• The Boss: Chapter 3

    Stuart is surrounded by six hunky men in business suits. It's a dream come true, but sex with all of them has to remain a fantasy, at least for now.

  • The Boss: Chapter 2

    John (the boss) is a wiley old fox, he handles the situation with Pauline perfectly. Soon he and Stuart are alone in the upstairs office. Stuart may look innocent but he's eager to show John another side of him

  • The Village Toilets

    The village toilets are dank and smell of piss but Stuart is a sleazy pervert who loves them and the men that use them.

  • The Boss

    Stuart is teased about his sexuality by a woman at work. His boss overhears and is furious, disciplining the woman concerned. Later Stuart is seduced by his boss and one thing leads to another.

  • The willing cuckold

    Sandra is a cock hungry slut with a heart of gold. Stuart is a bi-curious guy trying to stick to the straight and narrow. This is the story of their sexual adventures together.

  • Constant Craving: Chapter 6

    The young man bumps into his Uncle for the second time in a week. At first he's not interested but when Uncle Ray suggests a weekend away cottaging it sparks the young man's interest.

  • Constant Craving: Chapter 5

    A chance encounter with Uncle Ray ends with the young faggot getting fucked in a dirty alleyway.

  • Constant Craving: Chapter 4

    The young man's rucksack is returned after leaving it in the old guy's car. The old man suggests another meet. Initially the young man declines but when he's offered a group fuck he can't say no!

  • Becoming a Girl

    Growing up I knew I was different to other boys. At puberty a hormone imbalance caused my breasts to grow. By the time I was 20 I was on hormones and hungry for a man.

  • Dressed as an Easter Bunny, Fucked like a Rabbit

    Me and my gurlie friends go to the local tranny club dressed like Easter Bunnies and get fucked like rabbits

  • Me and My Girlfriend's Dad: Chapter 3

    I get cold feet but Jack handles the situation perfectly and soon he's finger fucking me in the shower. Like a little faggot I get down on my knees and beg him to fuck me.

  • Me and My Girlfriend's Dad: Chapter 2

    I return from the shower to find my girlfriend's dad on the bed with his ass in the air. I take one look at his moist hairy hole and I know I have to fuck him.

  • Me and My Girlfriend's Dad

    My girlfriend and her mother arrange a 'boys' weekend away with her father to discuss my inability to satisfy their daughter. What happens during the weekend changes my life.

  • Constant Craving: Chapter 3

    The insatiable young man gets fucked in a campervan by a man with a cock as thick as a porn star.

  • Constant Craving: Chapter 2

    With the taste of cum still fresh in the young man's mouth he goes looking for another cock to suck.

  • Constant Craving

    A young man gives into his craving and goes looking for cock and cum at his local gay cruising spot.

  • The Confession

    A married man gives in to his desires and goes to a gay cruising spot. He spends the evening sucking cock and getting fucked before finally confessing to his wife by text message.

  • First me then my wife become a black guys bitch: Chapter 2

    I bottle out of going into Carlton house and he's not happy. However, a week or so later while in a drunken stupor I give Carlton my address and invite him around to fuck me.

  • Divorced and Looking For Cock

    After a disastrous marriage Stuart is on the hunt for cock. He meets Karen who offers to be his Mistress and introduce him to a hung alpha male.

  • First me then my wife become a black guys bitch

    A newly married young man is lured into becoming a black guys bitch but does he have the nerve to go through with it?

  • The Seduction

    An older man seduces the young apprentice. They end up in bed together but in a surprising twist the young man turns the tables on the older man.

  • From Innocent Virgin to Slut in 24 Hours: Chapter 4

    Stuart is stripped naked, blindfolded and fitted up with a harness, a dogs tail butt plug, dog collar and lead. Men begin to arrive and one by one they fuck his cute little ass and mouth.

  • From Innocent Virgin to Slut in 24 Hours: Chapter 3

    Back at his aunts house Stuart is warned about staying away from the car park in the woods as it's a place where men meet for sex. With a twinkle in his eye he offers to take Pip for a walk in the woods!

  • From Innocent Virgin to Slut in 24 Hours: Chapter 2

    Part 2 we see the eager young Scot getting fingered and fucked by Jack the man he met in the woods the day before. Stuart is hungry for more cock and Jack has just the idea!

  • From Innocent Virgin to Slut in 24 Hours

    Naïve, innocent Scot moves south of the border to England to live with his aunt. On a walk in the local woods with his dog he meets a man that changes him from an innocent virgin to a dirty little faggot.