The next day I slept in, I felt so refreshed when I woke up. Not only from the good sleep, but my meeting with Dave. I was still a little confused about how I felt about my brother being gay - but it wasn't on my mind this morning. I went out into the hallway just wearing my pyjama bottoms. I had Friday's off of uni and I worked part time at a video store. It looked like my brother had already left for school. I opened my dad's door just a little and saw him sleeping peacefully. I went down the hall to the kitchen as quietly as I could and ate my breakfast in front of the tv. I just began doing the dishes when I heard my phone ringing from my bedroom. I dropped the dishes in the sink and ran to my room to catch it before it rang out. I looked at the caller ID as I picked it up. It was Dave. My heart skipped a beat from the excitement.

'Hello?' I answered, trying to sound as casual as I could.

'Hey Coop, it's Dave' I like how he called me Coop - he'd already made a nickname for me even though I told him people just called me Cooper.

'Oh hey! How's it going? I wasn't expecting to hear from you so soon.'

'Haha, yeah, well, I was just wondering if you had any plans tonight?'

'Umm, I'm working, I finish at 9, and after that I was just planning to study. But I'm always looking for excuses to procrastinate.'

'Well, I wouldn't want you to fall behind in your studies, but if you can spare the time, maybe you want to come over to my apartment and maybe you can bring a few dvd's and we can get some take out or something?'

'That sounds great!' I couldn't wipe the smile off my face

'Haha, ok then, just come around whenever you're ready after work then.'

'No worries, I'll see you tonight!'

I closed the phone and began dancing around my room with excitement. I turned around and saw my dad standing in the doorway chuckling. He was wearing some black satin boxer shorts. He was in his mid-forties, but had a pretty good body for a guy his age. He had a slight fur covering his chest and abs, starting to get little hints of grey in it.

'Hot date tonight?' he teased

'ha, umm no not really a date... just meeting up with someone' I replied nervously. I could feel that my face was bright red.

'From uni?' he asked

'Yeah' I lied. I don't know how my dad would feel about me meeting up with someone I met on the train. I felt bad about lying to him, but I really wanted to meet up with Dave.

'Want some breakfast?' I was glad he changed the subject; I think he sensed he was making me a bit uncomfortable.

'I just finished mine, thanks anyway. I'm just going to have a shower and do some study before work, what shift are you on today?' I hoped he was on night shift - then it didn't matter what time I got home from Dave's, and I wouldn't have to lie to him again.

'I'm working the grave yard shift again, I can't wait - it's my last one for a while.'

He left my room to go have breakfast. I went to the shower, I couldn't decide to have a wank or not. I didn't know what would happen tonight with Dave. It was my first time meeting up with someone for possible sex - I didn't know what people normally do. I did give myself a good clean however; I wanted to be ready for anything. I also trimmed my pubes back. I tried shaving my balls once, but it was really itchy when it first started growing back, so I preferred to just keep it neat. It made me wonder what Dave's pubes were like... what his cock was like, was he cut or uncut? How big was he? Would he be a top or bottom? These thoughts gave me a massive boner, so I decided to wank off after all.

I then went to go and study. I checked what our next topic was for anatomy - the male reproductive system. I opened my textbook to the right page. There was a photograph of a penis covering the whole page. I couldn't help but admire how beautiful it was. When thinking about sex, you constantly imagine an erect penis; you forget just how amazing they are, especially when they're soft. There is a subtlety to a soft dick that just makes your mouth water. The one in my textbook was uncut and the pubic hair was neatly trimmed, it looked about 5 inches soft - I turned the page and there was the same cock, but erect. It looked about 9 inches. I looked at the pictured longingly and my mouth literally started watering. My cock became hard, even though I had just jacked off. 'Shit' I thought to myself 'how am I going to sit through a lecture on this without creaming my pants!' I couldn't resist it, and had to have another wank. I was expecting to only have a little bit of cum, as I had just jerked off, but when I came, I erupted! I wasn't expecting it, and half of my cum squirted onto my textbook. I quickly cleaned myself up with some tissues, and tried to get it off my book - you could still see the stains on the pages though. 'Shit, I hope it fades or something so it's not noticeable!' I couldn't believe it.

I did my best to study before going to work at one. Once I was there, it was pretty quiet - especially for a Friday night. We got the usual school crowd coming in after school. At about 4.30 my brother came in with a friend. I knew as soon as I saw him that it was the guy that Brad was fucking yesterday. He had blonde, surfy kind of hair, and had a slim build - he definitely still had some muscle, but compared to brad he looked like a twig. Brad on the other hand had dark brown hair and tanned skin - like me.

'Hey Cooper' Brad said casually as he came up to the counter with his friend.

'Hey, didn't expect to see you today. Who's your friend?' I asked with a smile, I couldn't help myself.

'This is my mate Matt, from school'

'Hi, nice to meet you' Matt said politely

'Hey, so do you play footy with Brad?' I asked - trying to figure out how their relationship started. Matt looked at Brad like he didn't know what to tell me, I felt kind of bad for being nosey.

It was Brad that answered for him 'He is actually tutoring me for maths, it's doing my head in, but I've been going alright since Matt started helping me out.'

'Oh cool, I didn't know you were having trouble, anyway, did you guys want to get a movie or something for after study?' I decided to change the subject; I could see Matt was getting a little uneasy.

'Yeah, anything good out?' Brad asked.

I spoke to them (well mainly Brad) for about 15 minutes and helped them pick out a few movies - action blockbusters, of course. I let him know I wouldn't be home until morning probably, then they went on their way. I spent the rest of my shift thinking about what they would get up to. No doubt Brad knew it was dad's last night shift - I'm guessing he and Matt would want to make the most of it. The two of them coming in was actually a good distraction from Dave. The butterflies in my stomach were almost too much.

At quarter to 9 I started closing, my nerves must have made me work faster - I finished 5 minutes early and decided to close up anyway. I knew what apartment block Dave was in, it was only about 5 minutes away. I drove over there and parked down a side street, I got there at 9. His room was 5B. I had to get buzzed in - I pressed 5B. There was no response. I instantly thought I'd been stood up.

All of a sudden 'Cooper? Is that you?' came from the intercom. I lit up as soon as I heard his voice. I can't believe I doubted him - it must be the nerves.

'Hey Dave, yeah it is.'

'Awesome! I expected you a bit later, but come in' and he buzzed me in.

I walked through the doors and I was pretty amazed. The complex was ultramodern - stainless steel and glass everywhere. I almost felt underdressed for the lobby. I got into the elevator and pressed 5. I saw my reflection as the doors closed. 'shit!' I said to myself - I forgot to change at work - I was still wearing my work clothes. I couldn't go back and change, he'd already buzzed me in. I undid the top two buttons, trying to look more casual. It'd have to do. I was so angry with myself. I wanted to look my best.

The doors opened and I made my way to 5B. I knocked on the door, and as soon as I brought my arm down, the door flung open. There was Dave, shirtless, standing dripping wet, with a towel around his waste. I couldn't believe it. His body was godlike; amazing pecs with the most perfect looking nipples, his chest slightly covered with hair, which lead down to his rock-hard abs and formed a neat treasure trail that lead into his towel, which ended just above his knee. His calves I had already had a good look at - on the train, but I didn't realise how built they were. His feet made my mouth water - I wanted his toes in my mouth - which I found strange, I'd never had a thing for feet before, but they were beautiful, in perfect proportion to his heavenly body - they were just the icing on the cake.

'Haha' He gave a little chuckle and his muscles rippled 'How's it going Coop?'

I looked up from his body to his face, 'Um y-yeah, good.' I stuttered - I couldn't think straight.

'Well are you just going to stand there, or are you going to come in?' Dave said as he stepped aside to open up the doorway.

I walked in and like the lobby; the apartment was amazing - very avant-garde.

'Take a seat, can I get you something to drink?' Dave asked

'I'll just have a water, thanks' I replied as I sat on his black leather sofa

'Just water? Don't you want something better? How about some champagne or some wine?'

'Oh I can't drink wine, it makes me feel sick. Once I drank about three bottles - not that I remember how much it was exactly - and I was so sick, I'm pretty sure I was hung over for about 2 days. But I'll have some champagne. Do you have some orange juice or something to add to it? I know, I've been told I drink like a girl'

'Yeah I've got some orange juice for you. Sorry I'm not dressed yet, I just got out of the shower when the buzzer went off.'

'It's fine, don't worry about it' I said 'I don't mind at all!' I thought to myself with a smile.

'You know, I shouldn't have much more to drink after this glass, I wont be able to drive home,' I told Dave.

He looked at me as if I'd made a joke 'Well the solution to that is pretty easy - just stay here the night, as you can see, there is more than enough room.' Dave handed me my drink and sat down next to me on the big couch, still wearing nothing but a towel. The butterflies in my stomach caused me to down pretty much my whole glass of champagne in one go. Not that I'd had much experience, but right now I just wanted to jump on top of him and go for it. In my head, I was sitting in his lap, kissing him all over, removing his towel, and feeling up his beautiful cock.

My little erotic daydream was getting really good, until Dave interrupted 'So what did you want to get for dinner?'

To tell the truth, I really didn't feel like eating anything but his dick, but I answered 'How about some pizza or something? I'm not really fussed.

'Pizza sounds good, we can get it delivered; that way I don't have to worry about getting changed or anything' Was he serious? He was going to be wearing nothing but a towel all night?! My god!

'I borrowed Into The Blue, have you seen it?' I said. It was one of my favourites (mainly Paul Walker is half naked pretty much the entire way through it)

'Is that the one with the guy from the fast and furious movies? I like that guy, but I haven't seen it yet. Good choice'

After we rang up and placed the order for the pizza, they said it would be about 45 minutes, we decided to wait for the pizza before we put the movie on. I don't know if it was the champagne or what, but I could have sworn Dave was getting closer and closer to me every time I looked away from him (not that it was very often, I couldn't keep my eyes off of his magnificent body!) Before I knew it, our legs were touching. Our conversation stopped as I looked down and acknowledged the contact. I gazed back up at him to find his eyes staring into mine. I instinctively leaned in towards him as I closed me eyes. I could feel the warmth of his body as he leaned towards me. I felt his tender breath against my lips. My heart skipped a beat as our lips touched. He was so gentle. I felt his soft, sweet tongue against my lips and opened my mouth. Our tongues danced with one another. I felt one of his hands grasp the back of my head and the other my waist to pull me closer into him. Before I knew it I had somehow got on top of him so I was sitting in his lap - just like my daydream, only this was so much hotter, so much more erotic. I lowered my hand down between us to reach for his dick, it was hard and I could feel it even through the towel and my jeans. Before I could reach it, a hard buzzing interrupted me - the pizza was here.

We both looked at each other, smiling. I had both my hands on his broad, naked, muscular shoulders, and both of his were squeezing my butt. I was surprised I hadn't already cum in my pants - it was so hot. 'Why did we order pizza? I'm not so hungry anymore,' Dave said jokingly as I was getting off him so he could buzz the pizza guy in.

To be continued...


Cooper J

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