When I arrived at the hospital Brad, Matt and dad were nowhere to be seen. A nurse came into my room and cleaned me up. A doctor came in and put a bandage across the bridge of my nose for support. Then I sat there in silence, for god knows how long. My mind was blank. I chose to think about random, insignificant things, such as the horrible paint colour, rather than what had happened. It was easier. My dad came in at about 9am, ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug. For the first time since I was with Dave, I felt safe.

'Thank god you're alright Cooper' dad said. He sat on the side of my bed.

'Don't worry about me. How is Brad? How is Matt? What happened?'

'Brad's in surgery now. He was stabbed three times, he lost a lot of blood, but doctors think he should pull through. If you didn't get there when you did and helped stopped the bleeding, I don't know if he'd be here right now. Matt is in a room just down the hall, he has a broken nose, a broken eye socket, multiple rib fractures, a broken wrist and the doctors suspect some internal bruising. He is awake, and told us what happened.'

'Far out. I can't believe it. What happened?' I replied. I kept getting flashes of the horrible sights of Matt in the hallway and Brad lying on his bed.

'Well this might come as a bit of a shock to you, but Brad is gay, and so is Matt. Matt told his dad he was staying the night at our house to study with Brad, and his dad dropped by because he left his maths textbook at home. Of course Brad left the door unlocked, as usual. Neither Brad or Matt heard the knock at the door, so Matt's dad let himself in when he realised it was open. He then discovered Brad and Matt having sex. He first attacked Brad, thinking that he was raping his son. When Matt tried to defend brad, he turned on his on son and bashed him. The police are out looking for him now.'

'Holy shit' I said. 'How could that bastard do that to his own son?'

'He is a monster' dad replied, shaking his head. 'I was shocked to find out about Brad, but there is no way that I'd ever intentionally harm him, let alone bash him to a pulp. I understand him to some degree for first attacking Brad, he thought he was defending his son. But you don't just go and stab someone. Did Brad ever tell you he was gay?'

I thought for a while before I answered him. I didn't know whether to come clean and tell him how I found out about Brad and Matt - maybe if I'd said something dad he would have stopped it and this would have never had happened. I just didn't know what to think. 'Brad never told me anything.' I answered. Which was true - he didn't tell me, I just found out by chance.

'I am totally shocked to tell you the truth. I'd have never picked him to be gay. He is a total jock.' Dad said

'Yeah, well the two aren't mutually exclusive you know' I said, defending Brad. It annoys me when people are stereotyped like that.

'I know that. But Brad? The girls are always chasing him. It'll take me a while to get use to. I just hope he pulls through the surgery ok, that's the main thing I guess.'

There was no way that I could tell my dad I was gay now, at least not just yet. I don't know how he'd cope finding out both his sons were gay. Especially not right after one of them had been brutally attacked for having sex with another guy.

'Well I'm going to get some coffee, want anything Cooper?' dad asked me 'They said Brad should be in surgery for about another hour or so'

'I'm fine thanks' I replied and dad left me to my thoughts again.


After the doctors had cleared me, dad and I went to see Matt while Brad was still in surgery.

'Hey guys' Matt said as we walked over towards his bedside. He tried to smile as we walked towards him, but he winced as he did - his face was too swollen.

'How are you feeling buddy?' My dad asked as he placed his hand on Matts arm.

'I've been better. But I'm doing well now compared to a few hours ago. I don't know what would have happened if Cooper didn't come home when he did.'

'Shit' I thought to myself. 'I didn't realise that I was going to start getting questions about where I was, and why I got home so late. Hopefully dad is too preoccupied with the boys getting better to question what happened.'

'Yeah, he saved Brads life.' Dad said with a smile and he patted me on the back. I could see how proud he was of me. It felt so good to be able to make my dad proud after everything he'd done for Brad and I.

'You're dad's right Cooper, I don't know how I can thank you.' Matt said

'I'm just glad you both are going to pull through okay.'

The surgeon who was operating on Brad came into the room and told us that everything went well, and that we could see Brad in a few hours, after he had woken up.

After the surgeon left, Matt said 'You have to tell Brad I'm so sorry for what my dad did to him. I knew my dad would freak out if he found out I was gay, but I never thought it'd be this bad. Brad wanted to tell you guys about us, but I begged him not too. I didn't want to risk my dad finding out. I'm so sorry.'

'Don't you dare blame yourself Matt' Dad said to him 'You had absolutely no control over the way your father reacted. I just hope they find him and he gets what he deserves.'

'What about your mum?' I asked Matt

'Mum left us when I was only a few years old. It's been just dad and I ever since. You would think we developed a close bond, considering it's just the two of us. But I spend most of my time in my room away from my dad - he is always drunk, and when he is like that I don't like getting in his way.'

'Well then, you're coming home and staying with us. Obviously Brad cares about you deeply, and therefore, so do Cooper and I. You can stay as long as you need.' Dad said.

I looked at dad in shock - so did Matt.

'I can't thank you enough for your offer sir, but I couldn't possibly put you out like that after everything I've put you through.' Matt said.

'You won't be putting us out at all, and now that you're going to be staying with us, you can stop all this 'sir' nonsense and call me Ryan. Don't for a second think that what your dad did was your fault. Plus, there is plenty of room at our house. You can stay as long as you need. We don't mind, do we Cooper?' dad asked me.

They both looked at me 'No, not at all. The more the merrier.' I assured Matt. To be honest I wasn't so sure about Matt moving in. If his dad managed to get into our house before, he probably will again.

'Well if you're sure, I don't know how I can possibly thank you. Once I'm better I'll get a job and I'll pay my share.'


A few hours later dad and I went to see Brad. He looked a lot better than I expected. He was talking to one of the nurses as we went in.

'Brad, thankgod you're okay!' My dad said as he gave Brad a hug, tears streaming down his face

'I'm so sorry dad. I'm sorry' Brad just kept saying over and over.

'It's okay son, all that matters is that you're alright. We'll talk about it later, once you're out of hospital.' Dad said

'Ok dad. Thanks for still being here.' Brad said

'Don't be ridiculous, of course I'm still here. Now I've asked Matt to come and live with us, otherwise he'd have nowhere to go. Is that okay with you?'

Brads face lit up as dad said it. 'Are you serious? I can't believe you'd do that! Thankyou so much dad!'

'He'll probably be out of hospital before you, so he will be in charge of picking out new furniture and stuff for your room, because it needs re-doing after everything that has happened. It'll be all ready for you when you get home.'

'I honestly don't know how I can thankyou dad.'

'I'm not the one you should be thanking. Cooper is the one that saved your life.'

'Dad's right Cooper, thanks so much. I'm lucky I've got such a smart big bro' Brad said to me.

'You just focus on getting better.' I said back.

After half an hour of talking, dad and I left Brad to get some rest and made our way home. It was 6pm and we both hadn't slept in over 48 hours. We both went straight into our bedrooms and went to sleep. My phone woke me up at around 8 o'clock. I looked at the screen and saw it was Dave. Even though I had absolutely no energy after what had happened last night, my heart still wanted to leap out of my chest at the thought of him.

'Hello?' I said. I knew it was Dave but I always answer the phone as if I don't know who it is for some reason.

'Hey Coop, it's Dave. Is everything ok? I was kind of expecting to hear from you sometime today. Last night was so amazing for me, and when I didn't hear from you, I thought I might have taken things too far and scared you off.'

'Oh no, no, it's nothing you did!...' And I filled him in on everything that had happened since I got home from his apartment. We stayed up talking past midnight. He made all my troubles go away - so much so that I had developed a raging hard on.

'Dave... you're not going to believe this, but just your voice is making me horny.' I cheekily said to him through the phone.

'Haha Coop, I've been hard for the last 20 minutes talking to you. Shame you're at home and not here to take care of it for me.' Dave said

As the sexual tension between us began to rise, so did my cock. 'Well I might be able to take care of it from here, I'll just need you to give me a hand.'

'Oh, I like the sound of that!' Dave said back to me. I could tell from his voice that he was smiling.

'Next time I see you, the first thing I'm going to do is jump into your arms and you'll carry me to your bed. There we will roll back and forth, our hands exploring each other's bodies while our tongues explore each other's mouths. Then when I have you on you back, I'm going to tear off your shirt, exposing your amazing chest, where I'll run my tongue down your stubbly neck to your pecs. Then I'll move across to your nipple, where first I'll give it a bit of a nibble, and then began sucking it until you're begging me to stop, which is when I'll move across to your other one. All the while, I'm sitting on your lap and can feel our hard cock rubbing back and forth between my ass cheeks. Once I'm done with your hard nipples I'll begin to kiss down your hard abs, following your treasure trail to find your hard package enveloped by your briefs. I can see they're already starting to get wet with your precum and begin munching on your cock through the briefs. I pull them down and your cock springs up. I then slowly begin sucking on your foreskin, swirling it around in my mouth. You run your big hands through my hair. I pull your skin back exposing your cock head, where a drop of cum is dripping from your piss slit. I lick it with my tongue, creating a string of cum from my mouth to your cock. I then go hard and rough, forcing your cock down my throat, when all of a sudden you climax. I feel your cock head pulsating as you send ropes of thick sweet cum into my mouth...'

'Ahhh Coop! fuck! I just came all over myself. That was so fucking hot! Who taught you to talk like that?' Dave said

'ha, that was the first time I've done anything like that. You're turning me into a little slut Dave! I feel like I'll do anything for you.' I said back

'Don't tell me that, I might just hold you to it.' He said with a chuckle 'Shit, I gotta go get cleaned up, and you need to get some sleep. I'm amazed you're still awake now'

'Yeah you're right. Thanks for taking my mind off things Dave. I'll see you soon.'

'No worries Coop, like I said before, if there is anything I can do just let me know. Night.'

I fell asleep almost instantly after I hung up.


Cooper J

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