Jake's senior year in high school ended on a low point. He had been so busy finding guys to suck his cock he hadn't paid much attention to his books. As a result he ended up with an overall GPA of 2.16. Even with a scholarship for baseball there was no way that State was going to accept him. His coach told him the only way to salvage the situation was to go to a community college that had a good baseball team. Luckily he lived in a district that had such a college. He didn't like the idea of going to a community college, he knew he was better than that. He had expected to go to State, play baseball, join a fraternity and be the BMOC. All the hot chicks from his high school were planning to go to State or some other college and university, he'd have to find a new way to get some pussy. At least he knew he could always get some guy to blow him out in the woods or at one of the bathrooms he found where faggots hung out looking for cock. He knew he had the best piece of meat any of them would ever feed on.

He knew he needed to have a summer job or his parents would make him go to some summer school shit and that just was not going to happen. His parents were members at the local country club and were able to get him a gig as a lifeguard. It was his type of job. Wearing a red Speedo and getting a good tan couldn't be easier. Now granted, dealing with screaming kids would be a pain but he would also get a lot of the older girls and the moms checking him out.

On his first day he realized it wasn't just girls and women who were checking out his body and what he had packed into his Speedo, it was guys too. Some looked like they were his age, others looked like they probably were fathers and some even looked like grandfathers. He loved the attention but hated that some of them were faggots even though he knew that a faggot gave a better blow job than any girl he had been with. The girls would come up and flirt with him but he would also catch guys looking at him from the loungers or as they walked past.

Over the next couple of days Jake picked up some of the girls and took them out to his car during his break for a little fun and release. He knew that he'd be the best fuck they ever had. Unfortunately the President of the country club found out what he was doing and was going to fire him. Fortunately Jake's father had been a member long enough that he stopped Jake from getting fired, however, he took Jake to task and told him if he ever was found with one of the girls from the club that he wouldn't pay for any of his college expenses and restrict his access to his trust fund. As an aside his father told Jake that he was proud of him and that he was chip off the old block and just don't get caught screwing some girl on the country club property. Jake looked at his dad, a middle aged, thick waisted, receding hair line man and knew he was a better stud than his dad had ever been.

The next couple of days were hard for Jake. He was used to getting something at least twice a day. Either in his car or out on the golf course behind some trees. His parents had been a pain since the situation had arisen and wouldn't let him go out at night so he couldn't even go find a faggot to suck his cock. His brother had gone on an exchange program so he wasn't even around to service him. This was wrong.

The next day at the club Jake spent more time studying the men and boys who kept checking him out. Unlike in the woods or in bathroom, Jake would have to see who ever was giving him a blow job. He was so horny now he didn't really care. There was one guy who kept looking at him and his crotch even though it looked like he was with his wife and a couple of kids. Every once in a while Jake would spread his legs and act like he was adjusting himself. Yep, the guy was definitely looking.

When it was his break time he got down off his lifeguard stand and headed for the men's locker room. He glanced back over his shoulder and the guy who had been watching him was following him. He stepped into the locker room and a few beats later the guy came in as well. Jake ignored him. He decided he was going to let him come after him and tell him how much he wanted his cock. Jake went into the bathroom of the locker room and took one of the urinals. Even though there was several available the guy took the urinal right next to his. Jake ignored him but could tell that he was trying to sneak a peek. Jake decided to give him a show. He pulled his Speedo low so that he could get his cock and balls out, then he stretched his cock forward so that the guy could see how big it could get. When he was sure the guy was looking he shook it and put it back in his Speedo but kept the suit low enough that it was showing the top of his bush.

He walked over to the steam room. He was glad to see that it was empty when he went in. He put some more water on the hot rocks and sat down on the upper ledge. Not more than 30 seconds later the guy came through the door and took the lower ledge right by Jake. The guy moved closer and put his hand on Jake's thigh. "What the fuck do you think you're doing faggot?"

"Uh, nothing, sorry, I guess I misunderstood you." The guy got up and started to leave.

"Wait cocksucker, you came in here for something, what was it?"

"Well, I wanted to see your cock."

"Didn't you see it in the bathroom?"

"Yeah, but I was hoping to see it a little fuller."


"Uh, you know, I was hoping to see it erect. It's so big already."

"Well, let me show you." Jake pulled his cock back out of his Speedo and started to stroke it, slowly, very slowly. "You like that faggot?"


"You know what I'd like to see? Your faggot mouth on my cock." Jake grabbed the guy's head and brought it right to his cock. "Show me how much you like what you see." The guy started sucking his cock and Jake was so horned up from days without a mouth or a pussy he almost immediately shot his load into the guys mouth. Jake pushed his head away. "Did you like that, pussy?"

"Yes, very much."

"Well since you like it so much, every time you're here and I'm working, we are going to do this again. If you don't your wife is going to find out that you like sucking guys dicks, got it?"

Between that guy, a couple of younger guys his, even a friend of his father they all made sure he was taken care of that summer. Some even wanted Jake to fuck them but he told them that would be too gay and that he wasn't gay. Jake had a very good summer for his perspective. He and his cock got the admiration they both deserved and it reaffirmed to him that his cock made him something special.

If someone looked back on that summer there were probably three times as many men's mouths on Jake's cock as there were women's mouths or pussies.


Be well,


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