The end of the school year was quickly approaching. Jake had continued to visit the woods near his house where men were lining up to get a taste of his cock. On the days when he couldn't get away from his house because he parents were making him stay home to study for either the ACT or for some test at school, his brother took care of his seemingly never ending hard-on. His little brother was becoming a pretty good cocksucker.

Prom was just around the corner and Jake was sure that he and his girlfriend would be crowned King and Queen. Everything was going his way. If he did well on his ACT, he would be heading off to State with a baseball scholarship and would be out from under his parents. He would probably join a fraternity, get all the pussy he wanted and then, if it all went well, get a pro baseball contract when he graduated.

He was looking forward to the County Fair that was coming up this weekend. He always liked to go because they had all those games that he could win and show off to his friends and all the girls from school. He would win a few big teddy bears and give one to his girlfriend which would guarantee a good fuck. The others he would give to some of the other girls who wanted him to feel them up or let them suck his cock. He was always truthful to whatever girl he was dating, he only fucked them, but there was nothing wrong with a little fun with other girls.

You see Jake was really good looking. Maybe 6'2" with brown hair and hazel eyes. He had a body that was muscled and dick that other men envied. All was right with his world, except, he was constantly thinking about guys sucking his dick and since they were more than happy to do so he liked being the boss and not only have them suck his dick but making them suck his dick.

He didn't consider himself gay, if he was gay he'd be sucking other guy's dicks, but that sure as hell wasn't going to happen. No, the only thing he wanted to do was have some guy suck his dick while he was ramming it down their throat. That didn't make him gay only horny, and not only horny but with the biggest dick he had ever seen, they all loved it.

The night of the County Fair he picked up his girlfriend and they joined some of his other friends and their girlfriends and all drove over to the Fair. It was in one of those old kind of fairgrounds. A couple of barns, some carny rids, some concession stands, some of the games that Jake liked, and some bathroom buildings for men and women.

They rode a few rides, ate some carnival junk food and the played some of the Midway games. Jake was the only guy to win any of the games and ended up giving his girlfriend a big stuffed animal. She didn't want to carry it so Jake made one of his friends, of course the smallest guy in the group, to carry it for the rest of the night. The girls all wanted to go in and see some pie or cobbler contest which none of the guys wanted to go do. One of Jake's friends thought they could score some beer or dope so they went off in search of some. Jake said he had to go take a leak and that he would catch up with them when he was done.

Jake went to the men's bathroom building. It was old and smelly. There was one long trough and some stalls that looked like they had been built 50 years ago with just some ply wood. It really was like they were little rooms. The stall walls went up almost 7' so that they were close to the ceiling and the doors went almost all the way to the floor maybe with just an inch opening at the bottom. Probably for when one of them overflowed so the water could get to the drain in the middle of the room. Jake went up to the trough and pulled out his huge cock and started taking a leak. He wasn't paying any attention but all of sudden he felt like someone was looking at him. He turned his head and saw one of the guys from the football team looking at him and, more importantly, his cock. He didn't really know this guy. He didn't really hang much with the athletes from the other teams but he was still pretty well built and tough looking.

"What are you looking at asshole?"

Since no one else was currently in the john "What do you think Jake? That horse cock you have between your legs."

"Haven't you seen it enough in the locker room?"

"Yeah but there has always been someone around, I could never tell prime it is. I bet your girlfriend likes it."

Jake puffed up, "Yeah, she does, she can't get enough of it."

"Lucky her."

Jake thought that was an odd response.

"I wonder if she can take care of it as good as I can?"

"What the fuck man, why would you say something gay like that?" Jake never thought that a fellow athlete could be a faggot.

"Because I bet I could."

At that point some other men came into the john and stepped up to the trough. When they left, the athlete looked at Jake and nodded his head toward the stall. This whole situation was getting Jake all horned up. He decided he would see what was going to happen, he could use a blow job. He went to the stall that the other guy had nodded to but then the other guy went in to the stall next to his. Jake, not knowing what was going on, started to leave his stall. The other guy said "Don't leave. Shut your stall door and be quiet." Jake did it.

When Jake looked around his stall he saw there was a hole cut in the wall. Maybe a 4 inch diameter. The other guy said, "Stick it through." Jake knew what he meant. He turned toward the hole in the wall, pulled out his dick and stuck it through the hole. Almost immediately he felt his cock wrapped in the guy's warm, wet mouth. He thought that this was better than the woods because he didn't have to look at the faggot sucking his cock especially when they gazed up at his face. All it was, was a nice warm hole to put his cock in, just the way it should be, someone taking care of his cock. Soon he was filling the other guy's mouth with his cum. Someone had walking into the john so he couldn't tell the guy to 'take his load' or 'swallow my cum faggot', so it was a little less satisfying but still felt good.

He pulled his cock back through the hole which was a tight fit now that his cock had gotten enlarged. Just as he got it out he saw a cock coming through the hole.

"What the fuck man, what do you think you are doing? I don't want to see your cock."

"I did you, now you do me."

"No way is that going to happen faggot, I'm no cocksucker." The cock withdrew.

"Asshole" the guy said as he left. Almost immediately someone else took the stall.

Jake saw a finger running along the edge of the hole, then someone said, "Feed me". Jake got the drift. He was starting to get hard again as he stuck it through. Another warm hole enveloped his cock. Since Jake had just cum it took a little while to get his next load but this guy knew what the fuck he was doing. It got so good that Jake grabbed the top of the stall wall and started shoving his cock through as far and as hard as he could. He could tell that the faggot liked that because he was mewing like a kitten. When it was done at least this guy didn't try to stick his cock through the hole. They each stayed in their stalls until a couple more men came and used the urinal trough and then left. The guy who had sucked Jake's cock left first while Jack stayed in his stall. He heard the guy who was leaving say to someone, "That kid's cock is great, see if you can get some before he leaves." Jake's cock was already getting hard.

When Jake was finally drained, he went in search of his friends. One of the handed him a beer, "Where the hell have you been?"

"Just taking care of some business. Where are the bitches?"

"Who the fuck knows. I wish they'd get back, I'm horny as hell."

Jake said, "Yeah, I know the feeling."


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