Without knocking, Officer Meyer,--"Daddy" came in fully attired in his officer's uniform.

"Hi, Babe!" He said to Dougie as he gave him a very strong hug and rubbed the top of Dougie's head to the point that made it move in circles.

"Hey, Babe, who's car is that outside in the drive?"

"I have a little surprise for you tonight, Daddy! You know how you mentioned the other day about how you thought it would be fun to have two of us guys taking care of you, and you taking care of us? Well I've added a new one to your stable. He's going to be just like I was, all really new to this game, and probably scared shitless when he sees your dick for the first time, but he is willing. He's in the bedroom right now putting on some shorts. He did not know this was happening when he came over here tonight!"

Dougie told Daddy about his conversation with Clark, and how Clark had agreed to stay and do some playing.

"Shit man! When I finally found you, I guess I really found myself a winner.' Daddy said to Dougie. "Usually guys,-- well anyway the ones that I have known in the past, were never very willing to get another guy involved in the action. I kind of think they were all a little too greedy to want anybody else involved. But, I like the idea of three of us. How is this guy built? Is he kind of hot?"

"Hey, Daddy, he sure isn't built like you are, and he's a white guy, but yea, I think his body is pretty well put together. Hey, got to remember, I will be part of the three way too, so I'm sure not going to be bringing in some undesirable guy, am I?"

"Well, you sure are right, there." Daddy answered.

Just as Daddy was speaking, Clark entered the room from the hallway. He took one look at Daddy and dropped his jaw!.

"Oh man! Oh man!" Clark exclaimed as he looked up and down the statue of Daddy. "Oh shit man! Hi, I'm Clark!" He said to Daddy as he reached out his hand to shake hands. Then looking toward Dougie, he continued, "Oh man, Oh Dougie. This is way too hot for me! I did not expect this! Is this really the guy that you told me about? Is this really Officer Meyer?"

"Yes, Clark, it is." Dougie reassured Clark. "This is the man that I told you had asked me to find him another guy. Well, actually, I do have to be a little more truthful right here. He really did not ask me to find another guy, but he did tell me how much fun he thought it would be to have another guy, so you are really kind of a surprise to him. Is that OK with you, Clark?"

"Oh shit yes, it is! As long as he says I'm OK for him, he sure is OK for me. Damn man! Dougie, have you told him that I have never played with another guy yet? Oh God, Dougie! You have told him that I have never been fucked before haven't you?"

"Oh yea, Clark, I have. And from the smile he got on his face when I told him that, I do kind of think he really likes the idea of you being a new, unused, boy meat, that he can roast to his liking."

"Right Daddy?" Dougie asked as he turned and looked at Daddy.

"Yea you are so damn right Babe! I remember that first night I had with you, and how I had to teach you what body parts, were for what use, and I am really anxious to do that again tonight with this new young calf.

There is never anything better than a nice new virgin ass to open up!"

"What am I supposed to call you sir?" Clark asked as he looked up into the face of Officer Meyer.

"I think you should call me "Daddy" as my number one boy does. And I am going to be calling you,-- Clarkie! OK?"

"Yes sir! I mean, Yes, Daddy!" Clark responded.

"Daddy" Dougie said as he turned and reached for the inside of Daddy's tight uniform covered inner upper thigh. "How late are you going to be able to stay tonight? How much time have we got?"

"Honey Babe, you keep rubbing your hand all up and down the inside of my leg like that, and I may never leave here,-- ever! You know damn well these pants don't hold my hard-on very well, and with you doing that to me, I'm about ready to split a tear right out the front of the crotch of these pants! You gave me a surprise with having Clarkie here tonight, and ----well I have a surprise too, Maggie is at her Mom's house for the next three days, so I don't need to go home at all tonight, unless you throw me out!"

"Shit no! Hell no, Daddy! There ain't no way in hell that I would throw you out! Damn, that is a good surprise! Clark, how long can you stay?"

"Well, I can't stay all night, but I can stay until probably about midnight! I've just got to get home though so that I can get to work on time in the morning."

"Daddy, should I call in for a personal day off tomorrow, or what time are you going to need to be leaving tomorrow?" Dougie asked, with somewhat of a frown on his face as he said the words, 'need to be leaving tomorrow'.

"No, you go to work. I'll need to be out of here by about 8 in the morning anyway. I've got to report in at about 8:30, but that is why I wore my uniform tonight, so I did not need to go home in the morning to get it. I did not know that you would be giving me a new boy tonight to take it off of me, though. This is working out pretty well for not being planned. I do assume, you want to take my uniform off of me, like Dougie did the first night, right?" Daddy asked as he turned and looked at Clark.

Clark was standing there admiring the entire sight of Daddy and the sight of Dougie rubbing the inside of Daddy's leg.

"Oh yes Sir! If I may please! I mean, Daddy, if I may please.

Sir, I mean Daddy, I have never played with a guy before, so you may have to tell me some whats and hows. You tell me what I should be doing, OK?"

"Yea OK! I will. Hey Clarkie, I kind of think you find it more natural to call me Sir, than Daddy, so let's have you call me Sir! Dougie will call me Daddy, and you call me Sir! OK?"

"Oh yes Sir!" Clark answered. "Sir, yes, I like that better if I may, Sir!" Then looking at Dougie, he continued.

"Oh Dougie. I never imagined that I would be acting so damn stupid over some guy, but shit man, my whole life is changing all of a sudden. I can tell from the way I am acting and feeling right now, that I guess I should have been looking at guys a lot sooner than this. Dougie, I am so damn thankful that you got me involved in this tonight! Hey, men, I have to be real honest and just tell both of you right now, that I am feeling really, really different than I ever have before, and I guess the best way of trying to explain what in the hell I am running off of the mouth about is---I guess this is what they call being real, real horny. I thought I had felt horny and wanting sex before, but man, I'm feeling stuff tonight that I have never felt before. I'm sorry guys, I know I'm sounding stupid, but right now, I know I'm feeling like I've really got to be doing something really sexy, like grabbing ahold of both of you guys. Can I do that? Oh man! I never knew I'd be wanting to grab a man before! Guys, I'm getting really anxious to do something! Anything man, but I just need to be touching both of you!"

As Clark reached over toward the tall muscular statue of the black officer, his hand immediately reached down toward and under the tight, form fitting, crotch of his uniform. He looked down watching where he was placing his hand, shaking with nervousness and breathing heavily. He grabbed Officer Meyer's basket and slightly squeezed on it. Looking up toward the officer and Dougie, he said, "Oh God man! I can't believe what I am doing! I never knew I needed to do this to a guy before! Oh Sir!

Sir, is this really OK that I am feeling you like this? Can I really do this? Oh man! I can't believe I'm grabbing a cop's crotch like this! Oh man! This feels so damn good! God man! I never thought I'd ever be doing this! Oh Sir. Really is it OK that I do this to you?"

"Yes, Clarkie boy, you are OK." Officer Meyer replied. Then turning toward Dougie, continued, "You know Dougie. I kind of think maybe you had this young man figured out pretty squarely. I guess you knew better than he did of how much he needed to get introduced to some man-to-man activity. I kind of think he is getting real anxious to maybe get ahold of me, or both of us, without any clothes on. The way he is going at my crotch right now is really starting to get me all turned on, and hot and heavy. I sure did not expect to be given the chance to take care of a virgin boy tonight, but man, I guess it is about school time, don't you think?"

"Yea Daddy, I do too! He is getting really anxious! He is acting like he is just about ready to climb into those uniform pants with you, and I know damn well that is not going to work. Shit man, there is hardly enough room for all of you in there, let alone any part of him. Say, what do you think about maybe you two going on back to the bedroom, and let him play with you and get a chance to rub his hands and his body all along that tight uniform like I did the first night I was with you. I can tell by just watching him right now, that he wants to feel all of you through those pants. I sure remember the first time I got to do it, and I know damn well he is really ready for his turn. You guys head back there and I am going to get us something ready to drink."

"Yea, please! Yea-may I please do that Sir?" Clark rather pleaded.

"Please Sir, Oh Sir, your body is so fucking hot looking, may I please, please get to rub you all over and get to feel what that tight uniform on you really feels like?"

"Yea Clarkie boy. You can do that! I want to feel you putting your face right up in my crotch and chewing on my meat. Yea, Dougie, we are going on in the bedroom, you get us something to drink and come join us, OK?"

The large structured Office Meyer towered over Clark by about 8 inches in height. The contrast of the mahogany skin to the white skin, the strong muscular structure compared to the more normal structure of Clark's, the comparison of Officer Meyer's 220 pounds to Clark's 155 or 160 pounds made for a very interesting sight. With just one movement, the large built black Officer Meyer could have whipped the much smaller Clark in to a completely controlled frinzie if he had so wished. The big black man was the object of attention and was the person getting all of the "feeling"

done to him by the much smaller guy. For the sake of normal control, it appeared that the tables had been turned. From an outside perspective, it appeared that the smaller person had gained total control. He really did not. The muscular structured officer was allowing him to have his fun, and Officer Meyer knew that at any moment he so chose, he could force the smaller, younger, inexperienced man into total submission.

Clark actually climbed all over the policeman's body. His hands were moving in all directions, and his face was caressing the officer's entire body, including up and under the crotch and pushing full force on to the tight muscled ass of the still fully clothed police officer.

As Clark rather pulled himself back to the front side of Officer Meyer, he paused from his actions, looked up at him, and asked. "Sir, has any guy out on the street ever started a physical fight with you just so he would have an excuse to feel you and your body in this uniforms? Like, maybe some guy that just had to feel you, but just could not admit it enough to tell you? So, anyway he kind of does something stupid just so you two had to kind of wrestle around together some?"

As Dougie came in the room with the drinks, he heard Clark's question. "Hey, that's an interesting question. Daddy, has that ever happened before? I mean, yea--I can imagine some guy doing that, but I never though about it before. Has that ever happened?"

"Oh yea!" Daddy responded. "It happens to us all of the time. It happens to me a lot, and I know for damn sure it happens to some of the other officers too. A couple have admitted it to me, and I know of some more that just don't talk about it. For me, the last time was about a month ago. Oh----hey---Dougie, interesting! Now that I happen to think about it,---that's why you and I met!"

"What? What are you saying? What do you mean?" Dougie asked with a very confused look on his face.

"The night that I took you home with me, well that kind of happened all because of a guy I pulled over that night for drunken driving."

"What?" Dougie asked again, very confused!

"I was patrolling along Sky Drive when I pulled over this hunky college aged kid that was driving kind of crazy. While I had him stopped and was talking to him, Officer Jenkins stopped behind us, as we often will, just to check stuff out and make sure the other officer is OK, and does not need any help. Well, while I was taking care of this college kid, he made a real funny move as if he was trying to grab for something that was falling out of my hand, and when he did he acted like he fell toward me. For some funny reason, his hand landed right on my crotch, and then his face fell right there too. I felt his hand squeeze my bag of balls.

Officer Jenkins was on the other side of the car and did not see exactly what had happened, so he did not know the kid was really a little more put together, than what it looked like. I of course grabbed for him. At that time I was not too sure, just exactly what was happening. As I grabbed his arm to pull him up, I felt him grabbing my leg and I felt him rubbing his hand, all the way up, along the inside of my leg. As I pulled him up, his hand strongly rubbed and kind of grabbed my crotch. Well,--- stupid him, there was another officer right there, and I had to follow proper procedure and take him in for drunken driving. We both played along for Officer Jenkins sake like he had actually fallen. I knew what was happening, and the kid knew damn well that I knew what he had done. If Officer Jenkins had not been there, that kid is the one that would have gotten the fucking that night. But, since I had to take him in to the tank, I was all horny and ready, so that is why I ended up getting you that night. And, I'm real sure right now, that I am real glad that college guy had to spend the night in the tank. If I'd had taken him home instead of you, then we would have never met, and I know you are a hell of a lot more fun to play with than some college age kid, that is not even smart enough to keep his hands off of an officer when there is another officer standing right there. Yea--for a one niter, --sure I would have screwed the hell out of that guy, and punched his ass good and strong, that night,---if Officer Jenkins had not been there. But I like the way things turned out."

"Shit man! Damn I'm glad he screwed up that night! So he is the reason you got all gay horny that night?" Dougie asked.

"Yea, before that happened, I had not even thought about trying to get any ass that night. But after getting groped like I did, that got me all turned on, and I was damn glad to get a call to report to a domestic disturbance call, later that shift. Hell, I prayed all the way to your house that the guy involved would be some good looking, tight assed, rather well built, guy that I could kind of rape, and not some damn slob of a guy that I would not even want in my car long enough to take in."

"Have you ever wonder about that college kid after that?" Dougie asked.

"Oh yea! I, of course, did keep his address and his phone number!

Hell, especially since I was not so sure that things would work out later in the night for me. I kind of figured that if I did not get any sex that night, then maybe I would "just happen" to stop by that guy's place to question him about something. I never have, but I do keep my eyes open for his car. If that stupid little horny college kid makes one swerve on the road, his ass is mine! I'll have him in the back of that police cruiser so damn fast he will never know what hit him! He does have a good looking ass. Course, never been in it--yet---but nice full round type of an ass!"

"Hey, Daddy." Dougie said as he rubbed his Daddy's neck back.

"You've still got that guy's phone number, right? Maybe, just maybe, I ought to accidentally find it laying on my dresser some night and give that guy a call and see what I can get set up. What do you think, Daddy?"

"Well what I think is, that is some good thinking man! You give him a call and see if you can get him to stop by here, just before I just happen to accidentally stop by myself. Dougie, I'm sure you would like to play with that ass. It's hot. Let's see what we can do along that line.

Sounds good to me! I've been anxious to get ahold of that bubble butt ever since that night. Now I'm getting really anxious."

Clark was continuing to rub the inside of Officer Meyer's legs as he listened to the story of the college kind, and then asked. "Sir! I was kind of imagining that I was that college kid, as you were tell us that. I liked the way it made me feel! Were there any other times when some guy did something like that, just so he could feel you?"

"Oh yea! There have been plenty of them. Once in awhile I just kind of wonder just how damn stupid and dumb a guy can be when he knows damn well he is not the one in control. Some, of course the stupid ones, have been thrown in the slammer just because of their stupid, grabbing moves. One guy actually reached right out of his car window and grabbed my crotch one day. Hey, don't get me wrong, I like it when it's a good looking hunky guy that does that, but this guy was ugly! Ugly as hell!

Stupid move! Hell, at first all he was doing was getting a warning for speeding. Hell, by the time he got done, I had him in jail for assaulting a police officer. When you are ugly, probably not well hung, you stink, and you act really stupid, don't grab a cop!"

"Shit no!" Exclaimed both Clark and Dougie.

"Oh, hey guys! Got to tell you about the time that Officer Dickie and I kind of set this one guy up. Well, really did not set him up, but sure did not stop him from making a move. See, we have this openly gay officer, Officer Adkins. We call him Officer Dickie, though. Really his first name does happen to be Richard, so we can get away with it, and besides, I kind of think he is the one that started it. Anyway! We were on patrol together one night! Dickie knows I am married, but he also knows that a straight guy will go for a blow job anytime he can get it. So, anyway, we are on late night patrol. We're driving down Bellem Road. It's dark out and we see this really well built guy that just has on a T-shirt and some sexy short shorts go into an alley. We both said to the other guy, 'Well, sure wonder about this!' We circled the block and entered the alley from the other direction. Our head lights shinned right on the guy.

Dickie was driving. He pulled up close to the guy, and got out of the car.

I stayed inside. Because of the headlights shinning on him, the guy could not tell there were two of us. That's why I stayed in the car. We wanted to see if there was any problems before we totally confronted him. Dickie walked up to him, and started talking to him. My side window was down so I could hear them. Dickie just started asking him some general questions about what he was up to, where he was headed for and that kind of small talk stuff. Dickie finally got around to actually asking him if he was on the way home from the bath house that was over about two blocks away. The guy had been standing there, obviously, completely checking Dickie out and at the same time rubbing his own biceps and once in awhile rubbing his own crotch. When Dickie asked him about his, 'maybe coming from the bath house', that is when the guy really started to act like he was getting all excited. He obviously thought it was just he and Officer Dickie, there in the alley. Dickie knew what was about to happen, or anyway so he was hopeing. He reached down and just slightly touched his own crotch. That's when the guy asked Dickie why he knew there was a bath house in the neighborhood and Dickie just said, 'Oh, I'm a cop in the area, I kind of know what is going on around here, and I kind of think maybe you are one of the things that is going on."

"The alley guy replied back. Hey! Hey, you're the gay cop, right?

You're the gay cop that I hear is around here. Aren't you? I've never felt a cop before, and I really want to see what that tight uniform feels like on your legs. And with that, the guy then just reached out, put his hand down by Dickie's knee and slid his hand up to, and grabbed ahold of Dickie's crotch. The guy just kind of said, 'Yea, I am the what's going on'. Officer Dickie looked at him and said. 'You have ahold of a policeman's crotch and his dick, ---you do realize that, right?' The guy looked at him and smiled. Then he said, 'Yea, but I know you are the only gay cop I've ever met, and I know you do want me, don't you? You want some sex with me don't you officer?' That's when I got out of the cruiser. And that is when that guy almost fainted. He really did think it was just him and Officer Dickie in that dark alley. He let loose of Dickie's crotch real fast. He jumped back away from Dickie."

"I got out of the car and said, 'Officer Adkins, is there a problem out here?' He replied, 'Officer Meyer, I don't really know just yet.

Seems like this guy likes to grab ahold of stuff that is not his! I'm just not too sure of exactly what he has in mind, but I do know one thing!

Assaulting an officer, will certainly give us the reason to put him in the slammer where he can have all of the gay sex with any number of guys that he wants. Of course they may not be the guys that he wants, but hey-if they want him-so be it!"

"I looked at Officer Adkins and asked. 'Officer Adkins, are you sure that is what needs to happen? Is this guy married, does he have a wife, is he gay, does he have a boyfriend, what's this guy's deal?"

"Officer Adkins looked at me and said, "Hell, I don't know. All I know is that he wants to feel some tight fitting officer uniforms, and other than that, I don't know anything about him. What do you have in mind?"

"With the alley guy standing there is complete panic and fear, I then looked him over and made a comment about him not having too much clothing on for such a cool night. I mentioned that he must be out showing off his hot body and trying to find somebody to help him keep it warm. I then asked the guy if he was a hustler and was out on the streets looking for business. The guy quickly told me, 'No'. He had been to a friend's house earlier, and it was warmer out when he went over there. I asked him if it was a guy's house or a gal's house. He told me it was his girlfriend's house."

"Oh, new twist, I figured. I looked at the guy and asked, 'Oh, so the idea of you going into the slammer because you groped a cop, would kind of really screw up that relationship, right? Is she just a girl friend, or a real close girlfriend? Is she the kind of a girlfriend that knows he likes to play with guys and grab their crotches?"

"He told me it was his fiancee. They were to be married in about two months. 'Oh shit! I told him. This situation is really going to mess that all up, isn't it?"

"The guy got really, really scared and started shaking. I told him, I think you need to get in out of this weather. You don't have enough clothes on to stay warm. And with that, I took him by the arm and headed for the cruiser. I put him in the back seat and then quietly turned to Dickie."

"OK man, here is what we do. I know you want a blow job, and you know me well enough to know I never turn anything sexual down, whenever it's available. Right?"

"Dickie looked at me and said, Right!"

"OK then. I don't want this guy's life and his marriage all screwed up. He goofed, and we both know we could throw him in the slammer, but I really don't want to. Let's take him somewhere and see just how much gay sex experience he has had. OK?"

"Yea, OK, if that is what you want and you think we can get away with it!"

"Yea, Dickie, that is what I want, and yea, we can get away with it. And I know that is what you want too! Let's go back to the cruiser and we will let him decide just how badly he wants to feel the fabric of our uniforms, or whatever is in them, --since that seems to be what started this whole thing. OK?"

"We went back to the cruiser and got in the front seat. I opened the security window between the front and back seats and asked the guy, just how badly was he anxious to feel some fabric. I told him that we knew of a small apartment in the area that some guys use when they need a private conversation place. Nobody ever goes there at night, and we could go there for a little while, and he could show us a good time, in exchange for him getting some "fabric feeling" and some "skin feeling", or we could just take the official roll and charge him with assault of an officer. He quickly decided on the visit to the apartment. And he did not act like it was too big of a decision for him to make! He had a big smile on his face when he agreed to go to the apartment!"

"God man." Dougie said. "That sounds a whole lot like the same way you got me to your house."

"Yea, kind of!" Officer Meyer replied. "Only one big difference though. With you, it was go all the way. Do everything, and enjoy it all!

Which included getting your tight little ass opened up far enough for me to get my big, black, stiff, juicy cum, rod up in there. With this guy, --and of course with Officer Adkins not really knowing that I like to do good strong gay sex, all the way, and any way, all I could act like that night, was that all I wanted, was to get my dick sucked on. Now Officer Adkins and the alley guy! Different story! Way different! That marriage that guy told us about that was coming up in about two months?----- Never happened! He dumped the gal! Guess he kind of found something, or someone, that was a little more exciting to him, than she was. He and Officer Adkins have now been together for a little more than three years, now! Yea--lovers! And damn happy lovers! I've always felt kind of proud of that relationship. I feel like maybe I was kind of the cupid of that get-together. I could have really screwed that all up, that night, if I had been some square old cop that did not look for the fun side of life! I got a good blow job, ---oh yea----he knew how to give a good deep throat blow job, obviously not his first! And in addition to a lot of other good gay sex activities, Officer Dickie got himself a good looking, sexy, active partner. Some patrol nights just seem to work out better than others. The three of us, privately, kind of look back on that night with a lot of delight, but of course never let anybody else in the department know how they first met. Man, if the department just knew how many more guys I could have brought in and booked for some stupid action, but didn't, they'd be surprised. Hey, my attitude is, if he's hot looking, acting like he wants some action, then why book him? Use him!"

"Well, Daddy sir!" Dougie responded. "I'd like to think that I was kind of hot looking to you, but I really do not think, that I was acting in anyway, like I was looking for some action the night you took me home. Shit man, I was scared to death!"

"No baby, you were a little different! Yea---you were hot looking, as you still are, but more than that, you just came across to me as being

"the man" that I could really take complete control over and get what I wanted, and just know, for some reason, that you would be so glad later, that I did! I kind of think your GayDar was turned on and showing, that night! And besides man, I was really damn gay horny that night, remember that! I had a boner that was in real need. Especially after getting groped by that college kid. He got my gay blood flowing. I really needed a good, young, tight, guy's ass. You, young stud, just happened to be the right hunk of ass, in the right place at the right time! And even though at the time, you really didn't think you wanted it, you got my dick, and now you love it! Admit it man. You are a true "bigrod" lover."

"I am Daddy! I am! I admit it! It sure don't take any urging to get me to admit that now. I am now a believer! And before this night is over, I'm sure Clark is going to be saying the same thing. Let's get him in that bed and get him all greased up and let him find out just how great it is to feel something that big, that strong, and that stiff, going right up into his ass. Clark, are you ready?"


Wade Wright

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