I realize it's probably not the smartest thing to do, but what can I say? I'm a child of the modern age.

As a heterosexual male, I had always had secret urges and curiosities regarding the male sex.

I really didn't want my friends to know about my thoughts so I took refuge in the anonymity of the Internet.

I was in college, so there were plenty of people looking for similar things on our local network. I'd read the postings and would get excited by what people sought and described. Everything imaginable was in those ads.

For a long time I would e-mail and make inquiries, describing my attributes - 5'10' 160, black hair, blue eyes and a 7 inch cock - and even on occasion exchanging pictures with complete strangers!

To this point I had yet to ever pull the trigger and meet up with anyone I'd conversed with. Finally, one day out of the blue I saw an add that really got my attention:

'Looking to get some relief from finals. 6' 175 jock here with a full 8 inches. 700 block of Rolling Oak Lane...'

I almost gasped. I too lived on the 700 block. I could probably see this person's house from where I was.

I quickly jammed out an e-mail saying just that, and we established that he lived two houses over. He had the place to himself for the night and invited me over to chill.

Here I was, at that point where I'd been many times before. Where I'd backed down from many times before.

Somehow, this time I knew things would be different.

I accepted the invitation and got ready. My roommate was already asleep, so I turned out the rear lights and quietly slipped out the back door.

I walked the short distance up the street and took a quick look around. I'd driven by this place a thousand times and never thought anything of it. It was a large white house that normally had a bunch of cars scattered over the driveway but tonight held just one luxury sedan.

I took a deep breath and walked up the steps and onto the large wooden porch wrapped around the front of the house. I knocked firmly and a few seconds later was greeted by a clean-cut black guy who appeared to be about my age.

He ushered me into the main living room and we sat down on a big leather couch in front of a massive flat screen television.

'My name is Craig,' he began.

'I'm Brandon,' I said.

'This is an awesome place you've got here.'

'Thanks. Do you want a beer or something?' he offered in an effort to break the ice.

I said yes and in a few moments Craig came back with two beers.

I took a sip and suddenly without saying a word Craig pulled out an enormous bag of weed and a blunt wrap.

I watched as he went through the ritual of preparing the thing and we chatted casually about our backgrounds. His parents, and those of his roommates were all quite successful financially explaining the tv and fancy car.

As a result, their pad was filled with top of the line versions of damn near anything you could imagine.

In just a matter of minutes, Craig had rolled a gigantic blunt.

'A full quarter of weed in there,' Craig grinned. 'I hope you don't mind.'

'No not at all,' I said.

I had been a frequent smoker at one time, but hadn't done so in a while. I hoped I could hold my own as I finished my beer.

Craig tossed his drink back and after grabbing more beers, I followed him upstairs.

We walked down the hall to his room and he closed the door.

He had a massive king size bed with the usual assortment of posters and college decorations adorning the walls and surrounding area.

I sat on the bed as he motioned me over and put on some chill music.

Craig sparked the blunt and took several big rips off it, holding the smoke in his lungs before exhaling a magnificent plume of smoke.

I puffed a couple times more gingerly than Craig and tried my best to hold the smoke in as I passed it back.

I coughed out loudly as Craig patted me on the back and smiled.

We continued as I once again grew used to the smoke in my lungs and was soon hitting the blunt with ease.

'Do you want to try a shotgun?' asked Craig.

'Sure, why not?' I responded secretly hoping I could handle it.

We moved so we were both on our knees on the bed facing each other. Craig placed the blunt, lighted end first, in his mouth and moved towards mine. I opened and our lips met as he blew an incredible amount of smoke into my lungs.

We separated and with a few massive pulls he finished the weed as I reeled exhaling in a coughing fit.

I found one of Craig's beers and had a sip to calm my cough.

Craig sat down next to me and began rubbing my back.

I turned to face him and he leaned in again to kiss me. I once again found myself opening my mouth as he pushed his tongue towards a duel with mine.

We began making out deeply and aggressively. It wasn't like a kissing a woman at all. It was forceful from both sides and very intense.

He broke away and pulled off his shirt as I followed suit. While he unbuttoned his jeans I slid off all my lower garments since I just had on sweatpants and gym shorts.

Craig was standing by his bed but still in his pants. Naked, I walked over and pulled his pants down, dropping to my knees in the process. His boxers came off next and as he stepped out of them I marveled from below at the sight of his massive cock.

He hadn't lied. As he stroked his dick to full attention it became clear he was at least a full 8 inches and THICK. I knew there was no way I could properly take it, but I badly wanted to try.

I gravitated toward his crotch and reached out for his monster cock.

I touched the base with one hand and slowly wrapped the other around it. I moved my hands around, caressing this unbelievable appendage.

I watched as the tip began to glisten with precum and I licked my lips hoping I could muster the courage to taste it.

Suddenly, Craig pushed slightly forward and I took it as a cue to act. I licked the piss slit on his cut dong and it tasted unbelievably sweet.

I couldn't help myself and I began kissing and licking all over the head of his cock, finally moving my hands to slobber up and down the shaft. Craig moaned as I moved back up to the head and boldly decided to open my mouth to let him in.

Despite my limited skills, I got the impression that I had done a good job so far and I licked around the underside of his dickhead in my mouth much to Craig's approval.

I couldn't take much more of him than that as he quickly filled my mouth and pushed towards the back of my throat with his hefty meat.

I decided I'd reached the limit of my oral abilities for now and pulled off much to Craig's disappointment.

'You've got some mouth on ya kid,' he said.

'Thanks,' I replied sheepishly. 'I was thinking we might switch things up a bit though.'

'I'm not gonna suck your dick, but I'll fuck you up the ass if you ask nicely.'

The bit about asking nicely clicked something on in my head. I can't explain it, but I knew what to do.

'Please,' I pleaded. 'Fuck me with your massive COCK! I need it in me!'

'Haha you've got it bro,' he smirked.

I scrambled up on the bed as Craig reached into his nightstand drawer and pulled out some lube.

'You're gonna need LOT'S of this, and I still don't think it'll help,' Craig taunted.

I was suddenly nervous. What if he hurt me? He did have an enormous penis and my ass was as virgin as they come.

True to his word though, Craig lubed my ass up thoroughly, working his fingers slowly inside to begin opening up my entrance. He then coated his meaty tool and flipped me on my back.

'Please,' I pleaded one more time, 'be careful.'

Craig laughed. 'Dude, I'm gonna tear your ass up and you're gonna LOVE it!'

I gasped as he thrust he dick right up to my hole and popped it in.

I literally yelped like a dog whose tail got mashed. He pushed in further and the screams kept coming from my mouth. I'd never felt anything so painful.

Craig continued undeterred until his cock was all the way in. He waited there a minute until my screams lessened, and then it started.

He slipped in and out against my hole's wishes, but it had little say in the matter.

Slowly, he picked up speed working me beyond anything I had expected. It hurt. I mean REALLY hurt. I was clearly in pain but Craig continued pounding away while closely eyeing my state.

After another minute or two, I felt a twinge deep inside me. My initial reaction was concern, but quickly I felt it build into a full-fledged emotion. Joy.

I could feel my insides warming up as my prostate was destroyed by the head of Craig's giant dick.

My ass had adapted to the pummeling prick damaging it's hole and begun to accept, even welcome the intrusion just as I had suddenly started to do.

Craig smiled down at me as he noticed the change in my demeanor. I started moaning and pushing back to meet his powerful thrusts as my enjoyment increased.

'Oh yeah, you feeling it now my man!' Craig beamed. 'How about some words of encouragement for your boy?'

'Oh ugh Craig! Fuck man pound that ass! Fuck me as HARD as you CAN!' I screamed stretching my ass cheeks as far apart as they could go with my hands.

'And what about my cum?' teased Craig.

The thought hadn't really occurred to me once he'd started fucking me. I didn't hesitate, I'd come too far.

'I want that load in ME! Give me your fucking cum Craig!!!!' I shouted.

He smiled as he continued slamming his cock in my hole. His balls slapped against my backside as I panted and moaned like some filthy sorority slut.

'Get ready my man!' shouted Craig suddenly. 'Here it COMES!!!'

I was in no way ready for it to end so I kept pushing against him as he pumped his load deep in my ass. I attempted to work my anal muscles to milk his cock and was rewarded with another couple spurts before he finally pulled out of my wrecked hole.

'Damn,' sighed Craig as he fell onto the bed.

We both laid there basking in the glow of our sex.


Knox Overstreet

[email protected]


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