Note -  Thank you to my friend Jack who suggested edits to improve my story.

I've been a rest stop slut ever since the night I left my job at the mall and had to stop to take a leak on my way home. It was a hot and humid night so I had changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top before leaving work. I pulled into the rest stop and it was pretty quiet. Just a few cars and a truck were in the parking lot. One of the street lights was out so the area was dimly lit.

I walked into the john and it was empty except for one guy at the trough. It was an older rest stop so it still had a trough instead of separate urinals. There were a three stalls as well.

I stepped up to the trough and pulled out my dick. I started reading some of the graffiti on the wall in front of me. Usual stuff, drawings of spurting cocks and messages saying meet at a certain time for a BJ. I'd always wondered what it would be like to do some of the stuff written on the wall but hadn't acted on it.

The guy who was to my left said, "Interesting reading." I glanced over and got a better look at him: early to mid-30s, about 6'1" or 6'2", maybe 190 pounds with dark hair and a day or two of stubble. He was in a pair of ripped jeans and a tight white t-shirt. His biceps were stretching the cotton sleeves almost to the point of ripping. The shirt, stretched taut across his abs and pecs, looked like it may have been a size too small. 

"Yeah," I replied.

I glanced down a few times but he was holding his cock so I couldn't see how thick it was but it looked pretty long. Once when I glanced back up I could tell that he caught me looking. I think I may have blushed.

A little more about me at the time:  19, 5'10", 160 pounds, dirty blonde hair, hadn't yet been able to grow much facial hair, in pretty good shape from high school wrestling and baseball but nothing like this guy's body.

I glanced back at the wall in front of me and tried to pee but it wasn't going to happen. One of the cocks drawn on the wall was huge with a big head with a drawing of cum shooting out. "See anything up there you like, kid?" he asked. I may have mumbled something in reply but I don't remember. He inched a little closer to me. He let his hand drop and now I could see his cock...his hard cock. Whoever drew the picture on the wall must have used him as a model. He moved even closer. "Like what you see now?" he asked, "I sure like what I see" his eyes moving up and down my body.

Scared, I turned away from him, put my dick back in my shorts and walked over to the sink. I began washing my hands, glancing from time to time at the mirror. He had turned slightly and was slowly stroking his cock. "C'mon kid, I know that you want it".

His eyes caught mine in the mirror and he slightly nodded his head toward the stalls. His cock still out, he went to the last of the three stalls, shut the door and locked it. I was surprised. If he really wanted to do something why had he locked the stall door? Curious, I took the middle stall next to his. There was even more graffiti in the stall and a hole on each stall wall. I slid my shorts and underwear to my ankles, sat down and fingered my hardening cock. I looked through the hole into his stall. He had pulled down his jeans and pulled the front of his shirt over his head, God his abs were tight and his thighs looked like tree limbs. He was still stroking his cock and it was even bigger than before. He turned toward the hole and started guiding his cock through it.

"Touch it kid, I know you want to." 

While I had always been drawn to guys' cocks when I saw them in the locker room I had never acted on it. I would think about them when I beat off but never thought I would actually touch one that wasn't mine.

I reached out and ran my finger over the head of his cock, it felt like warm velvet. Tentatively, I slowly wrapped my fingers around his cock just below the head, my fingers barely touching. It was the first time I touched a cock other than my own. It was very warm and my fingers could feel the large veins. I was mesmerized. 

"Taste it," the guy said. "I could tell you were a cocksucker when you walked in. The way you looked at my cock gave you away".

"I've never done this before" I whispered.

"But you wanted to, right?" 

"Maybe....but I didn't know how".

A little more forcefully he said "Now's your chance...TASTE IT!"

I leaned in and just barely flicked my tongue across the head. I started to move my fingers farther down his cock.

"That's a good little cocksucker, now put your lips around the head." I did what he told me, my lips going to the base of the crown. "Now a bit more, come on kid, I know you want to." Instead I pulled my lips back letting the head pop out of my mouth".

"I don't know if I can do this," as I pulled up my shorts, "I'm going to go home before my parents start to worry."  Just as I was opening the stall door I heard his open. When I stepped from the stall he was blocking my way. "You ain't leaving. Do you think you can be a cock tease and then not pay the price?" 

He moved toward me causing me to step backwards into the stall. The back of my legs hit the toilet causing me to sit back down. I was eye level with his stiff cock. Seeing it and the rest of his body it looked so much longer than I could tell from seeing it just in the hole.

He moved closer, slapping his cock against my face. "You're going to suck it, and you're going to suck it right now." I leaned back as far as I could but he reached out and put one of his big hands on the back of my head and took one step closer. "Open your lips, cocksucker.“

Having no way to get out, I did what he said as my lips went over his head. "Yeah, that's it, kid." Almost as if by instinct I moved my tongue back and forth under his head. Glancing up, I could see that his eyes were closed. He moaned before saying, "Take some more, show me what a good cocksucker you can be."

As before, I pulled back almost letting his cock leave my mouth. "Not this time kid." The hand on the back of my head pushed me down farther on his cock. "That's it."

As more of his cock entered my mouth, I put my hand around his shaft, with my fingers close to his balls. Between my hand and my lips there had to be at least 5 inches. As he pushed me farther down his massive cock I started to gag and tried to pull back but he didn't let me. "God damn it, keep taking it. You'll stop gagging in minute as you get more used to it." I gulped some air and began breathing through my nose. He was right, after a couple of seconds I stopped gagging and felt his cock hit the back of my throat.

"Mmmmm, yeah, that's better. Guys always can take more of my cock than my women can. Some cocksuckers can even take it all."

He started rubbing his cock along my tongue almost taking it out but always pushing it back in and always a bit farther. I started to like it, I liked having a cock in my mouth and I liked that he was taking charge and being a bit aggressive.

"Tilt your head a bit further, so it will be easier to get my cock down your throat." I did as he said. "Oh fuck yeah, take a bit more. I knew I wasn't wrong about you, you're a quick learner. I can see you dick is hard as a rock. You like it." My response was a guttural moan.

He started moving my head up and down his cock. His hand kept pulling me closer to the base of his cock. "Shit kid, you've almost got it all. Just a little bit more. You're doing it, fucking A!" My nose hit his pubic hair. I couldn't believe, I had done it. Again I moaned against his cock. He started to pick up the pace but then I heard the door open. He stopped moving and gave me a sign to keep quiet.

"Jesus Christ, Jack, what's taking you so long?" At least now I knew his name.

Jack relaxed and started slowly sliding his cock again. "I found us a good cocksucker. The kid just took my whole sausage." The other guy whistled. "You can have him next, he seems to really like it. Go into one of the stalls. Stick your dick through and I'll let him have a taste." His friend did just that. I could hear him undo his belt and slide what I assumed was jeans down his legs. "God, this guy is good Tony, he might even be able to take your horse cock."

Tony's cock started coming through the hole in the stall wall. It was thicker than Jack's, and as more slid in it was even more impressive than Jack's. Seeing it got me even more excited. I was finding out I like it! I really enjoyed sucking cock and seeing Tony's cock was exciting. I actually started moving my head on Jack's cock so he didn't have to hold my head any more. This allowed him to put his hands on both stall walls and just rock back and forth as I moved my head up and down his cock.

Tony's cock was twitching through the hole. "Come on man, let him taste me." He asked. 

“No,” Jack replied, "this is his first time. I want my load to be his first taste of cum."

Something was happening. Jack's cock was actually getting harder. He pulled back but I moved forward to keep his cock deep in my mouth. I actually wanted a man to cum in my mouth. If you had asked me if I wanted cum in my mouth an hour ago, I would have said no way. "Kid, let me pull it back so I can cum in your mouth.” I did as he said. His big cockhead was on my tongue now. "Open your mouth wider, I want to see my cum." I opened as far as I could and then he started shooting. Even though his head was on the middle of my tongue, his first couple of spurts hit the back of my throat so I wasn't able to taste it, but the next couple of spurts did stay on my tongue. I was tasting my first cum load and I liked it. Creamy, a bit salty, even a bit earthy, I swirled it around Jack's cock as I moaned in pleasure and started to swallow.

"That was so fucking hot to watch, seeing my jizz on his tongue.  Kid you could take my whole cock and all of my cum, awesome. Tony, I wish you could have seen it."

"My turn" Tony replied. I watched as he pushed more of his cock through the hole in the stall wall. Jack pulled his cock from my mouth, but I tried to move with it to keep it in my mouth. "Shit, this cocksucker wants another load from me. We might have a really fun night. Kid, I need a few minutes to get my blood flowing again. Let Tony try your mouth."

I looked at Tony's cock again and my eyes widened, could I do it? Could I take a cock bigger than Jack's.

Jack could see the question, maybe fear, in my eyes. "You can do it kid, just take it slow." I was still tentative. "Stop fucking around kid, TAKE IT NOW, we have to hit the road soon."

Jack took my head in his hand and roughly turned it toward his friend's cock. Then he pushed me toward his cock. "Open up." Again, I did what he said and let Tony's cock enter my mouth. It took much less time for me to start working my tongue on this new cock. Tony and I both moaned. It took a bit longer but I was able to deep throat Tony as well. Jack almost yelled "I don't fucking believe it, he's got it all." 

Tony said, "Only a couple of cocksuckers have ever been able to do this".

I kept working over his cock and I was loving it. I felt Tony harden up just as Jack had. I knew he was getting ready to shoot. Tony moaned some more and I could tell by the way the stall wall was moving, he was trying to get deeper in my throat. "Kid, you can taste my cum when I give you some more later, but right now I want you to take it deep in your throat. Jack, put your hands on his neck and tell me if you can feel my cock moving in his throat and if you can tell when I start to shoot."

As Jack placed his hands on each side of my throat, he said "I can feel you moving your cock. Fucking unbelievable!" Jack kept one hand on my throat but put his other hand on the back of my head and pushed it forward so that my forehead was against the stall wall forcing even more of Tony's cock down my throat just in time for Tony's first shot of cum. I didn't even have to tighten up my throat to swallow, I could tell it was just sliding down what little throat I had beyond the end of his cock.  "I felt your cum spurts, man," Jack told Tony, sounding amazed. Tony must have had a sensitive cock because he quickly pulled his cock of my mouth even though I tried to keep it in my mouth. After a few deep breaths, Tony said, "God damn, you were right Jack, this kid is a great cocksucker! I'm glad we stopped for a bit of rest before dropping our load". Then he laughed and said, "I guess we dropped our load in this cocksucker."

I was exhausted.  Sucking two big cocks was a real workout. Even though I was tired, Jack and Tony had other plans. They kept me in the middle stall but Jack went to the one that Tony wasn't in. Both cocks came through the holes in the wall. They made me alternate between the two cocks, which I eagerly did. When they were ready to cum, they both came into my stall. It was tight fit but they did it. They put the heads of their cocks against my parted lips and together shot their loads against my lips and tongue.  I swallowed all of it!

Pulling up their jeans, Jack looked back at me and said, "We come through here every other Wednesday night, so you better be here if you know what's best for you, cocksucker. We're going to track you down if you don’t show up because we are going to take your plate number down on the way to our truck." Tony laughed and said, "I don't think we’ll have to do that. I think this cocksucker liked taking care of both of us. We should probably bring one of your fellow drivers next time and see if he can handle three big cocks." They both laughed as they walked out the door.

I sat in my stall for a minute just trying to catch my breath and calm down. I realized I had cum a couple of times but hadn't much noticed it at the time. My cum was on my shorts. I guess I really am a cocksucker.  

It wasn't until a couple months, and quite a few cocks, later, that I learned the holes in stall walls are called ‘glory holes’ and that I'm a size queen and a cum slut. More about that later...

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