Chapter 3


I wake up to an immense pain and Diego's dick in my back. His teeth are buried in my neck, and the bruises he gave me are worse than the ones from last time. Every time I turn my head I can feel how hard he bit me. His hand is on my chest, clutching me tightly, I find it hard to breath, and I feel like my innards are on fire every time I move. We slept on the small couch last night, so it was impossible to get away from Diego. I'm not sure how many times we had sex but there's still some semen dripping off my thigh. I feel sweat running down my forehead and my body is really warm. I feel like I'm about to throw up any minute and I groan. I make the mistake of moving and Diego thrusts his dick further into me which causes me to cry out in pain.

"I see you want another go at it," he says before he kisses my shoulder. He starts fucking me again and I cry. My vision gets blurry and I eventually pass out.

When I wake up again, I'm on my bed lying face up and I feel extremely drowsy. I'm only wearing Diego's boxers and they're a bit torn. I try to sit up, but my feet are tied together and my hands are tied to the posts of the bed. I can't move at all. I turn my head towards the drawer where we have a clock and I see it's ten in the morning. Diego goes running at this time so that must be why he's not here but I don't understand why he tied me down. He won't be back till eleven so I'm stuck here for an hour but at least he's not here. I try to go back to sleep so I won't be awake when Diego returns, but I've been out for so long, it's impossible to do so. I try to wiggle out of this bondage but Diego tied me tightly to the bed and I'm only making it worse so I give up.

I try to make things better by thinking of Sean and I fantasize about what it would be like when we made love to each other. I imagine his dick inside me, claiming me as his. I don't care about pleasing myself, I want to make him feel good. He always makes me feel better and it's how I want to pay him back for doing that. Just the thought of his relief when he ejaculates, brings a smile to my face and I'm lost in a state of bliss.

The happiness ends when I hear the door close and I prepare myself for more torment. Diego walks into the room and he's sweating and panting. He doesn't have a shirt on and his stomach is glistening with sweat. He's wearing black running shoes and soccer sweatpants that are clinging to his legs and they show off the muscles in them, and it also shows off his manly ass. It's too late to pretend I'm asleep now that he's seen me and I turn away and close my eyes as he walks closer.

"You know... I was thinking last night that you always get pleasure from me when I lick your tight asshole. You can't deny you like that," he says as he gets on the bed and crawls towards me, "But I want you to taste my ass now. I don't give a fuck about what you want anymore, from now on you're pleasing me."

With that, he turns around and practically sits on my face. It takes me by surprise and I inhale his ass. It has a strong sweaty smell and it's probably because those sweatpants haven't been washed in two weeks. It's hard to breath with Diego's ass right on my face so I have to inhale it every time I want a bit of breath. He sits on my face for a minute and lifts for about five seconds and I gasp for air before he smothers me again. He repeats the process for about another five minutes before he pulls his sweats and boxers down right below his round ass. He has a bit of a bubble but that perfectly matches his hunky body. He puts his ass on my face and this time I taste it with my tongue. I'm glad he keeps it clean but I taste a lot of sweat and I feel some hairs on my tongue as I'm licking up and down his crack. He pushes his ass harder on my face and he doesn't allow me to breath as much, so I furiously lick his hole so that he'll finally get some relief. He grunts and thrusts his ass on my face quickly so that my tongue never stops touching it. My tongue feels sore and doesn't move as much, and I'm not even sure if I'm breathing anymore. I move my arms to try and push him off me but they're still tied up and useless. Just when I think I can't handle it anymore, I feel a warm liquid on my stomach and I'm relieved when I realize it's his cum since I know he's done now. In a few seconds he lifts his ass and I gasp for air and there's water in my eyes. Diego lifts his sweats back up and gets off the bed. I'm hoping he'll finally untie me but he starts to walk away.

"Wait... Please let me go," I beg as I'm crying and move my arms. He walks back to me and crouches beside the bed, he leans in close and I can feel his breath right above mine.

"Sorry Cy, but you're staying here. You made it clear that nothing's going to change your mind so there's no way I'm gonna risk you escaping," he whispers. Every time he breathes, I can smell it with my nose and it arouses me. He puts his finger in my mouth and I hungrily suck on it. He slips it out and drags his hand down my stomach. He reaches the spot right above my dick and then I feel pain that soon spreads all over my body. I grunt and scream as it turns to lust and I bite my lips.

"Please Diego... Fuck me, I need it," I say desperately.

"This is your punishment Cyrus. You need to understand what I feel like. I'm always desperate for you but I'm never fully satisfied, and you're going to learn what it's been like for me all this time." He puts a makes a ball gag with the socks he was wearing and walks away after closing the door and turning off the lights.

I don't even bother screaming because I'm too focused on Diego. I think of every aspect of his body: his chiseled face, his hands, his strong arms, his ass, his muscular legs, and especially his huge dick. What he does to me is torture and I have a bad desire for him. I feel like my dick's about to tear through my boxers and my mouth and hole feel empty. Like his dick needs to be filling them. I believe that I actually enjoyed rimming him and I relive it. I relive every time he's ever fucked me and I imagine that his dick is buried deep inside me right now. I'm like this for a whole day. I fall asleep but Diego's in my dreams and he's fucking me the whole time, and I enjoy it. He never leaves my mind and I just want to please him so bad.

Diego finally walks back into the room and his face makes my dick feel like it's about to explode with ecstasy. I've been waiting for too long and I want to break free from my bondage. He slowly walks over to me and stands next to the bed and he gives me a sadistic look. He takes his socks out of my mouth and I instantly say his name.

"So have you learned your lesson," he says and I nod quickly, "Good... Now we can have some fun."

He sits on my face again and I inhale the sweaty smell of his ass. He hasn't showered or changed since yesterday and I'm loving how strong and toxic the smell is now that it's worsened. I shake my head vigorously while I smother myself with Diego's ass. This time he puts all his weight on me and while it makes more difficult to breathe, I'm satisfied since every breath I take in is of Diego's ass. He pulls his sweats down that same way as last time and starts grinding his ass on my face. My tongue swirls on his hole and I'm practically making out with. He tightens his cheeks and my tongue gets stuck, but I can savor the taste of the sweat. He shuffles back a bit and puts his sack above my mouth. I lick his balls with passion and worship them as if it were my only purpose in life. I feel like his balls are worth more than me and they deserve to be pleased. After a while, I move my tongue back to his ass and switch between his hole, nuts, and the space in between. I'm kissing one of his balls when he gets off my face and I begin to feel worthless without him.

He tears off the boxers I'm wearing and throws them to the side. Then he takes off his sweats and pulls his boxers back up. He sets his sweatpants right next to him before spitting on his dick. I can tell what's about to happen and I open my legs as wide as I can to let him know that I'm ready. Before fucking me he unties my legs and raises them in the air to get a better view at my ass. Then he raises his hand and swings it towards my ass to spank me. He does it again and I'm constantly yelling out profanities and telling Diego to spank me harder. I need his sexual aggression because I deserve it for being bad to him. I can tell that Diego's already grown too desperate and after putting his middle finger in my ass. he starts sliding his dick into me. He forms his sweatpants up into a ball and begins to suffocate me with them. The smell of his sweat and the pain of his dick sends my body into overdrive and something happens. Diego has always used his power on me before and it's always been my body that allows him to fuck me, but I've always kept my mind shut tight. His lust is so strong that my mind weakens and now both my body and mind belong to Diego. It's a new feeling and it's confusing but strong. My body had been desperate for this for so long it got used to wanting and needing Diego. The need became so strong that it traveled to my mind and overtook it. Diego fucks me so hard that if I didn't enjoy this, he's practically be raping me and I clench my ass to make his dick a tighter fit which makes it hurt more and it keeps his dick inside me longer. He fucks me so fast it only takes about five minutes before he ejaculates. I can feel the desire washing away but it's different this time. Now that Diego has ejaculated, he's lost control of my body but he scarred my mind and the image of him fucking me has been seared into my brain and there's nothing I can do about it.

He throws the sweats off my face and starts kissing me. Usually I force myself to kiss him back but I do it naturally this time and I enjoy it. It seems to take him by surprise and he pulls away in shock since he's confused as to why I'm so willing even though his power has lost its effect. I lick my lips and beg him with my eyes to kiss me again. He smiles and laughs before he makes out with me.

A few minutes later we go to the restroom and take a bath. The warm water feels weird since my body has been really cold for so long, and I'm still having my conflicted feelings over Diego. My body feels like it's consumed by ecstasy and I enjoy sitting on Diego and letting him hold me. I feel so secure and I still have a strong desire for him.

After a while things start going blurry and I start to question my feelings towards Diego. I wonder whether I really love him and I start realizing that I don't. He seems to notice this and he ends our bath. I try to remember my true feelings and I'm so focused on these thoughts that I do everything Diego tells me to do. I but on the boxers he just wore and we walk back to the bedroom. There he takes me by surprise and ties me back down again. I fight the second I realize what's going on but Diego succeeds and before he leaves me, he uses his power on me again and I spasm on the bed, trying to calm my hunger for Diego's sex.

Everyday and night he's in my mind for the next three days. The only time he comes to see me is to give me small portions of food and some water. I take in every aspect of him whenever he walks in. I dream of him like I did before but I can't move at all and I only thrust my hips into the air. Finally he fucks me the same way he did before and he wears the same dirty sweats he used last time. Soon it becomes a process and every time before leaving me tied up he uses his power on me and leaves me for a few days. One day after he's finished fucking me, he takes out a belt and whips me with it, he only hits my arms, face, and upper body. I cry out in pain and want to touch my wounds but it's impossible. At first I think he's just going to leave me there but once again he uses his powers. My brain feels like it's frying from the overflow of emotions I have; I'm feeling pain from when Diego hit me, but I'm aroused too and both of these violent forces are combining and I can't focus on anything but Diego.

A few hours later Diego comes back into the room and I realize why he did what he did. He calms my lust and nurses my wounds at the same time by slowly kissing and caressing them. I moan loudly and my body moves uncontrollably. I have no control over my emotions and I want Diego to make me feel good. My wounds sting but they don't feel as bad as they did earlier and once Diego finishes caressing them, he fucks me slowly and passionately while nuzzling my neck. Once he cums he uses his power on me and leaves. This continues for a whole month. Every other day he hits me and does the same thing which hurts my head from the conflicting emotions. He could torture me and make me wait longer but he has a stronger need for what he wants.

Whatever he did to me, he did it on purpose because once he finally stopped, I was a completely different person. One day after Diego fucks me, instead of using his power he leaves me on the bed. My mind is spinning and it feels lost without the feeling of lust it's gotten used to. I realize Diego didn't tie me down and I can leave but I really don't want to. I feel safe and comfortable because Diego's here and I know he'll always take care of me. I regret the way I used to be around him and I really want things to change. I want to change. I tell myself that these aren't my emotions, but there's no denying to myself that I'm in love with Diego.


I'm breathing loudly and moaning Diego's name as he pushes his dick in and out of me. Most of the time though, we're kissing and he's caressing my face. It's been almost two months since he changed my mind about the way I felt and words could not begin to describe how much I loved him. Things were a lot better now, and we haven't fought since. As we kiss, he bites my lips softly and I hold on to his strong arms. He starts fucking me faster and kissing me harder. I open my eyes for a second just to his face. I can't see much of his face and his eyes are closed but I can see his desire for me. He puts three fingers and I suck on them hungrily. He begins to pick up the pace and my hands form into a fist. He pulls out of me and I get off the table I was laying down on and get on my knees. I grab his dick and start masturbating him. Within a few seconds, he ejaculates and his cum flies onto my face. Some of it lands in my mouth and Diego scoops up the rest into his finger and I lick it off. I suck the last of Diego's cum off his dick and give it a kiss. He puts his dick back in his pants and pulls up his zipper while I pull up my khaki shorts. I lay back on the table and Diego gets on top of me again and we make out.

"We should go before anyone walks in here," I say after I pull away. Right now we're in the school lab which is closed so no one's gonna bother us right now.

He pushes one of the legs of my shorts closer to my waist so that more of my leg is showing and he kisses my knee and says, "I have to stay here for my next class, but you should go. Don't want you to be late." He's a bit more loose now and doesn't cling to me so much since he doesn't have to worry about me leaving him anymore. I get up and kiss him one last time before I leave to my next class. As soon as walk out the door the bell rings and everyone walks out of class in a rush. On my way to class everyone steps out of my way and no one looks me in the eye. I've embraced my position as Diego's boyfriend and everyone fears me as much as him now that I kind of act like him. I don't care if no one likes me because all I need is Diego's love to get by.

I walk into my class and sit next to Jonathan to torture him. He hates how much I've changed since he can't have me and everyday he has to see me with Diego. It's even harder for him to see that I'm actually enjoying it. I don't have to live in fear of Diego's friends anymore and I'm a lot more confident. I used to care about school since it used to be the only thing I looked forward too, but now I barely paid any attention. I only came since Diego fooled around with his friends at school most of the time. Suddenly I didn't care about what I wanted and it was all about Diego.

After school I met him in the parking lot where he took me by surprise by pushing me against the wall and kissing me. I wrap my arms around his back and he grinds against me. He starts nuzzling my neck and I look up as he does so. I see Sean, who walks out of the building alone, and he turns and looks at us. After I changed I made it abundantly clear that I didn't want anything to do with him anymore. Instead of walking away he keeps looking at us and I can sense jealousy in his eyes. Diego start making out with me again but I kept my eyes on Sean's the whole time and I torture him with my stare. He knows that even though I'm looking at him, I prefer Diego. He finally can't take anymore of it and he walks to his car and drives away. I couldn't care less, but when I saw him walking away, there's was a part of me that questioned everything that's happened.

"I'd fuck you right here if I could," Diego says as he pulls away from our kiss, and I focus my attention back on him.

"Let's just go home. I'm sure it'll be more we'll have more fun there," I say. We have sex like two or three times a day and we might be addicted but we enjoy it. We go home and spend the rest of the afternoon in our room.


I wake up on a Saturday morning and Diego's not in bed. I'm not surprised since he's probably out running, but I am surprised that he can be active after how heavily we drank and smoked last night. When Diego gets drunk he becomes an animal in bed but it's a lot more rough when both of us are drunk and I'm not sure what he kept slipping into my beverage but it worked fast since I let him fuck me in front of his friends which is something I've never let him do before.

The pain I feel reminds me of exactly what we did, or more precisely how we did it, and I smile, but I'm also upset since he's not here. Of course it's because I miss him, but there are other reasons. When I see Diego's face, he's all I can think about and I still think about him when we're not together but my mind wanders off. It's the strangest feeling ever and I find myself thinking about Sean. I try hard to put him out of my mind, and I start masturbating to thoughts of Diego and I press my face against his pillow and breathe it in. It causes my cock to immediately go up and I start pumping it. The feeling is exhilarating because I never masturbate when having sex with Diego since I'm so focused on getting him to cum. In three minutes I ejaculate and my cum lands on my stomach. I lay back and enjoy the aftermath of it.

Two minutes later I'm about to fall back asleep when the doorbell rings and I get up to open the door. I put on a pair of Diego's dark blue briefs and his shirt which I find lying on the floor. I haven't washed in a while since I've spent a lot of time with Diego. When I open the door I'm surprised to see Sean standing outside. The second I see him I want to close the door and run back inside but I also wanted to hug him and beg for forgiveness. I feel like I'm being torn apart by these two completely different feelings and I just stay put.

"What do you want?" I say, not able to look him in the eye. If I look at his face when Diego's not with me I'll remember about the time we had together and I can't have that. I wasn't thinking straight when I was with him but I know now that I love Diego.

He looks at me and he seems to be confused by my attitude. "What happened to you?" he says as he eyes me up and down.

"Sean you really shouldn't be here, so just go," I say confidently.

"No, not until I know what Diego's been doing to you."

"What are you talking about? He hasn't been doing anything to me."

"Really? Cyrus you hated Diego, and then out of nowhere you can't get enough of him and you completely forget what we had together."

"Maybe I came to my senses. I realized that Diego is worth way more to me than you were. I thought I had feelings for you but I was wrong, you were only a distraction." The words seem to hit him hard and he looks like he's given up.

"Fine then, if that's how you feel, then I'll leave but I want you to tell my that none of it was real. I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you never loved me."

At this point I want to tell him to fuck off because I feel like my mind's about to explode, but I have to look into his eyes. I feel that they'll free from this hell, but what I have with Diego is really great and I don't want it to change. I start wondering what's real and what's fake and so many things pass through my mind. Pain and lust may be two powerful forces but they're no match for pure love. I hear Gabriel say my name and I look up.

Every moment we've shared together replays through my head and with nothing holding me back, I lunge forward at Gabriel and kiss him. He doesn't kiss me back at first but he realizes what's happening and he pushes his body onto mine. We stumble backwards and he pushes me against the wall. I let myself be dominated by his passion and let him kiss me with all his force. His thoughts are flooded by ecstasy and I can tell from his them that he doesn't care about waiting anymore. All he wants to do is make love to me like he's wanted to for so long. I want it too, but I know that Diego will be back any minute now. That pulls me out of trance and I know that Sean has to leave before Diego gets here. I push him away and slowly inch towards the door.

"You have to go," I say and I walk inside and close the door before Sean can say anything else. My mind is confused right now because it's going back to the way it used to be and the transition is too much. All these different thoughts attacking my brain are putting to much pressure on it and I need it to stop before I completely lose it.

I go to my room and and throw myself on the bed. I'm breathing loudly and I can barely hear my thoughts because of the realization that Diego had made me his puppet. I was glad that I had broken free from that, but now I couldn't fake being happy anymore. Diego would either find out or I'd have to at least try and trick him. I knew I couldn't do it, but I can't face another five weeks of torture again.

I think of running away but I'm not sure how far I would get before getting captured by Diego. I could go with Sean but I don't want to risk it. I don't know what Diego would do if he found out about us. All I can do is stay, but I can't handle this anymore. I can't fake loving him and I can't deal with his abuse. No matter how much I hate this there's no escape.

I get up from the bed and after looking around, I see how oblivious I was to what Diego was doing. There's a mess everywhere and I can barely walk through it. I haven't done anything in this house since Diego tied me up. I pass a mirror and see how much I've changed. I'm visibly skinnier, my skin seems sickly pale and it's freezing cold, my hair is a mess, and there are dark circles under my eyes. Diego had been sucking the life out of me and I didn't even know it. I'm barely beginning to notice how tired I feel and I can barely move. My emotions fooled me into believing that Diego cared about me, but all he wanted was his own pleasure. Seeing how tired I feel, I'm beginning to realize that I can't handle another day with Diego. He'll kill me by working me to death and if I don't do something about it now, then I won't make it much longer.

When I hear the door open and close, I feel my heart stop. I run back to the bed and pretend to sleep. I'm breathing a bit loudly and my heart's beating fast but I just hope he won't notice. I can hear his footsteps coming closer and I bite my lips from the anticipation. The next thing I feel is an arm wrap around me and lips moving across my shoulder to my face. I shiver which tips him off that I'm awake so I kiss him to let him believe that everything's okay. He reeks of sweat and I almost gag from the stench. I can't begin to understand how I ever enjoyed that smell. After a few minutes, I feel my briefs being slid down and I brace myself for the worst. I can hear Diego spit into his hand and I can hear the sound it makes when it's spread over his cock. He gets on his back and puts me on top of him which means I have to ride his dick. He's going to see my face expression so I have to act like I'm enjoying it. The charade only has to last a few minutes before he finally cums. Since it's a Saturday we spend most of the day in our room, fucking restlessly. By the time were finished were drenched in sweat. It's hard to act like I'm enjoying this but I need to fool him long enough for me to escape. I've decided to leave but I'm not sure where to go.

When he's finally finished he goes to sleep and I wait until he starts snoring to get up from the bed. I move slowly and quietly in fear of waking Diego. I have nothing I need so I just put on clean clothes. I reach for the doorknob and pull the door open but a hand pushes the door closed. I turn and see Diego who has an evil look on his face.

"Where do you think you're going," he says as he steps forward and I step back.

"I... I," I say, trying to come up with an excuse but there's no point. He grabs me by the shoulders and throws me on the bed.

"I should've known this wouldn't last that long, but it doesn't matter because I'll keep doing it to you and you're never going to leave me."

I push him and run towards the door but he's faster and he pushes me against the wall. He grabs my wrists and spreads my arms. I put all my force into breaking free from Diego and I shut my eyes tight. I've been holding back all my anger and I think of every terrible thing he's done to me. I need this anger to give me strength because there is no way of achieving peace without violence.

When I open my eyes, there's a bright light that makes everything hard to see. Diego's grip is loosening and as the light dies down I no longer feel him. The last thing I see is him turning into dust.

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