Chapter 1


No one saw it coming. When it first happened everyone just thought it was normal, but when the darkness didn't go away people realized something was wrong. At least that's what I'm told about when the eclipse happened. I hadn't even been born until five years later, but it did affect my life in a huge way. My mother said that she struggled to grow accustomed to this life, and while I was born into it, that didn't make things any easier. 

The eclipse was a caused by a species that had been hiding among us. They were called the Acerbes (Acerbis was the singular form), and they create and control darkness. They made the sun completely dark, and it made them stronger and they overtook us. There was no way to stop them, and they eventually ruled over us. My mom says that life became terrible afterwards, but she didn't need to tell me since I was already experiencing it. I wished I had at least known what life was like when it wasn't controlled by the Acerbes. The sun was never seen again, and the darkness made things depressing. On top of it all, the Acerbes were cruel to us. I had never been a victim of their cruelty, but I had seen Acerbes taunting people with their powers at my school. I learned quickly that it was easier to do what they told me to do, so that I wouldn't annoy them. 

The Acerbes wouldn't force me to do anything, but only because I already belonged to one of them. I hated what he made me do since the only use we ever had for the Acerbes was sex. Acerbes girls would be hostile but they didn't force people to have sex. It was the boys who wanted sex slaves. The first time I was used, was in sixth grade, but it was only a mere kiss. Diego was the name of the Acerbis who forced me to kiss him. Throughout all of sixth grade he forced me to do the same thing, and in seventh grade we began to make out, and he wouldn't stop until I was out of breath. Soon he started grinding against me, and pushing me closer into him and I felt more and more uncomfortable each time. It seemed like his desire for me only grew. This continued until the end of eight grade when he finally raped me. It came out of nowhere, and I was so unprepared that I couldn't even put up a fight, but it's not like it was my choice anyway. I had to do what Diego forced me to do, or I would get in trouble. The only person I ever told was my mother, and the only thing she could do was cry. 

When an Acerbis picks a person to use as a sex slave, the Acerbis usually becomes attached to that person. I had to become Diego's mate whether I liked it or not, and if things went further I would have to marry him. I hated the thought of never being able to find someone I loved because I would always be Diego's. I blamed myself for being his slave because Acerbes who are eager for sex can tell a person's sexuality. By sixth grade I could already tell I liked boys and Diego sensed that. 

A few weeks after he raped me, Diego started having dinner and staying at our house since Acerbes parents neglected their children because they had other important things to do. This only made my mother feel worse because she saw how Diego mistreated me, and at night he had sex with me which my mother could hear. The only reason he didn't hit or kick her out was because I begged him not to. Diego was still in control of me either way.


I wake up with an arm around my waist and lips pressed against my moist neck. I woke up like this many times and I fooled myself into believing that I was actually in love with the person holding me so tightly. I start to move around to wake Diego up, since we had to get to school. We could arrived late to school since Diego's an Acerbis and doesn't even have to go, but I don't like getting there late and staying here any longer than I have to. His snoring assured me that I was making no progress.

"Diego... Please wake up," I said quietly in fear of angering him.

"Fine," he said, but his voice was muffled since his mouth was still on my neck. He turned me around and started to kiss me passionately. He did this every morning and I had grown accustomed to it. In the morning I felt drowsy, and sometimes I enjoyed the kisses because I believed they were someone else's, someone I was actually in love with. He finished after five minutes and we both got in the shower. I always felt uncomfortable when he saw me completely naked, but he prefers that we shower together and either way we've already had sex. It was a cold morning like always and the warm water felt comfortable, but I also felt pain on my neck because of the two hickeys Diego had given me last night. I cringed when I felt the hot water on my bruises, so Diego kissed them softly. I wanted to push him away but his kisses were soothing and they lessened the pain. I could feel his nine inch cock right against my leg and he kept pushing it against me.

He constantly whispered in my ear, "You're so beautiful Cyrus." No matter how many times he said it, I could never believe that a monster like him was capable of love and seeing beauty. All he wanted was sex, and for me to service him. After fifteen minutes of intimacy, I turned off the water and we stepped out of the shower. As I dried myself I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I had a few freckles on my cheeks and my skin was white but it wasn't pale. I had small muscles, and I was slim and fit. My reddish-orange hair was damp, but when it was dry it usually stood up. I was 5' 5" which made me short, but my height never bothered me. Diego on the other hand was really ripped and had tan skin. He had dark brown hair, and his eyes were a dark shade of brown and they almost seemed black. He had sharp features on his face that made him really handsome, and he was 6' 2". If I didn't hate him so much, I might actually be attracted to him.

We get dressed pretty slowly since Diego wants to get intimate every five seconds, but we manage to get our clothes on. We have breakfast and after we finish eating we go off to school. My mom isn't at the house since she leaves at six in the morning for work even though she doesn't have to since Diego can maintain us, but I guess she doesn't want to feel useless and let Diego know that we need him. I step outside into the cold air and the hairs on my arms immediately stand up. The sky was completely black and the only light you could see was coming from the street lamps which are still kept dim. My mom said that before the eclipse the sun would completely light up the sky and give off warmth. I wish I knew what it was like before. I know I would only miss the sun more, but at least I would know what actual light was.

I get into the passenger's seat of Diego's car and as soon as he turns it on, he turns the air on too even though it's freezing. Acerbes like the cold, and they completely hate light and warmth. It makes them seem like complete sadists; which they are. On our way to school we drive by so many sad looking people, and it makes me feel even worse. There has never been a day in my life where I've felt hope. The more time that passes, the more I realize that there will only be darkness that will continue to grow.

We finally arrived at school which me feel slightly less worse. This place was pretty much the only thing I had to look forward to. I was pretty smart and at the top of my class, but Diego didn't like that. He didn't even like me going to school, all he wanted me to do was tend to his every need. But I begged him and he let me, and he didn't like school at all but he came to keep an eye on me and cause mischief and misery for the unfortunate. He grabs me by my hand and holds it so tightly it feels like he's about to break the bones in it. We walk to where he and his friends usually hang out, and the first of his friends to see us coming is Jonathan and I immediately become uncomfortable. I could hear his explicit thoughts in my head, and I felt dizzy. I don't know how, but somehow I can read people's thoughts, and right now I wish I couldn't. He wanted to make love to me, and be inside of me until I begged him for more. Jonathan always scared me, he had raped almost every cute looking boy that was smaller than him in this school. He did it because he loved how they were easy prey, and I fit his category of being an easy target. The only reason he didn't go after me was because Diego wouldn't let any of his friends near me. I could tell how much Jonathan wanted me, and he hated Diego for keeping me to himself. After just a few seconds of hearing his thoughts, I stop in my tracks because I don't want to get any closer to him.

"Can I go with Craig and Alice?" I ask Diego. They were my only friends and Diego let me hang out with them because they also had Acerbes boyfriends that were in complete control of them. In fact, Craig is Jonathan's boyfriend. 

"Fine, but be good," he said. I nodded and went to go find my friends. A few minutes passed by before I found them outside at our bench where we usually sit since it's away from everyone. I see a bruise on Alice's cheek and Craig had marks on his neck like he'd been choked. He saw that I noticed and while he didn't like to tell us what Jonathan did to him, I knew. I could hear his thoughts loud and clear.

I could see Craig riding Jonathan while he was wearing a blindfold. He was imagining that Craig was me which he did with every guy he had sex with. I couldn't understand why he was so infatuated with me, but he was clearly obsessed. Jonathan got on top of Craig and he wrapped his hands around his neck, and the faster he pumped his dick into Craig the harder he tightened his grip which explained the bruises on his neck. Craig knows that Jonathan pictures me whenever they have sex because he yells out my name and he knows that Jonathan isn't faithful to him. Craig's never told me about it, but he doesn't hate me for it. A part of him does wish that it was me suffering Jonathan's torture but a greater part of him is in love with Jonathan and wishes that Jonathan only had eyes for him. 

Alice also had a bruise on her face, but her boyfriend was always hitting her so it wasn't much of a shock. The hickeys Diego had given me the night before were still visible so it seemed like we all had our own bruises given to us by our Acerbes boyfriends. No one cared or said anything about our bruises since Acerbes can do anything to us. I sit down with them and when Alice sees my bruises, it infuriates her that nothing can be done about it.

"You know we don't have to deal with this right?" she says.

"Of course we do. We have no choice," says Craig. Ever since Jonathan turned seventeen and forced Craig to leave his parents and live with him, he had been very pessimistic and lost all hope. Like I said, once your life darkens the darkness only grows. What made things sadder was that being away from his parents made Craig more focused on and in love with Jonathan.

"He's right Alice," I say.

She begins to cry and says, "I don't want this. It's not fair." I agree with her, but like Craig said we have to deal with it. The bell rings so we walk to our classes. In the hallways I get many dirty looks and they're all from Acerbes girls with a crush on Diego and Jonathan's rape victims. All they can do is stare because no one would dare hurt Diego's property.

A few hours later we were out of school and I spent my Friday evening like usual. Going wherever Diego wanted to go with his friends, and watching them get drunk, stoned, or a combination of both. I had Craig to hang out with, so at least I didn't feel like an outsider. Diego forced me to drink because Jonathan gave him the idea since he liked seeing me drunk and helpless. Whenever Diego wasn't looking, Jonathan would get really close to me and touch me, but I was too drunk to do or say anything. Craig saw what Jonathan did to me and he grew envious, but he couldn't find it in himself to hate me.

He first rubbed my shoulder and his hand began to go down my arm. His grip feels soft but firm and I'm too scared to stop him. He pulls me closer to him and I'm practically sitting on his lap. I start breathing loudly and I almost let out a cry when he begins to feel my leg. He grabs my face and turns it words his, and his lips move towards mine. I can hear his friends chuckling. Diego left to the bathroom so right now no one's going to help. He's about to kiss me but Diego stumbles into the room and he pulls away.

"Keep this between us," he whispers before pushing me away. He grabs Craig and makes out with him. Diego sits next to me and holds me close as we see Jonathan and Craig really get into it. The guys in the room begin to cheer Jonathan on until he finally starts to have sex with Craig in front of us. Jonathan's not completely naked since he slipped his dick through the opening in his boxers, but the same can't be said for Craig who is on display for everyone. 

By the time I got over my drunkenness it was really late and me and Diego headed back home. As we left Jonathan's house I looked back and saw Craig being passed on to one of Jonathan's friends like he was a sex toy. It was going to be a long night for him. 

I'm relieved to get home, but now I have to deal with Diego. We hadn't eaten anything and my mom left us some food so we ate. It was quiet like usual since we never talked, and Diego was the only one who said anything, but all he did was order me around. He talked while he ate his food, and chewed with his mouth open which disgusted me but I didn't dare say anything. My mom was surely asleep by now so when me and Diego finished, I washed the dishes. I usually had trouble washing them since I wasn't sure what to do exactly, but my mom had work the next day and I didn't want to wake her up.

When I finished, I turned around and saw Diego throwing his shirt on the ground. He was only wearing his pants. He was still in a pretty drunken state, and as he eyed me hungrily he bit his lip. I walk towards him and when I reach him he stands up and starts kissing me. I had to act like I was into it and I returned his kiss. He caressed my face and ran his hands through my hair, and we kept kissing until he started grinding against me.

"Diego, please," I said as I gently pushed him away, "I'm tired." Every night we had had sex twice a night for three weeks, I couldn't take much more.

"I don't care, I wanna have some fun with you. Seeing Jonathan and Craig really turned me on," he said before he pulled me closer into him.

"Please, I can't-" I said before I was cut off by a sharp pain in my back. I couldn't tell where the pain started but it soon spread over my body and once it consumed it the pain turned into something else. The second the pain went away, I instantly grew aroused. Acerbes can make people crazy for sex, and the desire doesn't go away until the person who inflicted the power upon you is satisfied. Suddenly all I could think about was Diego. I wanted his strong arms around me, I wanted to smell his manly aroma, I wanted his lips on mine, and I wanted to feel him inside me. This time I leaned forward for a kiss, and it was sloppy and terrible, but I didn't give a fuck, I wanted his saliva dripping off my lips and onto my body. He picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he carried me to our bed. Our lips never pulled away from each other.

We reached our room and he threw me on the bed. I was saddened when our bodies were no longer touching until he unbuckled his belt and began to take off his pants. I threw my shirt off, and took my shorts off too. I didn't have time to take off my blue briefs because Diego got on top of me and we started making out again. His plaid boxers were still on, but I could feel his massive dick on my leg. He started kissing and biting my neck where he had already formed bruises, and I put my hands behind his behind his head and pushed him closer so his lips were tightly pressed against my skin. I was sweating like crazy already and I breathed heavily. I wanted him so bad, I couldn't stand it.

I got on top of him and I started making my way down his body. I kissed and licked his muscles, sweaty armpits, and abs thoroughly. I loved his sexy body and I paid special attention to every part of it until I finally got to his underwear. I nuzzled my nose against the fabric and dragged my tongue across his covered dick. I wanted to suck his dick and choke on it, but Diego taunted me. I could only do what he wanted, and he teased me because he knew I was desperate for it. After he humped my face for about two minutes, he let me suck his dick, but instead of taking off his boxers he slipped his cock through the opening in them and I began to suck it. When Acerbes have sex they don't get fully undressed since they feel like it makes them stoop down to our level in a way. I wrap my hand around his dick and jack him off while I suck it. The taste of his precum was pure ecstasy and I took more of his dick into my mouth. I got closer and closer to the base of his cock until it became too hard for me to breathe. I wanted to pull away, but he didn't want me to yet and I wouldn't let myself disobey his wishes. I thought I was about to choke and pass out until I was finally able to pull my mouth away. His dick was covered in my saliva and I gasped for air. He only allowed me a second to breathe before he pulled his balls out and made me suck them. I worshipped them at first by kissing, licking, and sniffing them at first, but then I put them in my mouth and sucked on them. He moaned loudly because he loved it when I serviced his source of semen. His sexual pleasure made me glad I was doing my job right. He had me sucking his balls but he had me begging for his dick. He could tell how anxious I was growing, and he pulled me away from his groin so we were face to face.

"How bad do you want my dick?" he whispered into my ear. Almost licking it.

I didn't want to say anything but the desire was so strong I had to. "I want it so bad. I fucking love it, it's so thick and huge."

With that he grabbed my hair and pulled me to his dick which he stuffed in my mouth. Instead of jacking him off, Diego fucked my mouth mercilessly by pushing his hips up and down so his dick would go deeper down my throat. I spit on it and rubbed my hand up and down whenever it was out so it would get more slippery. He spit on it too, and he also spit on my face. When he did spit on my face, I did whatever I could so his spit would make its way to my mouth and I would savor every last drop.

"Get on your back," he said as he got on his knees. I obeyed and then he pushed my legs back so harshly, I thought they were going to break. He stuffed his middle finger in my mouth and I sucked on it and when he got it lubed up, he slowly pushed it inside me. I moaned loudly when I felt him wiggling the finger inside me. He immediately took his finger out and spanked me repeatedly. I moaned even more loudly from the beautiful pain and I tried to stop myself so that my mom wouldn't hear what Diego was doing to me, but it was no use.

"Please. Fuck me already," I said quietly.

He kissed me and said, "I like it when you beg, do it again."

"Please, Diego. I want you to fuck me hard, I need you to breed me so bad." It was true, this sexual desire wouldn't go away until Diego finished me off.

He kissed me one more time before he threw me back and forcefully pushed his dick inside me. He hadn't even been careful or considerate of me and I screamed from the immense pain. No matter what, I could never get used to his dick. Over the months it grew bigger, and it was still growing. He had and was the biggest dick of all his friends and he liked to show off. His ego was huge and it felt like he was only trying to prove it to me. When he used his power on me I liked to notice his broad chest and his godly muscles which were well defined, and they also made him stand out from his friends. He was so full of himself, and he figured that the more he fucked me, the bigger his dick would grow. That's why we constantly had sex. Diego knew I didn't love him and he wanted to become so attractive that I would want him on my own.

He started going faster and faster until he pulled his dick out of me. He laid on his back and I knew what he wanted. I got on top of him and lowered myself onto his dick. It hurt even more but I loved the pain. I began to ride him and I didn't know if I could take it anymore. He wished for me to go faster so I did and I jumped up and down while he was still thrusting his dick into me. 

"Yeah... Oh yeah. Come on ride my cock!" he yelled. He was coming close, and he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me down at the same time he pushed his dick inside one last time. He shot his load into me, and he roared in triumph. I let out a sexual moan and immediately my desire for him went away and I was relieved. 

He threw me to the side and got on top of me. He kissed me and said, "Next time do what I say." All I could do was nod, and soon I fell asleep with Diego on top of me. I was uncomfortable but he didn't care. He just wanted me under him, so that I would never leave. It was difficult for me to sleep since Diego was on top of me, and his mouth was right above my nose. His breath was warm and poisonous because of how much it dizzied me. I eventually got to the point where I was too tired and I fell asleep.

I was awakened a few hours later by loud voices. At first I paid attention to how sticky my face was and it was probably because Diego has drooled on me. When I paid more attention to the voices I couldn't tell who it was, but when I felt the empty space on my bed I realized it was Diego and my mom arguing. It sounded really heated and I quickly got up before Diego would do anything drastic, but I was too late. I heard a loud scream and I ran to the kitchen. I saw my mom on the floor and her skin was pale and colorless. She wasn't moving and her eyes were wide open but they weren't blinking.

"No!" I yelled and got on the floor right next to her. Her breathing was very faint, and she was trying to whisper something to me. The only thing I could hear was "Fotosine", but I wasn't even sure if I heard her right. When I couldn't hear her breathe and her eyes were completely vacant, I started crying.

"What did you do?" I yelled. Diego was standing right next to me with no guilt on his face and instead of answering me he dragged me away from my mom's corpse and threw me into our room. He locked the door and walked away leaving me trapped inside. All I could do was pound the door and scream.

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