Evan's card was staring at me from my bedside table, calling me, tempting me... and so I finally did it. Two days after he gave it to me, I eventually gave in. I punched in his number and waited, not daring to breathe just in case it ruined the moment.

'Hello?' his handsome voice greeted.

'Evan, it's Cassidy. How are you?'

'I'm super now that I'm speaking to you. How are you?'

'Great.' I hesitated before I continued. 'I was thinking about your offer, so to speak.'

'And what do you think?'

'I think you should take me to Cesario's tonight at 8.'

'Fiesty. I like it. I'll pick you up just before 8. Looking forward to seeing you, Cassidy Hunter.'

'You too, Evan Ortiz.'

I hung up feeling on top of the world. I had usually maintained a friends-with-benefits only relationship with all the men I've encountered in my past and was excited to start one with the amazingly handsome Evan.

Evan arrived dressed in a grey suit and a lavender coloured button up shirt and I would be lying if I said he didn't take my breath away. I was dressed in a shirt and jeans as Cesario's wasn't necessarily a formal place so I immediately felt underdressed when I laid my eyes on Evan.

'Good evening, Cassidy,' he said with a grin.

'My, you look dashing,' I replied.

'Not as lovely as you, my darling,' he said, presenting me with a single red rose.

My gut feeling kicked in and I was immediately confused. Evan sounded as if he wanted to keep our discreet second relationship casual yet here he was dressed in a suit presenting me with a rose. Pushing it to the side, I accepted it and wrapped my arm around his as we walked to his car.

'How's Sarah?' I said teasingly.

'She's great,' he replied, not even the slightest bit unnerved by my comment.

If there was one strange thing that I found sexy, it was a man who drove stick - sexual pun not intended (this time). I watched in awe as Evan changed gears and drove like a professional, meanwhile driving me sexually crazy next to him.

We arrived at Cesario's and after Evan pulled the door open for me, we walked in and took a private seat in the corner of the restaurant. I immediately looked over the menu while Evan ordered us a bottle of champagne.

'You're not worried Sarah might see us here?' I pushed him a bit further.

'Not even the slightest. I know she's at work on the other side of town.'

'May I be frank?' I finally said, pushing aside my shyness. 'What are you expecting out of this friendship?'

Evan smiled and he raised his hands. 'I don't mean any harm.'

'I know you don't. I just wanted to set out a few ground rules before we embark on this incredibly peculiar journey. This is strictly a casual thing. We are not seeing each other. We simply go out on casual dates and then if we end up in bed having a fuck, then that is okay. That is it. Nothing else. Are we clear?'

'Are all aromatherapists this straightforward?' he said, poking his tongue out.

I playfully pushed him on his broad shoulder and scanned the menu once again, keeping an eye on the handsome Evan who was watching me in amusement.

'Does Sarah know you're into guys?' I asked him.

'Yeah and she's pretty cool with it,' he replied, 'we've had a threesome with another guy and it was very pleasurable for the both of us.'

'That is one fucked up relationship,' I said, later adding 'no offense'.

'You're a little sassy spitfire, aren't you?'

'You'll get used to it eventually,' I replied.

Dinner came around and moments later, we had both finished our meals. Evan offered to pay for mine, but I quickly reminded him that I found that romantic and therefore against the rules of our relationship, so we paid for our meals seperately and went back to his car.

'Where to now?' asked Evan.

'We both know where we're going to end up,' I said bluntly, 'yours or mine?'

'Mine it is,' Evan said with a grin.

Evan pulled up to a suave looking apartment complex that I had admired once or twice when I passed it previously. I followed him up the elvator and into his apartment which was very sleek and modern looking. I admired the art strategically placed on his walls and began snooping around his bookcase before he reappeared with two cans of beer. He tossed me one and I eagerly catched it, quickly taking a swig of the liquid courage.

'Here's to special friendships,' Evan said, raising his can in the air.

I clinged mine to his and took another swig of beer. Evan placed his can on the table and I soon followed; I dashed forward to him and pressed my mouth against his, the beer still swishing around in my mouth. Evan happily obliged and soon had his arms around me, his mouth moving around mine. He parted his mouth and the beer in my mouth soon went into his as our tongues dashed around rather aggressively, massaging each others.

I pulled away and made a play at his coffee table. I pushed off all the magazines and laid down on it, pulling my shirt off over my head and laying ever so suggestively on it. Evan swallowed the shared liquid in his mouth and eagerly pulled off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. He got down on top of me and we continued vigorously tongue lashing each other. My hands ran down and grabbed the bulge in his pants and I squeezed aggressively.

'The boy knows what he wants,' he whispered.

'This boy is not a child,' I mumbled back.

Evan wriggled out of his pants and I eagerly reached down his boxers and played with his hard dick underneath them. It felt so thick and quite long and I couldn't wait to take it. Evan pulled my jeans off and began biting my dick through the fabric of my briefs.

'Suck it,' I ordered.

Evan followed my command and let my cock free. He pulled my briefs all the way off and immediately engulfed my cock in his mouth. I let out a sigh of relief and grabbed his head and started to thrust myself into his mouth. The slurping noises he made turned me on and he soon began using his hand as well as his mouth to get me off.

'Not yet,' I said, grabbing his hair to pull him up before I shot in his mouth.

Evan pulled his boxers down and his thick cock soon sprang to life. He jerked it off a bit and reached down to jerk mine as well.

'I like it rough,' I said.

'Lucky,' he replied, 'so do I'.

After wrapping a condom over his dick, Evan held me in his arms and slammed me against the wall, nearly knocking a painting off the wall. He lifted me up off my feet and I soon wrapped my legs around his waist; he positioned his dick at my hole and soon tore into me, completely inconsiderate of the pain it caused.

Evan's impressive upper body strength held me steadily but he continued to slam my back into the wall nearly causing a 10 on the Richter scale. The loud banging was turning me on and Evan penetrating me was sending me over the edge but I didn't want to end it just yet.

He dropped me on my feet, turned me around and slammed me stomach first into the wall before fucking me roughly again. I spread my legs as Evan fucked me and fucked me, his hips keeping a fast rhythmic motion. He pulled my hair and made me arch my back as I looked up at his sweaty face, his expression clearly stating that he was enjoying my hole.

Evan thrusted his tongue down my throat and I gladly accepted it but he soon started to moan and I knew what was coming next. I felt his body tense behind me and he soon shot into his condom, his heavy panting next to my ears almost echoing. My dick was still aching hard and was on the brink of ejaculation so I got off him, forced him onto his knees and began jerking off. I soon climaxed onto his handsome face and he eagerly swallowed some of the load he caught in his mouth.

After we had caught our breath, we sat opposite each other on his sofa chairs completely naked and simply stared at each other.

'I think I'm going to enjoy this friendship,' Evan said in between breaths.

'Same,' I said with a grin.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: I appreciate all my readers and all the comments you leave so I've decided to reward you (in a sense). If you've read all my stories and have wondered what the characters are supposed to look like, I have based the appearance of 90% of my characters on real life people, from Duke Erving from In Love With a Celebrity to Troy from the one-off Get Sexy short story. If you are curious as to who these people are, send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I will reply with the names and pictures of those people just to help you imagine my stories. Thank you and enjoy)



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