Once my head cleared slightly, I realized what had just happened. I wasn't entirely comfortable with everything in my head. I had let a man fuck me, and enjoyed it beyond my wildest dream's. I just found out I loved the taste of my own cum, and I really wondered if I would like the taste of someone else's just as much.

At the same time, I knew that I had just blown a massive load and devoured it all because of Craig my handsome black neighbor.

Yeah that's right, handsome. I meant it too when I thought about it. He was an attractive hunk with a giant cock to rival any man's.

I closed the video and noticed the clock read 6:17. The sun would be up soon and I hadn't even slept yet.

Suddenly, a small window popped up in the lower right side of the screen.

I had a new e-mail from Craig.

'Hey man. I had a lot of fun during our get together. I need to feel your mouth again ASAP.


I was suddenly erect as the thought of once again sucking Craig's cock settled into my head.

I shook myself loose from my erotic trance and started typing a response.


I desperately need to sleep for a couple hours. I'll come up as soon as I wake up from a nap.


I clicked send and the e-mail departed. I shut the browser window and turned off the nearby lamp.

I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes.

My dreams predictably focused on Craig and his massive member, the one that was quickly turning me into a cum-dependant faggot.

I've had plenty of girlfriends in my life, but I had always fantasized about men sexually. Now that I had experienced gay sex with a giant hunk of a black man, Craig was all I could think about.

I awoke with my hand down my pants, wet with precum.

I pulled my hand to my face and licked what I could find.

I stretched and looked at the clock.


I rolled out of bed and walked over to my desk. I got out a bag of weed and my grinder, going about the rituals of my strange but forgotten hobby. I wakened my computer and walked over to my closet. There, behind an assortment of garments was my old 3-foot bong.

I refilled the water in the bathroom then brought the contraption back to my desk and went about packing it while I opened my Internet browser.

I went to my e-mail and noticed a handful of new messages including several from Craig.

With the bong positioned near my leaky crotch, I sparked the piece and took a massive hit off my trusty companion.

I held in the hit briefly before it exploded out trailed by a fit of violent coughing.

I reeled for a moment before coming back slightly to Earth. Somehow in the commotion I had opened the first of Craig's e-mails.

'I need your cock man! Get at me ASAP'

'Don't keep me waiting...'

That was the gist of the messages until I reached the most recent from Craig.

'If you aren't here in 20 minutes, you're in big trouble.'

The e-mail had been sent 11 minutes ago. Without hesitating I pulled on a clean shirt and put on shoes before quietly creeping out the back door. I ran all the way to Craig's house, stopping at the front door and yanking on the handle.


I sprinted around to the back door, finding it open I came in through the kitchen.

Craig wasn't there or in the main room so I raced upstairs no longer sure how much time had elapsed since I received his urgent dispatch.

I went down the hall to his room and opened the door. There on the bed wearing just a flattering pair of black boxer briefs, was Chad, glistening slightly in the light from his overhead lamps.

'You're late,' he said blankly.

'Sorry Craig,' I sputtered, out of breath from the run.

He glared at me, though not in an angry way. He displayed a look of distrust, perhaps not believing the breathless apology.

'Tell me what you want...' he finally said.


'Tell me what you want. You want this body don't you?'

I slowly ran my eyes across Craig's magnificent form starting at his sculpted feet, then gazing all the way up to the neatly trimmed hair on top of his head. I couldn't believe it, but I thought Craig looked fantastic.

'What do you want?' Craig said with a bit more force.

'I do want your body Craig,' I clearly stated.

'Do you want to make love to me?' Craig asked.

I thought for a moment. 'No,' I said.

'I want you to FUCK me!' I screamed to my surprise and Craig's.

'I want your big fuckin' load to erupt deep inside my asshole,' I breathed. 'Throw me down on the bed and ravage my little hole!'

Craig was smiling as he stood above me. I was now on my knees, instinctively I suppose.

'Oh I'll fuck you buddy. You'll get that load. But while you're down there, how about you get started with your mouth on my cock. Prove to me how much you love it.'

I didn't hesitate and started to pull down his tight briefs. As soon as Craig's cock popped free I grabbed hold of it and slowly started massaging up and down the thick glistening shaft.

I licked my lips in anticipation before taking the magnificent black head into my mouth.

Craig moaned as I began working around the piss slit then switched to the underside with my tongue. I still wasn't very experienced giving head, but I could tell by Craig's reactions that he found my technique pleasing.

I began to slowly bob up and down on his cock, taking a bit more in my mouth each time I slid back down the shaft.

Pretty soon, my nose was hitting his stomach and his cock was slipping past the opening to my throat causing my to gag.

Craig let me bob a few more times before suddenly yanking his cock out of my mouth. I gasped from surprise and being able to breathe again.

'What do you want?' Craig asked once again.

I looked up at Craig and saw his terrific body. I longed for him to fuck me. I'd come a long way from curious just the day before. Now I knew that the only way for me to feel fully complete was to have Craig's cock buried deep inside me.

'I want your COCK!' I yelled. 'I need you to fuck me! Please just like last night!'

I was begging and humiliating myself for Craig to fuck me.

'Be a good boy and hop up on the bed then,' he teased.

I jumped up and tore off my remaining clothes before laying down on the bed. I was almost shaking in anticipation as I scooted my ass to the edge for easy access.

Craig walked up to my exposed rear and started to rub his cock up and down the crack.

I hadn't noticed, but at some point in my excitement Craig had picked up an enormous- and apparently freshly rolled-blunt and was rolling it between the fingers of his free hand.

I knew that I was quickly becoming addicted to gay sex. I also knew I found the intense feelings of the act to be greatly intensified by weed. I hoped Craig was going to let his boy have some.

Craig saw me eyeing the weed and smiled.

'What, you want some of this?' he teased, lighting it up with both hands before tossing the lighter and returning his left hand to his cock.

I nodded yes and softly moaned as Craig pushed his cock a little closer to my quivering hole.

He took a long drag as he got the blunt rolling and pondered how much I should have to beg.

Craig pushed his cock forward with his free hand and slid the tip just past my opening, causing me to gasp.

'You'll have to tell me what you want. I can't read your mind.'

'Please!' I begged. 'Let me smoke some of that while you fuck my ass!'

'And what have you done to deserve that?'

'I'll do anything Craig! Use my ass and mouth as many times as you want! It just feels so good!'

Craig managed to stay completely still during all of this, but he began to move his cock as he slowly leaned over me and pushed his face down toward mine.

He flipped the lit blunt end into his mouth and leaned all the way in. I squealed with joy as I was about to receive a shotgun from my masculine partner.

As Craig blew the smoke deep into my lungs he thrust his cock all the way into my waiting asshole.

Craig pulled back and put his hand over my mouth to keep my from exhaling the smoke right away. He was planted deep in my ass, but not yet thrusting.

Finally, he let go and I exhaled in a coughing fit as Craig started moaning. My ass was spasming on his cock every time I coughed. The feeling must have been intense and once I calmed down he was ready to go to town.

Craig started slamming into my ass causing a bit of pain at first. I was quickly overcome by a combination of sexual and physical high however and the pain dissipated,

We started to get in a good rhythm with Craig and myself alternating thrusts. I had my arms and legs wrapped around him and was attempting to pull myself up closer to him.

Craig leaned down and pushed his tongue into my willing mouth. He continued fucking hard as he explored my oral cavity with his powerful probes.

We exchanged one more smoke and then began our final push toward ecstasy.

Craig filled my ass fully on every up thrust I made as I arched my back to fill my hole fully with his epic cock.

He leaned down once more without skipping a beat and thurst his tongue into my waiting mouth. I longed for Craig's kiss as its manly aggressiveness dominated my mouth just as his monster cock was dominating my ass.

He stopped kissing me for a moment to my dismay.

'Do you want this load man?' he asked.

'Oh God YES! Yes Craig give me your fucking cum!!!'

A few more pushes and he was home.

'Here it comes faggot! Take this up your hole like a good little bitch!'

His cock started blasting shot after shot of thick, creamy cum, painting my insides white with every spurt.

Craig collapsed on top of me again and we kissed some more. Finally, Craig pulled his softening cock free. He allowed me to lick the excess cum of his cock before putting it away.

It was delicious but just a giant tease.

'All right, we need to discuss something now,' Craig said after he began rolling up more weed.

I wasn't sure what he meant...


Knox Overstreet

[email protected]


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