I left Dave's a little after 3.30am. It had started to rain just as I was leaving the apartment block, so I made a quick dash for my car. I got in the car and just sat there listening to the peaceful sound of rain on the roof of my car. It gave me time to clear my head and take in what had just happened. I was no longer a virgin. I had lost my innocence. I felt strangely empowered, like I was a 'proper' grown up now. There was no doubt in my mind that I was gay, I couldn't wait to get fucked again. My hole was pretty sore, but Dave said that it shouldn't hurt for too much longer.

I don't know how long I sat there in my car thinking, but I got home just a little after four. I put my key in the door to unlock it, but it was already unlocked. 'Bloody hell' I whispered to myself in frustration. How many times did dad and I have to remind Brad to lock the door? He always left it unlocked no matter the time of day. I tried not to wake up Brad and Matt, as I made my way down the dark hallway. It was pitch black as I was tiptoeing to my room, when all of a sudden whack! I tripped over something large in the middle of the hallway, and face planted the ground. 'Ouch' I cried as I began to taste something salty. I checked what it was and my nose was bleeding. 'What the hell was that?' I thought. I managed to get up and find the light switch, I turned it on and looked down. My heart stopped. There was Matt lying in the middle of the floor, covered in blood. I froze; I didn't know what to do. Should I see if Matt is alive, should I try and find Brad, should I call the police, should I call dad, should I hide in case whoever did this is still in the house. I just stood there in total shock, Matt's body was a mess, his face was busted up and his body was bruised. I realised that his chest was moving - he was breathing. Thank god.

All of a sudden I woke up and came back to life. I rushed down to Matt. I placed my fingers on his neck and checked his pulse - it was weak. I lifted his eyelid and saw his pupils were reactive which was a good sign. 'I'll be right back I whispered in his ear. Even though he was unconscious I wanted to make sure he knew someone was looking out for him. I crept down the hallway to Brads room. The door was ajar; I pushed it slowly open and peered into the darkness. I was sure if whoever did this to Matt was still inside, they would have come out by now. I reached inside and turned on the light. 'AHHHHH!' I screamed. Brad was lying on his bed in a pool of blood. I rushed over to him, he was barely breathing. I had to think fast, he had lost a lot of blood, and there was so much all over him I couldn't find where it was coming from. I rubbed my hands over his chest to find 3 long thin puncture wounds in his abdomen. 'What the fuck happened!' I cried as I gathered up his sheet and placed it on his stomach and applied pressure, trying to stop the bleeding. I rang 000 'Help! My brother has been stabbed and someone else has been brutally bashed. Hurry they've both lost a lot of blood!'

I don't remember much of what else happened. The police and ambulance was there within 5 minutes. Two paramedics took Matt on a stretcher somewhere while two more came in and attended to Brad. A police officer guided me down the hallway into our lounge room. I couldn't stop shaking. I looked at my hands and they were covered in blood.

'Mate' The officer sat down next to me and was looking me in the eyes trying to calm me down. 'Mate, what's your name?'

'C-Coo-Cooper. M-my name's Cooper.' I stuttered back. I couldn't stop looking at my hands.

'Ok Cooper. It's all going to be all right buddy. You're mates are going to hospital where the doctors will look after them ok? You did the right thing.'

'C-can I go with them? Is B-brad okay?'

'We're going to have someone come and look at you first, then we'll get you cleaned up and call your mum and dad before we go to the hospital ok?'

I wanted to scream at him. Tell him that I needed to go and be with my brother, and that my dad is a nurse that works in the ER would probably run into him at the hospital, and that I didn't have a mum anymore. I wanted to yell at him and demand him to tell me what happened and cry and say it's not fair. But I had absolutely no energy so I simply replied 'Okay.' A paramedic came over and checked me over. He touched my nose and I let out a cry. I completely forgot about my pain after what had just happened, but I looked across into a mirror and saw that the whole bottom part of my face was covered in dry blood from my nose. My work shirt was smeared with blood, as well as my hands. It looked like something out of a gruesome horror movie.

'It looks like he's broken his nose' I heard the paramedic say to the police officer as I was staring at my horrific reflection.

'We've got some questions we need him to answer' the policeman replied, 'Does he have to go right now?'

'You could keep him here a bit longer, but I honestly don't think he'll be much help, he is obviously in shock. You're better off letting him get cleaned up and looked after before you ask him any questions'

'Ok, take him to the hospital. I'll stop by later on and check on him.'


Cooper J

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