Chapter 3

Bill reached over and circled my nipples with the back of his hand. I groaned my approval. He patted the seat next to him and I moved over to sit by him. He slid his hand up my t-shirt and pinched my nipples really hard. I winched, Bill asked if that was too hard and I told him no, but don't make me cum. I had trained myself to cum just by playing with my nipples. Each time he pinched them I could feel precum dribble from my cock into my briefs.

Bill lifted up my t-shirt and began licking and sucking on my nipples. He took my hand and placed it between his legs. I could feel the head of Bill's cock poking out down his leg. I cupped the back of his head with my free hand as he nursed on my nipples.

I began to tremble with excitement, Bill asked if I was ok and I nodded and whispered "Yes, but this is all new to me".

"Don't worry", he replied, "I'll be gentle with you".

He got up and told me to kneel on the floor in front of him. I did as I was told. He stood in front of me for a few seconds without saying a word. His legs were muscular and tanned, the dark hairs bleached by the sun. I could see that his cock was about to explode out of his denim shorts like a Jack in a Box.

His tight t-shirt hung from his pieced nipples. I looked up at him all puppy eyed and ran my hands slowly up the inside of his thigh. I slipped my thumbs under the crutch of his jeans between his groin and his hairy balls. Bill reached down and sprung his cock out. My eyes lit up when I saw the size of it. I knew straight away that I would probably never meet a man again with a cock as big as this.

Bill laughed, " Are you just going to stare or are you actually going to suck it?"

I braced myself against his strong legs. I pulled back his fleshy foreskin and kissed the big pink head of his cock. I flicked my tongue around his knob teasing his piss hole. Then I took him into my warm mouth. His cock was huge, I struggled to open my mouth wide enough.

I had to wrap my hand around it just to feel it's thickness. Wow it was heavy, I couldn't believe just how heavy it felt in my hand. I pulled down his shorts and slipped them off completely. I took him into my mouth again and tried to take him deeper down my throat but I kept gagging. I worked on his frenulum with my tongue instead. Licking up and down his shaft and sucking on his balls. I tried my best to take all of his cock into my mouth but it was just too big and fat.

I looked up at Bill, "You have a beautiful cock Bill but I just can't swallow it all".

Bill smiled knowingly, "It's 8 inches long and nearly 7 inches in circumference, but don't worry I'm sure you're ass will stretch to take it"

Before I had chance to take in what Bill had just said he placed his arms under mine and scooped me up onto my feet. He took his t-shirt off and helped me off with mine. He pulled me towards him and I ran my hands over his broad hairy chest and down his strong arms.

We were like father and son, Bill with his hairy chest, craggy face, grey hair and beard and me all fresh faced with my brown puppy eyes, blonde hair and smooth body.

Bill held me tight his hard cock pressed against my groin. He moved his fingers down the small of my back making me shiver with excitement and cupped my ass in his hands. Then we kissed passionately. Bill forced his hand down the back of my trousers and into my briefs, I could feel his finger slide down the crack of my ass and press against my rosebud.

I groaned into his ear, "Oh yeah, fuck, that feels good"

Bill kissed my ear and whispered, "I love a boy that's vocal, groan as much as you want"

Bill turned me around and told me to climb up on the bed and stick my bum in the air. I got on the bed still with my trousers and briefs on. Bill pulled me back and knelt on the bench seat and fondled my ass.

"Mmm, you have a peachy ass", he said, and gave it a slap.

I wiggled it in his face and he called me a tart which I loved.

Without undoing my belt or my zip he dragged my trousers and briefs down over my ass. He began to rub the cheeks of my ass, slowly stretching them further apart running his thumb over my hole as I gently moaned into the pillow. I felt his warm breath then his rough stubble and finally his tongue as he ran it down the cleft of my ass. Slowly his tongue got nearer to my tight little asshole. I purred with excitement. He pulled my cheeks apart and sunk his tongue into my hole. I could feel his rough stubble against the cheeks of my ass, his warm wet tongue pressing against me, licking and lapping at my tight little hole. I couldn't believe just how good it felt, it really turned me on to feel so vulnerable

Bill moved down to my balls licking my sack and sucking each ball into his mouth in turn. He reached between my legs and pulled my cock back hard between my ass cheeks. Wow! This was weird but it felt so gay. He took my cock into his mouth and started sucking it. He held my cock with one hand and fingered my ass with the other, all the time working my cock with his warm mouth.

He licked down my shaft over my balls and spat on my hole before burying his head between my ass cheeks again. Still holding my cock back between my ass cheeks he began opening me up with his fingers. I could feel him stretching my ass and I pushed back squirming on his fingers. Slowly I could feel my ass getting wetter and more loose.

"That's it" he said, "You're beginning to get the gape".  I had not heard the expression before but I got the drift.

I could feel my ass being stretched and started to groan into the pillow. It was such a turn-on to reach around and feel my wet hole. Bill pulled me down off the bed and I knelt on the bench seat, my arms resting on the bed. He placed his hands either side of my ass and rubbed his hard cock up and down my crack.

I was wild for his cock, aching to feel it inside me. He parted my ass cheeks and I could feel him pressing the head of his cock against my hole. Although I was wet and loose Bill told me to push back on him. I slowly eased myself onto his fat cock, I could feel my ass being stretched even more. The suddenly as I pushed back it popped inside

Bill then started gentle thrusts in and out, some more spit and a bit of lube helped loosen me up. He started slow but then got faster, I pushed back on him to meet his forward thrusts. He pushed deeper, it hurt a little bit but it was more discomfort than pain. With each thrust I could feel a little bit of cum leak from my cock like it was being pushed out from the inside.

He pulled out and got on the bed and told me to straddle him so he could see the cum shoot from my cock. I got on top of him and guided his cock inside me. Wow! This felt amazing too, so different from being fucked from behind. I could feel his bulbous knob grazing my prostate as I slowly bounced up and down on his cock. This time I was in control, I lifted off him until his cock almost popped out then I plunged back down on him balls deep. My ass felt so full it was amazing. Bill began to push up as I plunged down on him, it felt like his cock was hitting my end stop. My cock was rock hard flopping up and down banging on Bill's stomach. I could feel myself about to cum.

"Bill, I'm going to cum", I shouted.

Bill took hold of my cock leaning forward with his mouth open. I let out an almighty sigh as  jet after jet of cum shot way over Bill's chest landing in his hair and over his face it just kept pumping, my whole body shaking. Then I felt him cum inside me and I had another orgasm.  He groaned and pulled me towards him and we kissed passionately.

I flopped down on the bed next to him and he took my hand and squeezed it.

"You ok", he asked.

"You bet", came the reply, "I loved every minute of that"

I fell asleep in Bill's arms and when I awoke I remembered my rucksack. I asked Bill if I had my rucksack on when he invited me into the camper. He said no I didn't. It was then I remembered that I'd left it in the boot of the guys car earlier. Oh shit! I thought to myself. I got in a bit of a panic got dressed and told Bill I had to go. Just as I was about to head off he handed me a piece of paper with his phone number on. I took it and shoved it in my pocket waved and headed off home.

It took a bit longer to get home I guess I was tired after such a long day of sex. Then to my horror, as I rounded the corner, I spotted that guys car parked outside my house. 

What was I going to do? 

Shy Stuart

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