I was feeling fantastic after having just been royally fucked by Craig, but now he wanted to talk about something and his tone seemed serious.

"You seem to be getting the hang of being a faggot,' Craig began.

I blushed. I had quickly grown to love sex with a man and had done everything I could to please Craig. Still, this was a far cry from my bi-curious self of just two days ago. It was a lot to think about, I just hadn't had a chance yet.

"I think it goes without saying that you're my bitch now. Being late, like you were earlier will NOT be tolerated,' Craig added.

"Now, we need to give you something so others know you're taken already,' he mused. "I've got a friend coming over who can help us with that.'

I was unsure of Craig's tone and his mysterious plan. What friend was coming? What was he going to give me?

Craig was putting the finishing touches on yet another large, masterful blunt when I heard footsteps coming down the hall.

"Sounds like Mikey's here,' Craig said with a mischievous grin. "I hope he brought all his tools.'

I was suddenly very worried about where this was headed. There was a knock on the door and Craig told the person to enter.

Standing there was an enormous black guy, standing at least 6'5' and jacked. In his right hand, he was holding a small tool box.

"Sup Mikey,' Craig said as he walked over and shook hands with the large man. "I hope you're ready to have some fun man. You too baby,' Craig winked at me.

"So this is him, huh?' Mikey said giving me the once over. "Doesn't look like much to me.'

"Trust me bro. He can handle just about anything.'

Craig lit the blunt as Mikey began to set up next to a chair. They both hit the blunt then gave me some. It was then that I saw what was going on. Mikey was a tattoo artist.

My face must have shown concern because Craig started to explain things.

"In order to show obedience to me, I want you to get a permanent marking.' he started.

"What kind of marking? Where?'

"Right above that ass. MY ass! I want my name written above what's mine. Not too large though,' he said.

"Uh Craig I don't know about all this. I love fucking you but this is a little much.'

He frowned and handed me the blunt. I took a couple puffs and Craig finished after me.

"Maybe we should all have some fun first and loosen up,' Craig said much to Mikey's approval.

I was a little nervous taking on two big black guys, but at the same time I was surprisingly excited. I found myself wondering what kind of cock Mikey had in store for me.

I got up and knelt down in front of them first pulling on Craig's sweatpants to reveal his massive cock.

"Thanks baby, but take care of our guest first.'

I turned my attention to Mikey who was smiling in anticipation.

I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. His cock practically burst from his boxers when I tugged them down and I let out a slight gasp.

Mikey was even bigger than Craig with a huge member just over 9 mind-blowing inches.

I once again had my doubts about being able to handle it, but knew there was little choice in the matter. These guys could definitely overpower me and force the situation so I might as well enjoy it.

"Suck that big nigger dick,' Mikey growled.

I didn't really need encouragement, but it just made me want to please that cock more.

I opened as wide as I could and dove onto the cock tip placed before me.

Mikey let out a loud sigh as just the first couple inches of his prick filled my overstretched mouth and reached the back of my throat.

My oral skills were pretty good, but still a work in progress (remember I'd only been a cocksucker for a day!). I didn't know how on Earth I could possibly take anymore of this monster dick in my throat. That's when I felt Craig moving behind me.

He pulled my pants and boxers down in one move and I instinctively stepped out of them. Craig pulled off my shoes then turned back to Mikey.

"Pull out for a second man. Gotta take his shirt off.'

"Ugh, no way!' Mikey breathed heavily. "I ain't pulling out, this mouth's too good! Cut it OFF!'

Craig chuckled to himself and went over to his desk. When he returned he had a Swiss Army knife with the saw attachment extended.

The sight of the blade momentarily alarmed me, but I was mainly focused on the cock in my mouth now thrusting with all the power Mikey could muster. It was making me choke loudly but he was determined to get more of his dick in me.

"Ugh, oh yeah take this whole thing faggot! YEAH!, yeah, yeah, yeah! ALL OF IT!!!'

He rammed his hardest and I felt the gigantic head of his cock pop past my throat ring and slip down into my hungry gullet just as Craig began cutting off my shirt.

I heard the fabric ripping as my throat was undergoing destruction of a different kind. I was stuffed FULL of Mikey's hard cock. I swear it was a foot long. I'd never felt anything so crazy as I struggled to breathe.

"OH GOD! This bitch sure can suck dick! You were right man!' Mikey exclaimed.

"Told you so!' Craig beamed.

I had a terrific view of him in the mirror. He was now naked behind me slowly jerking his large cock to attention. I could see his toned muscles stretch and strain with his movements.

Meanwhile, Mikey was continuing to ram my throat. My tongue was useless as there was simply nowhere to move it, but my throat had slowly adjusted to the massive intrusion. I was now able to take him without choking which was a major improvement.

Just then, I felt that familiar cock slapping my ass. Craig hit me a few more times then slapped my ass once hard with his open hand. He then placed his cock head right up against my twitching hole and shoved in.

I screamed, but because of my current predicament no one heard or cared.

Craig took a number of slow strokes, letting me adjust slightly before he began the serious pounding I was fully expecting from him.

As Mikey was throttling my throat, Craig was slamming into me at an amazing rate. My asshole was still loose from the earlier fuckings so it quickly accepted his mighty pole.

Craig's own cum from earlier began to help aid his penetration and my ass started to feel all warm and tingly again. I moaned on the giant tool in my mouth as Mikey began to thrust more erratically.

I sensed that he was getting closer to cumming and he grunted louder goading me on.

"Come ON!!! Suck that dick bitch!! Work that big nigger dick down your throat! I'm gonna cum buckets in your stomach!'

I knew he was right and I gave everything I could to please his cock more than I already was, straining in every way to take his cock as deeply as possible. My lips touched around the base of Mikey's cock, leaving a sloppy wet kiss against his crotch.

"Oh My GOD!!' he screamed. "He's got my entire dick in his mouth!!!! No one has EVER done that!!!! Fuck faggot I'm gonnnnnnna CUUUUUUMMM!!!!

Mikey unleashed a torrent of powerful streams of white hot cum directly down my throat, bypassing my mouth completely. He pulled back for the last few spurts into my mouth so I could finally taste the load on my tongue.

It tasted delicious. Even better than Craig's cum had earlier! Hmmm I wonder what it meant?

"God DAMN you a good cocksucker!' Mikey said as I lovingly sucked the last drops of cum from his cock.

Craig doubled his efforts to catch up and was slamming my ass with full fury.

Mikey finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and began slapping me in the face with the still hard member.

"Tell us what you want faggot,' he taunted.

"FUCK ME CRAIG! Come inside me! Make me cum!' I screamed.

"Tell us you're a faggot.'

"Oh ugh oomph Uh,' I was being fucked beyond belief and had trouble comprehending or forming a response.

"TELL US PUSSY!! What's your mark gonna be?' Mikey yelled.

I thought for a moment about what he was saying. Was this really what my life was to become? Being a bitch to big black studs that dominate and abuse my little white body? Guzzling down thick loads of black seed and being branded with a permanent mark of submission?

Who am I?

"I'M A FAGGOT!' I yelled.

"Fucking CUM in my ASS NOOOOOOW!! Craig please, please, pleeeeeease!'

"Here you go baby. You're about to get everything you asked for,' Craig said.

My mouth was struggling trying to re-capture Mikey's cock but he again slapped me with it.

"You're about to become a faggot for LIFE!' Mikey teased.

Craig thrust again and again and finally he plowed balls deep and stayed there erupting cum so deep inside me I thought it might join the copious load in my stomach.

I screamed and so did Craig. He finished spurting and pulled out, giving me a fun-loving slap on the ass.

He and Mikey cleaned up and I sat in the chair they had set up. It reclined back and I lay down. Craig had sparked a bowl and Mikey handed me a shot of blue liquid.

"What's this?' I questioned.

"Mind Eraser,' Craig said. "We came up with them in college.'

"It just takes away pain baby and relaxes you.'

Mikey pushed the shot in my face and glared down at me. I took it fearing what might happen if I refused. It was surprisingly delicious. Fruity, but with no bad aftertaste like many shots I'd had.

I hit the bowl twice as instructed and the boys finished it after that. Mikey got out his tools and I tensed up. Craig came over and took hold of my chest.

"Relax. This won't hurt at all. In a few minutes, you won't feel a thing,' Craig soothed.

"What did you give me?!?' I was worried now and afraid of the mark.

"Oh it's a special drink. Really does the trick if you want to bang bitches that ain't havin' it Haha.'

Craig and Mikey both laughed and I started to feel a bit fuzzy. Craig was stroking my chest and head and I started to feel very sleepy.

"When you wake up,' he said. "You'll be a faggot forever and my bitch. I bet you can't wait.'

I drifted off and everything went black.


Knox Overstreet

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