This was the worst damn day of his life, and he damn well knew it!

Dougie had just experienced the shitiest damn day at the office, --that any person could imagine.

The boss had blamed him for a major screw up, that was nowhere close to being his fault. Especially,--- since he was not even involved in that transaction.

One of his own customers called him, and cussed him out for 10 minutes, because his order had arrived at 2:00 in the afternoon instead of at 9:00 in the morning.

When he left the office, Dougie had serious concerns about if he even wanted to go back, the next day.

Then, the shit really hit the fan! He got home and found his live-in girl-friend, Sharon, fucking with some guy, that they had met at the Railside Bar just two weeks earlier.

Dougie had walked in and found them in bed together! His bed, his house, and his girl!

After all of the throwing stuff and the screaming and yelling that went on, Sharon managed to call the police and lie enough to get Dougie thrown out of the house for the night. Her story; --she did nothing, but Dougie had gotten mad at her and started a fight. No mention to the cop about the stop-by, fuck me crazy and then leave, bed partner that she had there earlier!

"But sir!" Dougie tried to tell the officer. "This is my house and she had another guy in there, in bed, fucking, when I got home."

"Doug" The officer replied. "I have no proof that any other guy was here, and your gal insists that there was no reason for you to get mad and start throwing things at her. Here's what I can do. I can either arrest you for domestic disturbance and put you in the slammer for a night, or let you off the easy way, and just take you away from here, and make sure you don't come back here tonight. What do you want, Doug?"

Dougie was very confused. Arrest me and throw me in the slammer,-----or get me out of here and make sure I don't come back? What's the difference?

"Well Sir." Doug told the officer. "I really don't completely understand what you mean by.-- get me out of here and make sure I don't come back here tonight, --but I sure as the hell know I don't want to go to the slammer tonight, so I will go for the --'get me out of here'. You obviously have control here, and I will have to do whatever you say."

"Now that is by far the smartest thing you have said yet tonight!'

The officer told Dougie. He continued, "Go get in the back seat of my cruiser. I'll be right there. Get in there and stay in there."

The officer, a black man, about 6' 2", about age 40, and maybe about 210 pounds of what looked like solid, former football player muscles, went back in the house for a few minutes, to talk to Dougie's girl.

Dougie watched him go up the steps of the house and did have the mental occasion to notice that, once again, here is another one of those cops that wears his uniform pants so damn tight, that Dougie wondered just how in the hell he can keep them from ripping open whenever he even slightly moves. Dougie had noticed this before with many other officers, but never had he, personally, been involved, in any way, with any of these

'tight, form fitting, pants', officers. That was until now! Now he was much closer, and the fabric concern seemed even that much more significant.

As the officer came back out, down the steps and down the walkway, Dougie once again noticed that the front of those tight, form fitting, officer uniform pants were as tight as the ass. Whenever he wondered,----

'Just how in the world do they ever attempt to hide it, if they get a hard-on with those pants on?' --- Dougie never even pondered the thought, that he was actually thinking about some other guy's dick. Every time he had ever noticed those tight form fitting pants, it meant nothing to him, --other than the big question of why that fabric never tears. It is pulled so damn tight!

The officer opened the door of his cruiser and got in. "I'm Officer Meyer, as you already know. You want to stay out of the slammer tonight, right? You agree that letting me get you away from here, and making sure you don't come back here tonight is the better choice, right?"

"Well, yes. I guess, anyway. I'm still a little confused, but I sure know I don't want a citation and I sure don't want to spend the night in the slammer. So,-- I guess so, Sir."

"OK!" The officer replied. "Remember, you are now in the back of a locked police cruiser. Right?"

"Yea." Dougie answered. "I know that, but what about it?"

"OK then,---- 'Boy', as I will be calling you from this time on.

My wife is out of town tonight and I need to get my rocks off. You are my ass for the night, Boy. And just remember, before you say anything, it's either you let me get in your ass, or I take you in, file domestic dispute charges against you, throw you in the slammer and then let the street bums that are in there take your ass. Understand, Boy?"

Shaking like a leaf in the wind, and starting to sweat like a whore, Dougie decided that when he thought earlier, 'that this has been the worst day of my life and nothing else could make it any worse', he was dead wrong. And right now he was about to wish he was dead.

"Sir!" Dougie started to plead. "Sir! Officer Meyer. I---"

At that point Officer Meyer cut him off and told him, "Oh, hey Boy!

Just so that we can feel closer to each other,-- you start calling me Daddy now. Dump that officer stuff. I think Daddy is a lot more meaningful, especially since you are 'Boy'. Got it, Boy?"

"Yea Sir--I mean Daddy. Uh Daddy----Daddy I've never had sex with a guy before. I'm not gay! Daddy, I don't think I would do stuff right for you. Daddy,--really, I've never done anything like that before.

Daddy, you are really a big black man, and I have always been told that you guys have really big dicks. Daddy, you are not really going to try and fuck my ass are you?"

Almost with tears in his eyes, Dougie continued. "Daddy, please tell me this is a funny joke. Please, Daddy. Please tell me. I really don't think I can get any guy's dick up in my ass, especially a black man's big, thick heavy dick."

As Officer Meyer pulled onto Main Street he radioed into the office and reported off duty for the night.

"OK Boy! I am now off duty, and the only thing necessary yet tonight is to get in your ass, get my rocks off and then get a good night's sleep. Let's head for the house."

As they drove into the drive of his house, Officer Meyer asked Dougie. "OK Boy. Have you calmed yourself down and accepted the fact that tonight you are going to have some of the best fun with a big dick, possible? And maybe with a bigger dick than you have ever thought about having fun with, or do I need to use my handcuffs on you so that I can keep you under control?"

"Daddy" Dougie continued to plead. "Daddy I've never dreamt of playing with a big dick, because I'm not a gay guy. Daddy, please I don't think this is going to work at all. Really Sir, -- I mean Daddy. Daddy my ass has never had anything pushed up in it. You will rip me all apart!"

"Well, I guess you have not quite gotten yourself all calmed down yet, so I will be using the cuffs until you can admit that you are having some good fun, and you don't plan on running out on me. Boy, you have to realize that you are under the control of a policeman, and the policeman will have his way! OK?"

Officer Meyer opened the rear door of the cruiser and did put the cuffs on Dougie before he let him out of the car.

Officer Meyer led Dougie into the house, down the hall and proceeded to hand cuff him to the iron bed foot.

"OK, that should hold you while I get ready." Officer Meyer told Dougie.

"What are you going to do?" Dougie asked.

"Oh, nothing too important. Just get myself something to eat, and something for you too, if you want to eat. Then, get you all stripped down and good and naked, like I like all my boys to be. And then after I strip myself down, get some good old grease all over my little dick so that I can push it up in you, real easy like! That all OK with you,-- Boy?"

"Uh, yea." Dougie answered, although that really was not the way he was feeling.

Officer Meyer went to the kitchen and Dougie could hear him getting something ready to eat.

While Officer Meyer was out of the bedroom, Dougie started to really analyze his situation.

'Number one, I'm stuck here. I can't get out.'

'Number two, he is going to fuck my ass. I can't change that.'

'Number three,-- better him up in my ass, if I can take it, than the street guys down in the slammer.'

'Number four,-- I've thought about this before, and I do remember that when I did, it got me pretty excited. And, lately, when I've thought about trying to get it to happen, I still get kind of excited about it. I think maybe I need to talk to him.'

Officer Meyer returned to the bedroom, carrying a plate with a sandwich and some potato chips on it.

"Hey, Boy! Do you want something to eat, or are you going to wait until you get out of here tomorrow?"

"Yes, I need something to eat. And Sir, er--I mean Daddy, I really need to take a piss too. Can I go take a piss? I promise that I will not try and run when I go to take a piss. You can stand there and watch me pee if you want to. That way you will know where I am, OK?"

"Well, Boy. If I can stand there and watch you take a piss, I guess you must really have to go. I'm going to leave those cuffs on one wrist though, so that if you try anything, I can just report you as an escapee, and let the entire force look for you. OK, understand?"

"Yea. I do, and you will not have any problem with me. I really do need to go pee, though."

After they got into the bathroom, Dougie unzipped his trousers, and pulled out his dick. Officer Meyer exclaimed. "Shit man! Hey, you are really hung for a white guy aren't you? How long is that stick?"

"Uh, Daddy, I don't know. I've never measured it."

"Shit man, for a 'little' white boy, you really are built more like a black man. Big dick, good and thick too! Broad shoulders and a cute tiny little tight ass. How old are you, Boy?"

"I'm 26."

"How tall are you?"

"I'm 5'11"

"Oh, yea! The typical white guy! Knows how tall he is, but no idea of how long his dick is! You white guys sure do have your priorities all goofed up, man!"

As the two were returning to the bedroom, Dougie told Officer Meyer, "Uh,-- Daddy. I've kind of thought things over. I know you are going to fuck my ass. I know I can't stop that! I know that is better than having the street guys down at the slammer doing it, and I have wondered before what it would be like to get my ass fucked. I just never had the nerve to get it done. When I told you earlier at the house that I knew you had complete control, and that I will have to do whatever you say, I didn't realize then, that it meant this much control. But, now that you do have complete control over me, and I do realize that, and I know I can't back out, I've decided that you can do whatever you want, but, please, just don't hurt me any. OK?"

"Well, my Boy. All of a sudden you have become a full grown, smart, man! Welcome to the world of reality! No, I will not hurt you.

When I push my cock up in you the first time, you will feel it, but if it hurts any, that will only be for a few seconds. Then your ass is going to feel so damn good, that you will wish you had been getting fucked back there for years."

"Your ass is not going to get ripped open! Your ass hole is a whole lot more flexible than that!"

"Uh,--Daddy. Since I've agreed to let you play with my butt, and not make trouble for you, can I ask for something?"

"Yes, Boy. What is it?"

"Daddy, I want to undress you out of your uniform. OK? I want to feel those pants on you before you take them off. I want to rub my hands up and down your legs. I want to do what I know a whole lot of guys, oh yea, and gals too, always want to do, ----and that is play with your legs while you have those really, really tight form fitting pants on. Now that I have accepted what is happening tonight, I'm getting really excited about it, and I want to put my hand on your crotch too. I want to rub all over you!"

"I am here for you to have fun with, Boy! Rub away. Put your mouth down there on that crotch, if you want to. Rub and lick my legs, Boy! Rub my butt, Boy. Push your face up in my ass, Boy. Hey, Boy, you've got yourself a, 'true to life', tight form fitting pants, uniformed police officer that is letting you use him. Go to it, Boy! Feel me up boy! Rub away! Get your fill of feeling some really tight pants on a police officer! Rub your hand down under my crotch, back to my ass and find out just how tight they grab my crotch and my ass, boy!"

Dougie grabbed Officer Meyer and was rubbing his face in every place that he could get it. His hands kept going up and down the inside and the outside of those skin tight police officer pants, and up along the crack of his ass. He was definitely grabbing the officer's basket area, and, as tightly as he could. He could feel the officer's big, huge cock, all folded and tucked inside of those tight pants. As Dougie felt the size of that cock, still hidden inside of those pants, be started to sweat realizing that he had agreed to let Officer Meyer fuck his ass with that dick. Dougie thought, Oh God! I've always heard that a black man's dick is usually bigger than a white guy's, but oh shit, man, that one feels too big! That one's going to go up in my ass!

As Dougie was rubbing Officer Meyer's legs, his ass, and his crotch, Dougie simply knew he was getting to do something right then that a million other people would love to be doing. He was enjoying every minute of it! He was rubbing that tight pair of form fitting pants with both hands,---and his lips, as rapidly and as forcefully as he could!

After playing with his fully clothed officer for probably 20 to 25 minutes, Dougie started taking the uniform off of Office Meyer. Each piece, of clothing and equipment removed, was a trophy to Dougie. Dougie finally had his Daddy officer completely, stark, naked. The big strong, muscular, extremely well hung police officer was now standing there showing his entire, beautifully naked, body to his sexmate of the night!

"Shit man!" Dougie said when he got the first look at officer Meyer's big stick of meat. "Oh Shit, man! Oh God Daddy! I said that I was going to let you fuck me? Oh shit man! I goofed. Oh God, I won't have any ass left after that thing goes up in me! I didn't really tell you that I would let you fuck me, did I?"

"Oh yes, dear Boy! You did say that! Lay yourself down there on the bed, and get real comfortable. Tonight, I'm going to let you know what you could have been getting for quite awhile now, if only you and your gal would have had a fight earlier."

Office Meyer, gently laid himself down on top of Dougie. Dougie could feel the enormity of that stiff 9 1/2, -10" thick, black steel rod laying across his ass crack.

Dougie took about three deep breaths and seriously wondered, in his feeble little mind, if you had gone completely crazy telling Office Meyer that he was willing to take that dick up in his ass. He could feel that dick laying on his back, and it was just too damn big, for Dougie to be able, to feel comfortable, about getting it stuck up in his ass.

As Officer Meyer moved and rather rubbed their two bodies together, Dougie let out some serious moans that let 'the Daddy' know that his 'Boy'

was having some real fears about what was about to happen.

Daddy laid his head down beside Boy's head and quietly told him,

"Everything is going to be OK. I've got to lift myself up off of you so that I can get the head of my dick headed for your little white ass hole, and then I will be real slow and real careful in putting it in you. You and your ass are both going to be OK!"

"Boy tried to act calm and replied back, "OK Daddy. But Daddy I have to admit that I am really scared shitless right now. I saw that cock of yours and damn, I'm not so sure that is the size of dick that I should be starting with, back there. Oh, Daddy! Please, please, be gentle on me.

Please! Daddy, please remember I've never had anything put up in my ass.

Daddy, I've never even been fucked my some little white guy's dick. Daddy, I've just never had anything go in my ass! Daddy, please be careful on me!"

"Oh, I will Boy. I will! Lay still, Boy!"

With that statement, Daddy raised himself up high enough so that he could get his cock headed in the right direction, and he slowly started to lower himself down onto the butt end of Dougie.

The tip of the 'telephone pole', which was the only way Dougie could think of it, started into Dougie's ass. As the tip slid in, well, not really a slide, much more of a punch in, Dougie jumped and squirmed and moved under the body of Office Meyer.

Daddy reached over to the night stand and grabbed a small bottle from behind some books. After he had opened the bottle and removed the cap, he handed the bottle to Dougie.

"Here Boy. Take a couple whiffs of poppers. Breath in real deeply! Those will help you relax a little so you are not so afraid."

Dougie had never used poppers before, so Daddy showed him how to sniff them without dumping them all over the bed. Dougie took only a couple of whiffs and the sensation was immediate!

"Oh shit Daddy! Oh my God! Oh, my head is really spinning, and Oh gosh Daddy, all of a sudden my ass is feeling like it is real hungry. Oh God, Daddy! Is that what this stuff is supposed to do?"

Daddy started fucking Dougie. Daddy started getting Dougie's ass opened, started getting his cock up in Dougie's ass and started getting Dougie's ass, accepting the 'telephone pole', as Dougie had thought of it.

"Yea, Boy. You are alright. Those poppers hit your spot. Your ass is not near as nervous now, is it?"

"Oh God no, Daddy! Oh shit Daddy! My ass is really ready for your big long, fat, thick, cock now. Oh shit man! Oh, damn! Pleaseeee Daddy, ---start pushing your dick up in me. Oh man, give me all of it. Oh, Daddy, I had no idea that getting my ass rammed would feel anything like this! Oh, fuck me pleaseeee -- Sir! Yes, Yes, Yes! Oh, yes! Damn that feels so good!"

"You now have all of my dick up in your ass, Boy. Feels damn good doesn't it? See you simply do have to learn that once in awhile there is some new stuff that you can get stuck with, that will actually feel good.

Boy, tonight you have experienced just one of them!"

With much care and precision, Officer Meyer had broken in the virginity of Dougie's ass. Dougie was glad. He was damn glad! Hell, right now he was more than glad! Right now Dougie was glad that he and Sharon had, had that fight. Right now he was wishing he and Sharon had, had a fight much earlier! He realized that he could have been getting fucked like this for a long time now, if he had only known.

During the following hour and a half or two hours, Office Meyer taught Dougie just how good a really big, long, thick, fat, stiff dick can feel up in your ass, and especially when the owner of that dick knows what he is doing with it and how to use it!

After getting fucked to the point where Dougie finally had to ask if they could stop for the night, the two men cuddled and hugged, and softly discussed how Office Meyer would go over to Dougie's house, with him, the next day, and help get Sharon out of the house, and off of the property.

Dougie and Officer Meyer decided that it would be best if Sharon was no longer around. She was fucking whatever happened along. And, besides, -----since Officer Meyer's wife would be coming home the following day, he and Dougie would be needing the 'Boy's' house, for all of their planned, upcoming, ass fucking and cock sucking, sessions!


Wade Wright

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