised to see Jim heading to the stall I just left. Intrigued when I finished washing my hands I went over the middle stall and shut the stall door. Not only was there a hole to the stall Jim was in but another hole to the other stall. I was getting excited that this may be a chance to try some new cum.

I lowered my jeans and boxer briefs and sat down on the toilet so I could see through the hole into Jim's stall. He was standing facing his stall door so that his feet would be facing out, like he was on the toilet. I think he knew I was watching. He slowly pulled his polo off. He really did look some of the models on the posters at his store. Smooth chest, nice pecs and a defined six pack. His jeans were low on his waist showing how his body tapered into a V. He slowly lowered his jeans. He was going commando so it didn't take long to see his cock appear. His was as big as the guys I had sucked at the rest stop. He took one shoe off and got his leg out of his jeans and then put the shoe back on. He did the same with the other.

I must have made a sound with my lips because he looked down at the hole in the wall and smiled. He had to have known I was watching but I guess he was just teasing me. He said, "Chad, right? You work at the Verizon store, right?" I whispered back "yeah" but didn't say anything more.

"You know how this glory holes work, don't you?" This was the first time I had heard them referred as glory holes. I responded "yeah". "Why haven't you signaled what you are looking for?" Confused I said "I'm not sure what you mean". He laughed, "If you want to eat some cock, you run your finger along the edge of the hole. If you want to get some head you stand and stroke your cock until someone signals you. Sometimes people tap their foot and then you tap your foot. That's a bit confusing though, you're not sure who wants what. What do you want?" I started running my finger along the lower edge of the hole. "I was hoping that's what you wanted. As I followed you down the hall I couldn't keep my eyes off your ass. Looks like it's pretty nice from what I saw."

This was the most talking I had ever done with Jim. I had seen him a lot and always checked out the front of his pants but I never thought I would ever see what he had. Now I was going to get a chance to taste it as well.

He stroked his cock a few more times and then turned toward the hole. He had to hold it down since it was pointing up at an angle. He put the head through but then stopped. "Chad - taste it, I know you’re going to love it." I leaned toward the hole and put my lips on the tip of his cock, almost like I was kissing it. Him moaned and pushed his cock against my lips.

He pushed a couple more inches through the hole. I took his whole head in my mouth and wrapped my fingers, or I tried to, around the shaft that was through the hole. It was warm and felt almost like velvet. I slowly stroked it and swirled my tongue around the head of Jim's cock. "Fuck that feels good”,  he pushed against my lips again, "come on man, take some more, I want to get off and get back to work."

Having remembered my lesson from the rest stop, I tipped my head and then felt Jim's cock touching the back of my throat. "That feels so friggin’ good, think you can take some more?" The best I could reply was to hum against his cock and push my face forward.

Just then we heard the outer door open and Jim pulled his cock from my mouth as he muttered "shit" under his breath. He turned and quickly sat down. I couldn't believe I was going to get my next taste of new cum today. The guy who came in was at one of the urinals peeing like a race horse. I stood up and started pulling up my khakis. When the guy flushed, Jim whispered "don't go yet". I let my pants slide down again and sat back down. The guy went to the sinks and started washing his hands. It seemed like it took forever. I glanced through the hole and saw Jim stroking and keeping his cock hard for me. The guy finally left and Jim shoved his whole cock through the hole, "let's do this", Jim said almost like a command.

I started working his cock with my tongue and throat, it felt so good. I felt Jim go steel hard and then his cock starting shooting ropes of cum down my throat, I pulled back a bit so I could taste his cum on my tongue. His cum tasted different from the guys at the rest stop. "Shit that was good kid."

I heard him pull some toilet paper from the dispenser and I glanced through the hole and saw him wipe off the head of his cock and then pull his jeans up. As he was leaving his stall he said "wait a few minutes before you leave. If you need some clothes, stop by my store and I'll give you a nice discount if you are willing to barter. I'd really like to see that ass of yours." With that he left.

I glanced at my watch and realized I had been gone longer than my break allowed...shit! I left my stall and without even looking at the mirror or washing my hands I ran toward the store. As I was running by the throngs in the mall I thought to myself "I guess I really like cum". As I neared the store I saw my manager staring at me and he was definitely not happy.


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