Lunch was a garden salad, steak and baked potato and a tall glass of iced tea. One thing I can say for the department, they feed you well.

Bill and I shared our lunch while the serving slave waited by the door for us to finish. As we ate, I asked Bill to tell me about his history at the induction center.

Bill was one of the first slave trainers. When the Indentured Servitude program started, Bill was fresh out of the Marines. He was in his mid 30's, no job, but his retirement from the Marines was enough to keep the lights on and buy the groceries.

The main problem was, he was bored. Bill was used to having a platoon of men under him. Sitting around watching reality shows was driving him stir crazy.

He was approached by an old commanding officer who is now part of the new indenture program. The officer told Bill he was just the type of man to take on training these new slaves. And, by getting in while the program was new, he would have a hand in molding the new program and shaping it to be the type of program they both could be proud of.

Obviously, Bill accepted the position and is still with it today.

"I've seen all types come through here," Bill told me. "Young ones, old ones. Mean son's of bitches we thought we'd never break and the scared, timid ones who fell into place if you just looked at em cross. Never had one we couldn't train, though."

"We had one guy in hear about the second year of the program. Convicted serial rapist. Walked in here cocky as you please. Acted like he was gonna own the joint."

"Remember, the castration law only went into effect 5 years ago, so this was before that. Fella thought he'd be sold off, escape and go at it again."

"We knew he was a special case, so we ganged up on him. Gave him 2, maybe 3 hours of sleep per night. Had him working hard at various odd jobs. When we had him about wore out, we strapped him to one of them exercise horses and the five of us took turns teaching him how to take a fuck. We since learned that slaves bring a higher price if they's still virgin, but we was still learning."

"Took us all of two months working with him, but by the time the auction came up he was as meek as a kitten. All I had to do was pull out my dick and point to the floor and he'd start slobbering over it like it was his last meal."

"Kind of unfortunate what happened to him. You may remember this. His was the landmark case that decided a victim of a crime could not buy the slave that committed it. Can't say that I blame her none, but it still sends shivers down my back when I think of it. Son, you ever get a woman that angry at you, start running and don't never stop!"

Bill stood up and said "Damn, I gotta piss again."

The serving slave rushed over and dropped to his knees in front of Bill.

"See boy," Bill told our slave as he started pissing in the other slave's mouth, "This here's a proper slave. Knows how to serve a free man."

The boy finished swallowing and Bill pulled his dick out of his mouth.

"Thank you, Sir, for allowing me to serve you, Sir. Does Sir require anything else, or may I take the dishes away now, Sir?"

"Who trained you, boy?" Asked Bill. "They did a fine job with you. You have a good attitude and show the proper respect."

"Sir, you trained me, Sir. I was indentured three years ago. I was bought by the head of the kitchen staff as a personal slave, Sir."

Bill laughed, "I knew it had to be somebody good. You may take the dishes and go now, Boy."

"If I know the head of the kitchen staff," Bill told me, "this may be the first time that boy's been out of the bedroom. John must have bought himself a new play toy to have this one working the kitchens. Well, time to get back to work."

Taking boy's leash, Bill led him out into the training room.

"OK," Bill said to me. "Time for you to have a little fun. Get the slave to give you some head."

The slave was standing in front of us, his legs spread wide and his eyes staring at the floor at his feet. Looking him up and down, I walked around him.

"Alright, boy" I said. "Time for another cock sucking lesson."

Removing my belt from my jeans, I snapped my fingers and just pointed to the floor at my feet. He knelt in front of me, his head bowed and his arms behind his back waiting for his next command.

"You're in for a nice surprise," I told him while unbuttoning my jeans. Always ready for a good blow job, my dick was already starting to stiffen. I reached into my pants and pulled out my cock. The slave stared at it with wide eyes. I wasn't even all the way hard yet and it had to be about eight inches in length and just as thick as Bills.

"Damn," Bill whistled. "You've got a nice one alright."

I just smiled at him and said "Nine and a half proud inches hard. Lets see if the slut can take the whole thing. First, though, I like a little ball action."

Pulling the slave's head between my legs, I ordered him to start licking and sucking my balls.

He closed his eyes and his tongue tentatively slid across my balls.

"Not like that, you fucking piece of shit" I yelled. "Open your eyes and make me feel like you're enjoying the privilege. Remember that slave that was just here? He knows his place."

Boy opened his eyes and started to lick my balls with some gusto.

As he slowly slid one of my balls into his warm, wet mouth, he jumped as he felt my belt land across his back.

"You just keep sucking my balls, slave boy." I said as my belt fell across him again. "Get my dick nice and hard so you can suck it off for me, bitch."

I couldn't help but smile down at the slave while he ate my balls. I loved watching him jump as I beat him with my belt. It didn't take long before I was rock solid.

Grabbing the slave's head, I shoved it down on my dick. He choked and gagged on it, but eventually he took most of it down his throat. He whimpered around my dick as I continued to beat him with my belt.

The slave started to really suck my dick like a whore. He knew the only way to stop the beating was to make me cum.

There I was. One hand whipping the slave with my belt, the other holding his head down on my dick while he sucked my cock. Fuck yeah! I knew I was gonna love this job!

After a few more minutes of sucking, I wrapped the belt around the slave's neck, pulled him in close and shot blast after blast of hot dick snot down his throat.

I pulled my dick out of the slave's mouth and he sat on his knees gasping for breath.

Bill walked up to him and SLAP, again across the face.

"You ungrateful, worthless, slave scum!" Bill yelled at the boy. "Always, ALWAYS! Thank a free man when he lets you service him!"

Boy quickly knelt before me.

"Sir! Thank you for allowing me to suck your cock and balls for you, Sir!"

"Don't worry," I told him, "There'll be more where that came from."

Bill looked over at me and said, "Johnson, I think you're gonna be alright!"




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