We kept working with our slave, preparing him for his big day. Soon enough, the quarterly auction was here.

The auction was in the evening, but the slaves had to be available during the day for inspection and use.

Some of the slaves are new and others are re-sells. The new ones are to be kept intact for their new Masters. The re-sells have already been fucked, so they are available for use by the patrons.

To tell them apart, we had a modified pair of slave shorts for all the new slaves. They were regular slave shorts with the waist band and leg bands intact, but the fronts had been removed. Only the slave's ass was covered. This gives the customers ample access to inspect the merchandise, but lets them know up front that they can not be fucked.

Auction day begins with inspection from 1 to 4, cocktail hour from 4 to 6 and the auction promptly at 6:30. We begin the festivities by having all the guests gather by the pool. The pool is normally used to exercise the slaves and for the relaxation of the staff.

Once the guests have gathered, the trainers march their slaves out onto the patio. The slaves then stand at slave rest, face forward, legs spread and their eyes down cast, while the viewing audience gets a good look at them. The trainers then lead them to various viewing stations around the area and attach a chain to the slave's collar.

The customers get to wander around and inspect the merchandise. Questions are asked of the trainers, and the slave only speaks if asked a direct question. Potential buyers may use the slave to see if they are satisfactory.

As a trainee, I stood behind Bill and he handled the customers.

People would walk up and chat with Bill. They would run their hands over the slave's body, look at his teeth, feel his cock and balls, etc.

There was one woman in her late 40's or 50's. Gaudily dressed, heavy make up. She walked up and immediately grabbed the slave's cock and balls.

'Has it been gelded?' she asked.

'No m'am.' Bill replied. 'He's fully functional.'

'Well, that can be fixed. I'm looking for a slave to help take care of my grandson. I find a gelding is much more suitable for household work. Don't you agree?'

'Whatever Madam wishes,' Bill answered. 'We can have it done here before you take him home with you, or we can send him along after it's done.'

'Hmmm. Let me think about it,' she said and walked away.

One man approached Bill and called him by name.

'Bill! Is this one of yours?' he asked.

'Harvey! How are you? I trained this one myself with the help of my assistant, Brad. He shoots a good load and can get hard after only a few minute's rest. He's an excellent cock sucker and eats ass better than the last one I sold you.'

'Really now? That one brought in a lot of money just for his ass eating alone. Maybe I should check this out.'

Bill turned to the slave and ordered him to kneel.

Harvey undid his pants and lowered them below his ass. The slave immediately buried his tongue deep in the man's ass.

'Ohh yeah! That's it slave boy. Eat that ass for me.'

After a few minutes, the man pulled his pants back up.

'Thank you for letting me please you, Sir' the slave said.

Ignoring the slave, the man turned to Bill and said 'Knowing you trained him, I'm sure he'd do well at my house. Let me see what else is available, but this one may be just what I'm looking for.'

As Harvey walked off, Bill told me that he owned a chain of male brothels across the state. He was a very influential person in certain areas.

The rest of the afternoon went on about the same. The slave gave some head, ate a few asses. One man had a young slave on a leash and had our slave fuck him to see how he performs.

Late in the day a large, muscular black man approached us. He looked the slave over and asked Bill, 'What color is it's hair?'

'Blond,' Bill replied.

The man just grunted and walked away.

Eventually, it was time for cocktail hour. The slaves were led away and everyone gathered in the lounge. During the cocktail hour the customers had access to photos and a history of each slave for their review.

At 6pm they announcement went out that the auction would begin promptly at 6:30. Would everyone please begin heading towards the auditorium.

The auction started at 6:30. Daniel Young, the director of the facility, got up on stage to welcome everyone.

'Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. If everyone will take their seats, please.'

'I'd like to welcome you to the Department of Indenture Control's quarterly auction. Before we begin, just a few housekeeping notes.'

'As each slave is called forth, their trainer will walk them through the audience and up to the stage. You've all had the opportunity to inspect each slave, but please don't hesitate to ask if you'd like a second look.'

'Once a final bid has been accepted on a slave, you may take them home with you now, or we can ship them. Please see the cashier at the back of the auditorium for payment and any special arrangements may be set up then.'

'Now, house slaves will be coming through to take drink orders and service whatever other needs you may have. Shall we begin?'

The first slave was led through the audience and up on stage.

'This first slave,' Mr. Young began, 'is only 19 years old. Notice the large, muscular build on him. He'd do well in any physical task you assign him. He has a firm, tight ass, and a 7 inch cock. Lets start the bid at 10,000. Do I hear more?'

The bidding went back and forth for a few moments. 10,000, 11,000, ect. Final bid was 14,500 and the slave was escorted to it's new owner.

'Next up,' continued Mr. Young, 'is a special treat! A set of 21 year old twins. They've been trained together and we'd prefer not to break up such an exquisite matched set. Think of the fun you can have with two perfectly matched slaves. Lets start the bid at 20,000 for this lovely pair.'

Final bid for the twins went to Bill's friend Harvey. I suppose it would be a big draw at one of his houses to have a set of twins to service his customers.

Eventually, it came up to our boy's time. Bill pulled on the leash and led him through the audience and up to the stage.

'Ah,' said Mr. Young, 'this young male is truly a treasure. Note the sparkling blue eyes, firm pecs and tight ass. An ass that's never been fucked, I might add. An eight inch cock that can get hard again in just a few minutes. He'd make an excellent addition to a breeding farm or pleasure house. Lets start the bid at 10,000, please.'

Bidding took a few minutes and he was finally sold to the black man who asked about him earlier. Bill led the slave down to his new owner and handed him the leash.

The slave got down on his knees before his new Master and placed his head on the ground in submission, as we taught him.

'Thank you Master. I promise to be an obedient slave and serve you well.'

The man looked at the slave and said 'You'd better. I don't believe in coddling a slave. Punishment is swift and severe. You can start by servicing this.'

He opened his trousers and pulled out his large, black cock. It was at least 11 inches and still growing. The slave opened his mouth and swallowed as much as he could in one gulp.

'You've trained him well,' the man told Bill with a smile. 'I can't wait to get him home and plug that ass.'

'I'm sure you'll be very satisfied with him,' Bill told him. 'If you wish, once the transaction is finalized, we have guest rooms for your use. You can start training him to take your cock right here.'

'I may just do that, thank you,' the man said.

Our slave having been sold, Bill and I were through for the day. We went out for a night on the town before being assigned a new slave to train in the morning.




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