It was a Sunday afternoon, and Dougie phoned his co-worker Clark.

Clark answered the phone. "Hey Clark, remember a couple of weeks ago when I had to take off from work a day and I told you that I had some trouble with Sharon at the house the night before, and I had to have a policeman help me out, in getting rid of her? Yea, well he and I have become pretty good friends and I'd like for you to meet him. He's coming over to my place later this evening, and I was kind of wondering if maybe you might stop by so I can introduce the two of you. OK, yea, like about may 8 or 8:30. He's not going to be here until at least 9 or a little later, but I've got some stuff that I kind of want to talk to you about before he gets here. I haven't really been totally honest with you about everything that happened that night. OK, guy? See you about 8. Bye. Oh-hey!. Clark!

Before you hang up. Make sure you are looking good tonight. I want you to make a good impression on my friend, OK? Hey, thanks man. See you later!"

Clark had been a co-worker of Dougie's for about the last two and a half years. They had become pretty good friends, but not real close buddies. Dougie was a little older than Clark, and once in awhile he kind of took the 'Father' roll to Clark. Whenever Clark felt like he needed some "adult" advice" he would seek Dougie out.

Dougie had never questioned Clark too much about his personal life, but he had realized that for a guy about 20 years old, he never talked about having dates. This had always made Dougie just a little suspicious of exactly what type of a personal life Clark did have. Keeping his ears open recently, Dougie had finally decided that the time had come for him to really find out. Tonight, he was going to be having some very open conversation with Clark, ---before "Daddy" got there.

Right at 8, the front doorbell rang. Dougie opened the door and watched Clark's face move into a rattled state of shock.

"God! -- Dougie. Man! I've never seen you dressed like that!

Excuse me, but I'm just kind of shocked that you look like that. Dougie, I don't mean to be off base here, but shit man I've never seen you with so little on. Man you've got a nice body! I really did not realize that you were built so nicely. I guess I just always see you in office clothes, and damn, those gym shorts look damn good on you. You told me to look good for your friend tonight, I assume you are going to get dressed before he gets here, right?"

"Well actually Clark, this is pretty well dressed for my friend.

Clark, there are things that I want to share with you and tell you about, and I'm going to be truthful and hope that I am not off base and really goofing up here."

"Dougie, what are you talking about? Off base about what?"

"Clark, Officer Meyer is the officer that I got the help from when I had to get rid of Sharon."

"Yea-right. Yea-I know that much". Said Clark.

"Well Officer Meyer and I have become really very close friends."

"Yea--you told me that! So------?"

'Well Clark, he really kind of helped me understand me a whole lot better, and he really has shown me of who I really am. I thought I knew me, but no---I really did not!"

"Dougie, what in the hell are you getting at? What are you talking about?"

"Clark, damn I hope I am not wrong here. I hope I am not really screwing up, but I have a really big question."

"Yea---what is it? What are you getting at, Dougie?"

"Clark, are you gay?"

"What! What did you just ask?"

"Clark, damn, shit man---I hope I am not really goofing everything up. I have kind of thought for quite awhile now that maybe--just kind of-- maybe----you might happen to be gay. Are you?"

"Dougie, I don't know if I am or not. I've never done anything with a guy, but yea-I have thought about it, and have wondered what it would be like. What does this have to do with you and Officer Meyer and me coming over here tonight? Dougie, I'm getting all confused!"

"Clark, Officer Meyer and I have been having gay sex, and he has really helped me understand who I really am."

"Oh shit man! Dougie, are you telling me that you have now decided that you are a gay guy?"

"Yes Clark, that is what I am saying! I am gay! I don't have a problem with that! I could never figure out why my relationships never worked with the girls, and now I fully understand what the problem was.

Hey man, do you want a beer. I'm sorry--our conversation got started a whole lot faster than I expected it to. Come-on, lets get a beer!"

"Yea Dougie---I need a beer, and probably some hard liquor to wash it down with. So, I'm really confused right now. You are gay, you and Officer Meyer are doing the guy on guy thing, and I am asked for what reason if I happen to be gay?"

"Clark, you and I have become too good of friends for me to keep this kind of information a secret from you."

"Well thanks, Dougie. I appreciate that!"

"And, Clark, there is another reason too."

"Yea-and what is that?"

"Daddy, as I now call officer Meyer, asked me if I could find another guy that he could play with and maybe become that guy's Daddy too."

"What! What! What in the hell are you asking me!!!! Dougie, you are wanting me to have sex with that policeman too? Is that what you are asking me to do?"

"Clark, don't get all upset. I told you early that I was really hopeing that I was not getting everything all messed up here! Clark, I really did not know for sure, but I have kind of though maybe you played with guys, and when he asked me to find another guy if possible, I immediately thought of you. I'd like to have sex with you too. You are cute. I've always "liked" you, but it's just been real recently that I have started looking at other guys in a different way. Yea-compared to my 6'

your 5'6" is shorter, and to be somebody's "boy", being shorter is a lot better than being too tall. Thank goodness Daddy is two inches talker than I am, or I'm not too sure how it would work for me being his "boy". And look at that 'butch buzz top' hair cut you always have. That fits right in, man! That hair cut makes it look like you have wanted this to be a reality for a long time now. And besides, you've got a hot looking body.

You must weigh what, 155 or 160? From what I could always tell, you are pretty well stacked! Right? Hey-Clark, if I have really screwed up, I am really sorry, but man you had to know this about me anyway. You are my friend, and if I guessed you all wrong, please don't hate me, but I am hopeing that I was right!"

"Dougie, I'm all confused. Dougie, I've never done anything with a guy except get jerked off by a couple of guys in high school a couple of times, and then I jerked them off too. But, other than that, I've never even kissed a guy. Dougie, I really don't know if I'm gay or not. I have to admit that I have wondered that for some time now. I just don't get all excited like I think I am supposed to about going out with girls. Dougie, I am 20 years old and I have never tried to screw a girl. I have noticed once in awhile that I do seem to look at some hot built guys a lot more than the really curvy girls. Hey,--man---just like when you opened the door and you had on almost nothing! Yea--Dougie, I guess that did get me a little hot, didn't it?"

"Hey Clark, I really did not mean to do anything wrong! I really was kind of hopeing that maybe I would just get a quick and easy yes back from you. God man! I hope I'm not getting you all messed up mentally here."

"No, no, Dougie. I'm OK. Just kind of shocked out of my wits all of a sudden. First I find out that you are gay, something I would never have thought was possible, and now you are telling me that you have a policeman friend that wants to play with me like he is my Daddy, and that you want to play with my body too? Shit man!! Damn! Why don't you throw everything at a guy all at once?'

"I'm sorry Clark! I really did not mean for it to kind of end up this way!"

"No don't get yourself all stressed out over this Dougie. Help me figure this out, man. Dougie, I have never done anything like this. Even with one guy, let alone with two. I mean I assume that if I do stay, then you and the other guy both will be doing something to me? Is that right?"

"Well, yea, Clark. I will be here too, and we will all be doing things to each other. Not just like he only plays with only you and then he plays with only me. We'll be having a three way sex play."

"Oh shit man!" Clark exclaimed! Dougie, I'm really getting close to telling you that yea--I do want to stay. I'm just real scared and real nervous. Hey, what is this policeman like? All I know about him is that he is Officer Meyer. Like tell me about him."

"OK Clark. First off, he is a married guy. That was one of the really important reasons that I needed and wanted to get Sharon out of this house. We need it as our playground space. OK?"

"Yea--OK." Clark replied.

"Daddy, that is what he told me to call him that very first night, is about 40 or maybe 42 years old. He is tall. He stands about 6'2" and weighs about 210 pounds. He is a former bodybuilder, he is really built, and he happens to be a black man!"

"Oh shit man!! Oh shit! Oh damn Dougie, he sounds hot. Oh Dougie, why didn't you tell me a lot earlier that you were playing with a god!

Shit man! Former bodybuilder and stands 6'2"? Shit man! And Dougie,----you said he is black, right? Dougie, I have always been told those guys have really big dicks. The black guys in the shower rooms at school, did always seem to have big cocks too. Does he have a big dick?"

"Yes, Clark, it is big. It's about 9 1/2 to 10" long and measures about 7" around at the head or a little bigger, depending on how hard it is."

"Clark, how do you know just how big it is? Did you measure it or something?"

"Yea. We didn't do that the first time we were together, but I told him the next day that I wanted to know how much meat had gone up inside of me, and I told him I wanted to measure it. So we did!"

"Dougie, are you telling me that you have let him fuck your ass with that dick?"

"Well Clark, the first time, it was not so much of "letting him" as it was just doing whatever he wanted that night!"

"Dougie, what in the hell are you saying? When did you guys start having sex together. Dougie, I knew you had to have a cop help at the house, but when in the hell did this sex stuff start?"

"Clark, I kind of "failed" to tell you earlier, that I met Officer Meyer, --"Daddy", the night I had trouble with Sharon. The police were called to the house. He was the officer. He told me that he could either throw me in the slammer, or I could do as he said. His wife was out of town, and he needed ass. I was his boy! He told me that I could either get fucked my him, or he could take me to jail, file domestic disturbance charges against me, and let a bunch of the guys in the slammer fuck me. He did not really give me any choice that night, and now I am thankful for it!"

Dougie relayed to Clark the full truth of that night, and cleared up some rather miss-understandings about exactly what had happened that night. Miss-understandings that Dougie had purposely let stand. Now the full truth had come out!

"Dougie,-----you had never had gay sex before that night,-- right?"

"No Clark. I had not even thought that I was gay. Yes, I do remember thinking about maybe doing something like that in the past, and I do remember that whenever I did think about it, it got me kind of all excited, but then I'd let it pass. This time it did not pass. This time I did not have a choice of letting it pass. This time it got acted on, but kind of --by force. He decided a lot of stuff for me that night."

"But, shit Dougie, you got fucked in the ass? Shit man, did you ask for that? Did you want it? Weren't you scared of getting something pushed up your ass? Man--Dougie, I just can't imagine getting that done, especially with a dick that damn big. Shit man, a dick that big has got to rip a guy's ass all open! Did he tear your ass? Were you OK when he got done? Dougie, what in the hell happened? Tell me what happened! God man!

If you are wanting me to be here and maybe think about me getting my ass rammed by that damn big baseball bat of a dick, you had better start telling me what in the hell happened when he got you."

"Well Clark, the first thing that I need to say is that when it happened to me, I did not have anybody to tell me that I would be OK. If you do decided that you are going to stay and play with us, you have the one big advantage of me telling you that you will be OK, and after it is over, you will be as glad that you played with him, and had him play with you, as I have been. Yea-when he was telling me that I had no choice but to do whatever he wanted, it scared the shitting hell out of me, but you've got it different."

Dougie told Clark about how he finally asked Officer Meyer if he could feel him with his tight uniform pants on, and how he undressed his

"Daddy" one item at a time.

"Then Clark, after I got him completely naked and standing there in front of me completely bare skinned, I sat on the edge of the bed, for a moment and just looked at it. That was the biggest damn dick that I could even imagine on a man, let alone one that was going to be going up in my ass in just a few moments. I knew I had no choice about that either. I knew that I was going to be putting that big thing up inside of me! Man, I started sweating. I started shaking. I know damn well I was breathing real heavy. He told me to just lay down and relax. I laid down on the bed and knew that all crap was going to happen to my ass. I tried to relax, but shit man, when you have that much meat getting ready to go up in your ass, and you really don't know if you can take it or not, it scares the hell out of you. Clark---if you do play with us, and if you do get fucked, you will be OK. Don't be scared the way I was. Man, after you finally get it, you then know how damn good it really is. It's only the not knowing that is so scary."

"After I laid down, I tried real hard to just relax like he told me to do. I remember I reached up at the corners of the bed and crabbed the corners of the mattress and hung on like hell. I felt him getting on top of me. I know I was just about ready to pass out with fear. He put his left hand up by my left shoulder and I could tell he was aiming his dick at my ass hole with the other hand. I took about four or five really deep breaths. I was really crying inside. I know I was. I had never talked to any guy before that had been fucked in the ass, let alone with a dick this size. I just knew I was a goner!"

"Oh God, man!" Clark said, as he felt himself getting more and more into this description of what Dougie had gone through.

"I felt Daddy putting some kind of lube on my butt. I thought Oh Thank God! He is at least lubing me up! I thought Oh God, I hope that makes that big dick of his go in real nice and smoothly. I'd never had lube put on my butt before, so I really did not know for sure just how much help it would be."

"I knew he had put some lube on his dick too, and then I felt the tip of his dick at my ass hole. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes as tight as they would go! I just know I was moaning or crying or something.

He tried to calm me down some. He kept telling me I was OK, but hell, I didn't believe him. I was scared shitless!"

"I felt his whole body start resting on mine. I know now that even at that time, that felt good to me, but at that time the only thing I really wanted was to be able to jump out of the window and get the hell out of there. He laid down on me, but he did very gently. I felt the end of his dick spreading my ass hole open. He kept kind of moving his dick back and forth so that it had more than just a straight forward motion to it. I actually felt the head of his dick go in. When that happened, I took a great big deep breath and waited for an unbelievable pain. It did not happen. Yea, I felt it go in, and there was some discomfort, probably because I was so damn tensed up, but it did not hurt like I had been so damn fearful of!"

"Once the tip went in, he asked me if I was OK. I kind of told him, Yea, but at that time I was not so damn sure of it! He didn't move for a little while. Now I know that what he was doing was letting my ass get used to having it up in me. He rubbed my head and the back of my neck. That felt good, and I guess did let me know that I was not in bed with a monster, but a real loving and nice man."

I felt him pushing on my butt. I could feel the extra weight on my back-end. I felt the dick getting pushed up into me. It really did not hurt. Yea--it felt kind of funny. I had never had anything put up in my ass before, so it was different. He very slowly kept pushing it in. Once I had to kind of move, but when I did that, he stopped until he thought I was OK, and then he pushed on it some more. I know he was aware that I could not take it all real fast. I guess he has screwed enough guys to know that with a dick that size, you have to take your time."

He put his hands around my chest and held onto me. Yea-even at that time I realized how damn good that felt. I kind of think that might have been the first moments when I started being able to let the fear go, and really start enjoying this big guy on top of me. I did not know that 210 pounds laying on top of you could feel so light. He really did not feel heavy. I could feel all of his skin on me. I could feel the insides of his legs up against my legs. That felt really good! His face was down close to mine, I could feel his breath and his breathing. I could feel his big, muscular pecks laying on my back. Right then, when I realized what I was feeling, I started wishing I could stand beside us and watch him laying on me. I wanted to see the image. I could feel his stomach on the lower part of my back. I could feel it move whenever he took a breath. His legs were draped on the outside of mine, and I could feel the muscles in them up against me!"

"I was getting really all "outside of myself" imagining what it looked like with this big man on top of me. Slowly he started pushing in on me again. Well you know, Clark. I'm not so sure he actually started pushing again, I kind of think maybe he had been pushing all the time, but with me loving the way he was feeling to me, I don't think I realized that he was moving in deeper and deeper the whole time. All I know is, that all of a sudden, his body was really pushing up against mine as hard as he could push. He had put that whole damn thing up in me, and I thought I had only taken the tip of it. It did feel damn good."

'When he started pushing so firmly, I asked him was happening. He told me that he had his whole dick up in me, and that he was just enjoying the feeling of my ass on his dick, and his body up against mine. I kind of tried to look at him, and very confused like, I asked him if that is what he had said. He told me, yea, he had the whole thing up in my ass, and now he was trying to see if he could make the end of it come out of my mouth.

That actually made me laugh. Man, I was completely shocked that he had that whole damn thing up inside of me. I had been so damn scared that I was going to get killed by getting that up in me, and all of a sudden, I now find out it is completely up in me, and I did not even know it."

"That's when I started moving my ass around kind of in circles so that I could feel it up in there. He knew what I was doing. He would move it around some, so I could feel it. I did feel it up against the insides of my ass. Especially right at the ass hole. Up inside of me, it just pain felt good. Clark, I really can not tell you any way other, than to just say it felt good. Yea--it was a new feeling. I was a good feeling.

I think we laid there for probably 45 minutes or more with him just kind of lovingly moving his dick in an out of me, and once or twice completely taking it all the way out so that I could feel it going back in. I actually even asked him to do that! I was so damn shocked at myself for asking him to do that, since just a few minutes earlier I was ready to try and run for the fear of what was going to happen to me when he did that.

Clark, it felt good! I was mad at myself for being so damn scared.

Yea---I had thought about maybe trying to find a guy to do this to me over the past years, but I always decided that I just could not do it. Damn, I wish I had started getting fucked in the butt when we little boys were just getting big enough to start getting hard-ons!"

"Clark, for probably the next hour and a half, well yea it was that much longer before we hugged each other and went to sleep, we did all kinds of weird stuff. Well at that time, I guess I thought they were weird. Now just a few weeks later, I think they are normal."

"Like what Dougie? What else did you do?"

"Well one time he rolled over on his back and told me to stand above him and then just squat down on his erect dick and just let it go up inside of me. Oh Man! Damn I love to do that all the time now! In that position it kind of makes your ass hole pulled tight, so his dick going up in there even feels bigger that way. He bit my ass. He got his face right up, real close to by hole by pulling my ass cheeks apart, and he actually bit my ass hole with his teeth! Man! --That's another thing I love now, too!"

"Hey Dougie, did you put his dick in your mouth that night?"

"No I did not that night. But it only took me one more session with him for me to be telling him that I wanted to see how much of his dick I could get in my mouth. Not very much the first time I tried it. I keep practicing, and I'm getting better each time, but I still have a log way to go to get his whole dick in my mouth without gagging on it and feeling like I am going to heave. That first night though, he sure showed me how to give my dick to his mouth. I think he had my dick in his mouth for more than half an hour steady! He sucked on it, he chewed on it, and he took my load, too. I don't think he would have let it out of his mouth until I shot in him. I still kind of think that was his way of kind of telling me

'thank you', for me giving my virgin ass to him. He really liked it. He really got his jollies playing in it."

"Dougie, did he cum?"

"Oh yea! Forgot to tell you, he came! Boy did he cum! Shit man!

I asked him later how many months he had been saving that cum up for. He was in my ass when he came. I felt that all the way through me. It was really warm. I could definitely tell when he started and I could also tell when he got done. After we got done playing, I asked him if I should go to the bathroom and see if I could get rid of it, and he told me, "no". You keep that icing up in there as long as you can. That was a present from me to you, and I want you to keep that up there as long as possible. Actually I did want to try and dump it, only because I wanted to see how much there was. It felt like a whole milk jug full of juice went up in me. I don't know, maybe I still have some of it left up in me yet today!"

"Clark-for as damn scared as I was, and how I really did want to get away if I could, I am so damn glad now that Daddy is the cop that came to the house that night. He sure changed my life, and I do mean to the good. Clark, it's getting close to the time for him to show up. Are you going to stay, or do you want to go. Whatever you decide, is OK with me.

It will not hurt our friendship any at all, if you want to get out of here.

I'm the one that really went out on the bridge not knowing for sure just how you would take this, but you have been really great about it. Now you decide. It's up to you!"

"Hey Dougie. There is only one way that I will stay. There is something that you have to do for me, and if you will do that, then I will stay."

"Yea, Clark, what is it. What do I need to do for you. What can I do?"

"You find me a pair of sexy shorts to wear, like you have on. I'll be damned if I am going to let you parade your tight ass around here and keep looking so damn much more sexy than me, if I'm supposed to get this big strong cop man anxious for my ass too. Yea---this will be a first for me, but I've got you and I trust that what you told me is the truth. So go find me some sexy shorts too, and let's hurry, I hear a car coming in the drive."


Wade Wright

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