It didn't take Bill and me long to be friends again. And we had no more trouble out of the slave. He was a model of perfect slave behavior after the escape attempt.

The slave had been giving us head on a regular basis. I hadn't had to go to the bathroom to pee in weeks. Now, Bill decided it was time for the next step.

After getting him out of the kennels and our morning blow jobs, we took the slave across the training room and bent him over a padded saw horse. Like the ones they use in gymnastics.

Bending him over with his ass in the air, we secured his arms and legs to the legs of the horse.

'We can't fuck you,'Bill told him, 'because that's a privilege reserved for your new Master. But, for your own sake, we do need to prepare you.'

Grabbing some lube, Bill started to rub it into the boy's ass. He walked to a set of drawers against the wall and opened up a case full of all sizes and shapes of dildos and butt plugs. Choosing carefully, he pulled out a long dildo about as thick as a quarter and 10 inches in length.

Spreading the boy's ass open, he pushed the head of the rubber cock into the slave's ass.

The slave gasped in pain. I walked around in front of him and held his head.

'Let him suck you.'Bill told me. 'It may help distract him from the pain.'

Pulling my dick out, the boy eagerly started to lick and suck on my cock. Bill slide more and more of the dildo up the boy's ass, causing him to cry out. With my dick down his throat, all he could do was groan around it.

'You're doing fine, boy,'Bill told him. 'Nine inches of hard cock down your throat, and another 10 inches of rubber cock up your pussy. You'll thank us for it later. Either your new Master's gonna want to fuck you, or the other slaves when the overseer isn't around.'

Bill began to fuck him with the dildo as I started face fucking him. First we alternated, I would push in the slave's mouth as Bill pulled out of his ass. Then we worked together. Both of us pushing in and out at the same time. The boy was sweating like a pig. Bent in half, getting his mouth and ass worked over. He took to it like a pro. It wasn't too long before I was shooting jets of cum down his throat.

I pulled out of his mouth and Bill pulled the dildo out of his ass. We untied him and the slave dropped to his knees in front of us.

'Thank you sirs for allowing me to please you. How else may I be of service to you, Sirs?'The boy asked.

Bill looked at him and smiled. 'Lay on your back on the floor. We aren't finished with you yet, boy.'

The slave laid back as instructed. Bill removed his jeans and shirt and placing his knees on either side of the boy's head, he leaned back so his ass was hovering over the boy's face.

'Get to work, slave!'Bill commanded.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what was expected. The boy leaned his head up and started licking Bill's ass.

'That's it, boy. Get that tongue moving over my hole. Kiss it like a hot date. Slide that tongue up inside me. Make love to your Master's ass, slave!'

Lubing up the dildo, I lifted the slave's legs and shoved it up his ass. As the boy was tongue fucking Bill, I was fucking his ass with the dildo. Bill just sat there with a smile on his face.

'You're gonna have to try this, Johnson. This bitch really knows how to eat ass!'

After about 20 minutes sitting on the boy's face, we traded places. Bill was right! That slave had his tongue up my ass and was eating me out like 50 dollar whore! Bill switched the dildo for the next size up. About the thickness of a soda can.

Another 20 or 30 minutes when by and I was rock solid hard!

'Damn!'I complained. 'I wish we could fuck him. His tongue is so hot it's got me rock hard. I need some pussy bad!'

'That,'said Bill, ' I can fix.'He walked over to the phone on the wall and spoke to someone. A few minutes later a slave boy from the kitchen staff came in.

'Get over there and suck his dick'Bill commanded him.

I was in hog heaven! I had one slave tongue eating out my ass like it was a buffet banquet and another one on his knees with his head bobbing up and down on my shaft! Damn! I love this job!

A few minutes later, Bill stopped us and had the kitchen slave lay down on his back.

'This one belongs to my friend John, the kitchen coordinator. Since he's already been purchased, we can fuck him all we want. John said just have to get him back to the kitchen by 3 so he can start work on supper.'

I moved over to the kitchen boy and raised his legs on my shoulders. My cock was already lubed up from the head he was giving me, so I put my dick up to his hole and slide right on in.

Damn, he was hot! The slave's pussy just wrapped around my dick like a glove. Fourty five minutes I rode that ass. I fucked him hard and deep. I fucked him long and slow. I'd pull my dick all the way out of his ass and then shove it all the way back in. The slave underneath me was squirming like a bitch in heat.

'Please, Master! Please fuck me, Sir! Ride my pussy hard, Master!'

The harder I pounded his hole, the more he begged me to fuck him.

Soon, I reached the point of no return. I grabbed the slut's ankles and spread them apart. Arching my back, I rammed my dick home again, and again, and again, til I shot my load deep inside him.

I pulled out of him and he immediately got on his knees and took my cock in his mouth and cleaned me.

'Thank you, Master, for allowing me to serve you, Sir,'he said, humbly.

I was so into fucking the kitchen slave, I hadn't paid attention to our own slave. He was back to work licking and sucking Bill's cock. Bill was holding his head and face fucking him fast and furious. He shoved the slave's head down on his dick and filled his mouth with cum. The boy swallowed and swallowed and managed to take all of Bill's load.

Bill turned to the kitchen slave and told him he could go back now.

'Thank you, Sirs, for allowing me the privilege of serving you,'the slave said, and backed out the door and returned to the kitchen.




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