After Craig fucked me, I must've fallen asleep for a bit. When I came to, Craig was passed out on the other side of his bed nestled under the covers.

I glanced at my watch and realized it was 4 A.M.

I quietly slipped off the bed and put on my clothes. I noticed Craig's large bag of weed on the nightstand. I took a nugget out and left him $10, hoping he would make the connection.

After that I crept back home, sneaking in the back door just as I'd left undetected. I went into my room and locked the door.

I was somewhat awake now and my mind was reeling from what had happened just hours ago.

I'd conversed with a black guy my age, Craig, who I met on the Internet. He lives just a few houses up from me, and under the cover of darkness, I'd gone up there and had sex with him.

I sucked his dick, then let him fuck my ass until he busted his nut deep in my ass.


I decided I'd smoke, then try and go back to sleep in the privacy of my own bed.

I packed a small bowl and played some music from my computer quietly.

I smoked and surfed online, casually looking at everything I normal cycle through in a given session. That eventually led to porn like it often does.

I checked a few of my usual sites, then went to a search engine. What I typed in surprised me.

I starting looking for pictures of dicks. Huge cocks of all shapes and sizes.

As I searched further, I started to focus on black cocks in particular, trying in vain to find one like Craig's.

Without thinking, I pulled my cock out. It was already hard and exposure to the air turned it to rock.

I stumbled onto some videos of small blonde girls sucking on big black rods. I watched as they tried to take the huge cocks, slowly stroking myself in the process.

My favorite of the girls began deepthroating a rather impressive cock at least 9 inches long.

She choked and gagged on the dick, but kept her jaw opened wide as her mouth and throat were brutally fucked by the big black stud.

I watched jerking faster, imagining myself slurping on Craig's sweet pole like I had earlier.

I remembered how big it felt resting on my tongue. I was so nervous the first time. Now, I found myself wishing Craig were here with his monster dong so I could service him properly.

I kept working my dick as the video cut to a shot of the girl jerking the man's cock while she knelt before him.

She positioned the penis at eye level, pointing it directly at her face.

The man's breathing started to get heavier as he moaned delight at the young lady's feverish jerking.

I too was quickly pounding my cock with my own right hand while my left pushed off my pants and started fondling my aching balls.

The girl stuck the tip of the dick in her mouth then pulled off. She repeated this twice more, then a third time. She was greeted with more moans and after slobbering on the cock just once more she was rewarded with her first spurt of cum.

It landed on her nose and as the cock loosed its fury, her face was painted with his rich seed.

She kept her tongue out and her mouth open as cum shot everywhere. She had an enormous smile on her face as she laughed with joy at the warm gooey liquid splashing about.

This was all I could take. I pumped into overdrive as I stood up off my computer chair.

I jerked my cock right to the point of no return, then placed my right hand in front of the head. I gripped the base of my cock with my other hand and I thought once more about my neighbor Craig and how powerfully he fucked me earlier.

I erupted cum all over my hand.

Shot after shot burst free and completely coated my palm.

I fell back onto my chair, breathless. I looked at my cum as the girl on screen began licking the load from her face. In order to get it all, she had to scoop up cum with her hands, pushing it into her mouth.

She started playing with the cum in her mouth as the camera zoomed in.

I decided I had to try it. For the first time in my life, I drew my cum-drenched hand to my mouth and licked my fresh load off it.

I sucked up the entire batch and felt the warm load in my mouth. I began to play with it on my tongue while the girl gurgled her mouthful of juice.

After a moment, I realized I really enjoyed the taste of my own semen. I couldn't believe that I'd never tried it before. I'd shot countless loads in my lifetime into tissues and t-shirts, or down the drain in the shower. What a complete waste!

I savored my own juices as I too gurgled cum in my mouth. My sexy blonde counterpart gulped down her prize and I followed suit, sucking myself down into my stomach.

The aftertaste was different. It wasn't bad, but it was interesting. It was kind of like I wanted more.

Once my head cleared slightly, I realized what had just happened. I wasn't entirely comfortable with everything in my head. I had let a man fuck me, and enjoyed it beyond my wildest dream's. I just found out I loved the taste of my own cum, and I really wondered if I would like the taste of someone else's just as much.

At the same time, I knew that I had just blown a massive load and devoured it all because of Craig my handsome black neighbor.

Yeah that's right, handsome. I meant it too when I thought about it. He was an attractive hunk with a giant cock to rival any man's.

I closed the video and noticed the clock read 6:17. The sun would be up soon and I hadn't even slept yet.

Suddenly, a small window popped up in the lower right side of the screen.

I had a new e-mail from Craig.


Knox Overstreet

[email protected]


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