Chapter 4


I don't know how long I've in the shower, but it feels like it's been hours. I can't get over the fact that I just killed Diego and I don't want to leave and face what I've done. I keep telling myself that I'm wrong and Diego's okay, but the image of him turning into dust keeps replaying in my head and it's all I can think of. I'm not sure what to do and I wonder if I should call someone but I'll probably be killed. Acerbes can get away with murder, but if a human murders an Acerbis, their crime is punishable by death. There's only one person I can trust with this but I don't want to get him involved. After the way I treated him, I don't deserve his help. But what I do need from him is comfort and the safety of his arms to calm me. I still have no idea as to how I managed to kill Diego and that's what worries me most. It's not like I have to hide his body but I don't know what to do if people discover how I killed Diego. Then again, even I don't know how I did it.

I finally force myself to get out of the shower and I walk out of the bathroom slowly, in fear that Diego might come out of nowhere. I'm shivering and I'm not sure if it's from fear or the cold. The goosebumps I get from the cold make my skin feel tighter and it's extremely uncomfortable. I'm constantly looking to the left and the right and I almost fall to the ground because of how weak my knees are. When I walk into my room I'm overwhelmed by the smell. Before I snapped out of Diego's brainwash I didn't really bother to keep things clean and a month of that had taken its effects on the room. There's clothes spread all over the floor, the bed is a mess and some of the sheets are torn up, and there's so many other crap everywhere.

After getting dressed, I start to clean up by washing some of the dirty clothes and the sheets, and I vacuum. This is basically how I spend the rest of my day. The stress and worry I have, has caused me to focus on less important things. It takes a few hours to get the whole house cleaned up but at least it takes my mind off Diego.

When I finish, I go back to my room and look in the mirror just to see how terrible I look again, but to my surprise I look pretty good. I'm barely realizing that more color seems to have returned to my skin, I look more muscular, I'm probably an inch taller, and I feel a lot less tired. I check myself out and I look like I got a complete makeover. I'm transfixed by the way I look and I pay close attention to all the new features on my body. I start to wonder if killing Diego did this to me. That somehow, some of his features passed on to me. Thinking of Diego brings me down and after looking at the time, I decide to go to sleep.

I still have no idea how I did what I did. The thought of being an Acerbis scares me, but I immediately dismiss it. I have never heard of an Acerbis with powers of light. It's the exact opposite of what they are which must've been how Diego was killed. I keep thinking about this until I finally drift off.

I hear the doorbell and I'm pulled out of my sleep. I jump up and look around as if whoever rung the doorbell is inside already. I don't have to hide anything since Diego turned into dust and there's no trace of him left, so I have to act calm and pretend I don't know anything about where he is. I walk to the door and I can feel sweat forming at my forehead. I have to keep my mouth shut so that my loud breaths are kept quiet.

When I open the door, I see Sean and many emotions take over me at once. He takes a step forward and I try to move back but I can't, I don't want to. He immediately grabs my face and kisses me. I moan because of how much I've missed the taste of his lips and because it's so passionate I can barely breathe. I pull away to look at his face, and it makes me forget about all my problems.

"Not that I'm complaining, but what happened to you?" he says.

"I'm so sorry about the way I treated you. Diego did something to me and I became obsessed with him. It was terrible and I knew something about it was wrong, and thankfully I snapped out of it when we kissed yesterday."

"I should've done it earlier, neither of us would have gone through that for so long. What did he do to you, to make you feel that way?"

I almost cry when I remember that terrible experience and I say, "I don't want to talk about it."

He seems to understand and hugs me tightly. I put my head on his shoulder and try to fight back the tears but I don't need to with Sean. He's seen me cry and he's seen me when I've broken down in the past. My nose is right below his lips when it used to be right below his chin, and I'm hoping he doesn't ask about my sudden growth spurt.

"Can I leave with you?" I say.

"Of course, but what about Diego?" he replied. I should tell him what I did but I'm afraid of how he might react. I don't walk to scare and lose him, and risk getting caught by the Acerbes.

"I-I... I don't know. He never came back yesterday from his run. I don't know where he is," I lie, "But he doesn't know about you, so he wouldn't go after you."

"I don't care, we're leaving from here, now," he says as he grabs my hand and leads me to his car. We get in quickly and he drives away. I have this heavy feeling in my stomach but I feel like I'm about to burst with joy. What if everything turns out okay? Diego's dead and I'm with Sean, I have everything I've ever wanted. I know that when we get to Sean's house, we don't have to worry about his parents since they died a few weeks ago. It was a drunk Acerbis who killed them and I was too focused on Diego to comfort him. I want to comfort him right now but I can tell from his thoughts that he just wants to forget about it. About twenty minutes later we get to his house and go inside. I really want to talk with him, but there's something I want to to do a lot more. After what we've both been through, I'm sure we both want it.

We walk to his bedroom and we hold hands until we get there, when we do, we sit on the bed. We start to make out and at first it's just kisses but soon it gets a lot heavier. He gets on top of me and starts feeling and rubbing my legs with one hand, and puts his hand behind my shoulder with the other with the other one. His touch makes me a bit uncomfortable because Diego's the only person who's ever had sex with me and it was terrible. The fact that I want to be touched this way is strange but exciting and I get an erection. I can feel Sean's too and I push myself up a bit to feel it more. I put my hands on Sean's back and push him closer to my body. I can feel myself getting warmer and soon Sean starts grinding on me. I wrap my legs around his waist and hug him tighter.

He puts his head on my neck and after deeply inhaling he says, "You smell good."

I smile and he starts kissing and licking my neck. I guess it was a good thing I took that long shower yesterday. He pulls off my shirt and his kisses move between my neck and my shoulders. I get on top of him and pull off his shirt. I admire his body and after giving him a few kisses on the neck, I move to his chest. I kiss and lick the space between his pecs and then I lick and suck on his nipples which causes him to moan. I swirl my tongue around one of them slowly right before I suck it and I do the same to the next one. Afterwards, I move to his stomach and I kiss his abs while I tweak his nipples. He moans even louder and I place my hand on his jeans where I can feel his hard on. I'm already too eager so I move to his pants and take his belt off. He grabs my hands and asks me if I'm really ready.

"Sean, I'm in YOUR bed and we're alone. Just being with you is special, I couldn't ask for a better moment. I'm ready." I know that Sean really has wanted this too, but he always said he wanted the moment to be perfect and right now, it is.

I unbutton his pants and pull them down along with his blue briefs. I stroke his dick and at first I'm a bit nervous. I've had sex with Diego hundreds of times but this time it's actually going to be special. I finally take a deep breath and move my mouth towards Sean's dick. First, I suck and nibble on the head of his cut cock. He moans and breathes loudly since he's never done this before, I'm his first which makes this moment even more special. Soon I start going a bit deeper and Sean puts his hands on my shoulders. I feel his chest and stomach as I begin to deep-throat him and he pushes his dick a bit further into my mouth. I can tell he's feeling a lot of pleasure and he wants more but from his thoughts I can hear that he's also afraid to hurt me. I pull my mouth off his seven inch cock and start sucking on his balls. He buries his nails into my shoulder and I squeeze his thigh with one hand while I stroke his dick with the other. I want him to cum now so I can eat his semen but I'm not done yet.

He grabs me and pulls my face towards his and we kiss with my breath smelling like his dick. He flips us over starts making his way down my body. He goes down quicker than me but I still feel pleasure when feeling his tongue on me. He pulls off my khaki shorts off and I barely realize I'm wearing Diego's boxers which startles me. But then I feel the warmth of Sean's mouth on my crotch and it's instantly out of my head. He pulls the boxers down and starts sucking my cock. It's the first time it's ever happened and the feeling is sensational. Sean's pretty good despite it being his first time and he makes me moan and bite my lips. He's able to take in about three inches before he gags and pulls his head back up. Once he realizes where his limits are he starts bobbing his head up and down quicker and I clutch the bed sheets. He also licks it from the base to the tip and swirls his tongue around it. He kisses it and strokes my dick too. I almost cum but I make Sean stop since there's one more thing we have to do. He doesn't seem to realize why I stopped him and after I give him a look, he seems to understand.

"Oh, you... want to..." he begins to say but he's too afraid to say it. I nod and he lays down next to me.

"What if you don't like it?" he says.

"What won't I like? I've been waiting for this moment and I'll love it no matter what," I say, trying to encourage him.

"Yeah but I've seen how Diego's made you feel these past few weeks. I've even seen the video and you were really enjoying it."

I hadn't even been aware there was a video and I tell him, "Those feelings were fake, what I feel for you isn't. I love you and no one can compare to the way you make me feel."

He smiles and we start making out again. The taste of my dick on his tongue and our naked bodies rubbing against each send me to cloud nine and I don't want this to stop. This perfect moment of ecstasy. He moves down and he spreads my legs. At first I think he's going to go straight to it, but he rims me first. His warm tongue on my hole makes me grunt and I clench my fists. I can feel his lips on it too, and he spreads my legs farther to stick his tongue deeper inside. I breathe in gasps.

He finally puts my legs up in the air and I'm actually scared. It feels like I'm doing this for the first time and I've completely forgotten how to please the person inside me. This is the first time I'm actually going to enjoy this for real and I'm shaking. I close my eyes and prepare myself.

He slowly slides his dick inside me, and it's like a completely new feeling. It doesn't hurt that much but I'm still moaning. Sean is also moaning really loudly since this actually is something new to him. He gets on top of me and begins to make love to me slowly. I want to kiss him but as he slides his dick in and out of me, we keep our eyes on each other. I can read his thoughts and that makes the experience more enjoyable because I know I'm doing a good job of pleasing him. My tight hole is a perfect fit for his cock and he loves the feeling. Without realizing it, he starts going a bit faster and he pushes deeper into me. I can hear the slapping sound that his thighs make whenever they hit my ass, and his balls make a soft thud too. His moans turn to grunts as he's getting closer to ejaculating and he goes faster. His quicker pace is enjoyable for the first few seconds and then I begin to feel scared. It reminds me a lot of the way Diego used to fuck me and I worry that Sean will become like him one day. Then Sean cums inside me and I forget my fears. He groans as loud as he can and I don't realize that I've been stroking my dick until I cum too. My body jerks upwards as he pulls his dick out and he lays down right next to me.

"That was amazing," he says as he wraps his arm across my stomach and holds me. He kisses me on my cheek and I let out a deep breath. It really was amazing.


A week has passed and by now, everyone knows that Diego is gone. I'm the only one that knows he's dead and now I'm free of him. The only thing I'm afraid of though, is that there's no one to protect me. Diego guarded me from everyone to keep me to himself, but at least I wasn't constantly attacked. I didn't want anyone to know about me and Sean because I didn't know what Jonathan would do if he found out I was with someone. I don't know if he's planning something or if he's finally given up on me. Either way I have other problems, almost everyone at this school has a grudge against me. Diego has humiliated a lot of guys, and there are many Acerbes girls who were jealous of me for being with Diego who was "hot" in their opinion. Also, Jonathan has raped a lot of guys and he pretended they were me. Those guys know he was thinking about me because he yelled out my name. I hoped everyone could just forget about everything, but what happened today proved that I was wrong for thinking that.

I'm on my free period right now and Sean doesn't come to see me anymore during this time since we go home together. I'm alone in the lounge and there are no classes going on in the rooms near me, so this part of the building is empty. I'm reading when I hear footsteps coming towards the lounge. Two guys walk in and I know them, their names are Damien and Michael. They're both attractive in their own ways but they only have physical beauty. Damien can be described as hot with his dark hair that he combs back and dark brown eyes, he's muscular but he's also pretty short. Michael is more cute than hot but he can be described as both I guess; he has short light brown hair and green eyes, he's barely taller than Damien and he has some muscles but he's more slim. At first I think they're just going to get something from the vending machine but they sit in the chairs right next to me and I begin to feel nervous.

"Hey Cyrus," says Damien with a mischievous smile.

"Hi Damien," I say quietly.

"So... We heard that Diego bailed on you and that's he's gone now," says Michael. I'm not sure where this is leading so I listen to their thoughts and I can tell there's only one thing they both want: revenge.

"Yeah, I don't know where he is. Umm... I have to go ask one of my teacher's something," I say as I put my book in my backpack. I put my backpack on and stand up. I try to walk away but Michael blocks my path, and in one quick motion, Damien turns me around and throws my backpack off. I'm facing him now and Michael grabs my arms from behind and holds me in place. They're both jocks and they're stronger than me so I can't fight them both off.

"What do you mean you have to go? We just got here," he says impatiently, like he's eager for something.

"Look Damien whatever Jonathan did to you-"

"Shut the fuck up," he says before he punches me in the gut and I groan in pain. Michael pulls my arms back more and I can feel his erection growing. Jonathan raped them both because they reminded him of me in a way. Jonathan always picked short guys as his victims since I'm short and Damien's about my height and Michael's a few centimeters taller than me. Before my growth spurt, they were both a few inches taller than me but they were still short.

"Everyone laughed at us for weeks because of what he did to us," says Michael.

"Since we can't do anything to him, you're the next best thing," says Damien.

"No!" I yell out before I break out of Michael's grasp and run towards the door, but they're both faster than me. Damien runs to the door and locks it and Michael picks me off the floor and throws me on the table. Michael holds me down as Damien takes my pants and boxers off, he leaves my shirt and shoes on. Damien unzips his green camouflage cargo pants and pulls out his dick while Michael slightly pulls down his gym shorts so that he can take his out too.

"You wanna go first?" says Michael.

"Nah, you go, we'll switch," says Damien and with that said, Michael lifts my legs in the air and begins to fuck me. Its bigger than Sean's but not as big as Diego's for sure, but it's still a tight fit.

"Damn," Michael yells out, "Now I see why Jonathan wanted you so badly."

Damien gets right next to my ear and says, "If I so much as feel one tooth, I'll pull each one out, one by one. Got it?"

I nod and he puts his dick in my mouth. I don't have so suck so hardly on it because he's already pushing and pulling his dick in and out while stretching my mouth open. Feeling Michael's dick in my ass and Damien's dick down my throat makes me uncomfortable and I try to escape but both of them keep me in place. Michael manages to keep me still by punching me in the stomach again, and I jolt up when I feel the pain. I decide to stop struggling and just let it happen. I'm outnumbered by two guys who are stronger than me. If I try to stop them, I might end up doing to them what I did to Diego and I don't want that to happen.

Michael quickens his pace and Damien pushes his dick farther down my throat and I gag. I breathe through my nose but Damien pinches it and I can't breathe at all anymore. I try to push him away but he throws my arms to the side and holds them on the table. He bends down and his dick goes farther down. I cough and my mouth closes up a bit. I accidentally bite Damien's dick and yells out in pain. It wasn't that hard but he pulls out of my mouth and before I can breathe he slaps me harshly.

"What the fuck did I tell you?" he yells at me. I breathe loudly, but out of fear of what he'll do next. He gets on his knees and his head is right next to mine. He puts his lips on my neck and begins to suck on it. It tickles at first but then I begin to feel pain when he uses his teeth. My moans turn into a cry and Michael is turned on by this and he fucks me harder. Damien finally stops and his head moves up but it begins to move down again. I realize he's going to kiss me.

"No," I say and I push his face away with my hands. He grabs my wrists and holds them down. He puts his lips on mine and our tongues touch. The kiss is sloppy and our saliva travels down my cheek onto the table. His tongue licks my lips and the area around my mouth. I spit on his face but he just scoops it up in his finger and puts it in his mouth.

"Alright Michael, move over it's my turn," he says. Michael slides out of me and I can feel some precum in my hole when he takes out his dick.

Michael puts his dick above my mouth and rubs the head on my lips. He tells me to kiss it and I do. Damien pushes his dick inside me and doesn't hesitate at all to fuck me. He's already at the pace that Michael was at towards the end, and Damien is already red and sweating. I'm being pushed back and forth on the table and Michael doesn't even have to move for me to go up and down on his cock. He grabs my shoulders and pins me down on the table so I don't fall off. Damien digs his nails into my thigh as he quickens his pace and I bite my lip to focus the pain somewhere else.

Michael pulls his dick out of my mouth and slaps me with it. I close my eyes and try to shut out the pain and humiliation, but it's too great to ignore. Michael gets on his knees and gives me a hickey like Damien but it's on the other side and his teeth feel sharper. After sucking on my neck, Michael places a kiss on the bruise and moves his kisses from my neck to my mouth. His kiss is cleaner than Damien's and I feel more of his lips but we still make out heavily as Damien fucks me. He bites my lip softly and I grit my teeth.

Damien pulls his dick out of me and Michael stops kissing me too. Michael pulls me off the table and I stand up. I feel weird not having my pants on while my shirt and shoes are on. They get on the floor and Michael pulls me down with them. Damien pulls me closer to him and positions me right above his dick. I know what he wants and I lower myself so I can begin to ride his dick. I moan when his dick first enters me and then I finally reach the base of his dick. I want to move up but he holds me down. Soon I feel my hole expanding like Damien's dick is getting bigger but then I realize it's Michael.

I don't want to do this but it's too late already. I'm weak and I can't stop Michael and Damien. I fall into my habit of giving up and I let Damien and Michael continue. Diego is gone and Jonathan is untouchable, so I have to suffer the repercussions of their actions. People want payback and since I have no protection now, I have to take all the hits.

Michael pushes me down on both their dicks and pushes me back up until I start doing it on my own. The pain is even more unbearable than all the times that Diego fucked me and I feel like I'm being split in half. I don't know why but at least with Diego I felt some sort of pleasure. With Damien and Michael, all I feel is pain.

"Yeah, you little faggot, make me feel like a man!" Damien yells out through his grunts.

From his thoughts I can tell how much better he feels about himself now that he's the top. When Jonathan raped him and Michael, they were both scarred. Acerbes can just screw with your mind and when it comes to sex, they can confuse you. After being raped by Jonathan, they felt the urge to be fucked again so they fucked each other. They hated it but they needed some sort of release to get their minds off it, but the thoughts never went away and they did it regularly. Soon they began to enjoy it, but after a while their manhood felt challenged. That's why they decided to rape me. To prove to themselves they didn't have to be fucked to get pleasure. Neither of them admitted it, but by now they were in love with each other. I can see Damien remembering Michael's head on his chest, and kissing his forehead, assuring him that things would turn out okay. I can also feel how safe Michael feels when Damien holds him and the warmth of his body heats him up.

Their thoughts arouse them more and they get closer. By now I'm just squatting down and staying still as they thrust their hips forward and fuck me. My whole body feels numb and everything feels so unreal. This is what sex without love feels like, I realize that now. Diego loved me and showed his passion through sex but neither Damien or Michael love me and now I just feel like a doll. Once they get bored with me, they're gonna stop until they want to fuck me again.

Michael is the first to me cum inside me and he releases a lot of semen. He sighs in relief as he pulls his dick out of me and remains laying on the ground. Damien's dick slides in and out more easily now that there's more room and Michael's cum lubed up my ass. He cums within a minute and relaxes now that he's relieved himself.

Damien rests on the floor and Michael picks me up off the floor and places me on the table. He throws my boxers and pants at me and tells me to get dressed. I do as he says and he pulls me to the very edge of the table. He tries to make me stand up but I fall right back down because of how sore I am. Damien stands up and they both get really close to me. I close my eyes and soon feel their lips on mine. I switch between kissing Damien and Michael and every know and then the three of us make out at the same time.

They both finally stop but before they leave Damien holds my head up to face him and he says, "We're not done with you yet."

They walk away from the room and I break down crying.

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