I caught the train back home, I managed to catch it just before peak hour, and so it was a pretty quiet journey. When I walked into my house, it was unexpectedly quiet; my dad and brother were both meant to be home, but there was no sign of them. I walked down the hall towards my bedroom when I heard some soft moans, definitely sex moans. My cock instantly woke up. My dad and brothers rooms were next door to one another, while mine was across the hall from both of them. It made it difficult to tell whether it was my brother or my dad. Just then I heard some more moaning, this time both people were moaning, and both sounded deep. Holy shit - there were two guys having sex across the hall from my room! It started to get louder, and I could now tell it was coming from my brother's room.

I couldn't comprehend that my brother was having sex with another guy. He was the star football player at school - a totally stereotypical jock. He had the body of a young bodybuilder, short spiky hair and bright blue eyes. All the girls wanted to be with him, while all the guys wanted to be him. Even though there was only a year and a half between us, we had never been that close - he was always into sports and cars as a kid while I was always reading and learning. Most brothers that are as close as us in age probably experiment during puberty, but not Bradley and I, I hadn't even seen him naked since I was about 12.

I tip toed over to the door and pressed my ear up against it. It wasn't shut properly and the pressure pushed it open a little, luckily I think the two boys were too busy to notice me peeping through the crack in the door. What I saw was breath taking. The other guy (I had never seen him before) looked about the same age as Brad, and had his feet on the floor leaning with his stomach on the bed. My brother stood behind him, with his hands on the guy's shoulders, pounding his ass. 'ohh, ohh yeah, you want some of this big cock?' Brad grunted

'mmmm ohh yeah fuck me. Fuck me hard, you stud!' the bottom was loving it!

Meanwhile, I had my hand down my pants massaging my hard on which was dripping with pre cum.

'ohh holy shit! I'm cumming! Brad yelled. He pulled out of the guys ass while the bottom got down on his knees with Brad's dick in his face. I couldn't believe Brad's cock - it looked exactly the same as mine, but larger. He started wanking, his foreskin sliding back and forth over the head, while the bottom opened his mouth ready for it. 'Ahhhhhhh FUCK!' Brad's body started trembling as he came. He shot everywhere! The first shot flew straight over the guys head while the second one got him right between the eyes, the next few spurts covered his face. Then he hit the guys mouth, and it set the guy off, cumming all over his chest. He then took Brads cock in his mouth, they both started to moan in pleasure.

They were both completely engaged with one another, and it was then I realised that if either of them looked at the door they'd see me, so I quickly bolted across the hall into my room and closed the door a little too quickly - it made a loud bang as it shut. 'Shit!' I thought to myself - they must have noticed it, but at least they didn't see me I guess. A few minutes later, I sat down at my desk about to unbutton my shorts to take care of my raging cock when there was a knock on my door. I felt my heart rate increase and the blood rush to my face. Brad opened the door before I could say come in. He stood in the opened door way fully clothed, in no way looking like he had just had sex. 'Hey Cooper, when did you get home?' he asked casually.

'Just walked through the door then' I lied.

'Ohk, didn't hear you come in, that's all' I could hear the worry in his voice, obviously like me, he wasn't ready to come out.

'I didn't think anyone else was home' I said trying to give him some relief. It seemed to work. 'Did you see dad before you got home?'

'Yeah, he left a lasagne in the oven for us to heat up, you ready for it?'

'Yeah go put the oven on, I'll be out in a second.' I said.

We ate dinner quietly together and then went into our rooms for the rest of the night. I had a feeling he knew I knew. I didn't hear the other guy leave; I'm guessing he snuck out of Brad's window, I don't think Brad would have let him stay - not after they were that close to being caught. I wondered who he was. That night I wanked for about an hour to the thought of Dave and me having sex.


Cooper J

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