Like every other school day, I sulked my way into the school grounds, head down, eyes on the ground and headphones booming in my ears so I didnt have to hear anyone, see anyone or care for anyone. But unlike any other school day, I was now 18. Nothing felt different however, and nothing was bound to change any time soon.

I made my way straight to the back block of school and headed straight to the mensroom that was hardly used by anyone this time of the morning. I threw my black satchel on the ground and took a look in the mirror. The first thing i always notice about myself is my clear grey eyes. I got them from my grandmother, may she rest in peace. I didnt know people could have grey eyes, yet I did. The second thing I notice is my hair. Long, jet-straight pitch black hair that sat just at my collar bone. It was always messy because I didnt give a fuck about it quite frankly, so I always hid it under loose fitting beenies of hoodies. Im about 5'9. I never work out, but I have a fast metabolism so I never gain any unnessesary weight. All in all, im not a beautiful work of art, but im not too shabby either.

After staring at myself in the mirror for an unnessesary amount of time, I snapped out of it and sat down on the bathroom floor, pulling out a small zip-lock bag, a ruler and a hard-cover book. I pulled my legs up so they were set against my stomach and chest, and set the hard-cover book flat across my now ajoining knees. I took the small zip-lock bag and looked at it for a minute. Was I really about to do this?

I shook abit of its powdery whiite contents onto the book and studied it for a moment or two. I then took a piece of paper from my satchel and rolled it into a makeshift pipe. Wetting my finger, I dabbed it into the white powder and draw it up to my lips, tasting it for the first time. It was bitter and almost acidic. I took the ruler and started spreading around the powder and making a long horizontal line across the book.

'Here goes nothing' i let out.

I grabbed the makeshift pipe i had just made, blocked my left nostril, brought the paper pipe up to my right nostril, leant over the book and over the long white line of powder and lined the pipe up to the start of the line ready to snort when the bathroom door went flying open and a semi-familiar face came walking in.

'Oh. Uh...What are you...?' the semi-familiar face stuttered.

I stood up swiftly, book still flat and in hand and raced to the faucet to flash the powder down the drain. I had been caught, and off all people, by him!

'What is that?' the semi-familiar face asked, standing at the bathroom door with a worried look on his face.

Embarrassed, flustered, tired and a little shocked from the fright, I rambled with y things, ignoring his question and him as best I could.

'Dylan, is that coke?' he asked.

I looked at him, and wanted to speak, but nothing came out. I went back to the tap and turned it off, placed the book, the ruler, the paper pipe and the small zip=lock bag back into my satchel as fast as I could then made my way to the door.

'Move!' i ordered.

'Youre doing coke?' he asked, still standing in front of the door.

'I said move'

'Not until you tell me what that was all about'

'I dont have to tell you shit, now get the fuck out of my way!' i exclaimed, this time nudging past him and making for the door.

Then he grabbed my arm as I made my way out of the bathroom. I was shocked that he made physical contact with me and I naturally twitched and covered my face in protection.

'Whoa, dude im not gonna...' he replied.

He dropped his hand from my arm and stood back. As I looked over at him, he had the strangest face on him. I could tell he was angry, but he was also hurt, and a little sad. I was again surprised by the loud siren noise the school bell made and shook out of it. I ran towards my first class and didnt look back at him.

The rest of the school day was fine. It dragged out but I managed to get my work done, which I always did anyway. At lunch, I could hear a group of cheerleaders cheering happy birthday, and I knew it wasnt for me. I also knew who they were cheering for, and it made me a little upset. I looked over, and there he was, staring back at me. I quickly turned my head back and ignored the pain I felt inside.

The final school bell rang around 3 o'clock and I headed to my locker to get my things. As I opened the locker a note fell to the ground, so I picked it up to read it.

'Dylan, can you meet me at the old oak tree? you know the one. Dont worry, its safe, I promise.'

No! I cannot meet you at the old oak tree. Who did he think he was? I screwed the note up and tossed it on the ground before making my way out of the school. Every Tuesday I usually head to the park to feed the ducks at the pond, go get a coffee then head home, and this Tuesday was no different. I fed the ducks for a good hour and a half. I then made my way to 'Jeannes Coffee House and Internet Cafe' and ordered a large coffee latte with a double shot of caramel as I usually do, and purchased their fresh home-made fruit salad which I absolutely loved.

As I sat there eating my fruit salad and drinking my latte, I pulled up my iPhone to check my messages. I had no missed calls, but I didnt have 4 new messages. I clicked through and was surprised to see that they were all from an unknown number.

First message - 'hey, its Christian. r u gonna meet me?'

Second message - 'i knw its been a long time, but please meet me :('

Third message - 'K, I guess ur nt coming. Im sorry'

Forth message - 'Im coming over 2 ur house'

WTF! He was that determined to meet up with me? I shook my head in horror, then realised that it didnt matter if he went to my hhouse, because I wouldnt be there. I got up to leave, and left a big tip for the cafe since they were my favourite and headed for home.

As I made my way to an undesirable part of town, I could hear babies crying, people yelling and sirens echoing all around. I reached my building and took a look at it. It was dingey to say the least. The once white walls were now dirt yellow, cracked and splitting. I made way way through the doors and headed up the stairs to the 3rd floor. Number 12. I started to unlock the door when all of a sudden it swung open and a hand reached for me and pulled me in before shutting the door behind me.

'Hi, how was school?' a soft voice asked me.

'It was fine, school is school' i replied.

'Good, good. Now, take off your clothes'

I did as I was told. I began to take off my clothes and I turned to face him. He was a gentle man. He was still good looking for his age, I guessed around 44. He was tall and lean, had a full head of black and grey hair. He had nice eyes, small and blue. His name was Julian and he took care of me. By no means was I in love with him, but I did love him for taking me in and helping me. The least I could do for him was offer myself up physically, and he was greatful.

'Come here puppy!' he growled, bringing me in his arms.

He pulled us down onto the bed that lay on the ground and began to kiss down my back, down my ass and then eventually in my crack. He got to my soft hole and started rimming me immediately. Before long, his whole tongue was plunging into my hole, moistening and loosening all at once. I could only lay there and try to enjoy it, for his sake.

When he was finished licking at my asshole, he got up on his knees. I knew what was happening and I threw him the box of rubbers. I waited there for a moment and then I felt it. His whole 6 inch cock plowed into my ass with vigour. He didnt take it lightly either, pulling out fully, then plunging back in roughly. I closed my eyes and gripped the sheets tightly. My mind wondered how I got myself into this situation...

'You disgusting faggot, get the fuck out of my house!'

'Dad, please. Where will I go?'

'Do you think I give a fuck? You disgust me, coming in here telling us that you like taking it up the ass. I cant even look at you. No son of mine is a faggot!'

His words stung deep to my heart. I looked to my mother who sat there on the couch, head down looking at anything but me. It was my 16th birthday, so exactly 2 years from now. I ran home in tears.

'Whats wrong baby?' my mom asked sweetly. The calm before the storm.

She was a beautiful woman. Long black hair like mine, that she wore with a thick bang at the front. The brightest blue eyes there could ever be, and a smile that could cure any sickness.

'Someone hit me' i told her, turning to show her the giant red fistmark on the left side of my face.

'Oh my, who could have done that?'

'It doesnt matter, I deserved it'

She pulled me into the lounge and sat me down on the couch and sat next to me. Just then my father walked in, nonchalantly.

'Whats going on in here?' he let out.

'Dylans been hit in the face' my mom told my dad.

'Its nothing, I deserved it'

'What did you do, kiss someones girlfriend?' my dad asked jokingly but very egotistical.

'Someones boyfriend!' I let slip.

My face turned 4 shades red and I immediately knew that I fucked up big time! In no time at all my father stood up and began his whole tyraid. I left that night with nothing but the clothes on my back and my unopened birthday present.

I wandered the streets of Los Angeles that night, asking around for a place to stay. I came to the realisation that I was now homeless and I found myself in this part of town. As I sat on the side of the sidewalk, I heard a car pull up.

'How much for some ass' a voice asked from his car.

I looked up and saw him there. I quickly realised what he meant and shock my head to say no, but my brain and mouth had other ideas.

'How much have you got?' i asked.

WTF! I stood up and headed to his car. He leaned over and opened the passengers door where I was standing.

'Get in!'

A stray tear fell down my cheek as I came out of my memory. He was still plowing my ass as if he was looking for something inside me. He was making low grunting noises as he fucked me and I just lay there taking it up my ass. I suddenly felt his cock swell up and knew he was shooting off in my ass in the condom. A few seconds later I felt his cock pull put and felt the emptiness in my ass, and in my heart.

'Thank you' he said awkwardly.

'My pleasure' I lied.

He got up and headed for the bathroom. I got up and started pulling my clothes back on. I reached over and turned the television on to watch nothing in particular. I must have been pretty worn out from Julian fucking me because I woke the next morning at the end of the bed in front of the television.

I looked around and Julian was gone. He worked at a construction company so he was always gone in the mornings when I woke up. I made my way to the kitchen and saw a note on the counter.

'Morning puppy. Ill be late home tonight, going out for some drinks. XX.'

Next to the note was $200, my weekly allowance and money for groceries. I started to get ready for school. As I stood in the shower, I couldnt help but cry. My heart hurt from the situation I was in. I was helpless to do anything, but that didnt stop the pain. I was now 18 yet still so far from being able to do anything to get myself out of this rut. FML!



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