(AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a continuation from the "My Brother's Graduation" story that garnered a positive response. I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment. This story beings two years after the previous story. Cassidy and Evan haven't spoken to each other since the graduation)

My younger brother, Alex, had called me to meet him at a cafe because he had "big news" for me. We always had deep and meaningful conversations over the phone so a physical meeting meant it was colossal news. My mind flew around to many possibilities: his girlfriend, Stacy, being pregnant. They broke up. They got engaged. Someone died.

Hoping it wasn't the last idea, I waltzed into the cafe and spotted my brother in the corner. I was relieved to see a huge grin spread across his face. That got rid of the death idea.

'Cassidy! How are you?' Alex got up out of his seat and gave me a friendly hug before we sat down together.

'I'm dying over here,' I urged him, 'what's the big news?'

'I'm engaged!'

I tried to steer away from the many gay stereotypes as much as possible but I let out the most feminine squeal ever imagined when I heard him. Alex was only two years into university and already popped the question to his high school sweetheart. I was so proud of him!

'Congratulations brother!' I got up out of my seat and hugged him, ignoring all the startled looks from nearby people who had jumped at my scream.

'Thank you, thank you. You had to be the first person I told! I'm so excited!' I could see how Alex couldn't contain his excitement. I had never seen him this happy before so it definitely made me feel jovial.

'This calls for celebration!' I exclaimed.

'We're doing that tonight,' explained Alex, 'our families are going to have a dinner together and Stacy and I are going to tell everyone then. I know I should've waited until then to break the news but I couldn't keep it to myself. I trust you.'

'Your secret's safe with me,' I said with a smile.

The night rolled around and I managed to contain my excitement so not to arise the suspicion of my parents. I met up with them at the Italian restaurant our families were meeting at and we sat down with Alex and Stacy who were already there. I was wearing a tight-fitting black collared shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans to keep it somewhat-formal.

A few minutes later, Stacy's parents walked in looking as confused as my parents. After the hellos and introductions as I had not met them, Stacy's older brother Evan walked in. As soon as my eyes were upon him, my mind shot back to two years ago when I had first met Evan in what could only be described as a silent and erotic encounter.

And by golly, Evan looked just as good as he did back then. Nice build, great smile, handsome features. Unfortunately, a blonde woman was on his arm. My high hopes had sunk and I kept my eyes off the couple.

Evan shook hands with my parents, introducing his girlfriend Sarah in the process. He looked at me and hesitated before he stretched his hand out and shook mine.

'It's nice to see you again, Cassidy,' he said wtih a half-smile.

'Pleasure,' I mumbled.

'Cassidy? That's a cute name,' said Sarah.

'After David Cassidy,' I explained with a smile, even though I secretly wanted to jab her in the face.

After all the introductions, bottles of champagne were brought around and all the wine glasses were filled. Alex and Stacy stood up and with their glasses in hand and the announcement was just about to come.

'We've brought you here today because we have very exciting news for you,' announced Stacy.

The rest of the table went silent and Alex looked at me; I nodded reassuringly and smiled at him to continue.

'I proposed to Stacy this morning and she said yes!' exclaimed Alex.

Both sets of parents nearly exploded off their chairs with excitement and they immediately rushed up to the newly engaged couple and congratulated them. Evan and Sarah got up out of their chairs to congratulate the couple while I opted to sit there and smile as I had already congratulated the pair.

'Dinner's on us!' announced the young couple.

The rest of the night was filled with cheerful conversation and champagne as the parents of the couple all exchanged stories and ideas for the wedding with Alex and Stacy. Evan and Sarah were enjoying a whispering conversation with each other while I sat opposite them keeping to myself and tugging at my blonde hair.

'Excuse me,' said Sarah before she got up out of her chair to head to the ladies room.

I froze and watched as she disappeared, knowing that now Evan was obliged to converse with me and I didn't know if I felt too comfortable with that.

'How are you, Cassidy?' Evan asked me with a sexy grin.

'Great. You?'

'Can't complain.'

I turned away from him and pretended to be interested int he obnoxiously loud conversation being had next to us by our parents but I could see out of the corner of my eye Evan was watching me with a humoured expression on his face.

I excused myself after realising I couldn't bear the awkwardness of the situation anymore and went to the bar and I ordered myself a beer. Just as I was about to pay it, Evan appeared behind me and handed the bartender a 20 and told him to keep the change.

'Thanks,' I mumbled.

'You are most welcome,' he said, inviting himself to take a seat next to me.

Evan continued to scrutinize me while I sipped on my beer whilst hoping I could down it and several more in hopes of passing out and not having to deal with this any longer.

'How are things? Alex tells me you're an aromatherapist,' said Evan.

'Things are great,' I replied sharply.

I had finished my beer and called for another one and as quick as lightning, Evan paid for it once again. I thanked him and began to down that one, already feeling the effects of the beer and champagne beforehand.

'Easy there, tiger,' he chuckled as he watched me scull the drink, 'we have all night.'

I faked a smile and made an attempt to get up off the stool and walk back to the table but Evan's firm hand reached my shoulder and stopped me. I turned around to face him and nearly dropped my bottle when I saw his face close to mine.

'We both know what happened when we first met,' he said quietly, 'I don't regret it and I know you don't either.'

I was hoping this wouldn't come.

'You have a girlfriend,' I said simply.

'What she doesn't know won't kill her,' he replied.

'Are you suggesting I be your fuck on the side or something? I don't get down like that.' I turned to leave but Evan's firm, masculine hand seized my wrist and he pulled me back to him.

'No, I would never degrade you like that,' he said, 'I would like to get to know you more and possibly take you out on a few discreet dates, if that's okay with you.'

I was confused. From what I had heard, Evan basically wanted me to be his secret boyfriend. Although it was less degrading than discreet fuckbuddy, I still wasn't too sure how I felt about his offer.

'You intrigue me, Cassidy,' he added.

'I don't know,' I replied, 'something doesn't feel right about this.'

'Think it over,' he said before he reached into his pocket to pull out his card. 'Call me later.' I pocketed his card and smiled and went to turn around again but Evan gently turned me around once more to face him.

'I'll be looking forward to hear from you,' he said with a devilishly sexy grin. His grip on my wrist moved down to my hand and he wrapped mine in his warm, masculine embrace before letting go and disappearing back to the table.

I glanced down at his calling card and my chest was heaving in and out. I looked over at the table and immediately saw Evan grinning at me. He looked so sexy and so irresistible and so completely...

'Bartender,' I called out, 'another beer please.'



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