Chapter 1

Having strict parents is no fun at all it was bad enough in my teens but now I'm in my twenties it hasn't got any better. I suppose I should be stronger but I've always been a bit of a wussy. Basically the rules that affect me are - no internet and no girls to be brought home. To be honest I'm not bothered about girls, it's always been older men I've been interested in. In fact it's become a craving, a craving to suck another man's cock and taste his cum. I suppose I could try my own but I'm so used to the disciplined lifestyle I've decided to wait.

I have a laptop that I'm allowed to use at college or down the library. At college the sites I want to access are blocked. I'm allowed a basic phone but it's not a smart phone. Why don't you just buy a smart phone? I hear you ask. Well I guess I could but I don't want to be dobbed in by my sisters. I suppose unless you meet my parents you wouldn't understand what it's like.

A few weeks ago I was reading in my local paper about a local picnic area. The toilets there had been demolished due to unsocial behaviour by men. Now I'm not stupid so I know that means men were meeting there for sex.

We often went on holiday to Cromer on the east coast, stopping at a riverside picnic area on the way. Whenever we went there I always went into the toilets. It turned me on to be in the toilets with other men. I liked to check out the stories on the doors of the cubicles. Sometimes there were drawings too, it was the only access to gay porn I had at the time and I loved it. There were little holes in the partition wall, sadly none big enough to push a cock through. I did peer through and if I was lucky I'd get to see a guy wank off.

I checked on my Ordnance Survey map to see how far the picnic area mentioned in the paper was from me.  It turned out to be an hours walk from my house. I made plans to visit the very next day to see if anything still happened around there.

I told mum I was going for a country walk she was delighted that I was going to get some fresh air and made a packed lunch for me. I set off in my walking gear with the packed lunch in my rucksack.

I followed a long ridge to the picnic area and arrived above it. I looked down through the wood to the car park. It was late March and still quite cold with no leaves on the trees. I followed the gravelled footpath through the wood looking down on the parking area. I could see various cars but I couldn't see if anyone was in them. The gravelled public footpath left the wood and veered into an open field. But I could see a muddy path leading up from the car park deeper into the wood beyond. I followed it to a clearing where there were some discarded condoms. I smiled to myself, it looked like it was still used for sex.

I followed the footpath back along the ridge to some steps that lead down to the car park. On the way up was a guy in a smart suit. It was obvious he wasn't dressed for a walk. Could I assume he was looking for sex, maybe. I smiled at him, my heart beating in my chest. He smiled back but he carried on walking.

I reached the car park and started checking out the cars. Over to the left I could see the foundations of the old toilet block. The first two cars were empty. The third had an old couple in it. He was reading a paper and she was knitting. The other cars were in a higher section of the car park just below the wooded clearing. I walked up to the other cars hoping to see a guy wanking off or something like that. There were four cars up this end of the car park and I could see men sitting in two of them. I walked right beside the first car and peered in - nothing the guy was asleep. The second car the guy wasn't asleep but he didn't have his cock out either. It was then I spotted the muddy track leading up the hillside to the clearing. I decided to follow it.

The path was really slippy and I nearly ended up on my arse in the mud but I made it to the top. I could see the guy in the suit so I headed towards him. The path into the clearing was a dead end, surely that would indicate to him I was looking for sex. As I got nearer to him he undid his zip and pulled out his semi-hard cock. He started stroking it, I could see he was nervous as he was looking around all the time. It made me nervous too and I almost lost my nerve but the desire for cock drove me on. 

I knelt down in front of him and straight away I could smell his manliness. He placed his hand on the back of my head and firmly pushed my face between his legs. I could feel the heat from his groin as he rubbed his slowly hardening cock around my face. I moved back, took his cock in my hand and drew back his foreskin. It was so cold steam rose from his cock. He was obviously a very clean guy, but his knob still looked deliciously moist with beads of precum leaking from his little hole. I opened my mouth and started sucking him. I'd never had a cock in my mouth before so the taste and especially the texture was new to me.

He instantly got rock hard in my mouth and I could taste his precum. Surprisingly his knob felt smooth like glass but his foreskin was soft and malleable. A mate had shown me some straight porn videos so I had a good idea how to suck cock but I still thought I could do better than any girl.

I sucked on his cock working my tongue up and down his frenulum and swirling it around his knob. I held his balls tight in my hand and flicked my tongue over his glans and down his shaft to his balls. His ball bag was massive and I sucked on each ball in turn sucking it into my mouth before running my tongue back up his shaft. I swallowed his cock balls deep and kept it there licking his balls at the same time. I mouthed the side of his shaft working my mouth and tongue up and down. First the left side then the right side before plunging him deep into my mouth. He groaned a lot and kept saying "Oh fuck, oh fuck" so I knew I was doing a good job.

He grabbed my head with both hands and began face fucking me. He wasn't a massive guy about 6 inches but it was a nice fat cock. I moaned my approval as his balls were bouncing against my chin. I cupped his ass with both hands to push him deeper down my throat. I could feel his cock harden even more. He pushed me back and said, "I'm going to cum". I looked up at him and nodded my approval. He grabbed his cock and began wanking. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue bracing myself with my hands on his thighs. He let out an almighty groan his legs started shaking. The first two spurts of thick cum hit my face before I managed to close my mouth around his cock. Even so he filled my mouth with lots of his gooey cum. The taste was far more intense than I expected but I loved it.

The guy got up zipped up his fly and walked off. I sat back against the tree playing with the cum in my mouth, letting some dribble down onto my t-shirt. I looked around hoping some other men may have joined us but there was no one. I could feel the cum he shot on my face dribbling down my neck and I scooped it up and licked my finger. There was no way I was going to spit out all this lovely cum but I didn't want to swallow it just yet either. I played with it in my mouth as it mixed with my saliva eventually there was just too much and I swallowed the lot. Mmm, it was tasty but I wanted some more. 

Shy Stuart

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