Of all the emotions that I felt, and that were running through my head after leaving Christians house, confusion was the most prominent. Everything about what happened confused me. His attitude, his expressions, his kiss. They were all contradictory to each other, yet some how just seemed to fit. Which made me more confused!

I pushed everything aside and made my way to the supermarket. I was done within 30 minutes and headed home with 3 eco bags of food, drink and other supplies I thought we may need. Getting home I set all the bags on the counter and went to do my business in the bathroom. When I was done I set about packing everything away then sat on the bed and watched TV for a while.

Around 6pm I heard the door open and turned to see Julian walking in. Surprising he wasn't stumbling all over the place so I knew he wasn't completely inebriated after his short time of drinking with his mates.

'Hey pup' he said as he closed the door and went to the fridge for a beer. He didn't slur his words either. Good sign.

'Hey, Miles gave me some Carona for you. Its in the cupboard though, I thought you may want to finish off the ones in the fridge before you start on them' I let him know.

'Good man Miles' he said obviously to himself, though I heard it.

He came over to the bed and I made room for him and he slid up and lent his back against the wall at the head of the bed and took a long drink from his beer bottle.

'I wasn't expecting you to be home this early. Would you like me to make something for you to eat?'

'Yeah some of the guys drank too much as soon as we got into the bar and so they were pretty hammered. We just decided to call it a night. Plus, I wanted to come home and talk abit' he said having a serious look on his face, 'The school called me today'.

Oh shit! That's probably why he called me earlier. Plus this would have been the first time that the school would have had to ring him too. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach and worried what would happen.

I had given the school Julian's details as soon as we made our arrangement. Though I told the school I was living with him indefinitely and that he was my uncle. Needless to say, I left out the whole being kicked out of home with nothing to my name. Fletcher and Amanda weren't very active in school meetings and hardly ever attended Parent/Teacher meets, I felt safe in that sense.

'I'm sorry' I dropped my head, 'I had to meet someone'.

'Its OK pup, I'm just surprised that it was your first day off ever!' he said kind of chuckling.

'Oh' I turned to look at him, 'You're not mad?'.

He reached over and rubbed my shoulder then gave me his bottle of beer. I looked at it and took a hit then passed it back to him. He pushed it back to me and took my chin in his hand as he kissed me on my mouth. I opened my mouth and kissed him back as best I could. I didn't enjoy his kisses, but I endured them for everyone's sake.

'You have that, ill get me another one' he said winking at me before getting up and heading to the fridge.

I sat the beer down on the ground and left it there. Julian came back over and pulled off his work shirt and pants and sat on the bed in his briefs and socks. He was tall, maybe 6'4. For a man in his mid 40's I guessed he was fit and healthy to be able to be a construction worker. He wasn't very built, nor was he skinny.

'So I wanted to talk to you about something. The reason I went out for some drinks tonight is because I got a new job offer' he said.

'Oh, that's good then, right?'.

'Yes its good. Better hours and a fair pay increase too' he said excitedly, 'But its in San Francisco'.

'Oh' what did this mean?

I panicked for a bit. What did this mean about our arrangement. I know I'm 18 now and legally can look after myself, but the world is scary! Especially out on the streets. In my panic, my mind wandered to how I met Julian, and how we can about our arrangement...

It was day 2 for me on the streets. I had been beaten to a black and blue pulp by Christians friends and made my way downtown for school. I had hid what little I had with me when I was thrown out of Fletcher and Amanda's, and hidden them behind a dumpster in a back alley.

The first night on this street I was picked up by a man. I had given him a blow job and let him fuck me for $100. I wasn't sure how whores negotiate their pricing and at that point I just wanted food, so $100 seemed OK to me for what I have given. This night, my second night, I made my way to the street corner and waited for a car to pull up. I saw a few hookers on the other corner motioning me to go over to them but I wasn't about to do that.

As soon as a hooker stepped foot on the road, I started to panic. From what I've heard, people like her carry all sorts of hidden things. I stepped back and turned around and heard a car pulling up beside me. He was a skinny little Indian man and I got in. I gave him a quick hand job and he left me with $30. As soon as I was out of his car, another pulled up, but I didn't get in. He was large, very large, and wanted some ass. The next 3 cars pulled up and I again declined.

I was shivering from the cold so I decided to head back to the dumpster where my things were. Just when I turned the corner for the alley, a black Honda pulled up. I looked in and a tall older man was sitting inside. He liked polite, and unlike anyone else that night, he looked clean and decent. I got in and was surprised that his car didn't smell unpleasant as did the Indian's car.

'Hey, I'm Julian' he said extending his hand.

'Do all of you exchange pleasantries like this?' I said as I extended my hand to shake his.

'Whats your name pup?'.

'Dylan' I replied coldly.

'Nice to meet you Dylan' he said as he sped off, 'Do you have a spot or do you mind if we go back to my house?'.

'I guess your house will be fine. I don't do anything nasty, straight forward sex OK? $30 will get you some head, and when we come to it, well negotiate the rest'.

He sighed deeply but kept quiet. We arrived at a run-down looking apartment complex and he parked his car in the underground parking. We made our way to the third floor to number 214. He opened the door and walked in first. I followed and looked around. The reason I came to his house was to maybe stay the night, as I didn't want to sleep on the streets. I also was very hungry, as I had had no breakfast or lunch.

'Got any food? Ill shave abit off of your price'.

'Ah, yeah, will pizza do? Would you like a drink?' he said getting 2 beers from the fridge.

'Thanks' I took the beer and downed 3 quarters of it.

'Lets sit over here' he said walking over to the double bed that lay on the floor without legs.

We sat down and I finished off the rest of the beer in my bottle. I sat the empty bottle on the floor and mustered up all the courage I had and placed my hand over on his inner thigh and rubbed it gently. He looked at my hand and then back up to my face. I moved closer to him and started unbuttoning his jeans. He grabbed my hand then stood up fast and started placing.

'I cant do this, I'm sorry, shit!' he exclaimed.

I stood up to leave and made it passed him and got to the front door to leave.

'He died 2 weeks ago'.

I stood at the door. I turned around slowly, my heart was hurting for him for some reason. Losing someone is never easy for anyone. I looked at him and he was sitting on the bed with tears in his eyes. They had fallen yet though.

'Edward and I were in love. We met at work and hit it off straight away. We dated for 4 years and last month I asked him to marry me' this Julian said to me, the tears now falling down his cheek.

My heart spoke to my brain, which spoke to my feet and I made my way over to the bed and sat next to him. I felt for him, and for Edward. Julian looked so lonely, and probably just wanted some company. I touched his thigh again, this time in a friendly way, not a sexual way.

'2 weeks ago we were at work, and he fell off a ladder. He broke his spine, and severed his head from the rest of him. He died from internal bleeding' Julian said, this time sobbing.

'I'm sorry' was all I could say.

He wiped his eyes and giggled something to himself. I looked at him and he looked at me.

'I just want some company. Could you lay here with me? Ill pay you of course'.

I simply nodded. I lay down next to him and he lay facing me. It was awkward at first, but I kept it in my head that he was paying me, so I just went with it. He was also very lonely, and I could tell. I fell asleep with him looking at me, and woke up much the same way.

'Morning' he said with a small grin.

I sat up and looked around to see where I was. I got up off the bed and walked around to make sure I had everything then walked to the front door. I turned the doorknob and was about to walk out before I remembered my pay.

'Wheres my money?' I asked angrily.

'Come back and sit down and ill get you your money' he replied calmly.

'Just get it' I replied coming back over to sit on the bed.

Julian got up and went to the kitchen and grabbed his wallet.

'Thanks for last night, that was just what I needed' he said taking out some notes.

'I don't know what to charge for what we did' I said honestly.

He looked at me for a while then walked over with his wallet and sat beside me.

'This is all new to you isn't it?' he asked me.

'Yeah' I said nodding my head.

'Me too' he said with a little smile, 'take this' he handed me over $60, 'Do you think you could come over again tonight?'.

'Sure' I said, 'Thanks' and with that I left.

School was uneventful. I didn't get beat up by a gang of homophobes or ex best friends. Christian didn't even look at me once. At lunch I saw him signing up for football, which was odd to me since he hated the sport. I shrugged it off and ignored it, ignored him.

That night, I was back on the streets. A fancy car pulled up and a college student was inside. He looked rich and arrogant and straight. I guessed he was one of those straight guys that like cock but wont ever admit it, and he played the role perfectly. I got in and we made our way to a quiet park in silence.

'I'm not a fag you know' he made-pretend, 'But ill let you suck my cock'.

'I'm flattered' I spat at him sarcastically.

Before I could turn around, he had his hand around my head and was pushing down on him. He shoved his dick in my mouth and I sucked less than 4 bobs of my head before he came. He pushed me off of him and fetched his wallet and threw me a 20. I grabbed the money and sat there silently.

'Well get the fuck out faggot, and wash your face you look like a whore!' he said before reaching over and opening my door, then proceeded to push me out of his car.

'Asshole!' I said standing up off the gravel outside the car as he slammed the door shut and sped off.

I made my way back to my stuff behind the dumpster but noticed a few people in the alley. 2 hookers, by the look of their attire, and a freakishly tall man watched as I approached the dumpster. I was quiet and made no eye contact with them, but they seemed to take offence to me.

'Whatcha doin' up in my territory faggot?' one of the hookers said walking towards me, 'I stole my dinner'.

'Who you working for young man?' the tall man asked me, but I never acknowledged.

Before I could stand up, they were surrounding me with my back against the dumpster. I gulped down and closed my eyes just before I felt a punch to the stomach. On the ground, I felt several kicks into my side and more than once a heel jabbed my hind. Then before I knew it, an arm was around my neck and I couldn't breathe. One of them was choking me, and I began losing consciousness.

I woke up face-down in the alley all alone. I wasn't sure how much time had passed, but I was just glad to be alive at that moment. I clutched my neck and felt a strain and sore pain in my throat. I sat up against the dumpster and balled my eyes out for a good hour at least.

I regained my composure and gathered my stuff and headed out of the alley. I knew I had to go somewhere else, but I had no idea where. I was walking along the path heading for the only place I knew of, the old Milford Manor ruins. Before I could leave downtown, a car pulled up behind me. I turned and remembered the black Honda. It was Julian.

I continued to walk though. I was exhausted, and emotionally scarred from being choked half way to death.

'Hey, Dylan!' he called but I ignored.

He ran and caught up with me. I just stood there in front of him and didn't realise that I was crying. He saw me and pulled my into a hug.

'Get off me!' I yelled.

'Come back to my house, you'll be safe' he said.

'No, don't touch me. I'm done with this shit' I cried hard.

'Dylan' he said lifting my face to look at him, 'Please come'.

I looked at him and nodded my head. He seemed to have noticed something around my neck when I nodded because his eyes grew wide and he looked angry.

'What the fuck happened to your neck?' he said ushering me to the passengers seat of his car.

'Whats wrong with my neck?' I asked worried.

'It looks like someone straggled you, there's a large red mark right across'.

I clutched my neck again and pulled by the sun visor to use the mirror. Sure enough I had a large, clearly visible mark across my neck. Shit, how was I going to hide it at school?

Before I knew it, we were at Julian's apartment and inside. He rushed to the bathroom and brought back his first-aid kit. He looked at my choke mark and washed it, then wrapped a bandage around it. I have no idea if that helped, but it put him at ease a little.

'Did someone choke you?' he asked.

'Yeah, I was in there territory apparently'.

'Shit Dylan, they could have done more than just choke you'.

'What do you care? You don't even know me!' I said angrily.

He sat back a while in silence. He seemed to be looking for something to say. I didn't want to hear anything.

'Stay with me' he asked.

'Do you want something this time of just to lay next to you again' I asked, taking up his offer.

'No' he said sternly, 'Stay here with me'.

I immediate thought was HELL NO! But the more I thought about it, the more it looked like heaven. I was traumatised by what happened earlier. And I needed someone to go. He seemed OK to me, but I was still unsure.

'Ill look after you, and you look after me too'.

'With sex?' I asked.

'Yes, but not just that'.

'I don't have anything to give you' I replied.

'You'll be safe here and not on the street. It dangerous out there. Plus you're a newby, it'll only get worst. Stay here and you'll be taken care of'.

I contemplated it in my head. Sex was the least I could give him if he was willing to give we safety. I decided in my head that I would give 100% to him in every way. I nodded my head yes, then looked at him.

'You sure' he asked.

'If you are'

'Then that's that I guess' he said grabbing my thigh like I had last night.

I lent over and kissed his mouth. I started unbuttoning his shirt and fiddling with his buttons on his pants. Before long they were off, I was naked, and so was he. He studied my for awhile before proceeding. I gave to him what I could, and he seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly.

The next morning I awoke to him cooking something. My first proper breakfast I told myself, then got up and headed to the kitchen.

'Morning. One of the neighbours has a teenage son and I went over there to ask for some clothes. The bathroom is that door over there' he said pointing to the bathroom.

I didn't hesitate. I ran to the bathroom and was in, clothes and all. My first shower in 3 days and it felt so good. I shampooed 3 times. I washed my dick and ass extremely thoroughly, making sure everything was clean. Then I cleaned them again and another time, just for measure. I think I was taking way too long, because Julian knocked on the door and told me to hurry it up.

Stepping back into the kitchen naked, Julian pointed to a chair that had a towel and a pile of clothes on it. The clothes were my size exactly. They lacked personality, but they would do. I put them on and turned to Julian.

'Thank you' I said genuinely.

'Well get you some new clothes, that's just for now. Here, have some breakfast' he handed over a plate of bacon and eggs.

I inhaled the food then came around to the kitchen and started the dishes.

'Hey leave those' Julian tried.

I moved over to him and pushed him to a chair and went back to the sink to wash them. He got back up and disappeared, them reappeared with a dish towel. I yanked the dish towel out of his hand.

'I got it' I said to him.

He let up and went back to whatever he was doing. After I finished the dishes, Julian came in the room with my things that I had left in his car. I got them ready and headed out the door. I opened the door and was about to head out.

'Wait!' he called.

I stopped and turned around. Julian came back hiding something behind his back.

'I have to get to school' I whined.

'Here' he said handing me a scarf.

'Oh shit. I forgot. Can you still see it?'.

'Yes, but this will hide it' he said wrapping the scarf around my neck, 'Lucky its March'.

By that weekend, Julian had brought some new clothes, some basic school supplies, and an iPhone. I guessed that my ass was good enough and settled into the routine of him being my sugar daddy. I tried to force myself to love Julian in all aspects, but it just wouldn't happen. My love for him was only of him helping me, that's it.

I filled him in on everything about me, what turned me to the streets, and he in turn told me about him. He was a carpenter, but worked on big construction sites. He wasn't extremely wealthy, but he did had a fair bit stashed away in the banks. He did well for himself. Except this shitty apartment.

I thought to myself if I would ever be able to leave Julian, and my head told that it was possible. I did love him for what he had done for me, but I wasn't in love with him, and never would be.

This thought brought me out of my memory of how I met Julian, and how we can to our arrangement.

'Hello? Dylan?' Julian was waving his arms in front of me.

I smiled at him and he smiled back.

'So what does this mean?' I voiced my uncertainties.

'Yeah, that's what I wanted to talk about. I figured you wouldn't want to come' he said with a little chuckle, 'I mean, you're 18 now, and I have all the faith in you'


Have you thought about college? If you'd like to go? Where you'd like to go?'.

'No. I figured the only way to get in would be scholarship, so I haven't had my hopes up high. But I am determined to get my High School diploma though' I said proudly, 'exams are coming up soon, so figures crossed'.

'You'll be fine, I have no doubt'.

'Thanks' I said shyly, 'So, when do you go?'.

'2 weeks'.

'Oh wow' I said nodding my head in awe.

'Yep' he said sheepishly.

We sat there on the bed for a few minutes in silence. I had a million and one questions running through my head but I didn't want to voice them. If I got into college, them it would be alright. If not, would I have to go back to the streets?

I also realise that I would actually miss Julian. He had given me so much over these last few years. I was truly grateful to him. He was a big part of my life, and although it wasn't a perfect setting or circumstances, it is what it is. He was a friend, and I knew I could rely on him. I loved him, and I wanted to thank him.

'I'm gonna take a shower' I said standing up and drinking the rest of the beer that I had sat down, 'Want to join me?'.

'Hell yeah' he said excitedly.

We moved over to the bathroom and I started taking off my clothes, as he turned on the shower. I climbed im and waited for him to strip. Thoughts of Christian popped into my head and I got excited at the thought. I started stroking my dick to make it hard, while Julian climbed into the shower and kissed me.

I pulled away and fell to my knees. He was went now, and I stroked his 6 inch cock till it was rigid and wasnt going down. I licked the head of his cock, the mushroom shape of it, as pre-cum slid out of the piss slit. I shaved my teeth behind my lips and moved my whole mouth so it was directly over his whole cock, down my throat. I clamped my mouth shut and pulled my head back, making a suction movement with my mouth. I sucked his dick for a while, then came back up to my feet and turned around.

On his way to the bathroom, Julian mush have grabbed the box of condoms because he had one already in his hand. I took it from his hands and slid the rubber over his cock. Still facing the wall, I stroked his cock a bit, then grabbed the shower gel, reached behind me and lathered up his dick. I lathered up my ass too, and as soon as I pulled my hand away, he thrusted his cock into my ass.

He pinned my against the wall, face pressed to the tile, and moved up inside me. He began kissing the back of my neck, all the while, still fucking me. He enjoyed toying with my ass, so this time was no exception. He pulled his dick all the way, then shoved it back in. Again he pulled all the way out, rubbed his enlarged cock around my butthole, then shoved back it hard, hitting my pleasure button, my prostate.

I let out a little moan when he hit that spot, then clamped my ass muscles in, trapping his dick there.

'Oh fuck, youre so tight!' he moaned.

I let go of my muscles, and felt him pull out again. This time, instead of plunging back in me, and pulled the condom off and started stroking it while he was biting on my earlobes, grunting into my ear. I didnt realise he would cum so early. H e was ready, so I just stood there waiting for him to explode over my back and ass. His grunting became louder and louder as I knew he was about to cum.

'Lets go daddy, shoot that load on me!' I encouraged him.

A few moans later and I felt a few blabs of jizz shoot onto me. Julian sighed and then rested his head on my shoulder.

'Shit, thanks pup!' he exclaimed.

'My pleasure' was my usual response, but this time I didnt lie. I enjoyed it too.

I turned around to face him and pulled myself up for a kiss. He kisses me back then pulled away.

'What was that for?' he said with a smile.

'To say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. And my ass' I said winking.

He lathered me up with shower gel, and I washed myself off and got out. He finished off in the shower and I went to the kitchen. I started to cook something, not knowing exactly what. Turns out I was making mac and cheese.

When Julian finished up in the shower, the mac and cheese was done and we sat down to eat together on the bed. We finished and just set the plates to the side of the bed.

'Could you just lay here with me?' he asked with a grin.

I smiled at him then nodded my head and scooted down on the bed so we lay face to face.

'This weekend, ill take you down to the bank and set up an account. I want to leave you some money'.

'No, you dont have to' I replied.

'I want to' was all he said.

We fell asleep in this position, and woke up much the same way. I got up and showered and got ready for school. Julian was awake when I got out of the shower and I went over and gave him a kiss.

'Mmmm, good morning' he said pulling me in for a hug.

'Yes, it is a good morning!' I said happily.

'Someones happy today' he smiled.

I smiled back then went and grabbed my things for school. I walked over to the door and waved. He waved back and I left out the door for school. I walked less than 10 minutes before I got a text.

'c u @ schl! :P'

I blushed. That was the reason I was happy this morning. I didnt cry in the shower like I do every morning. This morning was different. I was happy.

I walked a further 10 minutes before I got to the gates of my high school. 'ANGEL HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL' in big iron letters unwelcomed anyone as you walk into the school. My happy feeling flew right out the window when I saw that, and I felt just like I felt every other day, like I didnt belong there, and like everyone was against me.

I lowered my head as all my insecurities came rushing back. I pulled my headphones out of my satchel and turned my iPhone on. The sounds of Lady Gaga torn at my soul as I made my way towards the front of the school looking at the ground so I didnt have to deal with anyone, see anyone, or care for anyone.

Today was most definately not a happy morning!



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