Johnny had change his career on becoming a teacher and decided to become a Firemen for the city of Pittsburgh, It took well over a year before he graduate from the Fireman Academy as he receive one of the top awards given in his class of 40 people. The day was very long when his new Captain Roy Soto called him in to his office and told him that he will be attending a Firemen workshop down in Atlanta over this year Labor Day weekend. 

The time went by real fast as Johnny was packing his suitcase before he head on out to the airport before he catches his flight to Atlanta. The first 2 days of the workshop were very boring until he decided to go out to a sports bar for the night.

He was sitting up at the bar when he notice that Marty had just walk into the Bar "Holy shit Johnny is that you dude" They both brace one another before they order a large pitcher of beer, and some wings. The conversation went on for a couple of hours before Marty invited him back to the place were he was staying at. His Bother In- Law, Let him use his newly Loft Condo very close to the Hotel that Johnny was staying at. The time was well after 9 pm now before they close off their tab and head out the door of the bar.

It was not long after they got back to the loft that the started to wrestle one another on the floor in their underwear that they were wearing, Johnny had on his usual white jockey briefs as for Marty it was a pair of Under Armour sports pouch briefs. Their wrestling match heated up when Johnny mouth got planted on Marty crotch during the leg scissor head lock. Marty began to moan as Johnny lips were licking his balls during this possession. The both decided to get up from the floor and head into the bedroom for some sex.

Marty Brother In-Law was into kinky sex as he built himself a sling for when he fucks his so called girlfriend. Johnny placed himself in the slings as Marty stood there in front of him pouring some kind of heat active massaged oil all over his body, and his 8 inch semi cut tool. Johnny eyes were amazed has Marty started to roll  the Trojan Condom all the way up his shaft until it was to his hairy balls.

Johnny began to scream as Marty cock started to enter his hole again, Marty really took his time until he was fulling in large into Johnny small hole. Marty blue eyes roll back when he began to stroke and glide his tool in and out of Johnny.

" How does it feel dude "

" I love it Marty "

" Fuck me harder Marty"

" Fuck me harder Sir "

Marty hairy nibbles were 100 % erected  by Johnny pinching them now as he was yelling and screaming of sexual pleasure as his hard cock was pounding his ass good and hard.

" I love fucking your hole dude "

" It so much tighter then my wife hole Johnny "

" Please fuck my man pussy Marty "

" Fuck me dude "

" Fuck me dude "

" Fuck Johnny I am getting close now dude "

" Please cum Marty "

" Almost there "

" Oh fuck . Oh fuck "

" Here it comes "

" Holy Shit Johnny'

Marty sweet sweaty body began to erupt and shake as his cock was spurting out his huge load of semen into the condom. 

" Fuck dude Fuck"

" What Marty What "

" I am fucking coming again dude "

" Holy shit Johnny "

Marty once again began to shoot off another load of his juice as his body was still jerking back and fourth from the orgasm. Marty pull out of his ass real slow as Johnny was still moaning of pleasure from his huge dick. John took his hands and started to pull off Marty condom that was full of his hot sticky juice.

John took the condom which had a good half ounce of cum in it, And began to pour it all over his hard cock before he started to jerk himself off with it all, He then told Marty to put his semi hard cock back into his mouth once again for him to suck. Johnny was really enjoying himself as he was jerking his hard cock and trying to get another load of cum from Marty.

It took a good 5 minutes until he shoot his load off all over his belly. Then it was Marty turn to shoot another load off, This time he shot it all over Johnny goatee and mouth. The time was well past midnight now as they were both drying off one another from the shower the just took. John was now sitting on the bed as he watch Marty grab a fresh pair of Jockey's briefs from his Under Armour sports bag that he brought with him. He deeply enjoy watching Marty put on his underwear, As he roll it up over his hairy legs right to his med section.

The kiss each other once again, Before Marty open the door for Johnny. It was just after 1 am now that Johnny mad it back to his Hotel room for a good night sleep. The alarm clock was now showing 7 30 am when John heard a knock at the door before he went over to see who it was.

" Hello Capt. come on in Sir "

" How was your night Johnny "

" I Had a good time Sir "

" I will not ask you anything more "

" Okay Sir  "

Captain Roy watch Johnny get dress before they went down to grab some breakfast in the hotels dinning room. The rest of the convention was very successful for the both of them, There flight back home to Pittsburgh was very rough due to the weather outside. John and the Captain Roy became close over the next months. Johnny still get a e-mail from both Coach Danny and Marty every so often . Johnny got the oaky from all of them, To plan for a weekend fishing trip close to Bristol, Tennessee some time around the Memorial Day weekend.

Part 4 to follow.




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