We drove in relative quiet, aside from a Rihanna song playing in the radio, to which Eden was lightly singing to. Sitting in the back seat, I pulled out my phone when I felt the vibrate against my ass.

'Hi' I answered politely.

'Hi, where are you?' it was Christian.

'I'm with Eden and Leon. Where going to grab something to eat'.

'Oh. I thought we had plans?'.

'We did?'.

'I told my mom we would be over today. No worries though, maybe I can join you guys?'.

'Yeah sure, Were heading to Jeanne's Coffee House and Internet Cafe. Do you know where that is?'.

'Ah, the one on Main Street?'.

'Yes, that's the one'.

'Alright. I'm just coming out of practice now. Ill be there in like 5 minutes ok?'.

'Ok' I said with a smile.

With that he hung up and I tucked my phone back into my pocket. Eden turned the radio down and turned to me.

'Christian I suppose?' she said with a smile.

'Ah, yeah. He's going to meet us there soon. He just got out of practise'.

'I don't know why he plays that fucking game. They're just a bunch of horny alcoholic ass holes' Leon exclaimed, 'He doesn't even fit the part'.

That last bit caught my ear. Well the whole sentence caught my ear, because I agreed whole-heartedly with Leon. But the last bit really hit home. He didn't fit the part, at all. He looked like a football player, yeah. But his attitude and personality was no where near as blank as the other footballers. Not to mention that he was never into the sport when we use to be friends. Ill have to hit him up about it.

'Yeah I guess' I shrugged to Leon.

As we pulled up and Leon stopped the car, I realised that we were parked in the parking lot behind Jeannes. We got out and went around the front and walked into the cafe. It was not crowded at all, which was strange for a Thursday afternoon, but I was certain that things would pick up within the hour, especially as other school kids were bound to turn up.

Eden b-lined for the counter to the lady at the register. The lady saw me and smiled, and I smiled back.

'Do you come here often?' Leon asked, standing next to me.

'Well, yeah, I guess. They have the best fruit salad' I said with a smile.

'Here' he handed me some money, 'Get us one and we'll share. And ill have a mocha latte' he said before turning and going to sit down at a booth.

I had to giggle at that a little. These two siblings were definitely unique. I walked up to stand by Eden, and I placed the order, adding a coffee latte with a double shot of caramel and another fruit salad to it for myself. I figured if he gave me the money, I was going to spend it. Even if I just met him. And no way was I sharing a fruit salad!

Eden smiled at me then her order was up. I couldn't help but take stock of her large order. She had a large latte, a small milkshake, a croissant and a chocolate muffin.

'That's not all for you is it?' I asked her shocked.

'You better believe it cutie' she said, taking her large order off of the counter top.

'Do you need any help? You have the whole store on your tray' I exclaimed.

She chuckled a little, but brushed my hand away and waved as she manoeuvred her way to the booth her brother was sitting at. A few moments later, my order was and I gathered the items and made my way over.

'Here you go. I hope you don't mind. No way was I going to share this'.

'Moocher' he said with a smile.

Just then the bell above the door rang and I turned to see Christian coming towards us. He smiled at me and sat down on my side, next to me.

'Hi' he said cheery.

We all said 'Hi' back, and then tucked into our orders.

'Dude this IS the best!' Leon said in between mouthfuls of his fruit salad, 'And way healthier than Miss. Piggy over here' motioning his sister with his head.

'Fuck you' Eden said jabbing him in the side, causing him to choke.

While they bickered lightly with each other, Christian was running his hand up my thigh lightly under the table. I looked at him and he simply winked at me.

'I thought we were gonna go back to my house today?' he asked me quietly.

'I completely forgot. But luckily these two offered me a ride, other wise id probably be at home by now instead of here' I said with a smile.

I noticed that his hair was a little damn, most probably form a quick shower after practise. But after I took a swig from my latte, I noticed a light smell of sweat wofting off of the person sitting next to me. It was a clean kind of sweat, and it smelled really good. I was definitely a little turned on. But coupled with his hand rubbing up and down my thigh...

'Oh my gosh, this IS the best!' Eden exclaimed after taking a few spoonfuls of her brothers fruit salad.

'It is. I get this every time im here. This is actually my regular order, the whole thing' I said, motioning my latte and fully eaten fruit salad.

'You could have saved me some' Christian whined playfully, squeezing my thigh.

'STOP!' I yelled, immediately embarrassed at my outburst.

Eden and Leon looked at me like I had 5 heads, and even Christian was a little wary. He then must have clicked onto what I had yelled about, and gave me a devilish grin. I shot daggers at him, and pulled my leg into me, away from him. He laughed heartedly this time.

'What the hell?' Leon asked with a seriously worried look on his face.

'Ah, I, the, there was a fly'.

At that, Christian broke out into a ROFL kind of laugh. Eden and Leon were equally confused, and I was very very embarrassed. I pulled my latte to my lips and sculled back the whole thing in one swig, not caring that the hot liquid may burn me. After a few moments, Christian eased up on his laughing, only giggling to himself a little bit. He then stood up and disappeared from view.

'Dude is cracked' Leon exclaimed.

'Ah, yeah' I said.

'Well we need to go soon' Eden said looking at me politely, 'Would you like a ride?'.

'No, Ill take him' Christian said sitting down.

'We have this stupid family meeting tonight. I think the rents want to talk about college and stuff' Leon said.

'Yeah, we want to go to New York. Were only going to apply to schools on the east coast' Eden said with a laugh.

'Then its road trip baby, straight after graduation' Leon announced happily.

'Oh that sounds cool' Christian said.

'Well we better be off then. You two have fun' Eden said getting up.

'See you at school tomorrow'. Leon said following his sister out the door.

'Finally!' Christian chuckled, getting up from beside me and sitting on the opposite side if the table.

I looked at his hands and he had brought himself a small fruit salad. I smiled as he opened it and started eating it.

'Oh. It IS the best!'.

This time I laughed, because his enthusiasm was highly, and obviously exaggerated.

'Shut up' I laughed.

'Want some?' he asked me wiggling his eyebrows.

I licked my lips, and had to press my hand down onto my groin. I nodded my head and a reached out to take the spoon out of Christians hand, but he pulled it away and dug into the container it was in, and pulled out a spoonful and brought it up to my lips. I hesitated a little, but eventually let the spoon into my mouth.

Christian giggled to himself, and came down for another spoonful. When I finished chewing and swallowing, I grinned at him and felt the redness creep onto my face. Along with a growing pull at my jeans.

'That's not fair' I whined before lowering my voice to a mere whisper, 'You're making me hard'.

'Well the feeling is mutual' he said evilly.

I had to shut my eyes for some reason. Either because I didn't believe it was real, that he was hard from me. Or because I was really enjoying this moment. When I opened my eyes, the spoon was in front of my face, and I happily opened my mouth and let the fruity goodness envelope me.

'You like that?' he said seductively.

'Its really good' I moaned.

'Mmmm' he whimpered.

Before I knew it, the whole damn thing was finished, and I was staring blankly at Christian from across the table. We didn't break eye contact, and he looked content. It wasn't until my groin area started to hurt and I looked down and noticed that I was extremely hard under my jeans.

Christian caught my drift, and a devilish grin crept onto his face.

'Damn, the fruit salad must have been good'.

'No!' I defended, embarrassed, 'It was the whole thing. You feeding me' I admitted.

'Aww, that's so cute' he said, 'Do you want to like, head out?'.

'Well I cant exactly go anywhere with this can I?' I said, nodding down to my crotch.

'Point taken. Well just sit here till we cool off' he said giggling to himself.

'You're enjoying this aren't you?'.

'Very much so' he said, laughing harder.


'Me off? Yes please!'.

I had to laugh at that. Well giggle at least.

'You're a douche'.

We sat there for a moment longer then decided to leave. Christian drove us to his house and we got and headed inside. Once inside, Christian pushed me against the wall and slammed his lips into mine, kissing me roughly.

'Proud of yourself?' I asked him, pushing his away and giggling.

'A little, yes' he said puffing out his chest.

'What time does your mom get home?'.

'Seven' he said evilly.

I smiled at him, equally as evilly and pulled him with me into the lounge. I sat him on the couch and sat down next to him, draping my leg over his and pulling his face to mine, kissing him. His tongue was asking for entrance and I complied, only to lightly nibble on it, which he shuddered at.

I laughed as he pulled his tongue out of my mouth and grinned at him like he had at me in the coffee house.

'Lay back' I said seductively.

He whimpered and leaned back against the couch. I kissed his neck lightly and I could feel his heartbeat racing. I could smell the sweat even better up this close, and I nuzzled into his tee covered chest, sniffing his manly delicious scent. I was turned on.

'God you smell heavenly' I said before thinking.


I sat up and ran my hands down to his crotch. He immediately sprung to life and I saw his flaccid dick strain at his khaki's. I unbuttoned the top button of his pants and watched his face blush pink.

'You know?' I said, putting my best sexy tone to test.

I then unbuttoned the second button of his pants and watched him gulp hard. I smiled to myself, and had to hold back the cackle in my throat.

'I'm soooo'.

Slowly zipping down the fly of his pants, I could visibly see his chest inhaling and exhaling heavily. Fishing through the slit of his boxers with my right hand, and brought my left hand up and tweeked his nipples, making him whimper when he looked at me.

'Thirsty. I need a drink'.

His eyes grew wide and alert and he went beet red. I laughed out loud, like he had at me in the coffee house as he groaned unintelligible words, zipping up his zipper and buttoning the buttons back up.

'Not cool!' he whined.

'Paybacks a bitch huh?'.

'Yeah, his name is Dylan!'.

Again I laughed and got up to head to the kitchen. Christian was right behind me, and rummaged around for a few glasses and pulled out the orange juice. He had an obvious pout and I couldnt help but snicker to myself. After pouring the drinks, he all but sculled his one down, panting after.

'Anyway' tried to make small talk.

'That so was not cool dude. Look, it wont go down'.

'So do something about it' I shrugged my shoulders.

'Can you?' again he whined.

'Aww that's so romantic' I said sarcastically.

'Look you're the one that started this'.

'So what do you call what you did at the coffee house?' I said getting up to take my glass to the sink.

'Its not the same thing. You were down there, like free range'.

'Seriously? Free range?'.

'You know what I mean. I was just rubbing your thigh. You were practically on your knees', he sounded desperate, so not sexy.

'You're so turning me on right now' again, laced with sarcasm.

I placed my glass in the sink and Christian leaned his head down on the counter. I spun around and ran my hand down his back.

'Don't touch me' he said, feigning hurt.

'Not a problem' I said withdrawing my hand and walking back towards the lounge.

'No, wait' he came running.

I laughter out loud in my head, but kept walking into the lounge. Christian reached for the remote control and turned on the tv to find something to watch, then sat down next to me on the couch.

We relaxed back, without another word for while until I had an urge to talk, and to get answers and ask questions.


'Yes?' he said looking at me smiling.

'What are we? What do we have?'.

He looked at me thoughtfully, then back to the tv and turned it off. He swung around so we were face to face and looked at me in the eyes.

'Good question' he said smiling.

'I mean, are we an together together or just friends again?'.

'Well I don't think friends kiss each other like we've been kissing each other. I'm also pretty sure friends down tease friends like you did either'.

'Christian, I'm serious. I need to know' I said exhaling.

'I know, i'm sorry. Well you know this is all new to me, this guy stuff. You're the only guy i've seen in that way you know? I'm definitely attracted to you which to be honest, really confuses me'.

'Do you think you're probably bi?'.

'I honestly don't know. I just like you. It confuses the hell out of me, and I actually get scared sometimes thinking about it. I know I like girls, and ive been with girls before and really REALLY enjoyed it. What's that called?'.

'Pansexual? I'm not too sure. I know i'm gay'.

'So gay' he said jokingly, 'No, but I mean I want to see if we can be something you know? You and I'.

'Id like that. I mean im really glad we patched things up, and I really like talking about things like this. Its good to talk'.

'I agree. But Dyl, I have to ask you for something, and please don't take it the wrong way'.

'No its fine, go ahead'.

'I'm just not ready to 'come out' just yet. Like I said, this is all new to me. But if you'll bare with me, id like for us to give it a go' he said with a genuine smile, and sparkling eyes.

'I understand Christian, I do. And you'll tell people when you're ready' I said reaching for his hand.

'Thank you. So you'll be my boyfriend?'.

I looked at him and he was so genuine that I almost melted.

'Come here' I said leaning to kiss him, 'Ill be yours if you'll be mine'.

'Done' he said, leaning in for a longer kiss.

We kissed for what seemed like hours, but was only about 5 minutes before he broke it off and sat back against the couch, holding my hand.

'You know? For someone so new to this, you're very touchy feely' I remarked slyly.

'Im not new to relationships, and i'm touchy feely with someone I really like' he said in all seriousness, 'Plus you're so cute, I cant stand not touching you'.

'Now THAT is romantic' I said leaning over to kiss him again.

We sat leaning against the back of the couch holding hands for a moment, just enjoying each others company when I could tell something was on Christians mind. He tensed a little and he squeezed my hand.

'What's wrong?' I asked him, worried.

He didn't answer straight away, but sighed deeply and inhaled a huge breath of air.

'Julian?' he said softly, exhaling.

It was my turn to tense up.

'He wont be around much longer. He's leaving' I said simply.

'Oh, ok' he said breathing a little less tensely, 'Wait, where will you stay?'.

'Hmm, Im not sure. We haven't discussed anything yet. Sometime this weekend we'll probably sort everything out'.

'Oh, ok'.

Silence fell awkwardly upon us, and I could tell there was still something in his mind that he wasn't saying. That's when he pulled his hand away from mine and sat up on the couch properly. I cocked my head suddenly and sat up, scared that maybe we had been caught. I looked around but there was no sign of his mom.

'What's the matter? Why'd you....'.

'How often do you have sex?' it was so quiet I barely heard it.

I froze this time, unable to think, speak or move. Did he just ask about my sex life with Julian? As ludicrous as it sounded coming out of his mouth, the more I thought about it, the valid it seemed and sounded. He was my boyfriend, and he had every right to know. He's concerned.

'Maybe every second night?' I said shrugging my shoulders.

Christian actually made a twisted kind of disgusted looking facial expression at that. He then shook his head and looked at me. He tried to say something, because he opened his mouth, but the words never came. This happened a few more times, with me just sitting there waiting for him to say what it is that he wanted to say.

'We're together now right?' I asked, and he simply nodded, 'Then there's only you and I. No more Julian. You don't have to worry about that. I'm going to tell him tonight' I tried to reassure.

'You...you wont get into trouble will you? I don't want you getting hurt'.

'No. Like I said, he's leaving soon, and I really believe he wants the best for me' I said with a smile.

Christian thought this over in his head, and nodded again, squeezing my hand and smiling at me. He leaned down and kissed me on the lips lightly, then we made out softly. He pulled off my lips and pressed his forehead against mine.

'You're a really good kisser' he said cheekily.

'Oh pah-lease, you ain't see nothing yet'.





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