Chapter 2


I cried all weekend long. I didn't want to get up or leave my room, and act like everything was okay so I laid in my bed for a whole week. I didn't even go to school. Diego didn't care about my feelings and still forced me to have sex with him. He seemed to be enjoying my depression because he felt like he had finally broken me and now he was all I had left. After he locked me in our room, he took my mom to be cremated. Acerbes didn't allow burials for humans, they did anything to be as cruel as possible. Diego wasn't arrested for murder since Acerbes can do anything they want and he became my legal guardian since he was older than sixteen and in the eyes of the Acerbes he was an adult. I could tell my life was about to get even more horrible. 

I wake up in the morning with sore, sticky eyes and I can feel the dried up tears on my cheek. I'm extremely tired and feel like I didn't get a second of sleep at all last night. All I could do these days was worry about what was going to happen. The more time that passed, the more I worried about what Diego had in store for me. I know that Diego is my future, but I haven't realized that until now. I guess seeing how he murdered my mother made me realize how he can easily take away anything I have. He's asleep right now and I enjoy the silence. I feel like I'm actually alone, and having no one seems better than having Diego. I try to go back to sleep but my eyes hurt every time I close them and the cold keeps bothering me. I take in the silence and wonder if this is what it feels like to be dead; never doing anything but just being there and nothing can hurt you. It sounds boring, but at least it's safe. I keep enjoying the silence but it doesn't last very long because Diego finally wakes up and starts kissing the back of my neck. I can hear his thoughts and a tear forms in my eye. He's glad he killed my mom because there's no one standing between us now, and I'm his all the time with no one to stop him or argue. His thoughts make me feel worse and all I want to do is kill myself. I can't learn to live a life where Diego is the only thing I live for. I feel a pain in my chest and I feel like I'm about to lose control but I stop myself.

"I'm gonna make breakfast," I say before I pull away from his grasp and quickly walk out the room without giving him a chance to say anything. It's the only way I can stop myself from doing something drastic. As I'm walking towards the kitchen I curse myself for not wearing any socks since the floor is so cold. The house is also cold and I'm only wearing Diego's boxers which makes me shiver, but I don't want to go back to our room.

I pull out the egg carton from our refrigerator and begin to make Diego his breakfast. The smell disgusts me and I want to throw up since I haven't eaten that much in the past few days. I cover my nose with my hand and turn away from the smell. I can feel the cold floor biting at my skin and I constantly shuffle around to keep them from freezing and going numb. Diego eventually gets up and while I'm making his eggs he wraps his arms around my waist and puts his head on my shoulder. The weight of his head feels heavy, and it makes my shoulder sore. As soon as I finish making his food I shrug him off and put his plate on the table. He looks like he wants to say something but I make it obvious that I don't care at the moment, so instead he walks to the table and begins eating his food. I just stand where I am and watch him. Even though it's obvious I'm ignoring him, it doesn't matter since in the end I give him what he wants.

"So are you going to visit your parents today?" I say. Once a month Diego goes into town to see his parents just to let them know he's okay since they need to check up on him every now and then.

"Well I don't know what I'm gonna do with you," he says, speaking about me as if I were a child, "I usually let Jonathan watch over you at school, but since you haven't been going for a while..."

"If you don't go, they're going to come here and neither of us wants that." Diego's parents made me feel terrible and thought I wasn't good enough for their son since I wasn't an Acerbis, and they would always argue with Diego about it. I was hoping that they would convince him to get over me, but he wouldn't let me go.

He doesn't say anything so I give up and say, "Fine then, I'll just go to school." He smirks and seems to be satisfied that he's won. I'm not sure if I can handle going to school but I really can't stand being here another day with him. He finishes his food and sits on the table. He grabs my hands and forcefully pulls me into him.

"Get on your knees," he says seductively and I have to comply. I pull his cock out through the opening in his boxers and slowly suck down on it. I savor how his dick feels on my tongue and I taste sweat and precum. He moans softly and he seems to enjoy the slow pace of his blow job. He grabs my hair and pushes my head down until I feel his rough pubic hair on my cheek. He pulls me up quickly and brings my head back down slowly. Soon he gets rougher by pushing my head down harder and faster, and I feel like there's a knife cutting my throat. My eyes get watery and my throat goes numb with so much pain. He pulls my mouth of his dick and tells me to stroke it through his grunts. I do as he says and jack him off quickly. 

"Ugh, swallow it," he yells. I move my mouth closer to his dick and he cums into it and his semen travels down my throat which makes the pain sting. He kisses me on the forehead and leaves the room to call Jonathan without even saying anything. I run my hand across my face and pull my hair in frustration. I'm dreading returning to school since I'm not ready to face other people, most of whom hate me, but I have to deal with it. 

Diego and I get ready, but I stay away from him as much as I can. I can tell he's getting annoyed by it now since I can hear his thoughts but I don't say anything. Jonathan arrives and Diego kisses me goodbye without even going outside to greet Jonathan. Just like every morning the air is cold and attacks my skin mercilessly. I walk up to Jonathan's car and he opens the door to the passengers seat. Craig isn't with him.

"Where's Craig?" I say after I sit down and close the door. I feel uncomfortable since I know that Jonathan is obsessed with me. He wasn't like this the first time we met, but eventually his desire began to grow. He's watched over me other times but it's like he's growing more desperate and it scares me that he'll actually do something to calm his desires.

"He's not feeling well," he says without turning to face me. I know that Jonathan would never leave Craig out of his sight and it makes me want to run back inside the house and lock myself in my room. I start to wonder if Diego really is worse than Jonathan. Jonathan starts the car and drives away from the house and throughout the whole ride I'm too scared to look at him and I keep my eyes closed. I try to keep my mind off of everything and try to find some solace but I can't think of anything that relaxes me.

I'm trying so hard to tune everything out that I don't even bother to listen to his banal thoughts and I'm just hoping he takes us to school. A few minutes later I can feel the car come to a stop and when I open my eyes I realize that we're nowhere near our school.

"Jonathan?" I say confusedly. I look over at him and he has a hungry look on his face. I breath loudly as he turns off the car and takes off his seat belt. He leans over and places a kiss on my lips. I immediately push him off but he fights back and he's a lot stronger. He pulls the lever on the side of my seat which makes it go back. It takes me by surprise and I struggle even more to fight him off. I want to stop him but there's another part of me that wants him to go further and for a second I'm into it, but I won't allow myself. I try as hard as I can to say something, and I finally decide to bite his lips. He pulls away and slaps me with his backhand.

"You fucking bitch," he says as he puts his hand on his mouth.

"If you do this, I'll tell Diego and you know what he's capable of if you upset him," I say.

"Then I'll just tell himself you offered yourself to me," he says as he leans forward again.

"He knows I'm not dumb or desperate enough to actually do that, and as much as I hate it: I belong to Diego, and that means I don't have to do anything you say," I say confidently. There was no way I was going to give Jonathan what he wanted because then he would just come back for more and it would eventually reach a point where I wouldn't be able to stop him.

"Fine then, but one of these days Diego is going to slip up, and I'll be right there to steal you away, and I won't be as nice as I am now." I don't say anything and I look outside the window so that I don't have to face him. This confrontation kind of helps me get over my fear of him and I'm a bit more relaxed. I pull my seat back up and Jonathan turns the car on and this time he drives to school. As he drives away a part of me wishes I had let him go further.

At school everything is the same way it has been before so it's not that bad. I see Alice again and she's glad to see me but she also says that Craig hasn't been at school for the last two days which makes me worry. Alice says that before he stopped coming Craig had said that Jonathan had been losing his temper more easily and was getting even angrier at him. My fear is slightly assuaged when I realize that if Jonathan had killed Craig, he wouldn't have to keep it a secret but I know there's something wrong. Throughout the day I don't really pay attention to what's going on but I pull myself through. Before I could just break down and cry and let my emotions out but I can't do that at school which makes the adjustment harder.

I'm on my free period right now and I'm in our school lounge which is a small room that no one ever goes to. I enjoy being there since it's quiet and I'm alone. The only thing I can hear is the air conditioner, and it's a constant reminder that I forgot my jacket in Jonathan's car. I could ask him for it but after that encounter earlier I was too afraid to talk to him. I worry that he's right and that one day Diego will let me out of his grasp and Jonathan will take me away. What scares me the most is the thought of what he might do to me. He's clearly a lot more desperate than Diego and he'll do whatever it takes so I can become his. I'm so caught up in my thoughts that I don't even notice someone walking into the room until I feel a cold set of hands covering my eyes and dry lips on my forehead. There's only one person who tries to surprise me that way.

"Sean?" I say before I remove the hands covering my eyes and see my secret lover. I jump up from my chair and immediately kiss him. I put my arms on his shoulders and back as he puts his hands on my waist. I enjoy how soft his lips feel compared to Diego's. I met him in seventh grade and I liked him but Diego was already starting to gain control of me. We started going out secretly a few months ago even though we never really went out, but we kissed one time and realized that we had gained deep feelings for each other over the years.

"C'mon let's hide," he says before he grabs my hand and leads me to a spot that's hidden by tables and chairs that are stacked up. If anyone comes in, they won't be able to see us. It had been two months since I last saw Sean and seeing his face just made me feel better. We both had the same body structure but he was a lot more muscular, he had blonde hair, brown eyes, and was about two inches taller than me. I wanted to kiss him again, but first I wanted to talk to him since it had been two months since we last spoke. We both sat on the floor and I got as close to him as I could.

"I found out Diego wasn't here, and I knew you had a free period so I just had to see you," he says. I feel like I'm about to cry and we both get on our backs so I can put my head on his chest.

"I missed you so much," I say as a tear forms in my eye.

"I'm so sorry about your mom," he says as he runs his hand through my hair and wipes off my tear.

"I wish you were always here for me, things have just gotten a lot harder and you're the only one that actually listens to me." I want to tell him about Jonathan, but I don't want to make him angry or upset. All I want is his love and warmth because it's the only heat I feel in this cold, dark world. I tilt my head up and I feel his lips on mine. There's no tongue but I love the way my mouth feels right against his. Soon he's on top of me and we start making out in a passionate rage. I want to feel his lust and I can't find the strength to let him go. Without him I feel weak and powerless. He puts all his weight on me and it takes away my breath but all I want to do is demonstrate my love to him.

"I want you Sean," I say in between our kisses, "I want you to make love to me."

He pulls away from our kiss and I sigh. After all this time he still doesn't want to have sex. Every time I bring it up he tries to change the topic.

"Cyrus, I love you I really do, but I want our first time to be more special than doing it on a cold floor. I want to do it a day when we can be together, the right way."

"Sean that's never going to happen. I hate it when Diego has sex with me. I never feel anything unless he forces me to. I want to know what sex with actual love feels like," I say with my mouth barely an inch away from his.

"I'm sorry Cy, but I when I make love to you, I'm going to do it the way you deserve it." His answer satisfies me and I don't press the matter any further. A few seconds later I hear his thoughts and see he's willing to compromise.

"What are you thinking?" I say even though I know.

"That we can still have some fun," he says before he starts kissing and nuzzling my neck. I moan softly and unbutton the first two buttons on Sean's shirt. It doesn't show much but I can see his pecs and it makes him look a lot more sexy and seductive. He kisses my bruises and every part of me makes me wish that he caused them, but at least he does a better job of nursing my wounds than Diego. He pulls my shirt off and his lips move to my shoulders. We switch places and I start kissing his neck but in a more tempting way. I eventually unbutton his whole shirt but instead of taking it off I leave it open. I haven't given him a blowjob yet but I have given him a handjob. It's pretty much the farthest we've gotten sexually. I unzip his pants and search for his dick before I slightly pull down his grey briefs. I slowly begin to stroke his seven inch cock, and while I'm doing that I lick his 6-pack and kiss each ab. He thrusts his hips upward and I move my lips to his neck and softly bite and kiss it but I make sure I don't hurt him. He tries to kiss me, but I don't let him because he likes to be teased even though he doesn't know it. I can hear how his mind screams with pleasure. He starts groaning and I stroke his dick faster and faster until he finally cums. His semen lands on his stomach and as it slowly slides down, and it leaves a part of his stomach glistening. He gathers up a bit of his cum on one finger and slides it into my mouth. I suck on it until it's completely clean.

"Your turn," he says before he reaches into my pants and takes out my six inch cock. He does the same thing to me, but he's much more seductive and dominant, and I have to cover my mouth from moaning so loudly since I almost forgot we're still in school. It takes about five minutes but when I finally cum, my semen lands all over my stomach. He gathers up all my cum into his mouth and kisses me. I love the way my semen is switching between my mouth and his and I curl my toes. After that we both zip up our pants and I put my head on his chest again. That's the closest we've ever gotten to sex before but we've only done it twice. I don't care because I love this infancy. The bell rings but we still have two classes left before the day ends and I prefer to stay here and ditch my classes. We talk a bit more about anything we can but soon I fall asleep in his strong arms.

"Cyrus... Cyrus wake up," I hear someone say, but I'm not sure if it's real. I don't want it to be real, I just wanna stay here in Sean's arms and pretend that everything's going to be okay. Sadly, that's not the case.

"What is it?" I say once I'm wide awake.

"The bell's going to ring in a few minutes and I don't want you to be late with Jonathan." Right now I'm pretty sure Jonathan is willing to do anything to get me in trouble, so I get up and put my shirt back on while Sean buttons his up. Before I walk away, Sean pulls me towards him one last time and kisses me. I treasure every second until my breath finally runs out.

"Please don't wait two months to talk to me again," I say while he still has his arms wrapped around me.

"Trust me, I'll talk to you whenever I can. I promise," he says before giving me one final peck on the lips, "I love you."

"I love you too," I say. And there's so many other things I want to say, but I'm stopped by the bell. We get out of our hiding place and part ways. While I'm walking away from him I look back and I don't turn away until he's finally out of my sight.

"Hey there," someone says before grabbing me and forcing a kiss on me. I want to push this person away but the kiss feels familiar and I realize it's Diego. I hope he can't taste the cum and tell I was with someone. 

"I thought you were gonna be gone all day," I say as I slowly pull away from him.

"Yeah but the visit with my parents ended early so I came for you since I missed you so much," he says, trying to be sweet even when I know what he really is.

"Let's just go," I say, and I walk away. From his thoughts I can tell that he's getting upset with my attitude but at this point I really don't care about what he thinks. Being with Sean reminded me about the way I really felt about Diego. On the drive home he tells me how things went with his parents and I zone out, but I occasionally nod and say something to make him believe that I'm actually listening.

"Are you hungry," I say when we get home and walk inside the house.

"Yeah," he says, and he doesn't have to say anything else to let me know I have to make him something to eat. He sits down on a chair while I make his food and every time I accidentally smell the food I want to throw up. I'm trying to get used to eating again but I've only nibbled on certain foods. Diego hasn't noticed but I'm sure he wouldn't care either way. He gets up and puts his hands on my waist like this morning and I try hard not to push him way. He squeezes my waist and grinds his dick on me like he's waiting for me to give in. My own dick doesn't move a muscle. I finally finish making his food and I put it on a plate.

"Here," I say as I push the plate into his hands.

"Are you gonna eat with me," he says as he inches towards me.

"I don't think so," I tell him before I walk away.

"Damn it, Cyrus," he says after throwing the plate on the floor, "What do you want me to do?"

"What are you talking about?" I say without facing him.

"I want you to be more committed to this relationship and act like you actually give a fuck. You don't even try to please me anymore."

"What do you expect from me? You control my every move and you killed my mom. You don't care about my feelings, so why the hell should I care about yours."

"I did that because I love you. I want to be the only important person in your life."

"You have a funny way of showing your love," I say before finally getting the courage to face him.

"I don't care how long it takes, but I won't be satisfied until you feel the same way I do."

"Don't hold your breath," I say as I begin to walk away.

"Get back here you fucker," he says before he runs up to me and grabs my arms. I pull my hands away and without thinking, I punch him from all the anger I have.

"You shouldn't have done that," he says, shaking with anger.

"Go to hell," I hiss at him. He grabs me by my shoulders and pins me down on the kitchen table. I can feel his poisonous breath on my face and I try not to inhale it.

"I will, but I'll do everything I can to drag you down with me," he says with rage. He pushes his lips on mine and for the first time I try to fight him off, but he's stronger than me. He knows he can use his power to make me hungry for his dick, but fighting me just feeds his ego. It reassures him that he's dominant over me and he can do whatever he wants to his bitch. He also wants me to know how strong his grip on me is. I manage to slip out of his arms but he throws me against the wall and slaps me. I fall to the floor and on my way I hit my head on the table. I don't pass out but I find it difficult to move and everything becomes blurry. Diego scoops me up in his arms and carries me to the couch. He likes having sex there since there's less room and we have to be really close to each other.

"It doesn't matter if you don't love me because you'll always be mine," he says before he smashes his lips on mine. He lets out a deep breath and I force myself to breathe it in to lessen the pain. At least I'll actually want sex. His breath can make me aroused and while his power can do the same thing, with his breath I feel the need to please myself, but I don't lose my mind about it. He slowly drags his tongue across my face and nibbles on my ear. He kisses my forehead and kisses his way down to my neck. He sucks and kisses it until he finally bites me. A moan escapes my lips and my body mistakes it for pleasure.

"See... You're enjoying this you dirty little slut." He pulls off the boxers I'm wearing which are his and rims me for about a minute. I enjoy the pleasure of his tongue swirling around my hole and my legs open up more. He digs his face into me and moan comes out with a higher pitch but it's not girly. I clutch the couch's fabric and bite my tongue. When he finishes he spits into his hand and rubs saliva on his dick. I prepare myself for the pain. He slowly slides it into me and he pushes himself into my body until he goes the farthest he can go. He slowly slides out and repeats the process. He wants me to feel every thrust and wants my pain to last. I moan and stare into his eyes as he fucks me. My eyes sting so I close them and my head falls to the side. He kisses the side of my neck and eventually kisses me on the lips. He starts going faster and I moan louder until he grunts loudly and I can feel his cum inside me. He slides my boxers back on and puts a blanket over us. He holds me in his arms and I let him. I need the heat to at least give me some comfort. I feel so broken right now and I feel like there's no escape. The only way to make things better is act like I actually love Diego. He fucks me again and again and again until I lose track of how many times he's raped me, and I grow so tired I fall asleep with his dick still pumping inside me.

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