It was the thirds shift for Johnny this week when he got another e-mail from Coach Danny that he got a new job offer out in California for September of this coming year. Johnny was so please for Danny new position coaching at a Ivory league school out west. It was at the beginning of August that Johnny plan a dinner party for Coach Danny. The party was very successful with well over 20 of his closet friends being there. 

The labor day weekend is only a few weeks away now that Johnny got some sad news that Marty was injury from a car accident and that he will not be going on Johnny fishing trip. Roy and Johnny both decide to go anyway since the Cabin was alredy book. They arrive at the cabin shortly after 1 pm from driving more then a few hours. The Cabins were very secluded up in the wood as it sits on a huge fresh water lake that was around 10 square miles long. 

Roy took the Loft bedroom as for Johnny, He decided to take the bedroom beside the bathroom that just was all redone. They began to fish for a few hours until it got close to supper time. Johnny caught a couple of nice 5 pounds lake trout for their dinner that night. 

There was a thunderstorm approaching the lake hour within the next hour as the winds started to pick up immensely . Roy had a great body for some one who is well into his mid 50's as he stood just over 6 feet and weigh around 190 plus. His looks were very close to Kevin Tighe in the 70's hit TV series called Emergency, With the same hair colour and body features.

The wine finally hit the both of them just before they decided to head off to bed for the evening. John made the first move on Roy by giving him a nice body massaged as he was all lay out on the huge wooden log dining room table. You can hear a bit of pleasure when John began to rub Roy groin area with his hand, Roy had a very nice 6 plus semi on in his white tight boxer short that he likes wearing.

John then pull Roy dick through the hole in the boxer as he began to suck him deeply ,While the bristle from his moustache were tingling Roy's dick and shave balls. You can see that John was enjoying Roy's pre cum that was coming out very slowly from his cock as it took only a few minutes until Roy's shot off his load of cum all down Johnny throat.

John quickly went over to the kitchen to grab his beer so that he can was down Roy's salty load that he had just gave him.

" Fuck dude that was great "

" Thank you sir "

" Your cum had a very nice sweet taste to it sir "

" Really Johnny my wife said it tasted awful "

" What does a lady know about what cum tasted like "

" I agree with you there "

" Can you fuck me tomorrow Capt. "

"  That well be hot since a brought some of my Viagra with me "

" Fuck Sir that well be a great fuck "

" Last time it took well over a hour until I cum "

" Fuck that sounds hot dude "

" Yea Johnny, I fuck my wife brother just after his nasty divorce "

" Did he like it Sir "

" He said it was the best orgasm ever "

" I hope your cock well feels like Marty '

" Your friend the wrestler Marty "

" Yes sir Marty "

" I never knew, I thought he was 100% straight "

" I thought so to Capt. "

" Hey Sir can you fuck me on the table "

" Yes Johnny I will fuck your hole any were you like "

" Goodnight Roy "

" I will see you in the morning dude "

They got back to the cabin shortly after breakfast as they decided to take a drive into the town that was about 30 minutes from the lake. Johnny notice a little Irish Pub close to the towns Fire Station. They had a nice lunch as they check out all of the hot looking fireman that came in wearing their firemen pants, Roy love the look with the front flap of the pants were wide open, As for Johnny, He like looking at their underwear that sticks out the back of them as he like to see if they are wearing boxer,briefs or Under Armour that most firemen wear now.

By the time they made it back to the cabin they we both so fucking horny for what they have just seen. Roy took his hit of Viagra just before they went back out in the little motor boat to do some more fishing. Johnny had just clean up the dinner dishes while Roy was sitting out side on the huge cabin rap around deck as he watch the sun sink behind the mountains. 

Johnny look at his watch to check the time that was on it, He thought it will be a good time now to get fuck since it was close to 10 pm. They both drank close to 8 beers of Bud before they walk over to the table for their so called Love Making.

Johnny was bend over the table as Roy got down and started to eat out Johnny shave hole before he put his cock into him, It took another 5 minutes until he was all done slurping up Johnny as juice.

" Fuck Johnny that was good "

" Fuck me Roy , Fuck me Roy "

Roy poor some KY jell that he brought with him onto his Viagra cock, He guide his dick very slowly into Johnny hole, They both moan until it was all the way shove up there .

" How does it feel "

" Fuck Sir, Fucking great "

Roy shaft was pounding his hole good and hard as he can hear his balls slaps against Johnny hole, Roy began to pull out of him as he wanted to fuck him in a different possession. He pull Johnny ankles and legs around his reddish blonde shoulders before he guided his cock back into Johnny ass. They fuck this time was well over 30 minutes by this point.

" Fuck Roy you close dude "

" Not there yet Johnny "

" Pound me much harder sir "

" Pound me , Pound me Roy "

" Shit dude I am close "

" Oh fuck dude almost there "

" Holy shit John "

" Here it comes "

" Give me the juice Capt "

Roy cock exploded like a rocket shooting his load off into Johnny ass, His whole body twitch and shook as his balls were releasing his load of cum. They were all cover over with Roy sweat as he started to with drew his cock from his hole.

" Holy shit Roy that was fucking hot dude "

" Fuck Johnny , I think I orgasm twice into your hole "

" Fucking Know way Sir "

" I need to hit the shower room now "

" Go for it Sir "

They both took cold shower before they went to sleep that night, As for the rest of the weekend it flew by very quickly. They never saw one another until Thursday shift when they went out for lunch together. It took Roy some time until he told Johnny that he got transfer to another station over on the North side of the city. Johnny became a little depress for a couple of weeks after Roy's move,It took a good e-mail from his old friend Coach Danny to cheer him up a bit.

The End 




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