Coach Danny and myself meet once again, As we both decided to join the local Water Polo Team for this up and coming winter season, I was glued once again when Coach Danny walk out onto the pool deck showing off his jewels in his Dark Navy Blue Speedo that he was wearing before he jump into the water. It felt great feeling his bulge rub against my hips as he was trying to get the ball away from me, I gave him a few jabs myself once he got the ball during the Water Polo practise. 

The shower was hot watching all those naked men around me and the Coach, We smile a few times at one another as we notice some hot little body's around us. Coach Danny invited me to join him for a night up in Dayton were he was going to be at a baseball workshop. The hotel was very nice as our room was on the 15 floor over looking the city downtown, The time was just after 8 pm we decide to put our speedo's and track pants on and head on down to the hotel,steam room and hot tube.

I also brought a few cans of beers with us for the steam in case we both get thirsty from all of the hot steam, The room was very hot when a door open up and I notice that my fav. All time Pro Wrestler Show up totally naked from head to toe, Myself and Coach Danny both got a huge semi on in our speedo's before Marty climb onto the top bench to sit. Marty stood well over 6 feet weigh a good solid 220 pounds and was very hairy from top to bottom along with a blonde trim beard. Most gay men would called him a daddy bear type.

" Hello there my name is Marty "

" I know who you are dude "

" I love watching your matches on the TV "

" Cool and you name is '

" I am Johnny "

" This is Danny "

" We are here for the baseball workshop "

" That cool, I am in town for some promotion meeting "

" You like a Beer Marty "

" Love one guy's "

" What do you do for a living Danny "

" I Coach College football '

" Very nice dude "

" As for you Johnny "

" Getting a math and education degree Marty "

" He was one of my students last year dude "

" Yea Johnny your pet you mean '

" More like a fuck buddy dude"

" You are 100% right my friend "

" Are you married guy's "

" I am divorce now Marty "

" I am single and working on my degree '

" How about yourself Marty "

" I have just got over a nasty divorce "

" You guy's fuck around "

" Sometimes Marty "

" I am not had sex with anyone for well over 6 month's

" Hey Coach how about sucking his semi hard cock "

" Fuck Coach go for it "

Marty stood up in front of Coach before he started to suck Marty nice 7 semi cut coat, I watch Marty pre cum pour all out of his dick onto Coach Danny wide mouth as he was moaning real loud of sexual pleasure .

" Fuck you good  Coach"

" He is the best Marty "

" Suck me, Suck me Coach "

" Can I play with your tits Marty'

" You sure can Jonny "

John stood right behind Marty ass and reach around and started to pull and play with Marty hard nibbles as he was all soaking of his own sweat. Johnny now began to suck on Marty hard nibbles and was biting them real hard before he shot off his load.

" Fuck guy's I am close '

" Hey Coach can you take me "

" Let me take him Coach '

" Cool go for it Johnny "

" Fuck Johnny suck me, suck me "

" Holy Shit I am coming dude "

" Shoot Marty , Shoot Marty "

Marty whole body shook as he started to shoot off a huge load of white cum all his chest, Coach Danny went over to lick off all the rest of Marty cum that was still left Jonny nibbles and chest

" Fuck Marty your cum taste good "

" Sorry guy's I need to take a cold shower now "

" Fuck Coach that was fucking hot "

" Oh my God Johnny you got that right "

" How do we top that "

" Let's invite him back up to the room'

" I love to get fuck by him Danny "

" Me to Johnny '

The door began to open as Coach and Johnny went over to take a shower and get dress before they headed back upstairs for the night. They both watch Marty put on his brown spandex bikini briefs along with a white Hanes T-shirt that he had on.

" Hey Marty got a question for you "

" Like to come up to our room for a beer "

" Sure Coach "

" Give me a good hour or more, I need to do some paper work and makes some phone calls "

" We are in room 517 Marty "

" Okay thanks see you guy's around 11 pm "

The time was about 9 when Coach and Johnny head down to the bar to grab some wings and ribs for dinner, They both order another round cocktails before they wait for Marty to join them back in their room. John and Coach put on some aftershave and a fresh pair of underwear that they like wearing before they heard a knock at the door.

" Hi Johnny come on in Marty "

" How was your dinner "

" The wings and ribs were so, so "

" What did you have Marty "

" I order up a prime rib dinner "

" The best steak dinner in a long time "

" How about a Bud dude "

" Cool" 

" Johnny grabs some more beers for us please "

" Okay Coach Danny "

The time was getting close to midnight when the 3 some began. Marty started to help Coach with taking off Johnny's clothes before he started to pull off his Nike Track Pants and Suit. Johnny went into the bathroom to get some massaged oil and the Heat Active condom that Coach Danny likes using. 

" Okay Johnny you are first "

" Cool Marty "

" Help me bend him over the pillows Coach "

" Here some oil and the condom Marty "

Marty began to roll the condom all the way up his shaft right to his hairy balls as Coach Johnny started to rub the oil all over Marty hairy chest. Coach was going to watch it all go down as he sat at the table were the beers are.

" Are you ready my friend "

" Please go slow "

" I will take it easy with you "

Marty cock started to go up Johnny ass as Coach was sitting in the chair stroking himself as he pour more oil onto his massive cock. 

" Fuck you are tight dude '

" Fuck me Marty '

" Let me feel your cock dude "

Marty shaft was slowly going in and out of the hole as the heat active condom made his cock feel like it was on fire, The sweet smell of Lagerfelt aftershave started to pour out like buckets all over the back and ass of Johnny. The fuck is well into 10 minutes as Coach and Marty were yelling out very loud of great sexual passion.

" Fuck me Marty fuck me "

" Harder Marty harder '

" Oh Fuck dude I am close "

Coach quick got up and went over to Marty and got down on his knees and began to lick Marty huge balls as it was sliding in and out of Johnny hole.

" Fuck Coach that feels fucking great dude "

" Lick me more Coach '

" Lick my balls more Coach "

" Fuuuuckkkkkkk guy's here it comes "

" Ohly shit Johnny "

Marty then scream out real loud as he started to orgasm into his hole.

" Fuck dude that was hot  "

" You okay Johnny "

" I okay Marty pull out real easy dude "

" I will my fried real slow "

You can hear Johnny scream a bit as Marty started to pull out of him, The coach was still down on his knees watching Marty as he remove his cock from the hole. The next thing Coach Danny did was help Marty remove the condom for his semi hard cock.

" Fuck Marty it looks a got half ounce in here "

" Fuck Coach I just shot off 2 loads at once dude "

Marty then began to pour his hot juice all over Coaches massive hard dick before he went back over to fuck Johnny's ass. Marty was amazed and exhausted from the fuck as he started to watch Coach Danny fuck Johnny's hole. It only took about 5 minutes when Danny exploded his load all over Johnny's back and ass cheeks. The 3 of them all got into the shower to get all clean up before Marty went back to his room for the rest of the night.

The time was 9 am when they both decided to knock on Marty room door. It took a minute or more until they heard the door handle turn.

" Holy shit guy's come in "

" I just done my breakfast and coffee '

" We just wanted to Thank You for last night"

" I got like 20 minutes before I grab a Taxi for the Airport"

Marty has still not got totally dress as he stood over by the bed wearing a fresh pair of powder blue sports briefs along with the same colour t-shirt that matches it as his chest hairs showing off through the V neck collar.

" How about a quick blow job Marty "

" Oaky we have to go fast guy's "

Marty was laying on his back has the Coach pull of Marty underwear and throws them onto the floor. Johnny started to suck Marty hard cock once again. They both took turns working all over Marty balls and cock before he shot off another huge load all down Coach Danny throat.

Marty quick got up fast to put back on his underwear and pants before he headed out the door, He then walk over to his sports bag and gave them both a pair of his smelling wrestling trunks he likes wearing for his matches.

" This is gift to remember me by guy's "

" Fuck that cool Marty '

" Thanks again for everything guy's "

" Hope to see you again some day "

" You never know Johnny "

" Bye "

" You to Marty Bye "

Coach and Johnny had a nice drive home as they chat all about Marty and what went all down over the pass weekend. Over the next few weeks both Coach and Johnny love jerking off their cocks as they smell the order coming from Marty wrestling trunks that he had on.

The End




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