Ever since Evan left my apartment after he had stayed over, it sickened me to say that I thought about him more than I should have. If I had to admit - if I was into this sort of thing - Evan would make a pretty good boyfriend. He was handsome, charming, funny, sociable. Everything I liked.

But he wasn't my boyfriend and I had to keep that in mind when I slept with him.

The next night he was usually with Sarah so I decided to call up one of my old 'special friends' and asked him on a date and then a good fuck. He happily obliged and we planned to meet at Maxine's, a nice home-style restaurant.

Dash met me outside and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. If I had to be honest, Dash was my first love. We started dating when I was 16 and it went pretty amazingly until we both found out that sex with one person wasn't doing it for us so we broke up on good terms and kept in contact with each other, but it still wasn't the same.

I hadn't seen Dash in about 4 years and those 4 years done wonders. Dash had this beautiful sun-lightened blonde hair and these piercing brown eyes. He had broadened out and his cute, innocent face of the past had turned into a more sinister yet sexy looking mug. He had a light scar next to his left eye which made him look even more sexy and mysterious.

'You look great,' he greeted me with a smile.

We sat down at a table that was in the general middle of the restaurant and began to look through the menus.

'Well, isn't this a surprise.'

Oh God. Please tell me this isn't happening. I looked up and sure enough, there was Evan looking like he had stepped out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue with Sarah on his arm.

'Hello Cassidy,' he said with a curious yet concealed smile on his face.

'Evan,' I mumbled.

'Hi, I'm Dash,' my other 'special friend' greeted him with a warm handshake.

Sarah disappeared to a table in the corner while Evan stood next to our table still with his amazingly handsome grin plastered on his face.

'I'm Cassidy's friend by the way,' Evan said, sending a wink my way.

I feigned a smile and awkwardly glanced at Dash who was busy staring at Evan. I thought things couldn't get any more awkward until-

'Hey, do you guys wanna join us? This table's big enough for four.'

'Sure! Let me just go get Sarah.'

Evan disappeared and I discreetly kicked Dash under the table. He looked at me curiously and asked me what was wrong but before I could manage to tell him, Evan and his bitch reappeared and joined us.

'Sarah, this is Dash and I believe you've already met Cassidy,' Evan introduced us.

'I hate you,' I whispered to Evan when his face got close enough for me to hear.

Evan looked at me out of the corner of his eye and a sadistic smile flashed across his face. For the duration of the dinner, seeing Evan do all the chivalrous things for Sarah as opposed to me lit a flicker of jealousy within me and I could easily see that the chemistry Dash and I had annoyed Evan to the point that he had rudely cut off one of our conversations to ask Dash a really pointless question.

After I had downed my dinner and was sure Dash had also, I kicked him underneath the table once again and glared at him.

'We're gonna go now,' I said quickly, 'we have a movie to get to.' I slapped my wads of cash on the table, grabbed Dash's hand and led him out of the restaurant as quickly as possible. I dared to steal a glance over my shoulder at Evan who was watching me with a look I couldn't understand.

He pulled up his hand and waved to me almost discreetly and without thinking, I winked at him and waved back with my free hand.

'You wanna go watch a movie?' Dash asked me.

'No,' I replied, 'my apartment. Now.'

Dash and I rushed through my door and immediately began groping and kissing each other desperately. He laid me down on my bed and tore off his shirt and kicked off his pants and I took a short time to admire the work he had been doing in the gym; his upper body was so ripped and rugged, it was an amazing sight.

'Get ready,' he said with a wink.

Dash led a trail of kisses down my chest and my stomach before he got to my crotch; he pulled my briefs down and engulfed my cock immediately with his sultry, wet mouth. I closed my eyes in pleasure as he went down on my manhood, sucking and sucking like a Hoover until I thought I was going to shoot right there.

'Not yet,' he replied.

Dash undressed completely and his cock which looked like it had grown a few inches since last time sprung to life; he lifted my hips up off the bed and placed his head at my entrance. After teasing me for a few moments, he entered me with ease and began a rough and fast fucking motion. He held my legs while his ass tensed as he fucked my hole like there was no tomorrow.

Dash and I fucked for over an hour that night. After he had climaxed in me, he began to suck me off once again until I got fully bone hard and then I fucked him into next Saturday. After we had finished, we collapsed onto each other in a sweaty heap and held each other before we both drifted off to sleep.

But if I were to be honest, I was hoping that it would be Evan holding me instead of Dash.



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