The weekend rolled around soon enough, and things seemed to be looking up for me. I told Julian that I had met someone, Christian, and really liked him, and that he liked me back the same. Julian took it extremely well, and told me he was happy for me, and he simply gave me a friendly hug and didn't ask for anything more.

He did still insist on leaving me some money, and asked if I wanted to stay in the apartment while he move out to San Francisco and he pay for the rent. Eager to not stay in that apartment, I simply told him no. He wouldn't tell me how much he had deposited, and asked me to wait until he had left for me to use it.

After leaving the bank, I called Christian and asked him if I could go over to his house, and he said yes, so I did.

'I missed you at the game on Friday' Christian greeted me as he ushered me inside.

'Its really not my thing' I said smiling and shaking my head, 'And it never use to be yours either'.

'Well I never use to kiss guys before either, things change' he answered back, coming over to me and pulling me by my waist as he leaned in for a kiss.

'Stop, where's your mom?'.

'Don't worry, she just ran to the store to pick something up for dinner' he replied, leaning in for another, longer kiss.

'Well in that case' I said, pulling him by the hand up the stairs.

I pulled him to his bedroom and pushed him in. Once inside, I kissed him full on, making out as if my life depended on it. At first, Christian was a little shocked, because of how fast we had glided up the stairs, but once he knew what I was thinking, seemed to go with it.

Breaking from the hot make out session, I pulled off of him and quickly done away with his wife-beater in milliseconds.

'Damn, someone's antsy' he teased me.

'Shut up and strip!'.

And I pushed him onto his bed and ripped my own tee up over my head. Quickly, I jumped on top of him and straddled his sides. Leaning in, I re-engaged in another hot make out session while grinding myself into his body. I started for his belt buckle and quickly done away with that too.

'You ok with this?' I managed to asked sincerely as I undid his button and zipper.

'Too late to stop now. Don't you dare stop again, Dyl' he moaned.

I smiled wickedly at him and then manoeuvred his jeans down his his legs and off of him completely, discarding them on the floor with our shirts. Once his jeans were gone, I noticed something I hadn't before.

'When did you get these pierced?' I asked, leaning down and licking at his pierced left nipple.

'Last year' he whimpered as I licked and sucked at the right nipple.

That was all that was said as I played with the ring in his nipple, looping my tongue through it, biting and pulling at it gently, to Christians enjoyment. After a while sucking on his delicious nipples like there was milk in it, I lowered my head, kissing every single inch of his abdomen. That didn't mean I left his nipples out though. I squeezed them both with each hand as I went down.

Finally my head reached his Calvin Klein waistband. I looked up to Christians face and noticed him watching my every move with lust filled eyes, seemingly giving me permission to continue. So I did. I brought my nose down to his fabris covered unit, and breathed in a huge inhalation of his manly, sweaty smell. His groin acted instantly, hardening itself even more than it was already, to its full erectness.

Another inhalation of his man meat, then I started sucking him through his briefs. When I looked up to his face, his head was tilted back, so I guess he liked that, and I hadn't even dis-clothed him completely yet.

Waiting no longer, I tapped his on the side of the ass to lift him up and he complied. In one swift movement I had his briefs off and his hard dick in my mouth straight away. With half of his 6 and a half inches in my mouth, I made a wave motion with my tongue on the head of his cock. He groaned loudly in appreciation.

Clasping my mouth closed, I sucked in his cock on the way up, releasing it as I got to the tip, running rings around the helmet, into every ridge of his bulbous cock head, taking a bit of time getting into the crevice of his piss slit. Again, he groan louder in appreciation. I went back down, taking every inch in my mouth, and repeated the process on the upward motion.

Bobbing my head up and down, sucking on the way up and rolling my tongue on the way down for several minutes, I looked up at Christian, and he was sat up on his elbows staring at me making his cock disappear into my mouth. His eyes were filled with lust and craving, and he managed a seductive smile and nod of the head. Now was my time to do my special move.

Still looking into his eyes, I brought my mouth back up to the tip of his head, then slammed my mouth down his whole cock, all the way to the base. Once his whole cock was down my throat, I started humming gently a Lady Gaga song, and watched as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he shivered lightly. Grinning with a cock in your mouth is hard.

Once Christian looked back into my eyes, I stopped the humming, all the while still with his cock deep in my throat.

'Oh god, how...can you breathe?' he gasped out.

I laughed in my head and tapped my right nostril, assuring him that I could breathe. I stared swirling my tongue around his cock, feeling the stubly course hair around the base of his cock. Then, with all 6 and a half inches down my throat, and still looking him in the eyes, I extended my tongue out past my bottom lip, licking at his fat ball sack.

Christians eyes bugged out in disbelief and I again laughed in my head.

' Where'd the rest of your tongue come from?' he gasped out again.

I finally pulled my head up off of his dick, licking all the way up and released his cock from my mouth.

'You like it?' I asked, trying to sound seductive.

'Oh fuck, go back' he said, a little whiny.

I giggled at that, and lowered my head down to his nutsack. They were a little swollen, like they were ready to burst, and I sucked them each tenderly. I then licked them furiously, as if it were an ice-cream cone, and it tasted just as delicious. All this time on his nutsack, I didn't forget his dick. I kept up a steady jerking rhythm on his love meat.

'Oh fuck, I'm so close Dyl, Oh god' he groaned.

I left his well lubed nutsack and dove straight back down on his cock. The impact made me gag slightly and I rolled over laughing in my head at my eagerness. But I picked up speed once again, bobbing up and down on my cock, sucking, licking and inhaling the whole joy stick each and every up and down movement.

Looking into his eyes, he was ready to cum, any minute now. He grabbed at my long black hair, twisting it around his hand and pulling it gently, driving me wild. I deepthroated him, leaving him down my throat and started humming again. Poker Face seemed to fit the bill just fine, and I hummed as loud as I could possibly hum with his dick lodged between my mouth glands.

'Oh Dylan, fuck man. Shit' Christian exclaimed, pushing my head down hard against his body, as if I could possibly go any further.

I gagged a little, but he eased off once I stopped humming. I knew he was close, so I kept up the licking and massaging of my tongue on his throbbing cock and rolled his balls around, and pinched them and pulled at them.

'Shit fuck, ah. I'm gonna cum Dyl, where do you want it?' he panted, pulling at my hair again.

I answered him by staying on his dick, licking up and down his cock like an ice-cream. Christian arched his back and clenched his butt cheeks together as I lightly nipped my two front teeth against his super sensitive cock head, and immediately felt his nutsack pull up on itself and volley after volley of hot cum squirted is way into my awaiting mouth.

'Ah fuck. Dylan, oh shit!' he yelled, panting, moaning and groaning.

I felt at least 5 shots hit the top of my mouth, and 2 shots hit my tongue before the rest dribbled out in smaller spurts. I waited for Christians hot juicy cum to pool on my tongue and in my mouth and sat up and showed Christian what he had given me. Then I swallowed it whole.

Christian looked at me in awe, and then collapsed down onto the bed again. I laid down next to him and could hear him deeply inhaling air. I giggled a little and wiped my chin and the side of my mouth.

'You ok?' I said through giggle.

'Fuck Dylan, where'd you learn to suck like that!' he exclaimed more than questioned.

'I am gay. And a guy. I should know my way around a blow job'.

'Fuck' he articulated.

Christian sat up and leaned against the head board of his bed and I sat up and joined him. He looked at me in the eyes then leaned in a kissed me deeply on the lips.

'That was so good' he said breaking from the kiss, 'Best', kiss, 'Blow job', kiss, 'EVER!'.

'Your welcome' I said proudly, spinning around and getting off of the bed to find my tee.

Once I found it, I quickly slipped it on and tried for the door but Christian grabbed my arm and pulled me down onto him.

'Where are you going?' he said nuzzling my neck playfully.

'I need to pee' I said as he started to tickle me.

'I NEED TO PEE!' he exclaimed, still tickling me, 'After that number you pulled on me, you're lucky I didn't pee in your mouth!'.

'Stop, Christian, you'll make me piss myself' I squeezed out before succumbing to the laughter, 'STOP!'.

Christian tickled me on the side of the stomach and it was all I could do to not pee my pants. I noticed he was still naked so I reached out and grabbed his hanging balls tightly.

'ARHHHHH!' he yelled, ceasing the tickling.

I jumped up and bolted from the room heading towards the bathroom. I made it just in time, because as soon as I pulled the toilet seat up and undid my buckle, a steady stream of golden piss powered its way out of my flaccid cock. Once finished I breathed a heavy sigh of relief and shook off the excess and noticed thick pre-cum around the head of my dick.

'Low blow dude' Christian said from the doorway, now fully clothed, 'But I can see why you did it, so justified'.

'I give you the best blow job ever and you pay me back my trying to make me piss myself' I said while washing my hands, 'Kinky fuck'.

'You know it' he said winking at me.

We walked downstairs into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of sodas to drink and walked outside to the back yard.

'Oh wow, I haven't been out here in so long' I said in wonderment.

Mrs. Davitz kept her garden looking immaculate. The grass was emerald green and cut perfectly. She had a large vegetable garden in the far right hand corner, and that was heavily sprouting produce. The rest of the garden was various plants and vibrant flowers of every colour, shape and size you could think of. There was also a paved area with a barbeque table for seating.

'Mom is such a freak about it' Christian said.

'I am?'.

We both snapped our heads back in shock and saw Mrs. Davits standing in the doorway of the back door.

'Mom!' Christian said, slight panic in his voice, 'How long have you been home?' then he looked at me.

'I just got home, come help me with the groceries' she said walking inside.

Christian looked at me like he had just shit himself. I was a little shocked at seeing her, but not for the obvious reason Christian was. H e thought he had been found out.

'Jeez, relax will you' I tried.

'Don't tell me to relax! We could have been caught!' he bit back.

'Don't talk to me like that!' I bit back equally.

Christian ignored me and walked inside. I followed shortly and saw Mrs. Davitz walking into the kitchen with 6 shopping bags. I quickly rushed over and grabbed ahold of the bags, setting them on the counter top.

'Thank you dear. Nice to see you again' she said sweetly.

'You too Mrs. Davitz, do you want me to put these away?'.

'No that's fine. Ill do it' she said as she came over and started pulling things out of the bags.

Christian came into the kitchen carrying 7 bags and I went over to help him out.

'I've got it!'.

I stepped away from him and turned back to Mrs. Davitz, trying to bite my tongue. She smiled at me and went back to busying herself with packing the groceries away.


I turned around a saw Christian looking at me with sad eyes. He motioned with his hand to follow him and we went into the lounge and sat down on the couch.

'I'm sorry for snapping at you' he said sincerely, looking into my eyes.

'Thank you for apologising' I accepted, nodding sincerely.

We sat there in silence for a little bit until Christian held my hand and leaned in to kiss me. I kissed him back and we were soon engaged in a heavy make-out session, with me sliding my tongue into his mouth. He sucked on my tongue, and then started wrestling my tongue with his own.

We sucked each others faces off until I gained some sort of sense and pulled away, looking towards the door of the lounge. Christian looked too, and then laughed a little.

'God, I snap your head off for no reason at all, then kiss you like this' he said shaking his head and wiping at his mouth, 'I'm such a hypocrite'.

'You said it, not me' I giggled out.

'By the way, you're still a really good kisser' he joked, winking at me slyly.

'You got a slight taste of what's to come earlier, but you still ain't seen nothing yet' I exclaimed proudly.



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