Chapter 2

I sat there long after the guy had walked off thinking about what I had just done. It was my first time with a guy and I didn't even know his name. My head was spinning with a range of emotions but having sex with a stranger was exciting. The craving was even stronger know so I went to find more cock to suck.

I walked along the footpath at the top of the ridge to the steps and back down. The couple in the car had gone, some of the others too. The car with the guy asleep was still there. I walked up towards it, this time I could see the guy was awake. He looked over at me as I approached. He looked quite old perhaps in his late 60's. I prefer older guys so I wasn't bothered just as long as he could get hard. I decided to walk behind his car and right passed his door.

I did a circle around his car just to make it obvious. Then as I approached for a second time he opened the door. I could see his cock in his hand, I leaned in and took it into my mouth. Just then a car pulled in and the guy pushed me off and closed the door. I motioned for him to open the window and I asked him to come up to the clearing. He explained that he had a bad knee and couldn't make it up the hill. He asked if I would suck him off while he drove around and I agreed.

He opened the boot and I threw my rucksack in the back and got in the passenger side. The guy was very chatty and told me that he was married but his wife was no longer interested in sex. To be honest I didn't want to chat I just wanted to suck his cock but he was a nice man so I engaged in conversation with him. Eventually he started the car, I sunk down in the seat and buried my head in his groin kissing his hardening cock through his trousers.

The car park was uneven and I bumped my head on the steering wheel a couple of times but soon we were on the smooth road. I undid his zip and reached into his briefs, it was hot and sweaty inside but I didn't care. I took out his cock and started sucking. For an old guy he was nice and hard. As I sucked his cock he commented on how I was doing. I was pleased he liked what I was doing. I said to him that he you're really hard and he laughed and replied "Viagra".

I used all the techniques I used on the man in the suit and it seemed to be working. I could taste copious amounts of precum dribbling from the old guys cock. He reached down between my legs and started stroking my cock. I was more interested in having my ass fingered. So I whispered "Play with my ass". Somehow he manged to get his hand down the back of my trousers. I undid my belt and button on my trousers to make it easier for him. He cupped my bum and squeezed it as I sucked on his delicious cock. Then he slid a finger down my crack and worked his finger into my hole. Straight away I could feel precum dribbling from my cock. He pulled off the road and came to a stop but I stayed down between his legs.

He placed his hand on the back of my head forcing his cock deeper down my throat then he exploded. Gush after gush of thick cum shot down my throat making me gag. His cock slipped from my mouth dripping with cum. He laughed and said "You better clean all that up". There was no question that I would. I licked his shaft and his balls clean before finally coming up for air. I opened my mouth to show him all of his cum. He pulled me towards him and said, "share it with me". His lips enveloped mine, his tongue prised my mouth open and we had a cummy snog.

I'd never kissed a guy before so I wasn't sure if I would like it but it was fantastic. I loved the softness of his lips contrasting with the roughness of his stubble and the way we passed his cum backwards and forwards between us until our faces were covered in a mixture of sticky cum and saliva.

On the way back to the picnic spot he was very chatty suggesting we could meet again. I nodded in agreement but all the time I was thinking 'on to the next man'. He pulled up in the road outside the picnic spot, I thanked him and headed off looking for more cock to suck.

I headed up to the top section of the car park. Again there were men just sitting in their cars doing nothing. Then I spotted a campervan parked right by the path that lead up to the clearing. As I approached I could see a guy in the open door way. Judging by the smell he was cooking bacon and eggs. I slowed down so I could get a good look at him. He was a big hunky bear of a guy with strong hairy legs and broad shoulders.

He was wearing a pair of cut down denim shorts and a tight t-shirt. As I walk past I said "Your cooking smells great". he replied "Thanks". I paused briefly but nothing else was said so I made my way up the slope to the clearing.

There was no one around. I walked along the ridge to the steps and walked back. I went back to the clearing. I was still so fucking horny, I leaned against a tree and stuck my bum out imagining a man coming up behind me. I undid my belt and zip and peeled my trousers and briefs down revealing my peachy ass. I stuck my ass in the air, spat on my fingers and reached around to finger my ass. I had discovered the pleasures of playing with my ass some years ago sticking all manner of things up there to make me cum. It was so exciting knowing a man could catch me at any moment. But after about 10 minutes I gave up.

Suddenly there was a flash and crack and the heavens opened. I tried to shelter under a large tree but the rain was coming down thick and fast. A river of water was soon tumbling down the hillside to the car park below. My clothes were soaked and I was cold, my t-shirt clinging to my hard nipples. I laughed to myself thinking that I could easily win a wet t-shirt competition.

I made it down the hillside in one piece without slipping in the mud. The guy in the campervan had closed the door but just as I walked past he opened the door and shouted to me. "Come in out of the rain if you want". I didn't hesitate and climbed in his campervan. Wow it was hot and steamy inside and I told him so. He explained he had all mod cons, including a heater and a double bed. I looked over at the double bed and we both smiled.

I could tell we were both checking each other out. He was a good looking guy big brown eyes and a trimmed beard. I thought my nipples were big but his were huge I could see through his t-shirt that they were pierced. Sure enough his denim shorts were tiny. I could see his fat cock curled up, his balls peeping out either side of the material. There was not enough material to constrain his cock if it got hard. I felt sure it would pop out the side of his shorts at any moment.

He looked over at me and said, "My names Bill and can I ask if your nipples are always that big and hard?"

I looked down at my nipples gave them a little tweak, sighed and said "Only when I'm aroused".

"Are you aroused now?" he asked with a chuckle in his voice and a glint in his eye.

"I might be", I replied

"Only might", he laughed.

I couldn't believe what was happening I was flirting with this guy like a girl.

I said "Guys like you turn me on"

"Well you're turning me on too young man", he smiled

To be continued...

Shy Stuart

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