Training a slave is not just about teaching him how to give head. It's about breaking his spirit and making sure he understands his new position. Kind of like breaking a horse to saddle, a new slave needs to be broken to the collar.

It's like that book they made us read in high school, pig something or other. The one with a rich dude teaching a poor girl how to walk and talk and act like a high society lady.

Bill and me had to teach boy everything. He had to learn to always walk 5 paces behind his Master. Slaves never speak unless spoke to. A good house slave should blend in with the furniture and be there when needed, but not in the way when not needed. Most important, a slave should always do whatever is ordered of him quickly, quietly and efficiently with no questions asked. A slave that can't follow orders is punished or quickly resold.

Over breakfast one morning, Bill told me, 'The trick to training a good slave is to be unpredictable.' 'Once he's sold, its good for him to learn his Master's likes and dislikes. Here, he needs to learn to do anything, whatever it is, instantly and without question. Let me show you.'

Bill and I went to the kennels and pulled boy from his cage. With boy standing in slave position, Bill walked in a circle around him.

'Who are you?' Bill asked.

'Sir? My name is William, Sir' boy said, with a confused look in his face.

From out of nowhere, Bill pulled a short whip and brought it down hard across the slave's back.

'Wrong answer, boy!' barked Bill. 'Who are you?'

'Sir! I'm your slave, Sir' answered boy.

'Better. And who is William Peterson?' Bill asked. I didn't even know he knew the boy's real name.

'He's nobody, Sir.'

'Very good. Now, get on your knees.'

The slave dropped to his knees and reached for Bills zipper.

Slap! Bill backhanded him across the face again.

'Do what you're told, you stupid slave, and nothing more. Did I tell you to pull my cock out?'

'Sir, no sir, I'm very sorry, Sir.'

'I want to see if we should consider selling you to a stud farm as a breeder. Jack off.'

'Sir?' asked the slave.

Swish! The whip came down on the slave's back again. 'You're not stroking slave. You know what happens to disobedient slaves don't you?'

The slave grabbed his dick and started to stroke it.

Bill kept circling the slave like a hungry shark around his prey.

'Stroke it faster, slave. Pinch your nipples, slut. Play with your balls while you jack off, bitch.' Bill kept barking out different commands.

'Stick your first and second fingers in your mouth and suck them like a cock, boy.'

The slave started sucking on his fingers while the other hand was gliding up and down on his cock, faster and faster.

After a few minutes of sucking his fingers, Bill got up in his face and yelled, 'Shove those fingers up your pussy and start finger fucking yourself, bitch. Do it now!'

We stood over him and watched as the naked slave boy shoved his fingers up his ass and started fucking them in and out of his hole. Kneeling in front of us with his legs spread far apart, one hand jerking his cock off, the other sliding in and out of his ass.

Bill kept yelling at him.

'What a great whore this one's gonna make! Maybe we'll sell it to one of the boy brothels where he can spend his days and nights on his knees and his back. Look at him fingering his pussy. Bet he can't wait for a new Master to shove a hard cock up his pussy and fuck the shit out of him!'

The slave kept stroking his cock and fingering his hole. He started breathing faster, his eyes glazed over and his head tilted back.

'Stop.' Bill said, quietly.

SLAP! When the boy didn't obey, Bill backhanded him again.

'Sir, please!' begged the slave.

'Get used to it, bitch. Nobody cares about your pleasure. You exist for one reason and one reason only. To serve your Masters.'

'Now suck my dick!' Bill ordered, whipping his cock from his jeans.

The slave leaned forward and swallowed Bill's cock. Bill fucked his face for a few minutes and shot his load down the boy's throat.

'Very good.' Bill said. 'Now you may cum.'

The boy started jacking his cock again. It didn't take long before he was ready to shoot.

'I don't want a mess. Catch it in your other hand,' Bill instructed the boy.

The boy shot spurt after spurt into his hand, almost overflowing it.

'Good boy' Bill complimented. 'Now eat it.'

The slave brought his hand up to his mouth and licked up the cum that had pooled there.

'See,' Bill said. 'When you don't do as you're supposed to you get the whip, when you're good you get a reward.'




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