As Officer Meyer was telling Clark and Dougie about his previous fun adventures, he had laid back on the bed so that Clark would, and could, have total access to his crotch. Clark was laying with his face firmly planted in the officer's crotch, and was anxiously chewing on the policeman's crotch, even though it was still firmly and fully clothed.

"Hey you know what Dougie?" Daddy asked, as he looked down toward Clark. "I do kind of have a feeling that Clarkie never heard a damn word we were talking about. I kind of think his mind is way off someplace else.

God, man! Look at the crotch of my uniform pants. Poor little hungry anxious Clarkie has gotten my crotch completely wet with him chewing on it.

Dougie, I really do think we had better let this young man get to the real thing pretty soon or he is liable to chew completely though these pants and leave a hole where my dick is trying to hide."

"I agree!" Dougie answered back. "Let's see if we can get his face out of your crotch, and ask him if he wants to undress you, one item at a time, like I did the first night I was with you."

"Hey Clark." Dougie said. "Daddy and I think maybe you need to undress Daddy and get to his real man meat. What do you think?"

"Oh yea! Oh yea, I need to man! Oh Doug, I have never felt like this before! Oh, Doug! Yea, I want to play with both of you guys, but Oh Doug! I've got to feel your Daddy's bare body. I want to feel his skin and his muscles! I want to feel him all over!"

"Oh Sir! Oh sir, may I please feel you all over?" Clark rather needlessly pleaded to his police officer "Sir".

"Yea Clarkie, you sure can! You rub your hands anywhere on me that you want to boy! I'm starting to get real anxious myself to feel your face buried up in my crotch and having it pushing up between the cheeks of my ass, but I think we need to get you all naked and bare first, though."

Daddy replied to Clark.

After he had to rather pick Clark up and move him out of the way, Daddy got up from laying prone on the bed, and he then removed Clark's shirt off of his body by pulling it off over his head, even though it was a button up style shirt. While Daddy was removing Clark's shirt, Dougie removed Clark's shoes and socks and Officer Meyer then stood Clark up in front of himself, to unfasten Clark's belt, his pants buttons, and then slide Clark's pants down off of his waist, off of his hips, and down past his knees.

Daddy then did the same with Clark's white cotton briefs and as Daddy bent over to lift each of Clark's legs and feet out of his pants and shorts, he allowed Clark's hard-on to slap him in the face, as it was released from the inside of the briefs.

Before Officer Meyer tossed Clark's white underbriefs to the side, he put them to his face and inhaled deeply. "Ah, the nice fresh smell of a nice young male virgin crotch!" He exclaimed.

Clark grabbed for Daddy's shoulders as he felt himself getting weak in the knees from the excitement that was now rushing through his body. An excitement like he had never experienced before.

"OK man." Daddy said to Clark. "Now it is time for you to do some work and get your Sir all naked and ready so he can have some fun with your bare body. Start getting this uniform off of me! Start getting me all naked! Start with my shirt, then my shoes and socks and get to my pants last. I've got to save my major prize for the last. It's now all up to you, because while you are getting me all stripped and ready, I am going to be doing some sucky face with my Dougie boy, and make sure he knows how damn happy I am that he surprised me by having you here tonight, --for me, and him, to start breaking you into the real, men-play-with-men type of living. Boy, you are going to have some real fun tonight. Get me all undressed. My body is getting real anxious for you."

As Officer Meyer instructed Clarkie to start getting the police uniform off of him, one piece at a time, he grabbed his Dougie around the neck and pulled him up close, to give him a big, strong, hug and a kiss.

"Dougie my man! You have done a real goodie tonight! Until right now, your cute, hot, sexy, body was the last, young, raw, untrained, virgin, pure and untouched boy toy that I've had my fun with, and now you have given me a new recruit to enjoy and break in tonight, and this is really turning out to be one great night!"

"I'm going to let Clarkie get me all naked, and as long as he doesn't pass out from the lack of blood on the brain, then you and I are going to make sure he gets one good night of "male-to-male" sex learning before he has to go home, and then, probably jerk himself off again, before he can calm back down long enough to go to sleep."

Officer Meyer attempted, the best that he could, to get Dougie all undressed as he himself was being stripped bare by his new, young meat, playmate, Clarkie. Rather quickly, both men had their attention returned completely to Clark, and enjoyed not only the feeling of each other's skin, but started rubbing Clark's bare body too. Clark was already supporting a very firm hard-on, but this additional attention from these two hunky guys, simply made his dick quiver with excitement.

Clark now realized, probably for the first time, that he was being man-handled, played with, and taken care of by a man that was called Daddy, and his "partner" that got called Boy. Clark now realized that maybe he was becoming part of a "Daddy and Boy" relationship, and that he could become "Boy number two," if he played right.

As Clark removed Officer Meyer's shirt, he laid his head and face up against the bare skin of Officer Meyer's chest and then ran his tongue down close to his waist and back to the middle of the officer's back. As he moved to the back, his tongue on the rich mahogany skin of the officer, and feeling each and every crevice and bulge created by the muscular structure of the officer's body, he reached around to the front of his Sir's chest and so very gently and tenderly put a finger and a thumb on each of his officer's tits. He pinched ever so slightly and lovingly.

Officer Meyer lowered his arms in pleasure and let out a very long, low and loving moan, to let his Clarkie boy know that he was making his Officer Sir, feel very, very good.

As he did so, Dougie had to slightly back up and allow Clark's hands to approach their desired positions. As he did, he gained an internal grin of realizing that this night was the very first time that he and another person were sharing, together, the joys of playing with his Officer Meyer's muscular, strong, structured and toned body. Dougie had a deep feeling that he was the giver in this situation. He did know that if he had not wanted to, or did not feel secure about doing it, that he definitely did not need to share his Daddy's body with any other guy, for any reason at all. He knew that Daddy was his, and his for the taking.

Dougie knew that he had successfully become Daddy's only boy toy!

Dougie was feeling very proud and excited that he kind of felt that he had some say, over just who, and when, some other guy could have his hands on his officer Daddy. Dougie had this feeling of sharing something that nobody else could offer. He also knew that to enjoy his Daddy's body as much as he always did, that, now, to have another person playing with it at the same time, was becoming a complete turn on to him. He was actually getting all turned on, by simply knowing that his friend Clark was experiencing some new, previously unexperienced, unusual and exciting sexual feelings, simply by touching his daddy, his beautiful skin and all of his bulging manly muscles!.

The thoughts were racing through Dougie's mind about how he just knew, so many, very many other guys could do no more, than just dream about being able to,--- even maybe talk dirty, with someone that looked like his Daddy, let alone being a uniformed police officer. Dougie truly did feel like he had been given something that all men, yes--even the ones that profess they never look at another guy, would love to have just one sex session with. A hot, strong, musculared, tall black man that just happens to be hung like a horse, and --yea---to also be a policeman, was way too much to believe was even a slight possibility.

Dougie thought! "So many, many guys dream about making it with a policeman, and here I am, "skin to skin", and "dick in mouth and dick in ass," with what is probably the hottest cop on the force, and it's me and him! He is a cop! He is a married man! He is damn near one of the hottest looking and best built guys walking the face of the world, and he lets me play with him! He lets me get up in his ass and he gets up in my ass! Oh shit man! I can't even believe it! And to think that just a few short weeks ago, I had no idea of what I was missing! No wonder I felt like my life was plain boring!"

Clarkie had moved himself down to Officer Meyer's boots and as he removed each boot, he hugged it as if that individual item had been his main quest.

After removing both boots, and both socks, which Clarkie did place up to his face and sniff before putting them on the top of the officer's boots, he then reached up from his position on the floor, and started so slowly and deliberately, to unfasten the strong and thick belt buckle that he simply knew, was the champion item of quest. The item that every gay guy in the world had, at one time or another, or still continues to do so, wishes he had the honor and privilege of having his hands on. He simply knew that to be offered the opportunity to remove a policeman's belt, simply meant that the next item to be removed, would be, the much desired and admired, officer's tight form fitting, leg and crotch hugging, uniform pants. Clark actually felt slightly faint as he consciously realized that he, an unexperienced, never had gay sex before guy, was being told by this policeman to actually take his pants off of him. He realized that this policeman had actually given him orders to, and was anxious for him, to take the policeman's pants down, and let his cock come out. Clark knew that he was being given a gift of unexplainable proportions. Something that he knew he would remember for the rest of his life.

Clark thought, "Oh how in such a very short period of time, how a person's life can change. Just a few minutes ago, I was a meak little boy, and now less than an hour later, I am man enough to be told by a policeman, ---take my pants off!"

Clark took a very long and deep breath as he started to unbuckle the belt. Dougie and Officer Meyer knew the significance of what was happening at that special moment. Dougie remembered his, "gifted time of the first time," and Officer Meyer was definitely experienced enough, to know that for some guy, that had never previously ever had any man-to-man sex, let alone with a policeman, this action was something requiring some nerves and at the same time, some very tense true excitement. He allowed Dougie to rather pull himself back and out of the way, and he also allowed the very young and inexperienced young man, that was down on his knees, and with his face placed immediately right in front of his crotch, the necessary time to enjoy the joys of being allowed to do such a very, very personal thing to an officer of the law. Officer Meyer knew the importance of this action, to any individual, that was allowed such an opportunity.

He knew that his Clarkie simply had to have the feelings that he was actually raping an officer of the law. He knew his Clarkie was breathing very hard and was very nervous. He also knew that this was the only time in Clarkie's life that he would ever be able to remember back to,---- as the first time, that I got to take his pants off of him."

Dougie did feel rather envious of Clark. He realized that by watching Clark, and listening to what he had been saying, that Clark had really been internally anxious and hopeful of something like this happening to him, at some time, for quite some time now! Dougie remembered that when he was in this position, during his first session with Officer Meyer, that even though he did always like to admire the tight form fitting uniform pants of some officer like Officer Meyer, he had never actually thought of himself as a true possible gay guy, and he had not been real anxious to get to the meat. His feelings, that night, were much more total fear for his safety and personal care, than sexual excitement. He smiled at Clark as he wished that his first experience with his Daddy, and his Daddy's hot body, had been as sexually exciting as it was turning out for Clark.

Officer Meyer was anxious for Clarkie to completely enjoy what was happening, and at the same time have Dougie watch another man undress him, and make him skinned bare assed naked, as he simply stood there and allowed another man to have his way with him and his naked and exposed body. This excited Officer Meyer. He truly enjoyed the double attention, and the double admiration, but not without return.

Officer Meyer had always truly admired Dougie's smaller white body, and he admired the contract between the appearance of the two male structures. With Clarkie, the shear knowledge of knowing that another young man, one with a good body, but not an outstanding body, was all agasp at the opportunity of putting his hands and his mouth on his personal being. Being so closely admired and knowing that another man is anxious to feel him, be close to him and simply enjoy the company of him was always exciting to him. For any person to desire, and to lust, to have sex with him, was even that much more exciting! He felt that perhaps that excitment was the real reason that he had accepted his position of being a

"part-time" gay guy. The "activity men" in his life simply gave him much more admiration and physical love than his straight marriage offered or gave him. Getting married as early in life as he had, he had now decided was a big mistake. "I wish I had known me better," he thought to himself.

Clarkie undid the belt buckle. He raised up a little more straightly, looked up at Officer Meyer and Dougie, and rather requested an approval of his actions, with the look on his face. His Sir and his now much closer friend, than he had been even slightly earlier in the day, Dougie, looked back down at him and with each expressing a slight grin, silently expressed their individual approval of what he was about to do.

Dougie looked down and said, "It's OK Clark. I know you are nervous and scared, but it's OK. Daddy wants you to pull his pants down.

He wants you to grab his dick, and you've got to get his pants out of the way first. Do it Clark! Unbutton those pants and get that dick out! He is waiting for you to grab it. He knows you want to feel it. He knows you are nervous and kind of scared, but it's OK man. He is the one telling you to get in there and get it. He wants to feel you squeeze it. He wants to feel your hand grab it and jerk it!"

With Clark on the floor between the two men, they could not hug quite as closely as desired, but each had his personal attention rather directed to the very nervous and scared young man that was about to have his very first gay experience,--- and not with just any guy, but rather, with a very hot looking, very muscular and very well built tall black man, one that is right at twice his age and a man that is a policeman! He could not believe that his first gay experience was gathering together so many items of desire, that he simply knew most guys can only dream about. He realized that from this night onward, he would always be able to make a true statement that his very first gay experience was with a hot, older, cop, that told him to take his uniform pants off of him.

Clark nervously did as he was told. He turned his face toward the crotch that he had earlier had his face chewing on, but at that time he did not have the fear in his heart about what was he going to do with it, once it was out of the pants. Right now, Clark was wondering very quickly all of the items such as, what is it actually going to look like, how black is it going to be, is it going to be a cut dick or an uncut dick, how thick will it be, and what am I supposed to do with it once it is right in front of me? He already knew from the bulge in the crotch front of his Officer Sir, that it was already hard. Very hard! "Oh God!" He thought to himself. "Oh God. I have wondered about this or something like this for a long time. I've always wondered what my first time would be like if I ever got to take ahold of another guy's dick, and Oh God, I did not expect it to be anything like this! Oh God! Please don't let me act like real stupid or scared or something else, all wrong! Oh God! I can not believe that I am undressing a policeman. That a policeman, in his uniform, is my first guy to play with! Oh God! --Here I go! I'm going to open his pants! Oh God, don't let me pass out!"

Office Meyer and Dougie continued to watch Clark make his slow and scared moves. Clark finished opening the belt, then the top button, he pulled down the zipper and then pulled the fly open. As he did, he also took ahold of the top of the uniform pants and started to pull them more open and rather down a little.

All of a sudden Officer Meyer's 9 1/2-10" human steel rod came flying out. It brushed the side of Clark's face as it flew by.

"Shit man!" Dougie exclaimed. "You don't have any briefs on tonight Daddy! Daddy, I thought you were always supposed to wear briefs when you are in uniform! Why don't you have any briefs on?"

"Because baby", Office Meyer replied. "I knew I was coming over here tonight, and I wanted you to have a little bit of a surprise when you undid me and it jumped out at you. I just did not know that I was going to be having a new young calf to be the one that unzipped me. But I still think everything worked out OK, don't you?"

"Hell yes!" Dougie replied. "Hell Daddy! I think it probably worked out better than originally expected. I guess you must have figured it would work out pretty good for me too, since you did not tell me you were without part of your required uniform. Shit man, sure surprised me when that dick came flying out."

Clark could only sit there and stare at the rod. Over and over he kept saying, "Oh God! Oh my God it is so big! Oh my God it is so big! Oh my God it is so big!"

Officer Sir's rod was now completely out, standing at a very rigid attention, and bobbing up and down from his personal excitment of letting this new, unused and virgin boy get to it and pull it out of it's safe storage spot.

Clark now had a face full of a big, long, thick, black, cock and actually did not know what to do. He pushed Officer Meyer's uniform pants on down and grabbed an ankle to let his Sir know that he wanted to slip them off of his feet. Left foot first, then the right, and finally Clarkie had his Officer Sir totally and completely naked and bare assed. Never in his entire life had he ever been up real close to a grown and completely naked man. Not only naked, but swinging a raging hard-on, and standing immediately above his head, as he knelt on his knees right in front of the man's crotch. Clark realized that many times previously, he had kind of imagined something like this happening to him, but then realized that to even think something, so wild, as this, was to only be dreaming. This was not dreaming,---this was reality! His heart was pounding wildly! He could feel his chest beat. He could tell that he was needing to take very deep breaths. His head did feel faint. He did feel that he needed to grab ahold of that dick to keep from falling over in faint! He felt that to grab that cock was his only way of not falling over. He was damn scared and damn nervous, but he knew he simply just had to grab it!

All of a sudden he remembered what his feelings had been just a little while earlier when Dougie opened the front door and had only his skimpy shorts on, and how that had gotten him all excited. To be this excited, almost sitting at the feet of this beautifully naked statue of a man, looking up at him, all of his height, all of his muscles, realizing that this man was at least twice his age and still looking so damn hot, and also looking at his stick of a telephone pole sticking out, was almost to much to completely grasp and accept as not being a dream. And, to realize that this hunk of a guy had that big hard-on all because he had been the guy to undress him, made Clark even that much more excited and hot. Hot to start playing with the man. Something that he had never allowed himself the luxury of doing before!

"Me, a skinny kid compared to him! Me, I made this goddess of a man get all hot and bothered and I'm the one that made him have a hard-on!"

Clark thought to himself. "I've got to grab it. I've got to touch it!

I've got to let him know how excited I am just looking at it!"

Office Meyer and Dougie continued to stand above him and they watched Clark attempt to figure out just what he was expected to do, or at least should attempt to do next.

Clark squatted there and for a moment or two more, just looked at the big black rod that was jumping up and down in front of his face. He took big deep breaths. He looked up at Dougie and all of a sudden realized that his Officer Sir was not the only man with a cock sticking out and reaching out for him to grab. Dougie's man meat was hot and ready too.

"Oh shit man! Oh shit man! I did not realize that you were naked too." He exclaimed to Dougie. "Shit man! You've got a hard-on too!

Dougie, you've got a big dick for a white guy! Shit man! I did not know you were so well hung for a white guy! Shit man, I was kind of hopeing that if I was going to try and learn how to get fucked tonight, that I could start with a smaller dick, but shit man, yours is almost as big as his! Shit man, both of you guys have really big cocks! Shit, if I get fucked tonight, it's going to be with a big dick, isn't it?"

As Clark finished his exclamations about how much bigger Dougie's dick was than he expected, he finally gained enough nerve to reach up and grab ahold of Officer Sir's rod. He gently grabbed it at first, as if it might break off, then once he had it in his hand, he actually grabbed ahold of it with some force as if to say, "Hey man! This feels good!"

Clark then put his other hand on the shaft. He had ahold of Officer Meyer's cock with both hands, and still had enough extra length left that when Dougie reached down and also took ahold, there was way enough room for all three hands to have ahold of it without problem.

"One dick, three hands! Not a bad thing, right Clark?' Dougie asked.

Dougie then guided the tip of his Daddy's dick over toward Clark's face.

"Hey, stick you tongue out just a little, Clark." Dougie instructed. It won't bite you. Just stick you tongue out far enough to kind of let the tip of your tongue touch it. Believe me man, when the tip of your tongue touches it, you will be surprised of how that will make it jump. Daddy is anxious to feel your tongue touch it. Just kind of let your tongue out a little and then slowly move your head toward his dick.

We've been headed toward this all evening, so no reason to put if off now.

Clark, you know as well as I do about how you have dreamt about doing this to some hot guy for a long time now, and now you've got the hottest man in town, standing right in front of you completely nude and hanging a big strong stiff hard-on, just waiting on you to kind of lick it, so don't act scared now. Lick it!"

As Dougie rather yelled, but nicely yelled, "Lick it!" Clark leaned over and put his tongue on his Officer Sir's stiff dick. He allowed his tongue to touch it, and then immediately pulled away. But he did act as if he was disgusted with himself for pulling away. He re-approached the shaft and make a longer lasting lick. Dougie removed his hand. Clark removed his left hand and directed the rod with his right hand, and directed the tip of it toward his open mouth. He moved his head toward the direction of the stiff rod. He made three moves licking the dick along the side three times, and each time the lick as a little longer than the previous. Then all of a sudden, he put his left hand over his mouth, took a very deep breath and as quickly as he removed his hand from his mouth, he immediately dove his head toward the shaft and put the tip of his Office Sir's dick between his teeth and slid down on about 2 or 3 inches of the shaft. He closed his lips around the part of the dick that he had in his mouth. The girth of his Sir's dick completely filled Clark's open mouth.

He took a deep breath through his nose. He then pulled off of the dick, and looked up with kind of a sight of relief, but with a definite smile on his face.

"So,-- did not bite you, did it?" Dougie asked.

"No, no it didn't!" Clark said. "Oh man! Oh man--I never thought I'd ever have a man's dick stuck in my mouth! Oh Doug! Doug! I never thought I'd ever do this! Doug, you won't tell anybody I did this will you? Oh Doug, I put his cock in my mouth. Oh Doug, I just sucked on a guy's dick! I never thought I would ever do that!"

"No Clark, it is nobody else's business of what we do. Nobody will be told. How do you feel? You OK? You want to do it again?"

"Oh yea--I'm OK. I just feel kind of like I am out of breath, but I'm OK. Yea, I do want to do it again. I know I never thought I'd ever do anything like that, but you know, now that I have finally done it once, I can't ever say I never will, so now I'm anxious to see what a whole lot of dick in my mouth is like. Yea, I want to see if I can take a lot of it."

Then looking up and over at his Officer Sir, he asked. "Oh Sir!

May I? Sir, may I please put your dick back in my mouth? Sir, I'm sorry, I may not have done it right that time. I don't know what I am supposed to do!"

Officer Sir replied. "Hey Clarkie boy, you did fine! Yea, you can do it again, and all you need to do is to just try and see how much of it you can put in your mouth. Don't worry about how much is in there, just put in as much as you can take. Breath through your nose, and then just try to push on it as far as you can. I'm going to just stand here, so however far you can go onto it is all up to you. OK?"

"Yea. OK". Clarkie replied. Then directed toward Dougie, he asked. "Hey Doug, how much of this did you get in your mouth the first time you tried? Did you get very much of it in your mouth?"

"You know Clark," Doug replied. "Clark I actually am not sure how much of his cock I got in my mouth the first time. All I can remember is that by that time I was so damn anxious for him to do any damn thing to me that he wanted, that I'm not sure how far down my throat I let him ram it.

All I can remember is I did feel like I had a mouth full! Just take as much as you can, and don't worry if you are getting the whole thing or not.

Clark, you've got to remember, the first part of our first night together, I was sure I was going to be totally ripped apart because of the size of that damn thing, so I was a hell of a lot more concerned about poor little me, and my poor little white ass, than being as excited as you are. You've got to remember that when he and I started that night, I swore I was not gay. I swore I was a straight guy that did not want cock. I didn't want that big thing in my mouth and I sure as hell did not want him ramming it up in my ass. Fortunately I finally realized how damn wrong I was! I found out real fast how much I did want that cock in my mouth and all of it rammed up in my ass. I just had to learn I was OK. My Daddy is giving you his body and his big cock to enjoy and learn with tonight, so enjoy the gold of the cop crop! You are one lucky boy right now! It's there for the taking boy, go for it! Take it! Eat it! Enjoy it! Swallow it man!"

Clark then put his arm around Doug's leg and pulled him in closer to himself, and placed his mouth on the tip of Officer Sir's big rod. As he squeezed Doug's leg, as if for support, he then pushed his mouth onto the big stick and attempted to force his face as far back onto the dick as possible. He let loose of the dick with his right hand and placed it on Officer Sir's butt and attempted to pull his body forward to help force as much dick into his throat as possible. Clark choked and gagged. He pulled off of his Sir's dick. He gasped for air.

"Hey good boy!" Officer Meyer exclaimed. "You did good boy! You had a lot of my dick in your mouth. You never need to be ashamed of how much cock you can stick in your mouth. Hey boy, you've go another one right there beside your face. It's a little thinner. Why don't you do your friend Dougie a favor, and chew on his dick for a minute or so. I know he'd like to feel your virgin mouth wrap tightly around his dick too."

Clark turned toward Doug's dick, took it in his left hand and aimed it for his mouth. This time without much pre-planning or thinking, Clark pushed his mouth down on Doug's dick as far and as fast as he could.

"Shit man!" Doug exclaimed. "Shit man! Daddy, I think this guy has sucked on dicks before. Shit man, I thought he went down on your dick pretty far for being a baby mouth for this, but shit man, --look at how much of mine he has stuck down his throat."

Clark grabbed Dougie's ass and pulled him forward, the same as he had just done to his Sir. He did swallow the majority of Doug's cock and stayed on it longer than Doug expected him to, without gagging and needing to come up for air.

"Shit man!" Doug exclaimed as Clark turned toward his Sir, and rammed his mouth down on almost the entire length of his Daddy's big rod.

"You are a true cocksucker, aren't you man? Daddy, I think all we needed to do was to build his confidence. I think he will be eating your entire dick before this night is over. Shit man! He is doing a hell of a lot better taking that steamship than I did when I was trying the first few times. Damn! Maybe I should not have invited him over here tonight. He's turning out to be a much better cocksucker than I am! Hell, I never knew I'd want to classify myself as a great cocksucker, but shit man, I can't have him doing better than I do!"

The three men continued to enjoy Clark's new found excitement of putting a man's dick in his mouth, and ramming it down in as far as he could force it. Clark used first, his Sir's cock, and then would switch over to use Dougie's stick of meat. He continued to switch back and forth, enjoying the new unexpected excitement of having part of another man inside of himself. Nobody said anything. The two tops were simply enjoying the actions that their respective dicks were receiving, and Clark was placing himself in an 'imaginary heaven' as he finally accepted the true fact that being a cocksucker was his true existence, and he realized that he was now headed down a completely new, but exciting, road in life.

As Clark removed his mouth from his Sir's large meaty stick, he looked up at the two men and asked. "Can I get a hug too? I want to hug both of you guys!"

Officer Meyer said, "Of course you can get a hug Clarkie. Come here. Stand up boy. We will give you a hug too!"

As Clark stood up, the three men went into an immediate group hug, and a hugging session of three hot and very bare bodies rubbing against each other. All three men continued to hug and rub, as each man truly did enjoy the pleasure of feeling the other men's bare skin. Clark's hands ran the gamut of feeling the bare bodies of both Dougie and Officer Meyer.

Clark's hands were on a rapid roar feeling as much of each of the two bare male bodies beside him, as was possible. Clark took advantage of the position to feel as much man skin as he could reach. After rubbing the back of their necks, down the length of their backs and pulling each of them closer to himself as he reached their waists, he then got up the nerve to put his hands in the butt crevices of his two hot male partners. The two men that were being felt up, each leaned toward Clark to make it just a little easier for him to extend his reach down even a little further, and be able to get his hands deeper between their butt cheeks. By leaning forward, they were also letting Clarkie know that for him to put his hands in the crack of their butts, was perfectly an OK thing to do, and that they too were enjoying his roaming, feeling, hands on their bodies.

Clark said, "Oh man! Hey guys, I never, ever, thought that I would ever get to do something like this and not get slugged by some guy. I can not believe that you two are letting me do this to each of you. I have to admit now, that I know I have wanted to do this with some guy for years now, but I just never thought that there were any guys around that would let me feel them like this, let me put my hands up in their butts, let alone let me suck on their dicks. Oh men! I've wanted to put my hands on some guy's butt and feel it like that for a long, long time now! Oh guys, I guess I've been a hell of a lot more anxious to really get the chance to play with some guy than I ever realized. Yea--I know there are some gay guys around town, but I always thought they were just the weird guys, not guys like you two. Both of you are so hot and so hunky to me, and to get and play with you both like I am is way too much for me to comprehend. I can not believe this is actually happening to me. God I am so afraid that I might wake up and find out this was all just a dream. Oh God! Please do make this be a real thing!"

"Well Clarkie boy, it is happening, and you are the center of it tonight." Officer Meyer said, as he then looked at Dougie and continued.

"You know Dougie, I kind of think that maybe, just maybe we have opened up the doors of a new true living to Clarkie tonight, but I've still got one big question in my mind about this nice little tender guy."

Looking at his Daddy, Dougie very quickly asked, "What? What question have you got about Clark? What?"

"Well, the obvious is,---how quickly and how deeply can he take a police officer's big black rod up his ass, without screaming and yelling out loud and long. He just found out what a joy it is to suck on both of our big strong man meat, and roll our cocks around in his mouth, so now I think it is time that we throw him down on that bed and let him find out what a joy it is to get some big strong man meat, rammed up in his ass. I just know he is damned anxious to get stuffed full. His ass is hungry and anxious, I just know! What do you think, Dougie? Time for us to make sure he can take it in the back-end, as well as he likes it down the throat?

Throw his ass on that bed,----- it's time for the big policeman and his own personal boy toy, to fuck the new recruit! It's time for us to fuck, our new number two boy, and to fuck his virgin ass good and strong!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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